Fantasy for Kay

Fantasy for Kay

Sitting in the dark alone on my patio I think about the nights events. I have always had vivid fantasies and sometimes share them with a gentleman but not really expecting them to be enacted. This time I lived the fantasy completely and it even had a few embellishments I had not thought of. How did I feel about all this is still questionable hours after it ended.

The restaurant was very nice, the kind with dim lighting and nice linen table cloths and napkins. We were seated at a booth at the back of the restaurant. I was told to slide in and then he slid in beside me. I was told to go without panties for the night. I had obeyed but as we slid in, I was sure my partner would check it out, he did not disappoint me when he told me to raise my skirt and allow him to feel his property. I did as I was told laying the napkin in my lap and his hand moving under it and stroking my crotch. “Spread those legs wide for me, now!” he whispered and I obeyed immediately. I allowed him to linger between my legs and he said to relax and enjoy and I tried to do just that.

When the waiter came with our drinks and took our order for dinner. We made small talk about our day and what we had on our calendars for tomorrow. From time to time his hand would find my wet hole between my legs and I would instantly open my legs for his entrance. As the salads arrived he left his hand fingering me as fresh ground pepper was ground on to each of our salads and I just knew the guy could see him fingering me. When the main dish came he had reached over and opened another button on my top exposing a lot more breast and the same guy got a good view of this too as he lowered our entrees to the table. I dared not look at him from embarrassment. We both decided to settle for some coffee and no dessert at the end of the meal and chose to take it elsewhere than linger at the restaurant.

We left and when I got to the car he pinned me to the door before opening it. He rubbed his hard rod against me as he kissed me hard on the mouth. “You owe me some relief and I want it done here and now,” he said.

“Here in the parking lot?” I questioned.

“Do you have a problem obeying my command?”

“No, I will obey I am just concerned that someone will see us.”

“And, your problem is?”

I begin to drop to my knees on the concrete and take his cock out of his pants. I sucked it hard and fast as he is ready to explode. I here voices and want to stop but keep on going in hopes they won’t notice. I suddenly feel the shot to the back of my throat. I swallow deep, lick him dry and then zip him back up. “May I get up now?”

“Yes, you may stand and get in the car.” I am rubbing my knees as I sit in the seat trying to feel for any cuts from little pebbles. “Pull out your tits for me.” I spread my blouse wide open for him to fondle and suck on my tits. “Now leave it that way till we get to my house.” I know he has tinted windows but they aren’t that dark and it is making me nervous so I slide down in the seat a bit more.

As we turn on his street he tells me to undress. I slip out of the blouse and bra and begin taking off the skirt, lifting my butt up and sliding it off my hips to the floor. I am sitting there in the nude as he proceeds down his street. He turns on the dome light as we go down the street. I am frantically looking to and fro to see if any neighbors are watching. He honks the horn a couple of times as if daring someone to look out at his prize he has taken home.

We make it to his garage and he tells me to get out. I question him because the front spot light will show me to anyone who happens to be looking. “Don’t question me! You will pay for that! Now get out of the car and you may go in the garage and wait by my work bench till I finish pulling the car into the garage. As you will see you could not open your door to get out if I left you in the car when I pulled in.”

I open the door of the car and get out and slowly watching the garage door open and then wait for him to pull the car in while I am standing out there naked for all who might be looking to see. I follow the car in and stand over by the work bench. I see my punishment and wonder if it had not been this would it been something else to give him the excuse to spank me. I bend over the special saw horse with it’s padding on top and straps on the front legs and back legs for securing me in the position. He walks over and secure the straps. I can hear him choosing the instrument you will use on me tonight. I am always reminded who is boss and must submit to this each time before I am allowed to enter your home. I feel the sting of the flogger and feel the wind just before it strikes over and over. Then just as I believe it is finished he hits the garage door again and I am exposed again. He pulls the paddle and tell me this is for my own good to teach me to mind. I begin to spanked with the paddle.

I hear foot steps and a voice speaks. “Hey is this the way you treat your dates these days?” the voice says with a laugh.

“Yeah, when they don’t obey. You must teach them not to question you on what they should do, when they should do it and where it should be done. She did not want to get out in the nude in front of the house so she will have her ass reddened for that choice of behavior.”

“Mind if I enjoy this activity?”

“No, in fact if you can think of something she has done to make you mad you can punish her ass too.”

“Okay, I think I don’t like the way her ass is up in the air and not inviting me to use it.”

“Now you are catching on. Here you take the instrument of your choice and redden her ass and then I might even let you lube her up and use that ass.” I protest with a moan and see your feet at head. “I hope you weren’t refusing me from offering you to my dear friend here.”

“No sir, I am sorry.”

“Good because your ass is getting quite red and it will be hard to find another spot to redden.” I feel the paddle being swung to my ass and then I feel my tits sting with the swing of the flogger finding their mark.

I feel myself actually getting hot when the paddle stops and I hear the garage doors close. A couple of fingers go up in my ass and lubricate it and then I feel the hard cock being pushed in. My tits are still being abused with the flogger and the ass is being fucked hard. I am hot but won’t let myself cum for any reason. The cum explodes on my backside and I can feel it rolling down. I feel the release of the straps and am helped to stand.

A collar is place around my neck with a lead attached. I am led to the den where I am told to get on all fours. I do so and stand still with head cast down. I am pulled over to the couch where I am told to sit. I sit up and for the first time really see who is there also. I see there are three men and my date. “You will service each one of us and at times all of us at once. Should you choose not to obey you may find your way home without your clothes on. Now do you have a problem with this situation?” I don’t know what to say and am stunned. “Do you understand?”

Meekly I reply, “yes sir.”

“Good you may begin by licking each of our cocks and getting them hard then ask us what hole we would care to use and present it to that person how they want it.” I don’t answer because I am just processing this in my mind. The leash is pulled and my head raises and I can see your eyes.

“Yes sir,” I say finally realizing they are waiting for an answer.

I move to the one cock and suck it and then ask how they would like to use me. He wants to use my cunt and tells me to lay on the floor for his use and he spreads my legs above my head and as this is taking place another cock is in my mouth. When the one in my cunt finally cums the one in my mouth says to get my ass in the air he wants it to be up my ass. I put my ass in the air and then lay forward as he uses that hole. I suck the next cock and he too wants my ass. The final cock is my dates. He wants it sucked off and swallowed. I do this with gusto. One is under me fingering me to climax as I do this. They are all ready for seconds and take in different positions and holes and I am sore from the use and yet satiated at the same time. Finally they are finished using me and all take me to the shower to wash me and themselves. Some play and fondle with my breast while others shampoo my body by rubbing their bodies already soaped onto my body. I am getting aroused and they realize it as I grab for cocks and bend for one to enter my ass as I suck one dry. Another cock finds my ass as I suck the other cock dry. I have cum over and over and am weak and being held up by the collar and the bodies around me. Each of us dries off and they each dress. My date dresses and puts me in the car nude but clean. I reach for my clothes but he says no.

“How did you like my fantasy tonight,” he ask me? Before I can answer he ask if I came enough and enjoyed his friends?

“I was surprised but must say it turned out all right in fact it was the ultimate on cum tonight. I liked your friends they were none abusive and used me like a slut for their sexual pleasure. I have always said that is what I wanted I just wasn’t sure I would ever go through with it. You just made sure I would.”

A laugh and then a soft touch on the cheek, “you may put your clothes on if you care to. I know my friends had a good time and we won’t make a habit of that but I wanted to see if you really meant you would obey and submit to the right person. This must mean I am the right person for you.

“I think we can say that most definitely.”

Now in the night darkness I sit on the patio thinking about the night’s activities, wondering if I really liked the fantasy. I had mixed feelings because on one hand I want to be treated like a lady and the other hand I want to be used totally as someone’s sex slave to obey and perform as told to. Laughing softly to myself, we may have to try again and make sure I liked it. he he he I snicker to no one but myself.

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