Paradise Valley 7, Hell For Breakfast

Paradise Valley 7, Hell For Breakfast

Paradise Valley 7, Hell For Breakfast

Rusty dove into the crystal clear water. He surfaced immediately with a howl of shock. The water was frigid. It must come from an underground stream.

“My God that’s cold!” he shouted. The girl swam close with a yellow bar of lye soap. She handed it to him with a smile, then upended her body looking for more gold. Rusty looked at the young, enticing ass and slapped a wet hand down across it. It disappeared for a moment, then she struggled to the surface. “You asshole,” she shouted, before coughing and snorting. “I swallowed a gallon of water.”

“Sorry, accident,” he said as he calmly washed. She glared with her chin thrust out, then dove again, daring him to repeat it. He passed, of course.

Rusty washed only his body. His dirty clothes could wait until later. While he washed, he kept track of that amazing little ass. He had never been with a girl so young. If this happened back east there might be a law against it, of course there were no laws in Indian territory. The icy cold of the water kept his penis small and balls shriveled, but once he stepped from the water his penis began hardening. Such a perfect, tiny little pussy. Would it really fit over his cock? The girl flew to the surface with another nugget in her small hand. She snorted and wiped water from her nose, just as her eyes fell to his throbbing cock. She smiled enticingly and swam to shore before depositing her nugget into the square of cloth.

“You’ve been thinking about me,” she smiled.

“You had better believe it,” he said with a twisted smile. His eyes went to the sun on the horizon and he frowned, before his eyes moved in the direction of the ranch.

“They won’t come out until well after dark,” she said, reading his thoughts. “Too many men have been hurt, old Hebrew most of all. Some want to give up, but the major won’t let them.”

“They are trying to destroy a good woman,” Rusty said, taking a seat on a flat rock. The girl moved close and sat in his lap. Her tiny cold body fit his perfectly.

“Good looking, good tasting, or good acting?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh god,” Rusty said as the tiny little burning hot pussy stretched around his throbbing cock.

Tall Elk and Chato combined their resources to make a good meal. Using the coffee pot as a stew pot, Tall Elk cut up potatoes and pieces of dried meat with a little salt for a healthy stew. Chato pulled a pouch of ever-present rag weed seeds and wild rice from his bag, dropping in two large handfuls. As it cooked, Chato walked off for a few minutes and returned with water lilies and chives. He shredded the lily leaves in his hands and dropped them into the pot. He crushed the bulbs and pulled the chives into little pieces before adding them to the pot of stew. Within an hour it was making their stomachs growl.

“Don’t you ever eat sheep, old man?” Tall Elk asked with a smile.

“Not unless a wolf or bear kills one for me. In that case I also eat wolf or bear. Once dried they all taste the same.”

“Not hardly,” Tall Elk said as he added sticks to his small fire.

“Well it’s all meat,” the old man shrugged.

“Do me a favor before you head home, old man.”

“I will do what I can.”

“Keep my fire going after I leave. I would like to sneak closer to that ranch without them knowing it.”

“Por Nada,” the old man nodded.

“Oh hell, this is wonderful,” Rusty gasped as her hot little pussy mashed his cock with it’s tightness. “You are so tight.”

“You feel good inside me too,” she twisted to look at him with a smile. He reached around her and filled his hands with her tiny breasts. He soon found, as she slapped his hands away, that puffy nipples hurt. He kissed the back of her neck and the area above her bobbing shoulder. He couldn’t believe how hot and tight she was. He had never felt anything like this in his life. And she said her daddy had a horse dick? How did she manage it?

Rusty liked the fact that she was bobbing on his throbbing penis, but their heads were even. He kissed the back of her head and sniffed her wet hair. Teenaged girls really did smell good, he thought. Intense pleasure was spreading quickly through is body. He felt like a hot hand was squeezing the life out of his cock. He would remember this little girl for the rest of his life, and always appreciate what she was giving him.

“What’s your name?” he whispered into the back of her head. Her cold wet hair tickled his sensitive lips.

“Greta,” she turned to see if he would laugh. He didn’t, of course. “Greta Stanley.”

“I’m Rusty, Rusty North.”

“Who the hell names their kid Rusty?” Greta giggled as she rode up and down. His cock in her tight pussy was making a slick wet sound now. It was sexy.

“Ok, I’m Herman North. My nickname is Rusty,” he said in disgust. “Don’t ever tell anybody.”

“Yes Rusty,” she said, twisting her head around and kissing him passionately. She broke the kiss as her neck grew tired, so Rusty began licking and nibbling on her left ear. It was immediately apparent that she loved that. Long minutes passed with no sounds but their breathing, the wind through the leaves, and the rustle of water passing over rocks. Occasionally, Greta emitted tiny little sounds. With Rusty’s help, she bobbed up and down on his lap, with her hands on his legs for support. Occasionally, she would run her hands over her own body, or over his hands which supported her arms at her sides.

The heat in Rusty’s lap was intense and memorable. He knew the heat and friction of this fuck was what he could compare all future sex with. It was unfair, because Greta was more girl than woman. Still, he would remember the intense heat radiating from his cock into his ass and stomach. He would remember his stomach muscles clenching each time the intense pleasure filtered through his body. He would remember the scent of her body and her sex, and the warm feeling of her bare skin in the cool wind. God she was good.

Greta shuddered twice before he realized she was beginning her orgasm. Rusty took her by her slender arms and began ramming her down on his eager cock. Many things were against him having a speedy orgasm. The discomfort of the rock beneath his ass, the absolute chill of the rock, and the gentle breeze on his wet, naked body. On the other hand he was fucking the tightest pussy he would ever fuck, and one of the cutest little girls he had ever seen. She was sexy, feisty, and all Tomboy. He knew she would share her pussy throughout her life simply because she happened to have a pussy, and other’s needed one. Some women were like that. His favorite women were like that.

“Oh hell, that feels so good,” he gasped, as he slammed her skinny body down on his cock. It was obvious that he was too late. She was relaxing in his hands, resisting his efforts to ram her down on his unfinished cock.

“Wait, stop,” she said, slapping at his hands. She pulled herself off his lap and turned, spreading his legs. Before he knew it her head was bobbing on his cock, rather than her tiny pussy. Her boyish mouth looked good around his cock, which was still wet from her youthful juices. She obviously didn’t mind the taste of her own pussy. Who would?

“Oh yes,” Rusty hissed, turning his face to the sky. His horse stamped impatiently, reminding him of his surroundings. He took a quick look around just as his balls exploded. Thick cream churned in his balls, before pumping down the length of his cock and into her waiting mouth. She sucked eagerly, obviously enjoying his offering. He gently placed a hand on the top of her head, holding her in place as his cock pumped spurt after spurt of cream into her mouth. She sucked and smacked noisily, then looked up and smiled at him as she milked his cock for the last drops of cum. His heart turned over in his chest when he looked down into those impish eyes. This was the best sex he had ever had. The absolute best. Greta released his cock and stood with a satisfied smile. Rusty groaned in disappointment. He suddenly remembered that he was naked. More importantly, his gun was lying on the ground several feet away. If her daddy came up to investigate?

“We’d better go,” he said, looking around the gully with nervous eyes.

Greta Stanley quickly dressed in a man’s shirt and coveralls, then led the way, barefoot and confident through the gravel and out into the open grass. They couldn’t be seen from the ranch, the bulge of the hill hid them from view.

“Down there,” she pointed at a stand of brush.

“What makes that better than the cove of trees over there,” he pointed at the first place he had picked.

“Well for one thing it’s in the middle of a game trail. Game comes up from the plains to drink every night. If you’re hiding they will know it, because no deer will come near you.”

“Well what makes your place better?” he asked belligerently.

“It’s a cave with food and water. It’s my secret place, the place I go when I don’t want my daddy to bother me. Nobody’s found it so far,” she gave him a shy look.

“Ok, let’s go to your cave,” he sighed. He slapped the saddle on the horse and pulled it along as they hurried down behind a stand of trees, using the trees to cover their actions as they snuck into the cave. She was right, it was better. She kept it well stocked with real coffee and a good selection of food. Rusty drank from the tiny falls at the back of the cave, while Greta started lunch. The smell of cooking was wonderful. Rusty finished washing his clothes and turned, wringing out his shirt. He was stunned to see Greta wearing nothing but her man’s shirt. She was naked from mid-thigh down. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. If more women knew how they looked only in a man’s shirt, they would all be wearing them.

“Smells good,” Rusty said, making his way to the front of the cave and looking out. He had several hours before dark. Several hours alone with Greta. He looked at Greta with eager eyes. She glanced at him from the corner of her eye and smiled.

“You are hungry, aren’t you?”

“More than you could imagine,” he said, licking his lips.

“Well, you’d better start on the food, or you won’t have the energy for anything else,” she smiled, handing him a blue enamel plate. His hands shook as he took it. It was beef stew and warmed up biscuits, two of his favorites. He could imagine where the beef had come from. It was a cinch that Major Simon Hearn didn’t eat his own cattle.

Rusty laid naked on Greta’s badly made floor bed. She smiled down at him as she threw one leg over his body and lowered her sweet little pussy to his mouth. He liked the uniqueness of a hairless pussy. It was very erotic. He had seen some very hairy pussies in his lifetime. Most were on whores with only one eyebrow. Some actually had hair inside their pussies. That was a major turn off on his list.

Rusty filled his mouth with moist, warm flesh. He moaned in passion as his mouth totally engulfed her tiny pussy, allowing his tongue to slide inside her and wiggle, while sucking on the entire thing. Greta moaned and moved above him. With the suddenness of a lightning strike, her mouth captured his penis and sucked it down her throat. His eyes widened in surprise and pleasure. He grabbed her tiny ass cheeks in desperate hands as the pleasure began spreading from his penis. This little tart is good at everything she does, he thought while bobbing in her tight pussy. His tongue loved the feeling and taste of her hot womanhood. His lips enjoyed the softness of her mushy, perfectly formed pussy lips. She had the sweetest mound he had ever tasted, possibly because of her age.

As he lay on the harsh woolen army blanket, munching on this little girl’s pussy, he suddenly realized that it was a turning point in his life. He was no longer available. He would no longer search for the girl of his dreams, because he had found her. His eyes widened in surprised realization. He should tell her. No, it could wait until he was finished.

Greta slid forward and back on Rusty’s hard body. His cock slid easily in and out of her mouth. Her breasts felt good, sliding against his soft abdomen. She used her hands to hold the base of his cock, and the other to gently massage his shriveled balls.

Greta pressed her tongue against the side of his cock as she slid it in and out of her mouth. She paused and sucked gently, while flailing his cock with her tiny hand. His mouth felt wonderful in her pussy. His mouth completely covered her little mound, making it feel hot and erotic, while his tongue flashed through her sensitive folds and started her juices flowing. Only the fact that she had cum earlier, kept her from exploding in his mouth. Rusty really was a very good, very thoughtful lover. Her father had been gentle and thoughtful at first, but that ended years ago.

“Oh no,” Rusty whispered into her pussy. “I’m going to cum soon,” he said in a harsh voice, before renewing his efforts in her pussy. She arched her back while sucking on the head of his cock. His tongue was going crazy in her pussy now. His hands clenched her ass cheeks brutally, clenching and unclenching, in a grip which would probably leave bruises. He thrashed his head from side to side while extending his tongue. Finally it occurred to him that his fingers could act as a penis. He slid one finger into her well-lubricated pussy and she gasped and moaned, stiffening on his body. It was all it took for the loving couple to cum together. They moaned and rolled, feasting like there was no tomorrow. It was getting hard for Rusty to keep up the finger thrusts, so he pulled it out and concentrated on tickling her clit. She bounced on his body, then pulled off, when here pussy grew too sensitive for further pleasure. She finished him slowly, in a leisurely fashion. He waited, with his hands behind his head, until she finished milking his cock.

“Marry me,” he said in a quiet voice. She thought about it for a moment and nodded. Rusty was amazed that it had been so easy. Was she messing with him?

“Really?” he asked in surprise.

“Yeah, really,” she said in a sarcastic voice. “But you better start doing your share of the work, Herman, or I’ll take a switch to you.”

“Oh god. Is it too late to change my mind?”

“Yes. Now get dressed, the sun is setting.”

The sun set behind the nearby hills. Tall Elk had easily crept as close as a cove of trees before dark. As the last tendril of light showed on the northwestern horizon, he crept within fifty yards of the house and settled in the tall grass to wait. He took his bow from his back and strung it, then laid it in the grass and waited patiently, like only an Indian could. There were lights in the house. White men were stupid sometimes, he mused as he took up the bow and waited. He could see shadows passing the lamp on the table. There was a lot of activity now. It wouldn’t be long until they came sneaking out of the house. Maybe he could persuade them to start now.

Six men silently checked their guns and knives, sliding each into place as they stared at the silent faces around them. Fleet Saxon took a tiny barrel of gunpowder from man to man so they could fill their powder horns. Jeremy Finch stepped to the window and looked out. He returned, watching the Major who was putting a pistol together. Jeremy was the first one ready. Jeremy was always the first one ready, because Jeremy had brains. He planned ahead, which was the main reason that the Major counted on him. He was smart enough to pack a little food in a rawhide bag, along with his powder and lead. He took his turn looking out the back window. There was nothing to see. His eyes went to Hebrew Dawkins who had moved to the front and looked up the hill.

“Fire’s still burning,” Hebrew said, turning back and looking at the men in the room. He knew they hated him. They feared him. They all knew he was dying. With his face all caved in he should have been dead already. The headaches were growing worse. The blackouts were more frequent. Some said it was pure cussedness which kept the flat-faced man alive. Others believed it was evil, a pact with the devil. Major Hearn didn’t care. He would use Dawkins for as long as he lived. After that he could fertilize the prairie for all he cared.

“He’s not there,” Major Hearn said in disgust. “He’s probably out behind the barn. It’s an open invitation to try and sneak up on his camp and get shoots in the back. We will go south and circle around.”

“The hell with that,” Devlin Cole said, looking out the window. “I think they are trying to trick us. They build a fire on one side to drive us out the other. There ain’t nobody up there, I’ll just bet . . . ”

They waited, but nothing more came from Cole. It took several moments to put all the information their senses had given them together, before they realized what had happened. Some had been listening to Cole, because he spoke sense. Others heard the tinkle of glass and wondered about it. And still others wondered why there was an arow head protruding from Cole’s back. It shouldn’t be there. As he fell to the floor, they had their answer. The next arrow shattered the oil lamp. Burning oil spread on the oak table and dripped toward the floor. As Happy Smith dumped water over the fire, he looked down at Cole in the light from the fireplace and sneered. “You’re wrong again, Cole, there is somebody out there,” he said before dropping the wooden bucket on the dead man unblinking face.

“Hey, show a little respect,” Jeremy Travis said, sliding his pistol into its holster.

“To hell with respect, I hated the bastard. And now some of us will have to bury his stupid ass, if we live through this,” his eyes went to Major Hearn.

“If we die, we die,” the major shrugged. “Ain’t none of us going to live long. We are here to make a living until we can die. It will happen to all of us,” he said, opening the window at the back of the house. “The lucky bastards get to die well and make a name for themselves,” he said as he looked around briefly before stepping into the darkness.

“If that’s true, what the hell are we working for him for?” Jeremy asked Happy Smith as he followed.

Happy Smith thought about that while the other four slid outside. He shrugged as he joined them.

A hand shook Rusty gently. He pulled his pistol and pushed his hat back on his head. He found Greta smiling down at him.

“The light just went out. They’re coming,” she whispered, before kissing him on the lips.

“Thanks,” he took up his musket and ammo pouch. “I was beat.”

“I know, I’m the one who beat you,” she giggled, sliding into the darkness with a knife in her hand.

“Salty little bitch,” he whispered harshly at her back.

Tall Elk notched an arrow and thought again how stupid white men could be. He watched the light gray hat bobbing in the darkness, sneaking through the grass just above the roof line. He estimated the range to be 90 yards. He aimed at the hat then began lifting his aim a bit. When everything felt right, he released the arrow.

“Aaaaaeeeehhhh,” a voice screamed into the darkness. Happy Smith would be missed. He had lived up to his nickname, keeping their spirits up during the hard times. Most of them had never known anything but hard times.

Jeremy Travis’ eyes widened and he felt a rush of electricity up his backbone. One man down already, and they hadn’t even fired a shot. He stopped, listening to a weird howl as it seemed to pass his ear. What was it, a bird, a bat, or some kind of insect? He couldn’t identify the sound. He shook his head and started to follow Hebrew over a log. He paused in surprise as a limb jabbed his chest. He felt the limb and found to his horror that it was a feathered arrow sticking out of the log. The damned Indian had estimated where the other men would be and just let an arrow fly. He was almost right. The arrow just happened to land between two men, rather than inside one.

Jeremy jerked aside, off the game trail and well away from the log. He sat panting in the grass, his eyes going to the darkness around the house. The bitter taste of fear filled his mouth. He felt like the top of his head would come off. Chills shook his body. Did he want to die tonight? Did he want to die a useless death, fighting that wonderful woman he had fucked earlier? No, he wanted to just sit and hide where he was in the blessed darkness, but if he did somebody would come along and kill him eventually, probably around sunup.

Everything seemed to intensify. His eyesight grew keener. His sense of smell picked up the bitter aroma of grass pollen, moist earth, and alfalfa. He took a deep breath as he listened to the sound of men sneaking up the hill. He had led a moderately good life. Did he want to end it now, for the Major’s cause? No more aromatic fires, no more soft perfumed women, no more good strong horses, or cool mountain streams?

“Hell no,” Jeremy said, moving off toward the valley. He was tendering his resignation forthwith. If he apologized to that Lazy N woman, she might even give him a horse for his ride to other parts of the country. At the very least he would have the memory of the woman’s beautiful blonde hair as he left the country, even if by shank’s mare. He saluted the men creeping up the hill, and began running toward the valley.

Rusty waited nervously. He had to worry about who he was shooting. Greta was out there in the darkness somewhere. He would never forgive himself if he killed her. Then he was somewhat relieved by the sound of boots in grass and low voices. He knew damned well that they were not Greta’s. Rusty knew the bellow of his musket would frighten them more than anything. It had only one shot, but chances were he could make that first shot count. After that it would be reflex shooting at muzzle flashes. He took a deep breath and pulled back the hammer. It felt massive beneath his thumb. He felt in the darkness to ensure the cap was still resting on the nipple. He would shoot and run to the right. No, they would expect that. He would run to the left.

There was absolutely no light anywhere. Crickets sang in the grass far away, but nothing disturbed the silence closer to the cave, other than the clumsy men. Rusty aimed the muzzle three feet above the sound of boots in grass. They were about 30 feet away now. No time like the present, he thought, pulling the trigger. Flames shot from the end of the muzzle, extending five feet from the barrel. Somebody screamed. As the cloud of white smoke began drifting on the breeze, Rusty was already sprinting to the left, while they shot at the moving smoke. He stopped and set his feet while the muzzle flashes pointed at his last position. He fired three quick shots, ran a few steps and dropped to the grass. As lead flew around him, he calmly reloaded the three empty chambers in his pistol. It was easy, even in the darkness. He poured a pre-measured amount of powder from his powder horn into the empty cylinders with the flick of a metal lever on the horn. He followed that with a lead ball and tamped it into place by pulling the tamping lever beneath the barrel. When all three were loaded, he fished the tiny caps from his pouch and capped each empty nipple.

Rusty propped himself up on one elbow and waited, watching where the men would be hiding. Suddenly there was a flash of fire, followed by the sound of a pistol shot. The look and sound were strange. For one thing they had shot down and to the right. Greta! Had they found Greta sneaking around and shot her?

No, it was something more devious. They had started the grass burning. Rusty leaped to his feet and sprinted back to the cave. It would be the safest place when the fire raged up the hill. At the moment the fire was the size of a campfire, and too far away to show him. He slid into the cave, running into Greta in the dark. He grabbed her thankfully.

“Thank god,” he whispered. She found his lips in the dark and kissed him. They both watched the fire growing below them on the hill. Eventually it would probably burn down the ranch, but it was obvious that they were desperate. On the other hand, the ranch was surrounded by mud, and it might survive. Where was Tall Elk?

When Tall Elk saw the fire, he started to run toward the bottom of the hill behind the house. With a light source he could outline the men hiding on the hill and shoot them one by one. But an eire sound made him stop. It was the sound of a wagon and team. It was coming from a distant cove of trees.

Tall Elk ran to the water trough, filled his hand and drank gratefully. He drank again, then lay on his belly behind it and waited. There would only be one reason to run a wagon in the dark. It must have the explosives. They were trying to distract Rusty and Tall Elk while they blew the entrance to the valley. It almost worked.

Tall Elk hung the bow on the corner of the watering trough and drew his pistol. His horse and musket were now somewhere up on the hill. The old man had taken his horse to the nearest source of water, the river. He aimed the pistol at where he imagined the wagon to be as it crept by in complete darkness. He saw a man on the seat as it passed the growing fire up the hill, but he held his fire. If he accidentally hit all that blasting powder, he would certainly die. In fact, they would never find the pieces of his body, it would be vaporized. He must let it get some distance away, at least 200 yards. It would be impossible to hit from that far away in complete darkness. Realizing this, Tall Elk stood and sprinted up the hill. He needed to get some distance between him and the wagon, while centering the wagon in the light of the fire spreading up on the hill. There must be no mistakes, or Nancy’s ranch would become a deep lake. It would take a wagon load of powder to bring down the granite cliff above the north entrance to the valley, but no amount of powder would unblock it again.

Tall Elk stopped running at the grove of trees he had occupied just an hour before. He knelt and waited for the wagon to reappear in the light. As it outlined itself in front of the fire, the wagon began gaining speed. Even as he watched, Paul Stanley shook the reins and kicked the horses into a trot. Tall Elk knew the pistol should be good for a shot of 200-400 yards in the hands of an expert. But when it came to long range shooting with a pistol, he was not an expert. He laid the barrel in the fork of a limb and estimated the amount of elevation he would need. He tightened his finger on the trigger, but a movement between the wagon and fire stopped him. He saw two men running down the hill to join the wagon. He waited until the men were a few yards from the wagon and tightened the trigger once more. The gun leaped in his hand. He pulled back the hammer and shot again and again, lifting his aim each time until the wagon exploded in a blinding cloud of white and yellow fire. It looked like the fires of hell. Wagon, men, and horses evaporated in the ball of flames. Too late, Tall Elk saw the shock wave coming toward him. He started to dive into the ground, but the shock wave lifted him off his feet and threw him back into the trees. He felt a tree hit him solidly in the center of the back and head. His eyes started to glaze over. He struggled to stand erect while glancing up at the fire. For some reason he couldn’t find it.

Jeremy stumbled through the brush and out into the open. He suddenly found himself on the wrong side of the river. He could hear it before he saw it reflecting the glistening starlight. The river was about 50 feet wide, and only about 4 feet deep in the center. He took off his pouch and pistol and held them above his head as he ran into the river and hurried across it. His foot narrowly missed the crayfish trap as he exited the west side of the river. Warm yellow lights showed the location of the ranch. He ran shivering toward the ranch, stumbling over the uneven terrain in the darkness. Pine smoke welcomed him as he neared the house. He stopped and looked from the corral to the house uncertainly. They would never miss just one horse. On the other hand he would really like to see those women again. The memory of Nancy’s soft body against his own was a treasure he would always carry with him. He had been with few women, and none of them had been as nice as her.

He slid the pistol into his wet holster and pulled the strap to his pouch over his head. Licking his lips. He looked toward the corral again. Finally he made up his mind and started toward the house. The unmistakable sound of a hammer being drawn back stopped him in his tracks. His eyes searched the darkness for the person with the gun. He couldn’t see them.

“You made the right decision,” a female voice said in Spanish. Jeremy was not good at Spanish, even though it was the second language of Indian territory. He sorted through the words and pointed at the house.

“I came to see the lady,” he said breathlessly. He was shivering in the cold. He needed to dry off and get warm. Now was not the time to catch pneumonia.

“Walk straight ahead,” the woman said casually. They both spun around as a huge explosion lit the horizon. The thunder of the explosion echoed off the nearby hills over and over. A ball of fire rolled up into the sky before it dissipated.

“My god, they’ve set off the explosives,” Jeremy said in horror.

“They might have, but not in the valley. That was over by the ranch.”

They were suddenly joined by the other women. Jeremy found himself looking down the barrel of a Dragon Colt, in the hands of a little Indian girl.

“What do you have here, Willow Bud?” Nancy asked. She recognized Jeremy and her eyes lit. Jeremy’s heart stopped when he saw the eagerness in her face. Did she actually like him?

“A scoundrel. He couldn’t decide between stealing a horse or knocking first. He finally decided to knock. He said he came to see the lady.”

“What happened?” Nancy nodded toward the explosion.

“Hell came to breakfast,” Jeremy said, glancing at the welcoming yellow light of the house. “I’m cold,” he added in a forlorn voice.

“White Fawn, get weapons, food, and a lantern. I will saddle two horses,” Silver Quail ran for the corral.

“I’ll go too,” Willow Bud called as she released the hammer and turned, sprinting into the house.

“Come inside,” Nancy nodded toward the house. “Get out of those wet clothes.”

“It’s all I’ve got,” he shuddered.

“Wrap up in a blanket while I dry them.”

The three Indian girls rode off on horses which looked much too big for them. The lantern White Fawn carried bobbed in the darkness until it disappeared around a bend. Nancy closed the door and found Jeremy by the stove, still shivering and fully dressed.

“Get naked,” she called, going into the bedroom for a blanket. She tossed it to him as she passed. She poured a cup of coffee and set it on the table beside him.

“Obliged,” he said as he stripped down to his longjohns. She pointed at them and he reluctantly removed them as well. He held the blanket around his shoulders. Nancy draped his clothes over the water heater above the top of the stove. Steam began rising gently from the wet cloth.

“Why are you here?” she asked in English. He was relieved to hear English. His head hurt from trying to decipher Spanish.

“I had to see you again. Afterwards I wanted to beg for a horse.”

“Why should I give you a horse?”

“Because I refused to take part in the fight. I didn’t try to kill your man.”

“I don’t have a man, actually,” she said bitterly.

“Really? My god. Why not?” he gasped.

“Well . . . I’m not sure,” she said truthfully.

“Well I’d surely like to apply for the job, ma’am.”

She smiled and turned red. She tried to cover her embarrassment by pouring herself a cup of coffee. She sat in a chair next to him and pushed his coffee closer. He took the cup and drank, while his eyes soaked up her beauty.

“I had to see you again before I left. I wanted the memory of that perfect face and yellow hair burned into my mind so I could never forget it. My god you are a lot of woman. I can’t get you out of my head. You are the reason I decided to live. Otherwise I would have met the same end which I believe the Major just did. Nobody will miss him. I just hope the girl is safe.”

“Girl?” Nancy was surprised by a spike of jealously.

“Stanley’s girl — his daughter. She’s a little strange, but she’s a nice kid.”

“Oh,” Nancy smiled as she sipped again. Jeremy drank the last of his coffee and warmed his hands on the metal cup. He sat the cup on the table and rubbed his hands together.

“I was mighty near frozen,” he shuddered. “Here, feel this,” he placed a hand over hers. She put her other hand on top of his and rubbed it gently.

“I thought of you . . . after,” she said in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry about that. It’s the first time I ever raped a woman, but I would have been a fool to pass up a woman like you.”

“I didn’t exactly hate it,” she said thoughtfully. “But I decided it was best to get out of the house while I could. I didn’t trust that flat faced man.”

“Nobody trusts Hebrew. I only pray to God that he was near the wagon when it exploded. He has more resilience than an angry badger.”

“Did you like it?” Nancy asked suddenly. Her hand stilled on his. He took up her hand and looked her in the eyes. “I would kill for another chance to be with you, and I would die to protect you.”

“Then let’s go to the bedroom before they get back,” Nancy pulled him to his feet. She was shaking like a schoolgirl.

An hour passed uneventfully. The shockwave from the explosion had put out the fire on the hill. Rusty and Greta waited breathlessly, until they realized that the fight was over. Greta went into the cave and started more coffee and eggs.

Rusty kept watch with his rifle over a rock, at the entrance to the cave. Smoke from the recent fire and explosion filled his nostrils. There was nothing he could do until morning. Tall Elk would be all right. He was strong and smart. People like him were always all right.

“It looks like you just inherited a ranch,” Rusty said as he sipped his coffee. It felt good in the cool morning air.

“Looks like it,” she said in an unemotional voice.

“I’m sure your daddy survived. I haven’t seen him all night,” Rusty said optimistically.

Daddy was driving the wagon,” she said with a slight catch in her voice.

“Oh. Sorry.”

“He had it coming. Hey, look,” she pointed at a bobbing light showing three women on horses.

“The women from the ranch,” Rusty said, climbing to his feet. He held his breath as they pulled up at the very first place he had stopped, and the place where he had left Tall Elk. It was obvious that they didn’t find him, because they began riding a zigzag pattern down the hill. He decided to remain quiet. There was nothing beneficial that he could tell them, and he was still not absolutely positive that everyone was dead.

“What will you do with the ranch?” Rusty asked, sipping his coffee as he watched the bobbing lantern.

“Run a few cattle, raise a husband,” she said blushing and moving closer to hold his arm, “wash out a little gold.”

So you meant it?” he asked, watching her from the corner of his eye.

“Of course I meant it. Why? Are you having second thoughts?” she demanded.

“Well . . . ” he trailed off slowly.

“Why you son of a bitch,” she shouted, pushing him away. He stumbled, laughing and started to fall to the earth. That’s when he saw Hebrew Dawkins trying to follow him with a pistol. Rusty threw the cup aside and drew as he fell. He rolled as he hit the ground and thumbed back the hammer. To his horror, he found Greta standing in his line of fire, a smile still twisting her lips. She saw the look in his eyes and dropped as Hebrew’s pistol exploded. She jerked aside and rolled away, out of the light from their fire.

Rusty was hit by an invisible fist. Rather than worrying about how badly he was hit, he steadied his hand, knowing he had to kill Hebrew even with his last breath. If he didn’t, Hebrew would kill the woman he loved. Rusty managed to thumb back the hammer and fire. He saw Hebrew jerk, but pulled the hammer on his own pistol. Rusty rolled in the dirt and came up with his pistol for a second shot. Hebrew’s pistol flamed, but Rusty felt nothing. It was a clean miss. Rusty fired and pulled the hammer again in one smooth movement. He found his finger pulling the trigger on an empty chamber. Somehow he had fired all six shots, but remembered only two. Hebrew still had one shot left. As Rusty clawed for his knife, Hebrew stood upright and took careful aim like a duelist on a firing range. Fire lanced out, stabbing Hebrew in the chest. He jerked and fell. He tried to get up twice, before he fell to the dirt and began kicking. In a moment he lay still.

Greta slammed the butt of the musket down into the dirt and looked at Rusty. “I never did like him, he’s just plain creepy.”

“Your skin feels as soft as butter,” Jeremy said as he faced Nancy on the edge of her bed. He ran his hands over her ample breasts, while she shivered in pleasure. She glowed like an angel in the light of the lamp. Her blonde hair cascaded across her back. Her creamy white skin was flawless. Her breasts looked incredible, firm and large, and yet soft to his touch. Her stomach was hard from long hours of work. Her legs were firm but meaty, tapering into a shapely ass and a perfect set of hips.

Jeremy knew he should be nowhere near this woman, much less touching her. He pushed her back on the bed and lay atop her, kissing her soft lips tentatively at first, them with increasing firmness. He ran one hand over her breast while the other held her body. Their movements became more frantic as the minutes passed. Breathing harshly through their noses, they fenced tongues and explored freely with their hands.

Jeremy broke the kiss and slid down to face her large firm breasts. They were the large breasts of motherhood. Her nipples were hard and hot, but he knew he could make them harder. He took her left nipple in his lips and sucked gently, while his left hand tweaked the right nipple. He supported her ample breast with his hand as he nursed. Soon he sucked more urgently, then strummed the nipple with the tip of his flailing tongue. With a wet smack of his lips he changed nipples. Her left nipple was now very firm and moist. He twisted it in lax fingers while he concentrated on stimulating her right nipple to extreme hardness.

Nancy rolled on the bed slightly while rubbing her legs together, enjoying the sensuous contact of her own skin. Her heat and aroma were intoxicating. Jeremy worked silently, diligently on her pillowy breasts. A woman’s breasts smelled so damn good he thought. He inhaled appreciatively, before releasing her nipple and moving down to kiss beneath her breast. He found a trace of salt there and licked it eagerly, before moving down to her abdomen and tickling her belly button. She giggled and pushed him down farther. He was now confronting her light brown pubic hair. He licked it briefly before petting it back into place.

“Now, Jeremy,” Nancy whispered gently. He looked up, surprised that she knew his name, then slid down more. Here was heaven. Here were the glorious pussy lips of which every man dreamed. Here was the source of mankind, and a taste of heaven on Earth. Here was motherhood and womanhood.

“How beautiful,” Jeremy whispered. He traced the hair which terminated at the upper edges to her pussy. He traced the creases between her pussy and her legs. She shivered. He looked up and smiled. He gently opened the lips of her pussy and looked at the pinkness inside. He found a small envelope of flesh. He knew it for what it was. He sucked the envelope into his mouth and nursed gently on the clitoris hidden inside. Nancy gasped and shivered. She held his head in place as he tortured her pussy. She finally gave his head a gentle push and he found himself facing her dark, moist hole. He slid his tongue into the dark moistness, then aimed two fingers at her love canal. He slid them in slowly, while twisting them from side to side. When his knuckles came up against pussy flesh, he let them remain there while he licked her pussy lips and the tiny area at the very top of her pussy. She moaned and began fucking herself on his fingers. They were getting very wet and they had just started. He could imagine how much moisture there would be toward the end. She moaned louder and rubbed her pussy against his hand. His finger deeply penetrated her wet mush. She thrust her crotch toward them violently, while breathing heavily from her nose. Her eyes were closed and her beautiful face was screwed up in pleasure.

Although this was fun, this was not how he wanted to make Nancy cum. He owed her more than that after raping her last time. He owed her the very best. Jeremy pulled his fingers out of Nancy’s pussy. Her eyes flew open and she voiced an objection. She was so close, it would only be a moment longer.

“Roll over on your stomach,” he whispered. Her eyes lit with interest. She lifted a leg and rolled over on her stomach, presenting her beautiful ass for his pleasure. Jeremy leaned down and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Without hesitation, he slid his tongue up and down her aromatic valley. She shivered and squealed in delight. He flicked his tongue a few more times, then tried to bore his way inside her ass. She tried to relax and allow him inside, but her ass was a virgin. It would take more than a determined tongue to get inside her. Still, the attempt was very pleasurable for both of them.

“I want to fuck you in your ass,” he whispered over her back.

“Do it,” she said, shivering in excitement. “Oh, please hurry,” she urged as he positioned himself. He spit into his hand and coated her ass well. He paused as he felt his way to her asshole. She helped him find the way, then began thrusting back toward him when he found it. His penis seemed to pause at the entrance for a moment, then shot inside her hot ass. She squealed and beat the bed for a moment. He held still above her, allowing her ass to widen, to accommodate his ample size. It wasn’t long before she began thrusting back toward him. As he began sliding all the way in and out, the heat of her ass added to the pleasure in her pussy. She reached down beneath herself and began toying with her pussy, as his cock rammed in and out of her ass. It was a different kind of pleasure for Nancy, very strong and hot, but hard to pin down the exact source of her pleasure. Soon her entire ass and abdomen began glowing with a great heat. She intensified her attack on her moist flesh, then concentrated on her clit with her middle finger. She rotated her finger for a while, then let the movement of their bodies rub her clit for her. She was getting very hot and very close.

“I’m cumming,” she whispered. She desperately wanted him to cum inside her ass. It was the most popular and pleasurable form of birth control in much of the country.

Jeremy grunted twice, before his cock began filling her tight ass with cum. She hissed as the added heat seemed to burn her. She rotated her finger on her clit for a moment, and her orgasm joined his. She lay whimpering into the blanket while her body shuddered and shook. Her pussy was trying to fuck the blanket, as it spasmed and convulsed. She could feel his cock straining each time it pumped it’s cum into her ass. It seemed to grow with each thrust. Moments passed and there was only exhaustion and companionable warmth.

Jeremy was the first to move. He was afraid of crushing her with the weight of his work-hardened body. He rolled over and was again reminded how much Nancy looked like a golden angel.

“My god you are beautiful,” he said with a smile.

“I can’t say that I agree with you, but I won’t argue,” she giggled.

“So how about that horse?” he asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“No,” she shook her head in all seriousness.

“No?” he asked, trying to see if she was fooling.

“No. Your punishment for raping me, is to work for at least one month on my ranch. The men will be going after cattle shortly. I will need you to go with them. After all, you helped steal them.”

“Fair enough,” he laughed. “So if I’m not going anywhere, how about seconds,” he slid back on the bed beside her.

“I think that can be . . . ” the heard the sound of horses. Silver Quail called for Nancy in a loud, frightened voice. Nancy wrapped a blanket around her body and ran from the room.

“Oh hell.” Jeremy said, sitting naked and clothesless on the edge of the bed. “This should be a fun reunion.”

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