about ten years ago when I was only 15 years old, I made the choice of running away from home and hitch-hiking across the united states. boy was the world outside of the little one I lived in different. I was just this small little white boy from a small town in northern California. I didn't know anything about what was out there. but I sure found out about a lot of things that probably would have taken years, if at all, to find out about. one of which was, seduction and submission of male to male sex. mainly, myself being pimped out by a man, to other men, as a little sex toy.

it began one early Saturday night at the "T.A. Truck Stop" in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. I was without money and hungry, so I was asking for change outside the restaurant. it seemed not to be working. I had been out there for a good long time and hadn't gotten even enough for a slice of pie. to make things worse, the manager came out and told me to leave. so I headed into the truckers parking lot hoping to spare change in there, when a man in his early twenties walked up to me and introduced himself as, "Dave."

he was a medium built white guy, about 6 foot or so. with long light brown hair and a short scruffy beard. he said to me, "if you need money kid, I have an easy way of making a lot of it, and you'll have fun doing it." I asked him what it was he was talking about and he began to explain, "you see all these truckers here? almost all of them are on the road for weeks at a time and they don't get a chance to see their wife's or girlfriend's. so basically they are willing to pay for a blow job to hold them over until they can get home. that’s where you come in. you spend about 20 or 30 minutes sucking their dick's and you make about $50.00 a pop."

I said, "I’m not gay." he replied, "you don't have to be gay to suck dick its like a job, your being paid to suck it." I went on to explain that I hadn't done anything like that before and that I wasn't sure about the whole thing. he explained how there was a lot of money to be made in that business and he told me to wait there as he went out to suck one to show me the kind of money that could be made by doing that.

I watched him walk off into the trucks and didn't see him for about 15 minutes. when he came back, he showed me a hundred dollars and said, "you see that? for 10 minutes of work, I made this. he gave fifty for sucking his dick, and fifty for a tip because he enjoyed it so much." being young and nieve, I let the money light up my eyes, even though I didn't see him sucking any dick, and he probably was just conning me. I said to him anyway, "OK! I'll do it."

he then says, "ok! but since you never done this before, I will first have to teach you how to suck a dick. I’m going to let you suck mine, but since I’m teaching you, you won't get paid for this one. ok?" I said, "but after that, I’ll get paid right?" He said, "oh ya! with out a doubt." so I agreed and followed him to a van parked in the back. he could tell I was scared and told me to relax and reassured me that everything was going to be fine and that I was even going to enjoy it.

when we got inside his van, I noticed that the inside had been converted into a bedroom of sorts. there was a bed in the back among others things. he closed the door behinds us and got into the bed and took his pants off. he didn't have any underwear on, so his dick plopped out at me when his pants went down. it was already hard as he scooted to the edge of the bed and opened his legs wide and said to me, "get between my legs and start by licking my balls." I looked at his nuts and they were really tight and perfectly round. they were smooth as there was almost no hair on them, and his cock was fairly big with a large mushroom head on it. I saw that there was pre-cum oozing out of his circumcised cock although at the time, I didn't know what pre-cum was.

he explained that he was going to tell me what to do and that I need to follow his instructions to the letter so that I could learn the right way. nervously, I got down between his legs and began to lick and suck on his balls as he explain to me how to do it. as I licked his balls, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but it didn't seem to matter anyway because I was doing exactly what he told me to do.

it wasn't long before he told me to milk his dick and lick up all the pre-cum. as I did so, I remember thinking how sweet his pre-cum tasted. he even asked me if I liked the way it tasted and when I responded, "yes" he told me I was going to go far in that business. he began explaining to me how he wanted his dick sucked and I began to follow his instructions down to the letter. MAN! was his dick hard. I learned how to use my tongue while I used my hand to stroke the base of his cock as I sucked on it all at the same time. it took me a little while to get use to keeping my teeth out of the way, but once I got in the swing of it, sucking his dick was pretty easy, and he sure seemed to enjoy it.

I sucked his cock for some time, and I seemed to manage to take a lot of his cock into my mouth. he even told me that I was a "natural born dick sucker." I took that as a compliment. soon, he was holding my head in place as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. he began to move faster and faster as his moans grew more intense. then all of a sudden, I felt his dick swell up, and then he let out a load shout and said, "swallow!!!" right then, I felt all kinds of hot cum hit the back of my throat. it caught me by surprise to say the least. I had already swallowed a bunch of it before I realized that I had a mouthful of his dick candy.

Squirt after squirt, he pumped as he continued to fuck my mouth as I tried my best to swallow every drop he squirted out. however, I did managed to swallow all of it by the time he was done cuming. I found that I actually loved the taste and texture of it, although his cum was much more salty then his pre-cum. but it was when I was milking his dick trying to get out more of his juice, that I noticed my lips were smacking from slurping up the rest of his cum. It was then that I realized that I had a huge hard-on and that I was beginning to feel very turned on by what was happening to me. I thought to myself, "this isn't a bad way to make money."

when we were done, he complimented me on my dick sucking and told me I was ready to go out and make some money. I have to admit, I was looking forward to my first customer. he told me to stay at the van while he went and found me a trucker to suck off. it was only a few minutes before he returned with someone, but it seemed like forever. although I was excited about sucking another dick, I was still very nervous and scared at the same time. there even seemed to be a time where I was thinking of leaving and forgetting about the whole thing, but the money kept me there and the vision of that dick in my face helped me stay as well. a lot of different thoughts and feelings went through me during that short wait.

Dave and the trucker, a typical "good ole boy". white guy in his 30's, ball cap, cowboy boots, 10 gallon belt buckle, and chewing tobacco. something out of a 70's movie. they walked up to me and Dave said to the man, "this is the kid I was telling you about. he loves to be called a "dick sucker"." I don't know where that statement came from, but before I could say anything, the trucker pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to Dave. then he turned towards me and said, "come on dick sucker! I only have you for an hour."

I looked at Dave as I began to follow the trucker, thinking he never told me about an hour long dick sucking session. by the time we got to his truck, I was thinking an hour would be cool after all. that way I could take my time and enjoy the dick. we hopped into his truck and into his sleeper and I went down and helped him take off his pants and underwear. then I put that nice, big, cock in my mouth and began sucking it. ten minutes later, I’m eating his cum. I thought to myself, "why did he need an hour for only ten minutes?" it was like he read my mind or something because he then said, "pull your pants down and give me your asshole."

I replied right away by saying, "I don't do that. I just suck dick." he said, "your pimp told me you wanted it up the ass and that is exactly what I paid for, so give it to me." this guy was beginning to get upset and I could tell he was serious about fucking my butthole. I was scared, but I was more scared of what might happen if a told him no. so as I pulled my pants down, I begged him to change his mind. but he said I was going to get butt-fucked no matter what.

once my ass was exposed, he grabbed it and said, "OH YA! you got a tight little ass, don't ya?" then as he got up behind me, he said as he began to lube up my butthole, "your boyfriend even gave me this lubricant so that we can have a slick and smooth fuck session, and it looks like because of how tight your asshole is, that I’m going to need it just to get my cock inside." he grabbed me by the neck and put my back against him tight and as he held me around the neck, he took his other hand and helped his dick go all the way up in my butthole.

as his big, fat cock stretched my little butthole wide open, I let out a loud yell and said, "IT HURTS! pull it out." he responded by whispering in my ear, "shish! don't worry my little dick sucker, I’m going to take real good care of you and your asshole." he thrust long and deep as my butthole felt like a baseball bat was being stuffed in it. I never felt such strain on my anas before and he loved every thrust. he moaned with pleasure as I whimpered in pain but he never lost a beat. he kept a steady pace as he pounded my butthole hard. about 15 minutes or so into it, he pushed my torso down and held me there as he began to fuck my asshole doggie style really hard and fast. the faster he went, the more I screamed until he let out a long moan and unloaded the rest of his cum up my ass.

his cum felt soothing to my burning asshole, and when he was done, I realized that I had an orgasm as well. I guess his continuous hitting of my prostate is what made me explode although I didn't understand that at the time. he however, noticed it and said to me, "you like the dick, don't you?" I was numb from the ass pounding I had just received, and I couldn't move. I just shook my head and he then sat on my chest and put the head of his big cock on my lips and said, "you’re a good little fuck baby. show me how much you love my cock." I laid there for some time kissing, licking, and worshiping his cock.

he was holding my head while his cock was in my mouth when he said to me, "come with me and you can have this cock everyday." I thought about for a minute and decided to accept his offer with a condition. I said, "alright, but I want twenty bucks every time I suck your dick." he laughed and said, "kid! I’ll give you ten dollars every time I fuck your asshole and five dollars a blow job. take it or leave it." even though I knew I could make more out in the truck stop, I agreed and took off with him.

I rode with him for months. things relaxed a lot over time and he fucked me in the ass on a regular basis. he loved to fuck my butthole. so much even, that when we were at truck stops and he wasn't fucking me, I was out blowing other truckers. I stayed in that for some time, but life has it 's changes as do we all. but I will always love the truck drivers, because they love to have their dick's sucked.

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