It had been 5 long months since James had walked out on her, 5 months of sleeping in a large bed by herself, 5 months without sex. Susan felt so stupid for waiting all this time. Just hoping that James would walk back into her life. Friends had tried to persuade her to come out with them, but every weekend she would refuse.

Susan was only 25, she had been with James for nearly a year. She was a very attractive girl, long blonde hair with light blue eyes. She loved her size 10 figure, her perk breasts were a nice 34C, a nice little handful.

Frustration grew more and more every day, she could please herself but she longed for the touch of a man. She felt frumpy, looking at herself in her baggy clothes. She had a nice body, but she hid it. When james left she didnt want another man looking at her, so she started dressing in jogging bottoms and t shirt that were 2-3 sizes too big.

Sitting drinking her 3rd glass of sweet white wine, Susan wondered why she put herself through it, was she still attractive? Would she die alone?

Walking into her bedroom she headed towards her wardrobe, on the top shelf she reached for clothes that she hadnt wore for a long time. Her short black pleated skirt and her tight white tank top that showed her breasts off wonderfully. She laid them gently on the bed, the wine was going to her head, but she downed the rest from her large glass and went to refill it again.

Returning to her bedroom she wondered what she would look like dress these clothes, James never let her out wearing them, he was scared other men would look at her, so she hid them at the top of her wardrobe.

She removed all her clothes and reached for tight t shirt, she wasnt going to put a bra on. Slipping her skirt on, she decided not to bother with panties either, she put stockings on that reached high up her thigh. Checked herself in the mirror, her confidence started to grow. She could easily win any man she wanted. Thoughts of seducing a man filled her head, she could feel her nipples beginning to harden, her pussy was getting moist. She wondered if her fantasy could become reality……..

………..30 minutes later Susan found herself walking into one of the local bars, making her way through the crowd to the bar. She already had 4 large glasses of wine and they were already going to her head, but she needed another one.

Ordering a large white wine she sat on one of the stools, turning to face the crowd. So were dancing, others were chatting to friends. She was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea when she felt a pair of eyes watching her. She tried to pretend that she hadnt noticed when she was approached.

Turning to look at him, he didnt look much older than her, his black hair was spiked up a little, his eyes were light light blue and he had a nice build to him. He gave a cheeky smile before saying "Hi there, Im mike"

"Susan" she replied, reaching out to his handshake.

Sitting on one of the seats beside her they started to chat. He was a Mechanic, single and was 29. He was part of a stag party but had got separated from his mates. She told him about herself, how she was a clerk for a university, how she just fancied getting out of the house – well it wasnt that much of a lie.

As time passed, all her attention was on Mike, with the wine in her system, she was feeling more confident than normal, so when he wasnt looking, she slowly hitched up her skirt so it revealed the top of her stocking, the thrill was making her shake a little and her nipples began to push against the soft fabric of her top.

Turning his attention back to her again, his gaze went to her leg, he could just about see the naked flesh above her stocking top, moving his gaze up he stopped at her nipples showing through her top. Looking at her face he couldnt help but smile back at her cheeky grin.

She grabbed his arm and they made their way out of the pub, once outside he pushed her against the wall, locking his lips on hers. Letting his tongue explore her mouth. She could hear the bouncers wolf whistling, it just turned her on even more, knowing that people were watching. Breaking away he reached for her hand and they started walking away from the pub, turning into an alley he pressed her against a wall again, reaching under her skirt he felt for her panties. He was pleasantly surprised when his fingers made contact with her skin instead of fabric. Unzipping his trousers and pulling down his boxers, he pushed her against the wall again. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he quickly forced his cock inside her.

She screamed out in ectasy, her head rested against the wall. He wasnt going easy, his cock ramming in and out of her so smoothly, she was very wet, this turned him on more. It wasnt long before he cam inside her, he knew he shouldnt have but she didnt stop him. He could feel his cum and her juices slowly seep out around his cock.

Composing themselves they made their way back onto the street again. Susan could feel his cum running down her legs. She wanted more of this man, he had a nice thick cock, she couldnt tell how big it was in the dark light but it felt thick. She couldnt wait until she got him back to hers.

Opening the door she showed him into her living room and made her way into her bathroom. Running some water into the sink she looked at her reflection, her make up was all over her face, so she decided to remove it.

Giving her body a clean with a facecloth, especially her pussy. She made her way back to Mike again.

Motioning him to follow her she made her way to the bedroom.

"Strip and lie down on the bed" she instructed.

He didnt question her or hesitate. He quickly stripped and lay on her bed on his back. Reaching into her beside drawer she removed a pair of hand cuffs and some 3 pieces of cord. She tied one of the ends of cord to the leg of the bed just above his bed, she then placed a pair of handcuffs over both his wrists, and fed the cord through the middle, tying the cord to the other leg of the bed. She tied the 2nd piece of cord to his ankle and the other end to the bottom leg of the bed, repeating with the other ankle.

He was totally at her mercy now, she could do what she wanted to him. She stripped all her clothes off slowly, she knew that she was making him ache, she could see his cock pulsing.

She took a feather out of her drawer and began to run the end up and down his body, before starting to use it on his cock. He was moaning deeply, as she ran it up and down the shaft of his hard cock. He was really enjoying it, he was straining against her restraints.

She desparately wanted to fuck him again, but she kept her cool, instead she knealt inbetween his legs, she started to lick his cock and softy play with his balls. As she took his cock in her mouth, she could feel him trying to raise his groin so more of his cock went into her mouth, she took as much as she could, his cock still tasted salty from earlier, but when she wasnt sucking his cock, she would suck at his balls.

On all fours she made her way slowly up his body, keeping her chest low so her breasts running along his cock, stomach and chest.

"Do you want me?" She asked

"Fuck hunny yeah, I do" He replied

"How badly?"

"So badly, I want you to sit on my cock babe"

She sat on her knees she reached behind her and grabbed his cock, placing it to the entrance of her vigina.

"Beg me" she commanded

"Come on babe, please, sit on my cock, please"

"Beg harder" she ordered

"Please, oh please, do it, I want you badly"

Slowly she lowered her body onto his cock, they both gave a groan. She started to rise up and down on his cock, playing with her breasts to tease him. Every few minutes she would get off his cock and suck it again.

"If I untie you, will you be a good or bad boy?" she asked

"Oh mistress, I will be a naughty boy for you"

Reaching up she untied his arms, she turned to face his feet, and began to untie his feet, when she had just finished untidying he made a grab at her. Throwing her back on the bed

"My turn" he said

Spreading her legs he put his head between her legs. Licking at her moist lips, he inserted 2 fingers and started to finger her slowly. She tasted lovely, like honey. He could feel her arching her back and knew that she was ready to cum. His face got wet with her juices, but he was happy to lick it all up.

Flipping her onto her front, he quickly fucked her doggy style

"Do you like me now bitch" he asked while ramming his cock in and out.

She was screaming and moaning with pleasure, her peachy ass was getting red with his spanks. He had never taken a woman so rough before, he wasnt taking his time when fucking her.

He noticed she had grabbed onto the pillows

"Oh fuck yes, you animal, fuck me hard" she called out

She was a minx, no woman had ever let him fuck them like this, she was begging for it.

She was pushing her bum against him so she had all of his cock inside her, his balls were slapping off her. She was so moist, looking down at his cock going in and out he noticed it glistening, she had a nice tight pussy, but his eye kept roaming to her asshole.

Licking one of his fingers he slowly pushed it inside her ass, she gave out a soft moan. He wanted to fuck that ass, it looked so tight.

His cock was glistening so much with her juices, so he squated over her ass. Slowly he began to insert it into her ass

"Oh god, oh god, oh fuck no, my ass. Oh fuck oh fuck" she cried out.

But slowly he pushed his cock inside her ass, until all his cock had disappeared

Slowly he started to pump his cock in and out of her ass, she was still moaning and crying out. His pumping got quicker and quicker, her ass was being stretched to fit his cock, but it still felt tight. His balls were noisly slapping off her pussy, she had reached her hand around to his side to stop him going so far in her.

But he continued to fuck her ass hard, her moans encouraged him on

"Fuck youve a tight ass, im a naughty boy for this. You like your ass being stretched dont you" he moaned.

"HHHmmmmm do my ass" she moaned back.

Mike could feel himself coming, he was going to leave a nice little load in her ass.

She could feel him coming, she had never had anal sex before and it felt weird having hot cum in her ass.

Falling down onto the bed together, susan couldnt help but feel smug, she knew she wouldnt see Mike again after tonight, but then why would she want to when she could have this fantasy and more, any time she wanted!!

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