2 Fantasies come true

2 Fantasies come true

As we lay in bed, my naked girlfriend wrapped around me, looking up at the ceiling and catching our breath after another amazing romp, my girlfriend turned and looked at me. With a hint of curiosity in her eyes, she caught me off guard with one of those lose-lose questions like “which of my girlfriends is the hottest?” This one was a bit more candid, as she asked me “if you could have a threesome with me and one of my girlfriends, who would it be?” Obviously I was shocked, but the feeling of my cock growing again got me thinking about this. Now my girlfriend, named Vicki, had a plethora of friends, but they were not very attractive through my eyes. All but one weren’t fuckable if I was sober. Being drunk is another story! Anyways, the one friend came to mind. She was Natasha. She wasn’t the hottest piece of ass on the planet but from what I heard she was slutty, and I thought she was cute. I wasn’t too sure but she always seemed to flirt with me, grabbing me and stuff sometimes. I know I wouldn’t hesitate to stick it in her. After a minute or two of thinking, I responded with “Anyone of your friends? I’d pick Natasha.” Vicki looked at me with a puzzled look but seemed to be satisfied. I asked why she asked me that and she replied with a typical “no reason at all answer”. She arose from the bed and I watched as her tits bounced with each step. They were only a B cup but they were perky and she had this silver dollar sized nipples that I would just love to suck on. While I was lost in staring at her nude body, I quickly forgot the question.

Well a few days had passed and we continued with our normal sex life. It consisted of me fucking her brains out from all sorts of positions, fantasizing about sticking it in her ass. She said she’d never do anal but I was hoping she would. One day I was sitting at home doing some homework (we were both in college), and I got a call from her. She sounded out of breath, and said to come over quickly, she had an emergency. I thought this was peculiar but what the hell. Better than reading about economical situations in the world! I pulled up and luckily the doors leading into her apartment complex were open. I followed a car past the main gate and walked up to the door and knocked. After a minute of waiting I knocked again, and I heard Vicki shout “come in! it’s open!” Without further hesitation I opened the door to a dark, yet dimly lit apartment. I thought the power went out but the hallway light was on. I saw a faint light from under her bedroom door and I knocked and heard Vicki say “come in sweetheart”. When I pushed the door back, Vicki was on her knees on the bed, with a g-string on and a sexy lacey black bra. Her hand was cupping her tit and I could see the outline of nipple. Of course I thought another sexy game by her! It didn’t take long for my clothes to hit the floor and before I knew it, I was butt naked, cock hard and throbbing and my tongue was buried in Vicki’s mouth. I was caressing her body, feeling every inch of her smooth skin. She was a small girl, only 5-3 and weighed 105 but she was very fun to touch. She let out soft moans as I was massaging her chest, while she began to stroke my cock.

I began to kiss down her neck, while undoing her bra. Her bra fell down, revealing her perky, firm breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and I took one in my mouth, playing with it, biting it, licking it, while my other hand squeezed the other. “ohh Jason that feels so good….mmmmmmn don’t stop. Bite it baby, bite and take me baby. I want to feel your tongue over my nipple. You know you want it baby.” After a couple of minutes like this, I pushed her back on her bed and pulled down her panties. She had gotten a nice little wax! I kissed her soft, smooth pussy lips, playing around with her pussy. She continued to let out soft moans. All of a sudden she pulled my head up and told me to stop! “What the heck Vicki? Is something wrong?” She said “No baby, I just don’t want to cum….yet. I have a special present in the bathroom that will make both of cum harder than we ever have before. Take a look.” As I turned to go see what device she spoke of, I looked at the bathroom door to not see some sex toy, but Natasha standing there, ass naked, leaning in the door way, with one hand rubbing her snatch and the other running down her chest. Holy shit! I almost came right there. Although she’s a little chubby, she has a nice C cup, with shoulder length brown hair and a somewhat freckly body. Her pussy was also completely bare, and looked awesome.

Natasha climbed into the bed, looked at my cock and said “Well Jason, Vicki tells me you want a threesome with us. Is this true?” I was speechless. I didn’t know if this was some sort of sick joke where if I said yes I’d be castrated or this fantasy was really coming true. Without thinking I leaned in and kissed her lips, feeling their luscious taste. My hand made its way up to her tits and began to caress her already hard nipples. My other hand was stroking my cock. I had no idea this was going to happen. I pulled away from her mouth and she hoped on top of Vicki. Vicki looked at me and said “This is a taste of what you’re going to get baby!” They began to make out passionately, with their mouths devouring each other. Their naked, soft bodies on top of one another, their breasts pushing against each other. Natasha began to hump Vicki, pushing her pussy into Vicki’s, which lead to little moans leaking out of them. I was still slowly stroking my dick, not wanting to erupt yet. Their hands explored their sensual bodies, going over their nipples, onto their hips, and down to their pussies! I was in heaven! Slowly, Natasha began kissing down Vicki’s body, her eyes closed, moaning softly, as Natasha resumed eating her out, taking over for me. I leaned and began to suck on Vicki’s nipple, while watching Natasha bury her tongue into Vicki’s pussy. I wanted to fuck Natasha right there. As I dreamt of ramming my cock up her box, Vicki began to cum, arching her back and screaming “ooooohhh yes, yes, yes, yes, Natasha, yes, yes not again you dirty little whore! Ohhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. I could see the juices flowing over Natasha’s face, and knew she had pleased my woman.

Exhausted, Vicki looked up at me and said, now it’s your turn. Without warning they jumped on me and began to tag team my cock with their mouths. First Natasha began to lick my head while Vicki sucked on my balls. Natasha slowly wrapped her mouth around my cock and began sucking. God this felt great, I wanted to shoot my load all over the inside of her warm mouth. I had to pull back for fear of cumming too soon. When I pulled off, Vicki got on top of my cock and slid it into her snatch. She was so tight even after months of fucking. I was not very big but she was just perfect. While she rode my cock, I grabbed her hips, lifting myself into her body even more. Suddenly I felt a pressure on my head, and as I looked up, Natasha’s cunt was inches from my face. She looked down and said “Common Jason, you got to please me too!” She lowered her cunt to my face, with her asshole right above it. She was facing Vicki and as I began to devour her excited clit, she leaned in and was kissing Vicki, forming a nice little triangle. I was just gobbling on her lips, licking inside and out, up and down, left and right and I could here her moan. Her pussy tasted delcious, and it wasn’t long before she began to come all over my face. She was moving up and down screaming “ohhhh yes Jason, ohhhh eat me you little bastard!!!!! Lick my clit, eat me just fucking eat me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy Goddddddddd!!!!!” as wave after wave of her sweet juices erupted on my face! I think I was pleasing her! As she was cumming I began to also and erupted inside Vicki’s tight little pussy, filling her up with my wholesome goodness. They both collapsed onto me in a heap of pure pleasure. My cock grew limp and fell out of Vicki’s snatch. After a few moments of catching our breath, Natasha looked at Vicki and said “Say honey, doesn’t your boy here keep begging to ram it in your tender little ass? I know how tenders yours is from earlier but if you want, he can stick it up me. It wont hurt. You could watch. What do you say Vick?” Before I could even ask about the “earlier” part, Vicki responded with an astounding yes. I was completely baffled. “Maybe now with some hot anal he can stop bitching about it!” “But baby, I am not hard! I need some motivation :wink:: wink:” With that Vicki got in front of me on all fours, and began to expose her sweet little cunt from behind. I could see her tight pussy and asshole glistening in the candle light of the room, and she slowly began to massage her clit. My cock was hard in an instant. I sat up and kissed her asshole then looked at Natasha. She didn’t even need an invitation, she was already on her stomach, grabbing her ass cheeks, waiting for her exposed little asshole to be pounded into submission. I smeared some of her juices onto her shitter to lube it up. I leaned in and gave it a good licking too, taking in the taste and smell. She obviously cleaned it up. I sat up and pushed the head of my cock slowly into her, feeling her tight rectal walls close around as the hole began to enlarge. She felt so fucking good. I pushed in further and further until I was thrusting in small movements, fucking her deep and good. She was letting out moans saying “mmmmmn yea Jason, give it to me up my ass you little perv, common pound me harder”. As she moaned, Vicki moved in front of her exposing her sweet pussy, and Natasha began to bite her lips, and lick her clit. I quickened my strokes and was now full fledge pounding her pucker, watching her hole contract and enlarge with every stroke. I looked up and grabbed Vicki’s tits, rubbing her nipples as I was just absolutely fucking her friend. With in minutes I began to feel the rush of my cum getting ready to shoot. I grabbed hold of Natahas hips and yelled “ohh fuck yea baby I am going to drench you with my cum….mmmn I am going to cum so fucking hard…arghhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as my cum just filled her up so much that it started leaking out. Natasha was on the same wave length as she began to buck and screamed “ohhhhhh yea Jason fill me up I am going to cum so hard you dirty little bitch mmmmmmmmmmmmn yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

I pulled my cock out and we all fell back into the bed together. After a few minutes we hopped in the shower, cleaned each other off, exchanging some kisses and feels. We climbed into bed, naked and passed out, a wonderful night in the books. I awoke the next morning to Natasha gone, and Vicki in the kitchen fixing pancakes. I had 3 hours until class so no rush. As we reminisced about last night, I asked her about the whole “earlier” situation. Vicki then explained how this all transpired….after she asked me the threesome question, she asked Natasha is she had ever had a threesome. Natasha had already had one once and said she’d do it again. She also knew Vicki was referring to a threesome with us three. Natasha told me she’d do it, but she said Vicki had to be sure she could handle a girl first. That’s why she was out of breath on the phone. Before I came over, they had experimented, and Natasha had led Vicki into multiple orgasms by eating out her ass and pussy. After that orgasmic lesson, Vicki knew she was ready. After some food, I fucked Vicki again from behind, playing with her asshole and sending her into multiple orgasms. I got dressed and got into my car with a big smile on my face, not knowing that was the last time I’d ever see Natasha in that light ever again, or that I’d ever be doing anal again…at least with her. Whenever we hung out, she would wink at me but nothing ever transpired into that night of amazing, passionate hardcore sex with my girl and her friend.

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