A Dream So Real

A Dream So Real

I stood at my locker, door open and my hands just reaching in when I hear your footsteps. From years of watching you from afar I can pick out your voice, your scent, even your footsteps from any crowd. Slowly my head turns and I can see you coming closer. You're walking down the hall chatting with a friend. She's a girl and I feel my stomach tie in knots when I see you give her a playful shove. My eyes never leave you as you walk past me, giving me that funny grin I've gotten used to. The girl at your side gives me a glare but all I can think about is your smile. How your lips curve up perfectly, and how they would feel brushing against my skin. I lost myself in thought, must have been for a while cause the next thing I heard was the bell ringing. You were long off down the hall, on the way to Social. I had memorized your schedule. Someone bumped my shoulder bringing me back once again and I scurry off to class.

The entire time, as my Chem teacher drones on about the properties of some acid or other, I'm staring at the clock. Finally the numbers flip and at 10:00 sharp my hand shoots up into the air with urgency. I'm shaking so bad, I know what's coming. The teacher rolls her eyes as I ask to go to the washroom but concedes anyways. I leave everything behind, the only sounds trailing after me are the clicking thuds of my heels. You said you wanted me to wear heels today so I did. They were bright red, matching the red plaid of my uniform skirt. Of course I had made the adjustments you had asked for. The hem had been brought up just above mid-thigh and under the crisp white blouse I wore no bra…just like you had asked. I click my way down the hall then duck into a usually locked room when no one is looking.

It's dark but I know you're there. I can hear you breathing, heavily with anticipation but quietly with care. Everything is quiet as I approach you in the dark. I don't have to feel around anymore, I know my way by heart. My heart beat quickens the moment I hear your voice whispering so close to my ear. I had barely felt your hand as it came to a rest on my side, your fingers lightly dancing over my body. I almost melt at the words you let trail to my ears. My body is trembling and you hold me tighter. It seems like an eternity has passed since you last held me like this. I must have let out a soft moan, you were urging me to hush. I did and then I can feel it. Your hands sliding up, underneath the blouse, until your fingers graze the underside of my breasts. I know you're smiling as I let out my soft whimper. I don't even have to see your face to know how much you're enjoying this game.

You reward my whimpers by circling each round breast in your hands and kneading them softly. Your palms grind against my nipples making them stiff. My heavy breathing heaves my chest to your fingers and you take that as a sign to massage harder. I bite my lip, not wanting to emit the cries of pleasure building up inside of me. I want to groan when your hands leave my breasts long enough to unbutton and push off the shirt. Once my breasts are free of their loose cage I feel your warm, perfect mouth close around one taut nipple. My hand lifts to run through your hair, cradling your head as you sucked hungrily on my aching and needing breast while your other hand pinched and rolled the other nipple between your fingers.

Reluctantly I pull you off my breasts and lift your face until I can feel your breath against my cheek. With a turn of my head our lips connect and you fervently wrap your arms around my body and pull my mouth to yours. I practically go weak in the knees as you shove your tongue into my mouth. It's always the same, always the exact way I like it. You woo me with soft touches, tender caresses that raise a heat so strong in me I can't resist you any longer. Then you turn the tides and your touches turn rough but it only makes it feel better.

I pull away from your lips to take a breath. You use this break to back me up against the wall. It's cold, like concrete should be, and it touches my hot skin like tiny ice daggers. I try not to squeal and you quench my desire to by pressing your mouth back on mine. It muffles the moan I have to emit as your hands busily work on my skirt. Before you slip it off your hand runs up underneath it and I give you a surprise you had not been expecting. Where there should be a damp cloth barrier there was not. I hadn't worn panties today. This time you moaned into the kiss and I return it with one of my own as I feel your finger slip between my folds and search out my clit.Your other hand unzips the full skirt length zipper at the back and the material falls away from my body.

Our lips have broken apart as you slip the first finger inside my tight hole. Slowly you move it back and forth and then add the second finger. Finally you get a third one inside and begin to thrust with more vigor. My breathing is shallower, my heart is beating faster and all I want to do is scream with extacy. To quiet myself I reach my hands forward, each one shaking with pure lust, and I find the bulge in your pants. Even with the fabric marring my touches I can still feel how hard you are. Without missing a beat I pull down the zipper and reach in and free your growing member from it's confinements. My silky smooth hand wraps around the hard throbbing shaft and slowly I pump up and down on you. For a moment you forget what your fingers were doing and concentrate on my hand as I sqeazed and stroked your cock. With your hand that wasn't busy fingering me you push your pants down to the ground followed by your boxers and kick them out of the way.

Unable to undoe your shirt with one hand you pull your fingers free from my aching cleft. Quickly you remove your shirt. It falls to the floor, piling up on the heap of clothes strewn about our feet. I'm still in my heels and you in your shoes. My hand continues to pump up and down in a smooth rhythmic motion. I know you want to moan, I can tell by the way you pause in breathing. I let out a small laugh, I can't help it and you shove me up against the wall fiercely. I'm trembling again, not with fear but with anticipation. Your breath is hot on my neck as your lips draw closer to my ear.

"Suck it"

That's all you say and I feel a shiver run up my spine as your hand presses down on my shoulder. Slowly I sink to my knees, my hand never having left your hard prick, and I thrust out my hot little tongue. It circles the sensitive tip of your head before I drag it down the underside and then back up. I can feel the muscles in your legs flexing, spasming with the first touches of my mouth to your cock. My hand comes to a rest at the base of your penis and I push my mouth down, my tongue grazing over the shaft. Your hand comes to a rest on the back of my head and you push more into my mouth. I take it with ease and begin sucking once I feel the head touch the back of my throat. Now with both of your hands on the sides of my head you begin to thrust your cock in and out of my mouth. I let you, increasing how hard I work my mouth with each ramming hump of your hips. You're beginning to grunt and I work harder, sucking with such vigor I'm hardly breathing. With one heavy thrust you shove your dick all the way inside my mouth and release your hot cum down my throat. I swallow, careful not to let even a drop escape my mouth.

I let you rest a few moments, but your cock isn't softening even after your orgasm. I let you flop from my mouth and stand up. You turn me around and press my chest up against the cold concrete. It makes my nipples even stiffer and I moan, getting caught be damned. Without hesitation I spread my legs and you slip up inside me. I can feel you stretching me, filling me to the brim with your hot and pulsating dick. It went in easy, I was so wet from your fingers and even before from the anticipation. Pressing your chest to my back you began to slowly pull out and then quickly and roughly slam back inside. I let out my soft moans and you did to.

"Harder, oh please fuck me harder"

I could help the words that escaped my lips but you complied anyways. If I could have looked back and saw I know I would have seen your cock slamming into me so fast it would be a blur to my eyes. You've completely taken control of me and I thrust back at you. With a heavy grunt followed by a low, controlled moan you start thrusting into me even harder and I feel the first spurt of your hot sticky cum shoot up inside me. I can't hold back any longer and I press my forehead into the wall as I felt the first wave of my own intense orgasm wash over me. My cunt convulsed around your shaft, milking you of every last drop of cum until we both rested against the wall breathing heavily. I feel you slip from me and I groan. Once again you urge me to be silent. I turn around and you kiss me full on the lips. It's soft, like it always ends up being. Warm and tender just like the first kiss we shared. I don't even need to light to see you and know what you're thinking. I break away from your lips and go to speak…

"Wake up! Class is over!" Someone has shaken me awake. I didn't even hear the bell ring. Yawning, trying to ignore the aching in my groin as I gather my stuff and leave the classroom. I watch again as you pass me, on your way to gym. Its your rest up period but I know we'll be one again after lunch.

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