A Good Hard Spanking For Sue

A Good Hard Spanking For Sue

I have written ten stories so far for this site, all of which have taken ‘spanking’ as the principal or secondary theme. These stories, generally, seem to have enjoyed a consistent popularity with the exception of ‘OTK and the aftermath’ which has always had less reads than the others. Why should this be? It cannot be that it is more poorly written than the others because this factor is judged in the scoring not in the number of reads. The only reason that I can see is that fewer people have a look at it because they don’t understand the title!
Why should this be? I have given a lot of thought to this and come to the conclusion that those who check out stories according to theme and are looking for ‘spanking’ stories will presumably know what ‘OTK’ means (and for those who don’t, it is an acronym for ‘Over The Knee’, a common spanking position); but those who hit on this story from other directions may have no idea what it is about and I confess to not offering any explanation in the text!
Furthermore, from my limited knowledge of American English, I know that the shortened form of the word ‘mathematics’ is usually taken as ‘math’. Perhaps my American friends see the title as referring in some way to some strange British ritual following on from a session of mathematics! For the record for any readers from the other side of the pond, we in the UK refer to Mathematics as ‘maths’ and the dictionary definition of ‘aftermath’ is “signs or results of an event or an occurrence considered collectively”
I have asked the webmaster to allow me to alter the title for this story, but there is either no machinery to allow this or it will for some reason prove too difficult.
I have therefore decided to offer an edited version of this story under an easier to understand title and one which is hopefully more pictorially descriptive than the first one. As I have used the name ‘Rick’ in later stories for an obviously different character, I am going to rename (slightly) the male lead in this one!
Thank you for your patience; I am still learning my craft as a writer!



The A1 is a long and sometimes boring road in the rain at night, particularly where it runs through that part of England just to the south of Huntingdon and Rich felt his attention wandering dangerously. He turned off the heating, turned on the radio and opened the driver’s window. A mile or so up the road, and in that part of the country you can see for miles, the lights of a garage twinkled, and a couple of minutes later he pulled onto the forecourt. He had no need of petrol so he parked at the back and got out, stretched and strolled into the shop.
It was one of those garages with a small supermarket inside and Rich spent some time trying to decide whether he needed a pork pie or a sandwich or bar of chocolate. He noticed a magazine rack at the back of the shop with the usual selection of men’s magazines on the top shelf and glanced casually at them. And then one magazine locked his attention in an instant. It was a copy of a magazine which was usually only on sale in town centre shops and then usually in large towns and certainly not something he’d ever seen for sale in what was little more than a rural garage and store. It was a ‘Spanking’ magazine.
He was the only customer in the shop, and he took the magazine down from the shelf and thumbed through it. He felt himself getting excited at he looked at the photographs inside. He certainly no longer felt drowsy! He was still the only customer in the shop and so he turned and went to the counter to pay. It was only then that the realised that the sales person was a woman.
She picked up the magazine and reached for the obligatory brown bag to put it in but paused rather longer than was strictly necessary to look at the cover photograph which showed a girl in her mid twenties in black stockings and suspenders and high heeled shoes bending over an office desk. A man in a business suit was standing over her with a cane. It would appear that he had just pulled her knickers down to the middle of her thighs. As she slid the magazine into the bag she said in a wistful tone,
‘You interested in this sort of thing then?’
Rich looked up at her and saw that she was not unattractive. She was in her early thirties about 5’8”, probably a size 14 and as he glanced over the counter could see was wearing a black skirt which went rather nicely with the white top.
‘I can’t deny it now, can I?’ he said with a grin, ‘But the closest I ever get these days is reading about it’
‘Same here’ she said, looking directly at him for the first time, ‘this might seem odd, but I really miss it’
This was obviously something which Rich had to go into a little more deeply. ‘You want to tell me about it?’ he asked
It was the usual sort of story in its essentials. Her partner of some years had left her a couple of months ago and he had been the one to introduce spanking into their sex life. At first she had resisted, but soon realised how much she enjoyed it and now she not only wanted sex but she wanted a warm bottom to precede it.
‘Are you open all night?’ he asked.
‘No’, she replied, ‘I’m going to close up in about five minutes’
‘Do it five minutes early’ he suggested
She flicked a lot of switches on a panel and one by one the lights on the forecourt went out. In the meantime, Rich locked and bolted the door into the shop itself. There was a strong door, at the back of the shop, and Rich glanced at it.
‘What’s in there?’ he enquired
‘Stockroom’ she replied, ‘Take a look.’
He opened the door and stepped inside. It was a room about twenty feet wide and ran the length of the building. There were no windows. On a rack shelving system were piles of everything the shop sold. More importantly, there was an open space just inside the door with a table, some chairs, a sofa, a kettle and the wherewithal for making tea and coffee. It was a rest-room and shortly, hopefully it would be in use for another recreational activity.
Rich gave her a helping hand in closing down the garage for the night, and finally she locked and secured the door. An important omission occurred to Rich,
‘I’m Rich’ he said and added with a grin, ‘but unfortunately in name only!’
‘Hello Rich, my name’s Sue, but I promise I won’t sue you!’
They grinned at each other, knowing that they were going to get along together just fine.
‘Well, Sue; lets get acquainted, I suggest we make use of this stuff have a cup of tea first and then lets see what happens’
Within five minutes, they were sitting side by side on the sofa sipping their tea. She told him that she hadn’t had sex since her ex partner had left and she certainly hadn’t been spanked. She was beginning to wonder if she’d had her last spanked bottom and all she had for her fantasies were her memories. As they talked and put their tea cups down, Rich moved closer to her and put one hand on her knee and the other around her waist before pulling her closer. She put up no resistance as the gap between their thighs became non-existent.
He moved his mouth closer to kiss her and at the same time as she turned towards him, lightly brushed the nipple of her right breast with his hand. As the kiss became more passionate, his hand at first, cupped the breast and eventually slid between the buttons down the front of her top, before reaching inside her bra and fondling her breast and nipple. .
Without moving his mouth away from hers, he replaced his hand on her knee and proceeded to make progress up her thigh, pushing under the hem of her skirt. As his fingers reached higher, he was becoming increasingly alert to the fact that Sue was wearing tights not stockings. He quizzed her on this subject and she admitted as much to his chagrin.
‘Thought I told you I preferred stockings’
‘Well how was I supposed to know that? I didn’t even know you existed this morning’
‘Well go and do something about it; I saw a card full of hold-ups when I was tidying up out there,
‘Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three bags full sir!’
‘Just do it’
Sue disappeared into the back of the shop, re-appearing some three minutes later in black nylon and high heeled shoes which she explained were hidden under a bench out there. On her return, he pulled her back down onto the sofa and close against him. She felt his hand wander under her skirt almost immediately, and slid down on the seat squab, parting her thighs as she did so. This time he found the expanse of bare flesh between stocking top and knicker leg and fondled it, letting his finger tips stray flutteringly against the lacy front of her panties.
Her own hand strayed across the front of his trousers, finding Rick’s increasing interest in the situation very obvious as she squeezed the shaft and end of his very stiff cock.
‘You are a very naughty girl’ he said.
‘Well, what are you going to do about it?’ she said.
‘I’ll show you’ he said taking her arm and pulling her down across his lap so that her backside was positioned over the gap between his thighs, and pausing only to smooth the rucked up material of her skirt out and pull it tight, gave her bottom a resounding hard smack that caused her to bounce on his lap.
‘Oh Yes’ she gasped, and then
SMACK! ‘Aaaaaaah’
SMACK! ‘Oooooooooooooh’
SMACK! ‘Harder’
The palm of his hand landed with increasing force on the seat of her skirt and as she made no effort to get him to decrease that force, his hand began to descend on her with no leniency. He grasped the hem of her skirt and hauled it up over her bottom revealing the black lace top stockings which she had put on in the shop and the white lace fronted knickers, which she had presumably put on that morning.
Rich smoothed the white material over her bottom, pulling the cloth into her bottom crack and then smoothing it out again.
‘Oh don’t play with me’ moaned Sue ‘Spank my arse, please spank my arse!’
His hand came down again and again in a flurry of spanks and this time as they were on almost bare flesh and not over her skirt, the impact was louder and sharper. Her body bounced on his lap. Her bottom dimpled and rippled as the shock waves impacted and then spread. The visible area of cheek under her knicker legs turned a firey shade of pink as her cheeks clenched and unclenched as the spanking increased in its intensity .
He hooked his thumb under the elastic waistband of her knickers and roughly pulled them down to her knees and then all the way to the floor.
And then the spanking really began. His hand landed with full force on her bottom and her thighs. Not a parent spanking a wayward child; not a teacher spanking an unruly pupil, but a full bloodied, pre-orgasmic, preamble to sexual intercourse. foreplay spanking. The sort of spanking that only consenting adults can give and receive from each other, knowing full well the only outcome there can possibly be from such an act.
All her pent up sexual frustration of recent weeks released itself in bottom thrusting, thigh parting abandon. Her arse turned through scarlet to crimson; her buttocks became swollen; she strained her thighs wildly open; her vagina opened lewdly and wetly and she thrust it up at him, bucking and twisting on his lap; and still he spanked her with a sexual fury that made up the stuff of her wildest fantasies. The fantasies that had dragged her awake in the middle of the night with a trembling body and a soaking fanny, and now his fingers were probing her sex, squeezing her clit and two of them sliding so easily inside her.
And suddenly he couldn’t wait either. Brusquely he pushed her up and dropped his trousers and underpants. He pushed her back onto the sofa with her hands resting on the arm at one end and kneeling behind her with one foot on the floor he slid his full length inside her like a hot knife into butter. He drove inside her, thumping the front of his thighs into the back of hers; bouncing himself into and against her ample and firey red buttocks.
He felt the build up inside and from her own tension, knew that she was close also. He increased his pace, driving her against the arm of the sofa. Her breathing quickened and she began to twist herself on his pounding erection and then…..and then………………..and then……….AND THEN……….He came!!!!!…………… She came!!!!!…………………..They came !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They lay down together on the sofa and cuddled. He was still inside her as they lay together like spoons and as they gradually relaxed and softened he came out of her and all passion was spent.
It was about 2 am when they woke, held each other and kissed before getting dressed. They enjoyed a quick cup of instant coffee before making their way into the night air, making plans for a repeat performance.
Whether or not they did repeat the experience is another story

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