Abi's Punishment

Abi's Punishment

Abi’s Punishment

A raw, cold, November morning and I was on my way across the frozen courtyard to the punishment room. A cheerless place, furnished in the most basic way where girls who had misbehaved were sent to be taught that sins always catch up with miscreants. As I approached the heavy, dark oak door, studded with black nails and hung on huge black hinges, I noticed a movement in the shadows to the side. There, at the end of the dark and gloomy passage leading up to the door, timorously awaiting my arrival stood a girl.

I strode up to the door and taking the large iron key from my pocket, unlocked it and went inside. The girl remained outside. The room was sparsely furnished and what furniture there was in the room was heavy and dark. There were three windows on one wall but they only afforded a view of the leaden grey sky. The floor was polished oak; the walls and ceiling were painted in dark cream colour. There was a large cast iron radiator on the wall opposite the windows but on this particular morning it was switched off and cold.

There were half a dozen or so traditional school desks with sloping lids and hard wooden seats. At the front of the room and facing the desks was a large imposing master’s desk with an incongruous touch of luxury in that the surface was inlaid with green leather. A large dark oak cupboard completed this sparsely furnished room.

I strode over to the windows and opened all three of them, letting in the cold air and rendering the room even colder. I switched on the single pendant light which only served to emphasise the starkness of the room. I looked at the girl standing nervously in the doorway.
‘Abigail’ I said sharply, ‘come in here and sit down’

The girl came in and selecting a desk in the middle of the room, opposite the master’s desk made herself as comfortable as possible in difficult circumstances.

Without looking at her, I went over to the cupboard and opened it. Various instruments of punishment were to be seen hanging up inside. I selected a three foot cane and a two tailed leather tawse and placed them on my desk.

As the girl shifted nervously on her hard wooden seat, I picked up the cane and walked slowly around her. When I was immediately behind her I paused and reaching down pulled the seat of her short skirt from under her bottom where she had tucked it for warmth and comfort. It was immediately obvious that she wore no underwear. This was good. This was the rule in these circumstances. Girls in Abi’s situation could always expect several beatings during their time in the punishment room and as knickers would be speedily removed the girl was expected to leave them in her room to save time.

I reached over her shoulder and undid the buttons on her blouse. She had ignored one of the rules; her breasts were encased in a white lacy bra as I known since she had first entered the room.

Without a word, I grabbed her by the hair and hauled her to her feet and still holding onto her dragged her to the front and, pulling my chair out from behind my desk, sat down and pulled her across my knee. I pulled up her top and unhooked her bra strap and dropped the offending garment on the floor. Her tits swung freely, the nipples standing proudly hard, probably because of the cold. Well, part of her body would shortly be far from cold, that was absolutely certain! I pulled her skirt up over her back and gave her six hard slaps on each cheek. I was surprised to see that far from flinching, she pushed her bottom up to meet my hand and slightly stretched her thighs open. I gave her another half dozen, this time concentrating on her thigh backs. Her bottom and the backs of her legs were soon a bright scarlet. From her body language I could tell that this was not having the desired effect.

‘On your feet’ I ordered, ‘and bend over your desk’. I turned round and picked up the tawse. When I turned back again, Abi had stripped naked and bent over the desk with her nipples squashed flat on the desk top. Her legs were splayed lewdly apart and her cunt glistening wickedly was swollen and gaping at me. I lashed down with the tawse on each bottom cheek alternately and watched as she pushed her swollen pulsing and by now deeply glowing crimson botty danced and dimpled under the lashing it was receiving. I thought it was having some effect when she started to weave herself from side to side and away from the desk, but it soon became obvious that this was only so that she could reach underneath herself to finger her cunt while she was being beaten.

I threw the tawse down and picked up the cane and having sliced it through the air a few times which only made her moan even louder, brought it down with a fearsome WHACK across the centre of both cheeks. Twelve I gave her and a hard twelve at that. The strokes ranged from the top of her arse, across the entire swell of her buttocks and down to the backs of her thighs. Her backside, already a deep pulsating scarlet flecked with crimson began to show the raised welts of the cane strokes and before I paused for breath had reduced her backside to the appearance of a railway marshalling yard. Red firey lines criss-crossed her swollen flesh; ridges deep and flecked with blood spots, bruise marks and dimples as she tensed and untensed her buttocks, but still her fingers were busy on that pinkly glistening and partly frothy cunt. She flicked her clit and reaching at full stretch just managed to get her finger tips into the entrance of her vagina.

I had a raging erection; I couldn’t help it. But I pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to my desk where I pushed her backwards over the front. I fetched a flogger from the cupboard… a sort of horse’s tail on a wooden handle, and holding her down proceeded to lash the front of her thighs.

It was then I lost control and lashed the flogger across her belly and tits, catching the perkily erect nipples in the lashes… I dropped my pants and freeing my stickily erect penis from my clothing, thrust her back across the green leather and pushing her legs wide apart, guided my dripping cock into her cunt. She bucked and heaved against me as we ground our pelvic bones together and I slammed her tortured bottom into the desk edge as I fucked her hard and fast…..when I knew I was close, I pulled out and twisting her round plunged my frantic cock straight up her arsehole, forcing the tight ring of muscle that was her anal sphincter open as I plunged inside her; eight or nine strokes and it was over…. My cock’s pistoning in and out of her anus and that tight muscular ring had done it stuff… a huge jet of thick creamy spunk had rammed its way into her colon and on pulling out started to stickily ooze and drip out of her bottom.

I stood up and zipped up. I told her I was going to clean up but when I came back I expected her to be seated at her desk writing out ‘I must not orgasm without Ricardo’s permission’ 500 times.

‘But I didn’t’, she protested, as I walked from the room!

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