Captains travels

Captains travels

Captain sitting next to his master, looked intently from one man to the other. To an observer it would appear that the old dog knew that his future was being discussed. Although Captain was a clever dog, he wasn't that clever.

Ross leaned back in his chair. He felt sorry for the old negro. The man in the early days of porn had been a legend.

Dave almost pleaded with the lawyer / drug-peddler and part time porn producer…..'' Please Mr Sims. I got no choice. It ain't easy…Iv'e had him since he was a pup. You know my position, I got nothing. My sister has offered me a place to stay now that, that a-hole of a husband of hers has passed on. I'm on the bus tomorrow and his got nowhere to go ''

Leaning over the desk. Ross looked down at the big old Great Dane. The hound had also once been a bit of a star. Like his master though he was past it…..'' How old is the mutt ? ''

Dave lied. Pulling a year off Captain's life…..'' His ten. I know in dog years that ain't no spring chicken but he still knows how to put a leg over. ''

Still looking at the sad-eyed canine. Ross asked the old man…..'' How come he walks funny ? ''

Dave had hoped he wouldn't notice. The dog had arthritis….. '' He hurt his paw the other day chasing a rabbit. ''

Ross smiled at the elderly man. Sitting back in his chair he reached for his chequebook….. '' Davey if I didn't like you. I wouldn't give you jackshit for that dog. In fact, I wouldn't take him for free. Say goodbye to the mutt and get out of here. '' Ross said it good naturedly and reached out his hand.

Smiling broadly at the amount on the cheque…..'' Thank you Mr Sims you a fine man ! ''

Ross waved his hand in dismissal….. '' Cheers Davey. Enjoy your retirement ''

As the old man brushed past. Marcus entered the room. The thickset man popped a toothpick between his teeth….. '' We got that little fuck, Jimmy in the next room. The one who owes you two grand ''

If there was one thing you didn't do. It was fuck with Ross Sims when it came to money.

Sam had already roughed the loser up and he had a split lip. Sam tossed the empty wallet onto the table…..'' What should we do with this shit ? He ain't got a dime ''

Ross was about to say break both his legs. When he noticed the snap of a pretty young brunette slip from the wallet. Sitting on Jimmy's lap and wearing denims and a sweater she was holding a wine glass.

'' Who's the brunette ? '' Ross asked looking the kid in the eye.

The young man was on his nerves. Eyes darting about the room….. '' My girlfriend, Stacey. We got a baby together.''

'' She do drugs like you shithead ? '' Ross asked him, amused.

The kid had no backbone. Answering meekly…..'' Naah no drugs ! ''

Ross clicked his tongue….. '' Can she suck cock ? ''

Although his face turned red. The shitbag, giggled nervously….. '' Yeah sure ! She can give a good blow "

Marcus toothpick wagging between his teeth. Smiled at Ross.

Reaching into his pocket. Ross threw a card at Jimmy….. '' Have her at this address at seven tomorrow night. If you do I write off that debt and you get a extra grand. If you don't we break both your legs. Now fuck off ! ''

Back in his office, Ross felt rather naughty. Buzzing his secretary….. '' Jenny, phone my wife. Tell her to send the kids over to her mother's. I'm bringing a guest home. '' Head on his paws near the door and as if understanding. Captain raised his head and looked at the man.

Susan had been his wife for nearly twenty years. Ten years younger than him. He thought the thirty-eight year old was still gorgeous.

Naked, his now flaccid penis, resting wetly against his thigh. Mouth and chin wet from her juices and the smell of her snatch strong in his nostrils. Ross sipped at his whiskey.

Next to the fireplace only metres from his chair. Susan on all fours, mouth ajar, moaned deliciously. Eyes closed her long eyelashes fluttered. Her blonde head moving from side to side, she murmured…..'' Oh shiiiiit ''

Captain his head resting on her sweet smelling shoulder and panting heavily. Slurped his tongue over her skin, leaving a silvery trail of drool.

As Ross watched. The dogs rear spasmed crazily. Susan eyes wide and gripping the carpet, screamed heavenward…..'' Oh..oh…Ohhh….his shooting in me ! ''

The baby sleeping. Sitting on the bed. Her nightgown stretching as she pulled her legs up under her chin. Stacey looked at Jimmy with big tear filled eyes. She couldn't believe he was actually gonna make her do it…..'' Please Jimmy. I don't want to…''

Although everybody she knew had cut her off because of her relationship with him. Nineteen year old Stacey was crazy about the guy. She also kind of feared him. Sometimes his temper…

'' Look ! We got no fucking money. No rent and fuck all baby formula. The dude offered me a grand, okay ? Besides that I owe the prick money. You got any idea what these guys do if you don't pay them ? All ya have to do is ball the guy for shitsake ! ''

Looking down at her toes. Tears ran down her cheeks…She wondered if it even mattered to Jimmy that he had taken her cherry.

Her hair in a ponytail. Feet in the uncomfortable stilleto's she hardly ever wore. Wearing denims and a tank top under a faded old leather jacket. Stacey stood pensively next to Jimmy as he knocked on the door.

Marcus stuck the matchstick against his bottom lip with his tongue. The young white chick was some honey.

Smiling as if they were old friends. Jimmy asked him excitedly…'' About the grand…''

Giving him a steely look. Marcus showed him the street with a jerk of his head….. '' When we finished. Come back in four hours. Now piss off ! ''

Trying to ignore the bright lights and cameras. Wearing only the stilleto's she had come in. Stacey got down on her knees between the blackman's legs. Matchstick in his mouth he grinned down at her lewdly. Stace wrapped her petite hand around his thick coal cockmeat…

Taking a breath she leaned forward and popped the crown, into her mouth. Sucking on it. She toyed her tongue-ringed, organ around the head. Teasing the glans and licking his foreskin back with the tip of her tongue.

Sam and Ross moved in either side of her. Penises dangling between their legs and looking for some attention.

Stacey surprised at the size of the now hugely erect dick on the man in front of her. Reached out her arms and and gripped a pecker in each hand. She had seen enough porno's with Jimmy to know that that was what she was expected to do.

Looking up from the little hand jacking him off. Ross met Sam's eye and winked at him. As Sam disappeared from the shot. Ross lowered himself to his knees and stroked the girls hard ass. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at him sweetly. Then turned and went back to work.

Placing a big hand on each diminutive cheek. He parted her buttocks so the camera could focus on her sweaty, starry pucker. Gripping her shaven wet pussy with the two middle fingers of his right hand. He got her to raise her ass and move her legs further apart on the carpet.

Running her tongue up and down the black mamba of the buck's dick. Stacey paused to bite her lip and moan….. '' Aaaah. '' The guys touch was making her slit, sodden.

When something heavy slammed down on her back. Followed by a large socked paw appearing next to her face. Ears ringing with the sound of excited barking. Stace panicked. Writhing she tried to crawl backwards. The negro she had been blowing, grabbed her ponytail and twisted her head against his thigh.

Leaning toward her. Ross chewed gently at the cartliage of her ear…..'' Let's do this with your involvement. It won't hurt. Just relax and enjoy it…''

As the man spoke. Stacey felt a hard dick bumping against her ass and thigh. Sticking out her tongue with her head held against the bucks warm hairy thigh. She was just able to touch his shaft. Chuckling, Marcus let her go.

Chest heaving, Ross saw it all go down….

Gripping his bitch by the upper waist, demonically. It took the old boy awhile to get on target. When it happened it was sudden. The tip and two inches ate into the chick's cunny.

Stacey shot her head back from the cock she was sucking. Something thick and blazing hot was ramming into her body. Sensation spread in her tummy and beads of perspiration formed on her forehead. Lifting her head. She hollared excitedly…..'' Oh yeah. FUCK that pussy. ''

The men watched the frenzied mating. Captain drool exploding from his jowls as he thrashed his heavy head. Humped away loudly at the delicious cunt below him. The slap of his body against her ass rung around the large room.

Most of his doggycock, buried. Captain whined and yelped his enjoyment of the young conquest. The girl to was in raptures. Ross noted how dripping sweat she briskly and lustily was tossing Marcus off. Her cries of passion high-pitched and powerful

When the dog came. Ross had to fight back his own climax. The sight dementedly erotic….Captain fairly climbed up onto the bitches ass. His thrusts strong and virile, He got in as deep as he could and cannoned his doggycum into her. The girl screeched at his roaring spurts. Spasming and twitching. Toes curling in her stilleto's, Stacey climaxed majestically.

They got a great shot of the dismount. Captain's shlong came free. Swinging backwards, it spewed jism onto the lens of the handheld camera. What started as a trickle became a torrent from the exposed, stretched and petal meshed young twat.

Stacey rubbing her head drunkedly against the man's deflating dick and balls. ( He had shot all over her face ) Felt lube smeared inside and on her shitter. Thighs quivering she pressed her raised buttocks back. Giving herself to him.

Planting his pulsating noodle flush against her anus. Ross eased into her body. The girl's innards took ahold of his poker and squeezed it tightly. The feeling to exquisite. Ross grunted…..'' BITCH '' and shot his jism into her rectum.

Exhausted the three men sat naked. Having taken her ass and pussy, Ross felt drained. Marcus when he had nailed her slit, legs spread real wide. Had made the kid scream at the top of her lungs. Out of earshot on the sofa in the next room. Stacey looking fucked out of her bracket was huddled under a thin blanket.

Ross turned to Marcus….. '' When that prick, Jimmy comes give him a grand and call a taxi. Give it a week and then kill the useless son-of-a-bitch. Pick up the girl and her kid and take them to her folks. Hand her a couple of thousand. As for the dog, drop it off along the highway if you like. I ain't got time to look after it "

Captain sat by the roadside and watched the car speed off…..

Burbing from the beer he was holding between his legs. Rick hit brakes sharply. Seeing the big dogs gonnads dangling between it's legs as it scratched in the bin. He leaned back and opened the back door…..'' Come here boy. Come onnn ''

Sitting on the wooden floor. Captain moved his head from side to side as the man spoke…..'' Yip boy ! I'm the handyman at the ho's school. ( The man pointed to the fourteen year old Indian girl tied to the bed ) Thought she was Miss Prissy herself, didn't she ? Well boyo we gonna rape her pussy. Aren't we son ? ''

The girl let out a deep breath of air into her gag. Eyes wide like saucers.

Shandi arms stretched back and bound to the headbord. Ass balanced on the edge of the bed. Feet uncomfortably, raised and twisting in their stirrups. Pleaded into her gag for MERCY !

Captain watched the fatman's buttocks pumping between the females legs. Up and down they pummeled. Captain yelped at the sound of the man's curses and the girls screams. Ass clenching and grunting like a sow. Captain heard him cum.

The man lurched from the child and took ahold of his collar. Paws clicking against the floor, Captain was pulled to her flower.

A cauldron of smells greeted his flared snout as he was drawn closer – Cunt, man seed and blood.

As his pink doggycock, unsheathed. Captain began to pant steadily.

Drenched with sweat. Rick involuntarily erupted against his own thigh. Hand firmly around captain's dogmeat below the knot. He had the organ screwing the girls ridiculously stretched vagina. Her moans of pain were muffled but consistent. Licking his lips and growing hard again. Rick groaned….. yeah you got a big cock boy. Do the bitch. DO HER BOY ! ''

Through sheer force. Eyes hazy from his own sweat and with no regard for the teen's opening. Or the dogs yelps of pain. Rick managed to manhandle the pulsating, pink, apple-sized knot into her.

Tongue beating and dangling down from his jowls. Captain pawed at the floor. The amount of jism that jettisoned from him into the girl writhing as if having a fit, weakened him.

Red cock stretched, blood smeared and nearly touching the ground. Captain went in search of water. Outside on the porch. He suddenly filled with panic. Rushing at the house was a hoard of armed policeman. When gunshots roared from inside. Captain took off down the road.

Amy eating her breakfast and slapping her slipper against her heel under the table. Ignored the text messages coming through on her mobile. A cheerleader and popular girl at school she didn't feel like talking.

Suffering from flu. She was off school and home alone. Placing a spoonful of milky cereal in her mouth she boringly glanced at the headlines in the paper.

Looking up startled when she heard barking. Amy saw a huge grey dog standing looking at her through the glass of the closed patio door.

Slightly nervous, she left her food and stood by the door watching the dog. Looking at her forlornly it wagged it's tail energetically. That sealed it for sixteen year old Amy. The girl had always liked animals and she pulled the door open. Amy found herself wondering if there was even a slight possibility her Dad would let her keep him. ( She had spotted his big pair of balls so knew he was a guy dog )

When she patted him. Captain whined and licked her hand.

Heading for the kitchen. Amy, drum tight ass working in her pj's. Yelled over her shoulder…..'' Don't worry boy. I know what you want ''

The dog drank hurriedly and greedily. When she gave him a big chunk of coldmeat. He wolfed it down and she could tell by his look that he wanted more. Amy threw him the rest.

Sinuses blocked. Amy lay back on the sofa and stared at the dog sitting on the paving just beyond the door…..'' Shame baby. I wonder where ya come from ? ''

Hearing her sweet tone. The dog got up and walked through the doorway and ambled up to the sofa.

'' Hey ! ''…..Amy scolded…..'' Not inside my Mom will freaaaak ''

He kept on coming. Sticking her bare foot out she shoved the heel against the mutt's head…..'' Scoot boy. Come on out ! ''

Instead of going the dog started licking it. Amy giggled at the feel of his rough slurping tongue. The strange and ticklish sensation got her twisting and moving her foot, toes curled up real tight. His tongue moved all over her tensed foot. Even finding the gaps between her toes.

Amy feed him her other foot.

Strangely a warm fuzzy feeling lit up across her belly. Amy was surprised by it's arrival as she knew what it meant – She was getting kinda horny. Her cheeks grew a bright red when she felt a drip from her vagina land on her knicker free anus. Not being really able to stop herself she pulled her pj bottoms down her legs and over her ankles.

The girl hadn't quite known what to expect. Exposing her lower body had been pretty compulsive. One of the last things she actually believed would happed, did. As if dished up delectable, virginal, shaven teen pussy everyday. The hound forced his way between her legs like lightning and began to lick her cunny at a tangent. The incredibly sensuous tongue making her throw her head back and moan with appreciation. Panting, Amy opened e'm up wide for him.

A devilish flick of tongue from a-hole to clitty made her scream like a banshee…..'' Oh gawwwwd YEAH "

The dog hard at work. Amy popped her pj top bottons open and gripped her tits. Hands shaking she tweaked her nipples real hard so that her back arched. Jolts of electricity raced down her spine. When masturbating in the past it took her ages to climax, if at all. The dog got her to burst like a ripe peach in five minutes flat…..

Clitoris swollen and done. She felt giddy from the multiple-orgasm and the flu. Swinging her long legs over the dogs head. Amy turned her body to get up.

Presented by bitch ass and a winking fanny. Captain knew of only one reaction.

Bounding up on his hindlegs, Captain tackled the girl. Caught unaware and off balance. Amy found herself hurtling into the sofa. To what was to be her dettriment she didn't land well.

Midriff catching the backrest she was about to topple over. Amy was about to find out that she REALLY wished she had and also just how TIGHT her sheath was…..

Right behind her Captain hoisted himself onto the sofa and planted himself on her back. Stoping her from falling. Vicious landing paws scratched at her shoulders to get a hold. The brute force of the dog sent most of her top half hanging over the sofa. Amy shrieked as she felt herself trapped under the rampaging beast.

Quickly Captain began a swift and powerful humping of his withers. With his gnarled, bloated, red and purple-veined nut. He easily spread aside puffy pussy petals. His thrashing caused his huge doggycock to rapidly advance up the pink tunnel of the young girl's body.

It was so fast that Amy was only dimly aware of her hymen rip free. The force of his surging cock took it so quick that it felt more like it just melted away. Fear etched across her face she screamed blue murder from her stretching canal and the depth the cock was reaching inside her. Her nails bit into her palms as she formed her hands into fists. A painful groan escaped her when the hard noodle, hammered against her cervix. With a ball of expanding pain inside her. Amy collapsed forward and hung upside down, fingertips barely touching the floor.

Having had his snout in her muff earlier. Captains balls clenched greatly and he hosed her like a broken faucet. He was enjoying this one more than all the others. Holding her about the hips he showed no intrest in releasing his sobbing bitch.

Instead Captain started slow, measured thrusts that reached ever deeper into her.

Blood roaring at her temples as she hung above the floor. Murmuring weakly from the pain inside her. Amy became pettrified that she was bleeding inside. A warmth was spreading deep and something had torn. What came next brought such violent pain to her that her eyes teared. A cutting and massively stretching sensation burst forth in her opening. What felt like a stoney tennis ball crammed itself into her…..'' NOOOOOO…YA….youuu…h..hur…hurting me…ohhhh…..''

As he pounded her. Amy fought for conciousness. Every great thrust making her grunt….'' Mppff ''

As darkness enveloped her. She whispered in a plea …..'' Nooo. Oh nooo. Please, so sore…..''

Her words feel on deaf ears. Captain groggy with sensation and drowning in her warmth and his pleasure. Fucked the girls slit in a marathon session.

Long after. He finished with a deliciously drawn out flurry of salvos.

Delirious and light-headed. Amy feeling a letting of tepid fluid, deep in her core. Let out a slow rattle from the back of her dry throat.

Vaguely aware when he extracted himself and saw the mix of semen and gore that something was wrong. Captain took fright and raced across the lawn, jumping the low fence.

Despite the migranes that plagued him and he had had a bitch of one an hour back. Life for Mike Storey was going well. A slow lovesong playing softly, in his smart 4×4. He pulled off the main road and took the lane that would take him to his house by the lake.

Good songs reminded him always of Lauren. Looking at the wedding ring on his finger he smiled faintly.

Five years younger than him he had met her at a club. Two nights later he was balling her in her small apartment. That she was black didn't go down well with his family at first. Now like him they adored her. Only twenty-two, he thought Lauren to be the most gorgeous and sweetest woman in the world.

Pulling up in the driveway. She came out to greet him. As tall as he was. She kissed him on the cheek….. '' Hi babes ''

As Lauren walked up the stairs ahead of him. Mike took in her firm rump in the white shorts. Wearing sandles. She had legs that stretched to …heaven ? They had been married a year and he could never get enough of her. Wearing a small cream T with the words – ' LEAVE ME ALONE. I'M TAKEN ' written across the front that ended just above her belly-ring adorned navel. She looked tooooo damn sexy.

Inside his wife's pretty face grew animated. Watching as her perfect eyebrows rose and her big hazel eyes lit up….. '' Babes please don't be angry but he was dirty and hungry. Obviously a stray he ain't got nobody ''

The subject of her sentence sat next to two empty bowls on the floor. Following her, Mike nearly walked into the big dog.

Opening her arms and giving him a beautiful, winning smile. Lauren said….. '' Vola ! ''

The dog staring at him. Mike said….. '' Wow angel. Couldn't you just find a puppy ? I mean think small sometimes sweetheart. A big old Great Dane ? ''

Her smile and cute, scrunched up face was captivating…..'' Awwww come on Mikey. His sooo sweet. I even bathed him before letting him into the house. What we gonna call him ? ''

Mike smiled broadly. She always rode over him like a tidal wave….. '' How about scram ? ''

Sitting at his PC after dinner. ( He owned a IT company ) Mike rubbed at his temples. Opening the door, Lauren came up and stood beside him. Kissing him gently on the forehead, she whispered……'' Take your tablets, baby ? '' The pain intense. Mike answered….. '' Yip ''

When she nibbled his ear his whole body shivered…..'' How about I take a looong hot bath. I bought us some nice oils today and….then….I act like I'm the innocent little nigga girl in the cotton fields….and…you the evil well… hung, maaaster….( Mike laughed loudly. Geez she was a card. He often couldn't believe how much he loved her )….and…Iv'e been off the contraceptives for a month now…..sooo…my brown pussy should be more than ripe for the maaasters seed…'' ……..Shit she could make him horny !

Body glistening richly. Lauren placed her heel on her man's shoulder. Reaching down with her other foot she stuck it flush against his shaft. Busy between her legs she heard Mikey groan. Lauren thought her tits were way to small. Mikey though seemed to adore them. As if reading her mind. His hands snaked up over her belly. Toying with her belly-ring, then travelling up further. A breast was taken by each of his hands. Nipples worked……….Arching her back she whimpered…'' MMMMMM'' Down below he lashed at her clit.

He loved her chocolate-pink box and dark ass… Tongue busy on her swollen and sodden, vagina. Mike breathed in her scent….. She drove him fucking crazy !

Squatting above him. Eyes lusty. Lauren reached behind her and took hold of his organ. Lifting her sweet ass, slightly she slipped it in. Mikey closed his eyes…..'' Shit ya feel good ''

His joystick buried in her to the hilt. Lauren gyrated her hips, slowly working his tool. She wondered if he had any idea how in love she was with him….

Hands glued to her small, pert tits. Mike stared at her in awe. Quickening the pace so that the sound of their slapping bodies grew louder. She rode him. Long hair alive as she thrashed her head and ground her teeth.

They became dimly aware of the dog when the mattress beneath them moved from his weight. The second sign of his presence made them shout out in unison with pleasure.

Captain with a hefty lick of his tongue. Started at the man's bullocks. Rapidly slurping up the slimey shaft, it hit the spot where their sexes were connected. Savouring the taste of their joining, he continued almost languidly to the strong smell of the woman's poopshoot.

Atop him Lauren bolted upright. Mouth wide and shaking with feeling. She groaned loudly and wickedly…..'' Oh yeah..LICK my ass '' Her sudden obvious excitement at the dogs joining them made Mikey's heart beat faster and his passion soar. Thrusting up at her. Mike heard the animal slurping at her shitter.

Lauren her tummy turned to jelly. Felt her climax closing in like a freight train. The dog was tooo much… At the last second she lifted her hips and let Mikey slip out of her.

Eyes glassy. Mikey feeling weak, stared up at her…..'' What ya doing ? ''

As Lauren was about to answer him. A rough tongue, rode deliciously up the entire length of her slit. Making her weak at the knees, she groaned…..'' Oh fuuuucck ''

Up on his elbows. A new and overwhelming excitement gripped him. Mikey was slightly chargained at the longing in his own words…..'' I want him to DO ya ! ''

Groaning as Lauren teased his crown with her mouth. Mikey was beside himself. Never having felt so alive or enjoyed such intense sex. He swallowed hard when Lauren left his cock and leaned over to suck on the canines huge pulsating member. Mikey fell into the abyss….

The look in his eyes was like the possessed. Lauren battling to control her own arousal, felt her pussy burst forth juice as Mikey encouraged her to fuck the dog.

Looking down at her, Mikey felt like he could topple over. Squatting over the dog. Lauren had at least 20 cm of alive, throbbing doggydong up her snatch. As her dark ass beat the Dane's meat. Her buttocks drummed against the angry red knot down by the beasts balls.

Lauren was in another world. The delight the monstorous boner with it's pounding flesh and thick girth was giving her………melted her innards.

Eyes rolling like a gambling machine, she blurted out….'' OHHH….Ohhh…Oooooo ''……with unashamed emotion. The dog was making her feel like a…..a …..a……….HO !

Captain eyes twisted shut. Lolled his panting tongue against the floor.

Feeling him close behind her. Lauren moved slightly to make it easier for him. The last thing she wanted now was the doggycock leaving her body. She whimpered, gratefully as Mikey ripped into her ass.

In raptures. The feel of manly fuckmeat, stuffed into both her orifices. Lauren screamed to the heavens. As her strongest orgasm yet tore loose inside her.

Having had her in the cunny after her ass. Her face had contorted when she came. Yelling at him….'' Fill me with your spunk you bastard ! Impregnate me with that white seeeeeed " Mikey felt tired and sated.

Lauren though wanted more. Her thirst for her two men almost unquenchable.

Mikey got her in position. Enjoying giving her to the big beast. He felt his cock already begin to stir.

Lauren raised her rearend in sacrifice. Her quivering, aroused body a hive of longing. Submitting to the dogs KINGPRICK as he mounted her. Wanting oh so badly with both her pussy and ass to be his…………………………………………………..BITCH.

Captain had found his new home.


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