Caring for Tommy

Caring for Tommy

Caring for Tommy

My name is Sarah and I am caring for my neighbor’s little boy Tommy, while she is in hospital having an operation, and I am trying to get him ready for school.

Tommy’s Father died when he was a youngster and had only his mother to raise him.

He has been with me for over two weeks now and we have gotten on well, or as well as a 13 year old boy can get along with a 23 year old woman.

His Mum had told me she should talk to him about sex, but she wasn’t sure how to approach it. He is going through the early pubescent stage and I have observed he has an erection for most of his waking hours, and is quite evident especially when he is around me.

I don’t know how he manages to hide it at school.

I know he masturbates every opportunity he gets and I often hear his heavy breathing when he is in the toilet or in his bedroom at night.

It is quite a turn-on for me to have a horny teenager living in my house and I know that boys masturbated from an early age, and quite a lot. But I didn’t realise how often they actually did it.

I’d never seen a man masturbate and I was curious to see Tommy in action and was determined to watch him at it, some time before he was due to go back home.

I thought that just before he came home from school was a good time to hide in the wardrobe of his bedroom.

I knew that as soon as he new I wasn’t at home he’d have his cock in his hand in no time flat. So one day I finished work and got home early and hid in his wardrobe and waited for him to come home.

I didn’t have long to wait before I heard him arrive at the front door and yell my name to see if I was home. Getting no answer he came straight to his room. I could see him through the louvers of the wardrobe doors as he sat on the side of his bed right opposite me.

He was only about three feet away and I just hoped he wouldn’t open the wardrobe door and throw his school clothes in. I was lucky he stripped off all his clothes and threw them on the floor, as most kids do.

His little dick was about three inches long, not bad for a young boy I suppose. As I suspected he had a porn magazine hidden under his mattress which he withdrew and began flicking through the pages until he came to some photos of naked woman with her legs and pussy spread wide.

I saw his young dick begin to swell as he was looking at the photos and he wrapped his hand around it and started slowly massaging it.

Well, it may have only been about three inches on the slack; but with his hand movements, it soon reached a full 7” and was thick, as thick as a good-sized saveloy, and nearly as red. He must have been pulling on it for a good five minutes when his movements increased and suddenly he came. A stream of white cum shot from the end of his dick, which he expertly caught in his other hand.

He quickly got up and proceeded to the bathroom to wash up, and I took that opportunity to leave my hiding spot and pretending that I’d just arrived home, I shouted “Tommy, you home yet” and walked through the house toward the bathroom.

He had left the bathroom and was heading back to his room as we came face to face, with last signs of his hard-on swinging in front of him and him unsuccessfully tried to hide with his hands.

When I asked him what he’d been up to and said he was just cleaning up a bit after school and I let it go at that.

A few days later, I had to hurry him along again to finish getting dressed, because the school bus would be along soon. I was in the bathroom getting ready to go to work myself, and I dropped an earring on the floor, which bounced under the edge of the bathroom cupboard.

I was down on my knees retrieving it when Tommy walked into the bathroom. I looked over my shoulder at him and noticed he had the beginnings of and erection.

I then realised my nighty had ridden up over my bum, and being on my hands and knees, my pussy was fully exposed to his view. I got up and observed the growing bulge at his crutch as I stood up and said, “Tommy what’s that in your pocket that’s making that bulge?”

He stammered something in response, but I put my hand on his pants and enclosed his swollen dick.

I said “Oh Tommy, you can’t get on the Bus with your penis swollen up like that, what happened to make it so big”. He said he needed to pee, and that’s what happens when he needed to pee real bad.

I told him to quickly pee in the toilet before the bus came, and he pulled his shorts and undies down and his dick sprang out pointing toward the ceiling. He took a hold of it and tried to aim it into down into the toilet bowl.

But he couldn’t aim it low enough, so I told him stand beside the bath and pee into it, but after finish his pee he still had his hard-on.

I said “You poor boy Tommy come here, I know a way to fix it”. So I sat on the toilet seat and pulled him over to me with his dick only inches from my face, I took a hold of it and proceeded to massage it.

He was really enjoying it, and was humping his dick into my hand just like he knew what he was doing. When I felt he was ready to cum, I pointed his dick over the bath and with his hips convulsing, he emptied his load.

I said, “come on now, pull up your pants and get yourself down to the bus stop and we’ll have a talk about this when you get home from school, and don’t mention to anyone what happened here this morning and I’ll see you when you get home”. I decided I was going to explain the facts of life to him today.

I heard him enter the front door. “Hi Tommy” I said, you ready for our talk?
He looked embarrassed and muttered “OK”

”We can talk in your room,” I said, and I took him by the hand and lead him to his room and we both sat on the edge of his bed. I then took the book out from where he had it hidden under his bed and said “do you like looking at these sort of pictures Tom?” He said, “yes they make me feel good”.

I said, “it’s natural for boys to want to look at them, that is what made your little dick get big and hard, this morning it was not wanting to have a pee that did it"!

I told your Mother I would talk to you about the facts of life while you were staying here and this is a god a time as any.

I explained we should not be shy about our bodies and that it was natural for friends to see each naked, and told him we should we should both remove our clothes, as this would be better to explain the differences between a girl and a boy.

With that I remove my blouse and my ample breasts swung free when I removed my bra. I said come on Tom get your clothes off too, and I lent over and undid his trousers belt and stripped off his clothes.

His eyes were glued to my nipples, which were hardening under his gaze. He lifted his bum as I removed his pants and underwear, and as expected he had a boner that stood straight up from his crutch. Mmmm, I said as I admired it again. It was about three inches from my face and I was tempted to take it into my mouth, but I didn’t want to rush things.

He was really sexually excited now and asked me to finish undressing too. So I stood up in from of him and removed the rest of my clothes. His attention was now drawn to my pubic area, I had recently shaved my pussy and my vulva was rather protrusive without it’s covering of hair.

Supporting myself on my elbows, I lay on the bed with my knees raised and parted giving him an unobstructed view between my legs. His dick looked as though it were about ready to burst. So I thought it would be a good idea for him get rid of his load. I had learnt from watching him that he could cum three of four times with no trouble.

I said “Tom I’ve heard you playing with yourself in the toilet so why don’t you show me how you play with dick and make yourself cum first and then I’ll show you how girls do it".

The offer for him watch me masturbate was too good and he appeared to have lost his inhibition about having hiding his boner. He said, “OK”. I suggested he stand in front of me so I could see everything.

He began pulling his dick, and I didn’t know how long he would last because it was really red and swollen appeared to be at bursting point. All of a sudden he gave a small whimper and load of his cum squirted over my legs and crutch. “Good boy” I said, “that looked like it felt really good”. But he still had a boner.

I said, “OK my turn now, I’ll explain about the differences between a boy and a girls first”, and he sat on the bed between my feet and watched intently as I spread the lips of my pussy apart.

I explained that these little lips are what girls have instead of the bag containing a boy’s balls. I rubbed a finger across my clit and explained that this was what girls have instead of a boy’s dick. As I rubbed it, it grew bigger, see how it gets big when I play with it, it’s the same as your little dick getting big when you play with it.

I spread the lips of my pussy and exposing the entrance to my vagina. This is the only thing girls have that boys don’t, this little hole is where men put their dicks when they want to make a baby. But I’ll tell you more about that later. This is how a girl plays with herself.

I was working my fingers across my clit and then into my cunt, up to about the second knuckle. I was getting turned on with this and, Tommy watching me. He as getting turned on too because his dick was just as swollen as before he had a wank.
I said to him ”how would you like to do this for me Tommy”? I then lay back on the bed with my propped up on his pillow so I could watch him, and spread my knees wide to allow him access to my throbbing crutch.

He fumbled around trying to mimic my finger movements, not as good as I do it, but it was still very pleasurable having his little hands playing about with my pussy. I told him to put as many fingers inside as he could fit and move them in and out. That’s what a girl likes. He got his four fingers into me and I soon reached a convulsive climax. I was shaking and moaning so much Tommy thought he had hurt me. I explained that this is what happens when a girl cums.

I told him today had been his first lesson in the facts of life and we would have another lesson soon. I told him whenever his dick got swollen and felt like playing with it, he should come straight to me and I would fix it up for him.

The next morning I was in he bathroom ready to step into the shower. Tommy knocked on the door, I said come in, and he was nude just like me. His dick was erect and standing erect, and he asked if I could I help him get rid of it again. I could see this could become a regular event.

His eyes were darting between my crutch and my boobs as he absentmindedly handling his dick. I said "yes Tommy let’s both get into the shower and we’ll give each a good clean up".

I lathered his body all over, and then lightly ran my soaped hand up between his legs and fondled his balls and probed his little bum hole with one of my fingers. This excited him greatly and he parted his thighs to give me better access. I massaged his dick with one hand while fingering his bum with the other till I felt he was just about ready to cum, then I stopped because I didn’t want him to cum just yet.

When he complained, I told him I wanted to be washed too and handed him the soap.

He began by soaping the folds of my pussy, which was already juiced up. I took his hand and guided it to my swollen clit and holding his fingers on it I moved them back and forth on it. He soon got the idea of what I liked and with the fingers of his other hand buried in my cunt and his other working on my clit he brought me to a shuddering climax.

When I had finished cumming, he asked me to make him cum too. I said "well then let’s dry off and we’ll go into my bedroom and I’ll do it there".

I told him to lie on his back and again I proceeded to give him another hand job.

I only did this for a few seconds and once again, I stopped. He was getting frustrated again and his dick was starting to jerk with pre-cum oozing for its tip.

I lifted a leg over him and straddled his legs. He got a surprise when I lifted myself up and slowly impaled my self on his dick. I sank down till every inch of him was buried in me.

I then began riding his cock. I said "Tommy this is called fucking, do you like it?" He was breathing to heavy o answer and was bucking under me and thrusting his dick into me with reverse movements to mine. He was performing just like an old hand at fucking. I could feel him tense up and knew he was about to cum, I sank down on him and remained motionless and squeezed his dick with my sphincter muscle ast his cum squirt into me.

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