Champagne in the Park

Champagne in the Park

Champagne in the Park

For Ted, one of the best things about moving to London had been the chance to spend much of the summer at the Proms concerts in the Royal Albert Hall. Although he had never been good enough to become a professional musician, he played the French horn regularly with one of the many amateur orchestras in and around London, and still enjoyed attending concerts whenever he could. The Proms were without doubt the highlight of the year, with the chance to hear some of the world’s finest orchestras for little more than the price of a pint of beer, as long as you didn’t mind standing. As usual, the two weeks leading up to the final concert had been packed with visiting foreign orchestras, and there had been some especially good performances. But the Last Night came round all too quickly, and now he was inside the Royal Albert Hall for the last time, ready to enjoy the unique atmosphere at that famous musical extravaganza.

He was especially pleased to find himself standing next to Jo in the Arena. Ted had met her in the queue on the first night, and she had joined him with his usual group of friends in the Arena. They had all got on well, and he had seen quite a lot of her during the first half of the season. She was a student at the Royal College of Art, right next to the Hall, and had stayed down in London for a few weeks after term ended to go to as many concerts as possible. She had then gone back to Yorkshire to see her parents for a few weeks, but had come back for the Last Night concert, and was staying for the night with her sister in a hotel on the north side of Hyde Park. Her sister wasn’t so keen on classical music, but had welcomed the opportunity to come to London to hit the shops.

Jo had been warned that the Royal Albert Hall tended to get warm on the Last Night, what with the capacity audience and the extra TV lights, and had turned up wearing a long, loose, brightly-coloured Monsoon frock that hang attractively over her curvaceous body. It had indeed been warm inside, even before the audience really let its hair down during the second half of the concert, and during the first half she had begun to feel a bit hot and sticky, especially under her bra.

She tried adjusting the straps as unobtrusively as possible, but Angie, one of the other girls in their group, noticed her discomfort. “It is a bit hot, isn’t it?” she whispered during the interval between two of the pieces. “I don’t usually bother with a bra on nights like this”.

“I think you’re right” moaned Jo. “Do you think anyone will notice if I take it off?”

“Well, they might if you do it now” said Angie.

“During the interval. I mean” said Jo, giggling as she speculated on the potentially explosive effect of overt undergarment removal on the already excitable Arena audience. So during the twenty-minute interval she slipped to the ladies and returned with her bra in her bag.

“That’s better – not so sticky!” she whispered to Angie.

Ted had noticed Jo wriggling around earlier, and it was glaringly obvious what she had just done. “Hmm, yes, much better!” he said with a grin, admiring her large, firm tits, which didn’t really need any artificial support. She looked wonderfully sexy, and he couldn’t help imagining what her bare breasts would look like.

“Cheeky!” Jo replied. She could imagine what he was thinking, and far from being offended, she found the idea rather exciting. She enjoyed Ted’s company, and liked the idea that he seemed to find her physically attractive.

“Just don’t jump up and down too much during “Land of Hope and Glory” Ted warned. “One bounce too many and you’ll give the orchestra leader a coronary”.

“At least I’d make sure we got on the TV” she replied, “Could be the first known wardrobe malfunction in the Royal Albert Hall!”

As it was, Jo managed to avoid coming out of her dress, but only just, and several times Ted found himself distracted by the sight of her delightful breasts jiggling up and down during the more lively pieces of audience participation. Once when she bent over to pick up a flag, the front of her dress gaped open and he got an excellent view of her large pinkish nipples. His cock stirred at the sight, and he hurriedly went back to concentrating on the music before Jo or anyone else noticed.

Jo, of course, was well aware of what she was doing, and had deliberately given Ted as many chances as possible to get a good look at her tits. She had noticed the bulge in his trousers, and her own imagination took over, as she imagined what it would be like to unzip his flies and hold his erect cock in her hands…stroking it and maybe even taking it into her mouth…sucking on the purple head…pumping his cum all over her tits…She forced herself to stop daydreaming and concentrate on the music again.

After the concert had come to an end, their group of friends gathered as usual on the steps at the back of the hall. Various snacks and bottles of champagne materialised from a range of bags and car boots, and were shared round the participants. Jo was at first slightly reluctant to stay, claiming that she really ought to get back to her hotel.

“Oh, okay, I’ll just have one drink and then go” she said. One drink became “Just one more very quick one then”, and soon all her best intentions were forgotten.

For most of the group, this was the last time they would all be together until the first night next July, and as always it felt like an end-of-term party which no-one really wanted to end. Because it was such a warm night it was well after midnight when the party finally broke up and people drifted off, with many cries of farewell and promises to keep in touch. Ted offered to make sure Jo got back to her hotel near Paddington Station safely, and the two of them wandered up towards the front of the Royal Albert Hall to try and pick up a taxi. There wasn’t one in sight, but Jo didn’t seem too bothered.

“It’s a nice warm night, and I don’t feel tired now” she decided “Why don’t we start walking. Come to think of it, if we cut across the Park, we’ll be as good as there in half an hour. And it’ll be cheaper than a cab at this time on a Saturday night”.

“Won’t the gates be locked at this time?” Ted wondered.

“Hmm, probably” she said, “but I can remember shinning over the railings with Julia – there’s an easy spot on the corner by the big gates”.

“That doesn’t surprise me in the least, knowing your flatmate” opined Ted, “but I bet you didn’t have a frock like that on.”

“Perhaps not, but let’s give it a go” she said determinedly.

Which was how they found themselves down by the big gates opposite the Royal College of Art. “It’s easy” decided Jo, “just don’t look”, and she suddenly hitched up her loose frock and tied it in a knot around her waist. This gave Ted a smashing view of a rather fetching pair of little red lace panties, an enjoyable treat which would have been shared with anyone else who happened to be passing.

Jo put one shapely leg on the top of the low wall and grabbed the railings; she pulled herself half up, but then hung there, swaying.

“Oh bugger this dress” she complained, “I just need a leg up…Come on, give us a hand”.

So Ted grabbed hold of Jo’s right foot with one hand, and gingerly supported the bare flesh of her left thigh, soft and warm, with the other. He heaved Jo up, trying not to get too distracted by the sight of her nicely-rounded bottom just in front of his face, her cheeks barely covered by the red panties. As he breathed in, he smelt the warm musky scent of her sex, which sent a shiver of desire through his loins.

With an almighty groan Jo got first one leg and then the other onto the top of the railings; for a second she tottered precariously on the top, then half jumped and half fell over onto the grass on the other side. She lay on her back giggling and panting with exertion at the same time, with her frock still up around her waist. Her panties had become slightly twisted, and Ted could see some of her pubic hair peeping out of the side. If any police had been passing, they would probably have been too busy pissing themselves laughing to arrest them, but even so Ted didn’t want to hang around.

“Come on, chuck over the bag” Jo said, and to his slight disappointment un-knotted her frock and smoothed it down over her legs again. He handed her the bag and scrambled over himself, rather more elegantly.

They cut across the park towards the Serpentine. It was indeed a lovely warm night, and there was enough of a moon to light their way between the trees. Ted was slightly nervous in case they should meet anybody else, but that part of the park seemed empty apart from themselves. Even the usual squirrels had long since turned in for the night, although a solitary owl hooted in one of the trees as they walked underneath. The long grass brushed against Jo’s legs under her dress, and she paused to take off her shoes. “These aren’t really meant for a route march” she said. “Besides, I like the feel of the grass.”

She put the shoes in the cool-bag she was still carrying. “This bag’s a bit heavy” she moaned.

“That’ll be that last bottle of champagne” Ted pointed out. “Now you come to mention it, it seems a bit of a shame to take it all the way home again.”

“Good point” agreed Jo. “It’s a nice warm night still – how would it be if we finished it off now?”

They found a good spot in the long, dry grass, and flopped down with relief. “It’s still jolly warm” said Jo, flapping the front of her frock. “Not as bad as it was inside though.” She hadn’t bothered to put her bra back on again after the concert, and now as they sat on the grass one of the straps had slipped off her shoulder, revealing a bit more of her left boob. She could see that Ted had noticed this; although he was trying hard not to stare, he was obviously finding it hard to keep his eyes off her body. Jo found herself becoming aroused by his interest. She knew that she had a figure that men found attractive; not too skinny, but with a flat stomach that she worked hard to maintain, and firm breasts that filled out her dress nicely. She found Ted attractive too; for the first time she began seriously to imagine his cock in her pussy, and the thought sent a warm flush of excitement though her body. Settling down on the grass, she adjusted her dress up over her knees, letting it ride up her legs a little more and showing an attractive length of bare thigh, while making no effort to adjust her wayward shoulder strap.

None of this went unnoticed by Ted, and he couldn’t help imagining sliding Jo’s dress further up her legs and caressing the tops of her thighs. This thought made him feel even hotter than he already was, and he tried to take his mind off Jo’s body by taking the champagne out of the cool-bag, opening it as deftly as he could manage in the circumstances, and filling two of the plastic champagne flutes which they had brought with them.

“See if that cools you down” he said, handing her a flute. “It’s still pretty cold, considering”.

“Thanks” said, Jo, and took a sip, smiling at Ted. Both of them were suddenly aware that the situation was at that crucial point of equilibrium where it could tip in either of two directions: they could drink their champagne and go home, or end up fucking then and there on the grass. But one of them was going to have to make the critical move; and Jo decided it might as well be her. The warm night; her awareness that Ted was enjoying the sight of her body; the tingle in her pussy – all made her determine not to let the moment pass.

With a further smile, she dipped her fingers into the glass and shook some droplets of bubbly down her cleavage. As she felt the cool champagne dribble down over her skin, she felt that the point of no return had been passed. “That’s better” she giggled; “Nice and cool”.

“Would you like some more?” Ted asked, and flicked some more champagne over the exposed part of her chest, trying not to get too much on her frock.

“Ooo, lovely”, she said, and pulled open the top of her dress to let the liquid run over her lovely boobs. Somehow the other strap had slipped down too, and quite a lot of her smooth mounds were now visible. Ted even caught just a glimpse of the top of the pink aureole round her left nipple. He began to feel rather aroused.

“Mind you, it seems a shame to waste it” he said.

“True enough” Jo said, and held out her glass for a top-up.

“That wasn’t quite what I had in mind” Ted said, and looked her in the eye, giving her the chance to back off if she wanted to. But she met his gaze and gave him an encouraging smile, as if she guessed and approved of what he had in mind.

Ted leant over and with his tongue licked the first drops off the top of her boobs. She let out a little sigh of pleasure as he ran his tongue over the bare flesh, flicking it down into her cleavage where the champagne had run. He just nuzzled at the top of her frock, edging his tongue under the material.

“Oh that’s good” she breathed softly. “But some of the champagne has run right down onto my stomach. Can’t you get at that as well?”

She wriggled her shoulders a little, and let the straps slip further down her arms. Now only the swelling of her breasts was preventing the frock from slipping right down. Ted gently eased the material over her nipples, and Jo sighed as she felt the warm air on her bare breasts, her sensitive nipples already starting to harden. Ted licked at the rivulets of sticky champagne that had run down between them.

“Oh Christ, Ted, please suck on my tits” whispered Jo. She picked up her glass and tipped the entire contents over her breasts, the liquid running down all over the front of her dress. Ted pushed her back onto the grass and took her tits in his hands, caressing the nipples until they stood out proudly. He buried his face between the mounds, licking and sucking, then kissing her hard on the mouth, their tongues interlocking so she could taste the champagne that he had licked off her body.

Jo was breathing heavily now, and starting to feel very aroused herself. Her pussy was tingling, and she rubbed at it through her dress, stimulating her clit through her panties and feeling her juices starting to flow.

She rolled Ted over and sat up on his thighs, pulling her frock up around her waist so he could see those red lacy panties again, now distinctly moist around the crotch. She unbuttoned his shirt and nibbled at his own nipples. He played with her gorgeous breasts, as she began to undo his belt and trousers, groping for his prick, which was now very erect. By wriggling about a bit she managed to pull both Ted’s trousers and his briefs off, and took hold of his erection, which was now at its full 7-inches in length and throbbing excitedly.

“Now it’s your turn to cool down” she said, and picked up the whole bottle and dribbled a stream of champagne all over his prick. Usually so much cold liquid would have caused it to wilt rather quickly, but no sooner was it wet than Jo had taken it into her mouth and begun to suck off the cold champagne. She licked around the base of his prick and sucked the liquid from where it had run down into his pubic hair.

Pumping his cock, she released a dribble of pre-cum, which she licked off. “Even better than champagne” she decided.

Now it was Ted’s turn to roll Jo over onto her back. Her dress was still around her waist, and he pushed his fingers underneath her red panties. He could feel her hot pussy lips, and as he gently parted them with his fingers he felt how very wet she was. He slipped first one, then two fingers up inside her slit. She humped her groin up against his hand, trying to push his fingers deeper inside her sticky passage.

“Oh yes, I’m so wet for you” she gasped. He began to pull at her panties, and she raised her bottom to make it easier for them to slide over her hips. She had trimmed the hair from around her labia, leaving a neat little bush at the top of her mound, and Ted buried his nose in the wiry fuzz, tickling her clit with his tongue.

He reached for the champagne bottle, which still had a couple of inches of liquid left in it. Jo spread her legs wide, spreading her labia with her fingers so her pink hole gaped open. He gently poured the champagne over her whole pubic mound, so it ran down between her legs, and then splashed the rest of it onto her gaping slit, letting some of it run into her hole.

“I can feel that in my cunt!” Jo giggled. “Come on then, lick it out of me!”

Ted didn’t need to be asked twice, and began again to lick at her slit. The champagne was already mixed with Jo’s own pussy juices, and he slurped a lot of it down, enjoying the taste. He licked round her labia, gently sucking first one lip, then the other, into his mouth, as she moaned with pleasure.

Ted’s prick was very hard still, and he knew where he wanted it to go. He surfaced from Jo’s cunt and kissed her hard on the mouth, his throbbing erection hanging over her pubic mound. Teasingly, he allowed the purple head to tickle around her clit and pussy. She didn’t resist, but grabbed his prick with her hand and positioned it over her slit. For a brief moment it nudged at her pussy lips, then parted them and slipped inside.

“Yes oh yes” Jo breathed, and met his thrust with one of her own, burying him deep inside her. He pumped slowly in and out, trying to prolong the pleasure for them both, almost withdrawing after each stroke, so her tender labial lips closed and then parted to admit his engorged knob with every thrust. Jo was already very aroused, and the sensation of her vagina successively being emptied and then filled soon caused her to orgasm vigorously with loud moans of satisfaction. Her cries of pleasure soon brought him near to his climax, and he began to thrust faster in and out of her warm slit, finally sending spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum deep into her vagina.

Ted let his cock slip out of her wet hole, and held her in his arms as they kissed again, enjoying the feel of her warm breasts heaving against his chest as she brought her breathing back to normal. She ran her fingers through the hairs on his chest.

“That was so good” she said. “And I’d really, really like to do it again with you – and soon. But perhaps we’d better get a move on now”.

She pulled her frock back up over her breasts, slipping the straps back over her shoulders, not bothering with any underwear this time. She picked up her still moist panties and gave them to Ted.

“Just a little souvenir” she said. Ted sniffed at the scent of her pussy, sweet and musky, and stuffed them into his pocket.

More by luck than judgement, they found the pedestrian gates were open at Lancaster Gate on the north side of the Park, and Ted walked Jo the short distance to her hotel in Sussex Gardens. They kissed long and hard on the steps.

“I’d invite you up, but I don’t think my sister’s ready for a threesome!” she said. “But when I’m back in London next month, I’d like to pick up from where we left off.”

“I’ll hold you to that” said Ted.

“Don’t worry,” she relied “I’m not likely to forget an evening like this – I can still feel your cum inside my cunt! But some of it’s starting to dribble out – I’d better go and clean up!”

And with a last cheeky smile she was inside the hotel. But Ted had a feeling that he was going to enjoy that autumn.

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