Cooking With Gas

Cooking With Gas

I was a young 20 years old with big dreams and I just had moved out of my mother’s house and into my very first apartment. It wasn’t the greatest place but it was my place. It was an old converted hotel. They had knocked out a wall and made one room into a bedroom and turned the other room into a kitchen, living room and a dinning room. Needless to say there wasn’t much room left.

After moving my stuff in, I realized that I had no food in the joint. “Off to the store.” I thought to myself. And with that thought I went on my quest for food.

Once I got to the store I grabbed my cart and began to hunt. Well at least the modern day type of hunting a naïve kid does. I never realized how much crap goes into cooking until that time.

“You seem lost.” A sweet voice said to me. When I turned to respond, I was greeted by the most beautiful green eyes smiling at me. “Ah” was about the only thing I could say. “You have never shopped before have you?” She was pointing to my cart which only had a box of Captain Crunch and canned beans. “How could you tell?” I squeaked. I quickly coughed to try and look some what manly.

“My name is Elizabeth” extending her hand to shake my hand. “Will” I responded. I think she knew I felt a little awkward. I couldn’t help not being awkward! She was kind of tall for a lady, about 5’9” and maybe 145 pounds but I was never any good at guessing weight and she was in her early 30’s. I found out 34 later. Elizabeth also had emerald green eyes and fiery red hair which draped over her shoulders. She was wearing a very professional looking pinstripe dress and she had radiant white skin. Almost like a porcelain doll.

“Is this you first time shopping for food?” She said. “Is it the obvious?” She laughed softly “Yes” I must of turned red of embarrassment which she took as anger. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you mad.” “I’m not mad. Well at least not at you.” I lowered my head when I responded. “Where do you live?” She asked. “Down at the old hotel.” “Well would you like to learn how to cook a little bit more? Or do you and the Captain have it under control?” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Sure” I said “What are you? Some type of cook” she coolly smiled and said “Something like that”

After some small chat she gave me her phone number and directions to her house. She said her kitchen as a bit better than my place. First of all I found out she was the head chief of the best bistro in town and she taught at the local college. Her ‘house’ was more like a mansion and her kitchen was bigger than the slum hole that I lived in.

After a few months of lessons I was leaving the Capitan behind and creating my own dishes. “Can I ask you a question?” I said as I was washing some carrots. “Sure, be my guess” as she lifted her glass of wine to her red lips. “Why?” “Why what” She looked at me with a bit of a puzzle in her eyes. “Why are you teaching me how to cook? And allowing me into you house? Not to sound ungrateful but you didn’t even know me when this all started! I could have been one of those crazy people that would have killed you and turned you into a pie or something like that!”

She giggled a bit and said “Because I thought you were cute and besides crazy people don’t eat Captain Crunch” “They might!” I said with a smile “Ok then crazy man, how would you turn me into a pie?” “Ma’am you would be too good to be a simple pie” I answered with a bit of flirtation. “Oh really?” She seemed a little flattered “Really” I felt my face turn flush. “So how are the carrots coming along?” Elizabeth asked. I think she realized I had become a little embarrassed with the flirting.

Time had passed and summer was coming in. That only meant one thing, fresh fruit and good wine. “What are we learning today?” I asked “A simple fruit salad with a red wine dressing!” Elizabeth said with a smile. “Then let’s waste no time. To the kitchen!” I tried to use a super hero’s voice. Elizabeth shook her head “You need help.”

It was a beautiful Sunday and I was with such a lovely teacher, it was almost heaven! “Save the wine we don’t need anymore for the dressing. Besides what well we drink with the salad if we use it all?” “Good point” I said. I watched her stir the bowl of dressing and I thought to myself “Man she is beautiful!”

Elizabeth was wearing a green shoulder less linen sundress that really showed her body off. Her red hair was neatly done and graced her silky shoulders. I had often wondered what it would be like to kiss them and the way to her full lips.

“What are you thinking?” She asked. I must have been staring because she had a strange look about her, like she was looking into me. “Oh nothing” I said. “Right.” She said as she served the salad. “Then why were you staring?” “Staring?!” I was startled by her coyness.

“Look I need to tell you something” Elizabeth said “Let me guess. Over the past few months you have been poisoning my food and now it is time to kill me?” I had jokily said “Not quite” she said “Oh I got it you find me irresistible and you want me to be your man servant!” “Well not a man servant” She smiled “But that isn’t it either” “I see you just want” Before I could finish my next statement Elizabeth blurted “I’m a man!”

It was quite for what seem like hour or so. “And?” I finally said. “Don’t you get it? I’m a man!” Now Elizabeth seemed to be almost crying. “Well almost a man. I’m becoming a woman” She looked away with those words.

“Once again, and?” I said to her like as if she said she wasn’t a natural red head. “Aren’t you a little freaked out?” She asked. “Nope” I responded “Well maybe by the fact I think you use too much salt to your food.” Elizabeth laughed as she wiped tears from her face “Salt adds flavor!” she joked.

We spoke for a long time over dinner and late into the night. “So do you know a lot of ladies like me?” “Not a lot but some” Elizabeth then asked “Are you gay?” “I wouldn’t say gay. More like a lazy bi sexual.” Elizabeth looked confused by my statement. “What do you mean?”

I looked upwards trying to think of the best way I could describe what I meant and it pretty much came down to I like ‘special’ ladies. I told her how I had two encounters with boy during my high school years and almost didn’t have any more. Then I told her of an encounter I had at a Halloween party where a friend and I went and a doctor and nurse.

“He lost a bet” I said. “A bet?” Elizabeth asked. “Yea. To tell the truth I don’t even remember what the bet was but it ended up with him dressing up like a nurse.”

Elizabeth took a sip of wine and asked “So what happened?” I thought for a moment and replied “We went to a party and smoked a lot of weed. My mom wasn’t home for the weekend and my friend couldn’t go home stoned.” I took a long draw from my wine glass “So we called his house and convinced his parents to let him stay at my house. Needless to say we smoked more weed and talked about who we would like to ‘do’ at school next thing I know I was watching my friend, dressed like a sexy nurse, jerking off” Elizabeth seemed to be hanging on my every word “Then what” she said over her glass. “Well” I started “I don’t know if it was the weed or both of us just being horney or even the combination of both, but next thing I know we were in the 69’ position having one hell of a time!”

“So.” Elizabeth said shortly “You like ‘ladies’ like me?”

“Yes” “Do you like older ladies?” Elizabeth asked with a hint of evilness.

I smiled back at her “Only if they know how to cook”

At that time Elizabeth excused herself and told me to stay put. I felt my heart skip a beat knowing what was about to happen. “I’ll stay right here” I said as coolly as possible.

As soon as she disappeared from sight I started to freak out! I was about to have a night of passion with one of the sexiest creatures on the planet. Her lovely red hair, her green eyes staring at me!

At that time I don’t know if it was the wine of the raw emotion of fear, but I stood up and then promptly passed out.

“Are you ok?” I looked up into Elizabeth’s eyes. “If dying and going to heaven is alright then I’m more than Ok” She smiled.

Elizabeth took my hand and helped me up “Come with me” and she guided me to her bed room. She was wearing a black corset with matching stockings. She was also wearing a pair of black panties that didn’t hide her bulging cock.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked. My voice failed me and I squeaked “Yes!” I turned beet red. “Relax and let me make you happy.”

She moved in slowly and pressed her soft lips onto my lips. Slowly our lips parted as our tongues danced with each other. Elizabeth pulled way from me so she could unbutton my shirt. After she pulled my shirt off of my body she leaned in and kissed my nipple. “Oh!” I shuttered. She let a slight moan out as she continued to kiss and lick both nipples.

“You have me so turned on!” I said. She gave me an evil smile. “We haven’t even gotten started.” At that time she had turned me around and pushed me onto the bed.

Elizabeth then began to straddle me and kissed me deeply. “MMM you do like me!” she said noticing my growing erection. “Can I see?” She asked “Please do!” was the only response I could offer. She slowly kissed down my chest and belly and slowly unzipped my pants. “Oh!” Elizabeth gasped “I guess someone did eat their veggies” and with that corny line she had pulled my hard cock from its cotton prison and wrapped her hot mouth around it!

“Sweet mother of God!” I screamed. Her mouth was so hot that it almost caused me to cum. I was so turned on I thought my cock was going to rip in half. I looked down to see Elizabeth’s emerald green eyes looking at me. Then in one deep swoop she took my entire cock into her mouth.

The combination of red lips, green eyes staring at me and all of my cock in her caused me to lose it. “Oh Damn!” is what I said as I exploded in her mouth. Elizabeth bobbed up and down my cock taking every drop of lust I could give! “God that was a lot!” She said.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it!” I was a little embarrassed. Elizabeth laid beside me and said “Don’t worry we have all night” With that I kissed her.

I could feel her cock against my leg poking me through the silky fabric of her panties. I reached down and felt her. She was hot and hard with a small wet spot. I then laid her on her back kissed those silky shoulders, it was nirvana! After a short time I found myself pulling Elizabeth’s panties to the side so I could taste her. Her precum was sweet and thick it was divine!

The moaning of the goddess had caused me to get excited again and I found myself filled with lust. “Put in me” She said. “Put that hot cock in me now!” I rose up and lifted Elizabeth’s legs to my shoulders. Her eyes, those beautiful green eyes, begged me to turn her into a woman.

I began to ease my cock into her, slowly at first. Then with each thrust I went deeper and faster. “Fuck Me!” Elizabeth demanded “Fuck Me Hard!” I watch as my cock disappeared into her and I watch her cock dance against her black corset.

“Harder you bastard!” she screamed “You like this don’t you? Bitch!” She moaned loudly with those words. I stroked her cock as I reamed her hard!

“You want it Bitch?” “God yes” She screamed. All of the sudden her eyes grew wide and her mouth opened. I felt her cock twitch in my hand and I got to see her white cum drench her corset! I also felt my cock to become more sensitive and I felt that intense feeling before release.

“Oh my God!” was the only words I said as I began to fill Elizabeth. We both trashed and screamed. So much so if you didn’t know any better you would had thought that we were killing each other.

We laid silently and then drifted off to sleep. We saw each other for a long time learning how to cook. After awhile I joined the military and last I heard she had gotten married. I just hope her treats her well because if not. I will.

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