DNA 2 Chapter 7

DNA 2 Chapter 7

Some time had passed. Jeff had no idea how much. The small room had no windows, only a low-powered lightbulb, so she couldn't even tell if night had fallen or if it was already dawn outside. The events of the last few hours played relentlessly through Jeff's mind. Somehow, Quince had turned her from an imposing male cop into a well-endowed woman.

For the first time since that impossible event had happened, Jeff managed to calm herself down enough to examine her new body. She looked down at her chest. When she had put the T-shirt on that morning, it had been tight against her muscled torso and thick arms. Now it was as loose as a tent. It was still tight in one area though, where her breasts stretched the material.

She closed her eyes and pulled the T-shirt off. The soft curls of her long hair brushed against her bare shoulders, but she ignored the strange sensation as her eyes drank in the incredible sight before her. Two brown globes of feminine flesh sat heavily on her chest. They were beautiful breasts; large but firm, with perfect skin. Gently, she held them in her small hands.

They were real, not some prosthetics. She could feel her hands lifting her new breasts. She released them and ran a finger over one nipple. It was huge compared to her old male nipple, and much more sensitive. She ran her finger around it. The nipple tingled and grew.

She grasped her teat between her fingers and pulled gently. It felt good. Jeff felt herself get turned on by both the feeling and the sight of her naked feminine flesh. Her crotch became aroused, but it felt so different from what she was used to. It felt a little like an erection, but somehow inside her. She didn't feel the familiar tightness in her pants that she was used to.

Then Jeff remembered what she had felt there before Quince had put her back in the room. Her small hands struggled at the belt which was now loose around her impossibly small waist. She pushed her pants and shorts down over her wide hips and gasped in shock. It was gone! She was no longer a man.

Nestled in a sparse mat of pubic hair was the unmistakable shape of a woman's pussy. She stared at her new feminine equipment for several minutes until her hand moved down to explore it. Jeff could feel the first hesitant touches of her fingers on the lips of her new vagina. It was real. Then the lips parted and her dainty fingers pushed into the moist passage. The sensation of even that small penetration was almost too much for Jeff's overtaxed brain.

Slowly she started to probe her vagina. As she did so she felt a pleasurable need building up in her. Her fingers reached her clitoris and she gave a soft gasp at how sensitive it was, like a miniature penis.

She arranged her clothes on the floor and lay back on them. With one hand she caressed one of her breasts, and with the other she started to work at her excited cunt in earnest. Jeff retreated into the sensations of being a woman in heat. By now she had all four fingers of her hand in her vagina. The feeling of penetration was so alien, so exciting.

The erotic sensations continued to build until she reached an orgasm. She arched her hips as if to meet an imaginary lover as the erotic sensations shot through her body. It was similar to a male orgasm but not nearly as centered on her crotch and it seemed to take forever to die down.

For a long time Jeff lay there, not thinking about anything in particular. Slowly, she returned to herself. She was more than a little embarrassed about what she had just done with herself. She rationalized her excitement as the natural effect of being confronted with a shapely girl's body. Even if it was now hers.

Jeff looked around the room. She had to find a way out of there. She quickly dressed in her now ill-fitting clothes, trying to ignore the feeling of her breasts bobbing on her chest and her wide hips swivelling as she walked around the room. The only way in or out of the room was a solid door. Even in her old body, Jeff would have been unable to break open the door. Her only hope would be to make a run for it when her captors opened the door.

And go where? She would never be able to convince her fellow policemen that she had been Jeff Stockwell. At best they would think she had got the information from their missing colleague.

Maybe Michael Kingston could help her. Jeff knew he didn't work totally voluntarily for Quince. On the other hand, Kingston might just turn her over to Quince. All that was totally irrelevant if she couldn't escape.

Jeff crouched down in the corner and crossed her arms under her breasts.


"She does look cute. You picked the donor well, Mr. Quince."

Jeff heard her voice speaking at a distance. That wasn't her voice, she realised. That was Bill in her body. Her eyes snapped open to see Quince and her old body standing over her. She had fallen asleep and wasted her one opportunity!

Quince smiled coldly at Jeff, "Come on. It's time for our little chat."

Jeff climbed unsteadily to her feet. Bill escorted her out into the main room. There was a camp bed in the middle of the room. Quince gestured Jeff to go and sit on it. Jeff did as she was told. She felt terribly vulnerable in her new feminine body, and the way Bill was ogling her curves didn't help. Quince sat next to her. Jeff was uncomfortable at having a man so close to her.

Quince leaned over to Jeff and said "Now, co-operate and you'll be back to your old manly self soon." Jeff said nothing. Quince hoped she hadn't had a mental breakdown from the sudden drastic change she had undergone. "Jeff, tell me who in the police force you were working with."

Jeff sat hunched up on the bed. Quince could see she was shivering. "You don't work for the local cops, do you? You probably come from another city. So the chances anyone would recognize you are a cop are much smaller. Even your own mother wouldn't recognize you now, and unless you want to stay a cute little girl, you'll answer my questions." Quince brushed a long curl out of Jeff's face. "You are very good looking. Perhaps you like being an attractive female."

Quince could see Jeff was on the edge of total panic. It was time to offer Jeff a way out. "All you have to do is give me the names of the officers you worked with here who know who you are."

A part of Jeff desperately wanted to give Quince the information, but she managed to fight it down. What would Quince do to them to protect the racket he had going here? At best they would be transformed like she had been. Jeff had only known the small group she had been working with for under a month, but she wouldn't betray them to Quince.

"Fuck off, Quince," Jeff said with all the force she could muster. She could hear the conviction in her high, lilting voice, but it had none of the power she was used to. She had used her voice as a weapon, often managing to bellow people into submission. Now it was as weak and female as the rest of her.

Quince sighed. "I hoped you were going to be reasonable about this." He looked up at Bill and nodded.

The guard opened a small case he was holding and produced a syringe. Jeff's eyes widened in shock. "No," she moaned in fear. Not again! She jumped to her feet and bolted for the door. Bill made no move to stop her as she rushed past. She reached the door, tried to open it, and failed.

"You'll need this," said Quince waving a key. Jeff turned around and lunged at Quince, but she was grabbed by Bill in an iron grip. Quince took the syringe from Bill. As Jeff fought to escape, Quince took one of her arms and carefully injected the contents of the syringe into her.

Quince and Bill stood back. Jeff was sick with horror. What were they going to change her into now? Several seconds passed and Jeff began to feel very odd, as if she was somehow disconnected from what was happening. It hadn't been another dose of whatever had changed her. They had drugged her! Her vision was blurred as if there was some thin cloth in front of her eyes. Jeff tried to fight the intoxicating effects of the drug and turned again towards the door.

Just then, her long, shapely legs buckled. Bill managed to catch Jeff in time, and half-carried, half-walked her back to the bed. Bill sat down on the bed and propped Jeff against his chest. Jeff could feel Bill's arm around her waist keeping her upright.

Quince squatted down and looked into Jeff's glazed eyes. He waited a few more seconds for the drug to take full effect. The drug put its users into an almost semi-conscious state. In that condition they were far more open to suggestion, and easier to question. "Jeff," he said quietly. "Listen to my voice. You are calm, relaxed. Everything is going to be okay."

"Okay," mumbled Jeff.

"You feel warm and safe. Bill will look after you, you trust him." Quince saw a small smile on Jeff's face.

Quince nodded to Bill. He took his cue and started to gently stroke Jeff's arm with his free hand. He felt a little odd cuddling someone who had been a brawny male until just a few hours before, but Jeff was a very attractive woman now. Jeff reacted to the caresses. Her nipples, already prominent under the T-shirt, grew erect.

"Tell me who you worked with at the police department."

Jeff's brow creased with a frown. "I can't."

Quince was quiet but insistent, "You must. We are your friends. You must tell us so we can help your other friends." Bill moved his hand up to one of Jeff's aroused breasts and lightly brushed the nipple. Bill wasn't usually very interested in any form of foreplay, but Quince had been very insistent about what he must do.

Jeff squirmed in Bill's embrace. The girl was getting very turned on. Quince watched with interest, "Help us. Or we can't help you." He told Jeff. Bill recognised his cue and removed his hand.

Jeff shook her head again, but it was obvious she was weakening. Quince knew the inbuilt desires of Jeff's body, combined with the near- hypnotic power of the drug, were battering down her resistance. He nodded to Bill again.

Bill's arm was wrapped around Jeff's torso, and his hand was thrusting inside her T-shirt, gripping the sensuous globe of Jeff's left breast. With his other hand, Bill loosened the belt of Jeff's pants and reached inside.

Jeff gave a long erotic moan as Bill's hand touched her pussy. Bill started to massage the excited clitoris, and Jeff instinctively spread her legs. Quince gave a signal to Bill and he reluctantly stopped masturbating Jeff. Bill had all but forgotten Jeff's previous manhood, and just wanted to fill her tight cunt with his long, thick cock.

"Help us," Quince said again. "Tell us what you know and Bill will be able to make you feel good again." He watched the internal battle going on in Jeff as the last vestiges of resistance were washed away.

Slowly and in a soft, dreamy voice Jeff told Quince what he wanted to know. Only eight officers in total knew about the operation, and that included the precinct captain.

When Jeff had finished, Quince said, "Well done. You've been very helpful. Now do you want to be left alone?"

"No," protested Jeff. "I want Bill to touch me."

"Very well. Bill, she's all yours." Quince smiled as he packed up his notes. It had been unfair to ask Jeff that question. The drugged cop had been so primed by Quince's suggestions that she wouldn't be able to think about anything but sex for quite a while. At least until the drug wore off. As he was leaving he turned to see Bill pull Jeff's T-shirt off, revealing a magnificent pair of breasts. Quince was almost as turned on as Bill, but he knew better than to risk fucking the new woman. he didn't particularly want to end up as Jeff's twin sister.

Jeff felt Bill's hand cup and massage her breasts. She looked up at the large black man leaning over her. Bill's face was familiar, but in Jeff's befuddled state she couldn't work out why. Her nipples were tingling in their aroused state and she gasped at their sensitivity. At some level she knew that she had only become female very recently, but she could only concentrate on what was happening to her at that moment.

Jeff was lowered to the bed by Bill. She felt hands at her waist as her pants and boxer shorts were pulled down her smooth legs. Then Bill stood and quickly stripped his own clothes off. Jeff watched Bill's cock spring erect into view.

In the back of her mind she felt fear as part of Jeff tried to resist the drug. But the rest of her drank in the view of Bill's member, knowing it could fill the aching need in her. Bill climbed back onto the bed and rolled on top of Jeff.

The air whooshed out of Jeff as the heavy weight of the man pressed down on her. But she was concentrating on the hot bar she could feel on her stomach. Bill lifted his pelvis and guided his cock to the opening of Jeff's pussy. Jeff felt a desperate need to be penetrated that washed away the last few defences she had.

Without warning, Bill thrust his hard length as far as possible into Jeff's wet cunt. Jeff bucked under Bill. The feeling was so alien, yet so good. She could feel every inch of Bill's member buried in her pussy. Bill started to pound hard into her with little consideration for Jeff's satisfaction, but Jeff was so turned on by the conditioning given under the drug that she was already well on her way to orgasm.

Bill grabbed Jeff's slender wrists and held them against the bed as he drove his cock deep into the drugged woman's slick vagina. For Jeff, the erotic sensations were growing beyond belief. Just when she thought they wouldn't get any better, they did. She felt a pressure building up in her, and suddenly waves of orgasmic pleasure rolled over her body. She could hear her own voice giving a high pitched scream of pure satisfaction.

Instinctively she wrapped her legs around Bill's waist and pulled him as deeply as she could into her. Jeff could feel Bill twitching inside her as he reached his own orgasm and pumped his cum deep into her.

They remained locked together as they slowly came down from their climaxes. Bill was amazed by the response he had gotten from the former male. He had never had a real girl respond in such an erotic manner. Slowly, his erection softened and he withdrew from Jeff's pussy. He stood up and started to put his clothes on. All in all it was a great shame that Quince had told him to kill Jeff after the interrogation. The former guard was a really good fuck.

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