Dreams do come true_(1)

Dreams do come true_(1)

The sun had just set and I was anxiously awaiting a phone call. I hadn't talked to Ethan today, it was a special day for he and his family and so he wasn't able to call me during the day. He said that he'd call me after nine (when his cellphone is free and when his extended family were going to go home). It was just barely after nine and I felt as if I couldn't wait any longer. It was a strange feeling. My mind was racing, all I could think about was him.

Ethan and I weren't dating. In fact, we hadn't even met yet. I was on vacation with my mother in Florida and I met Ethan online through a friend. Ethan had been Hannah's friend forever and so he and I started talking online. He was older than I being twenty and I only sixteen. He had seen my picture and I his. We were becoming very close friends. We decided that the first day that I was to come back from vacation which was going to last for an entire month, we'd hang out.

I knew that he wanted to date me and I him. This just made me think about him all the more. Even if we were friends with benefits, it'd be fine. I just kept thinking about this while I was waiting for his call. I kept thinking very naughty things. I was becoming very horny in the process. I thought about what I'd like to do to him if he were here right now…

I'd bring him up to my room and once we were there I'd pull off his shirt. Afterwards, I'd push him on to my bed and lay him down. I'd climb on top of him and kiss him starting from his lips than down to his neck than in a straight line all the way down his chest and stomach until i finally reached where his belt was. I would than take off my shirt, leaving on my bra and than I'd take off his pants and begin to give him a hand job. Afterwards, giving him a blow job. I'd take his cock deep into my throat and pull it in and out while sucking hard.

After my thoughts came to a close there was still no phone call. So, I continued to let my mind wonder. I continued my fantasy.

After giving him a blow job I'd take of my bra and all of my clothes and jump on top of him. I'd have sex with him. I'd be on top. Fucking him hard taking his cock into my tight sixteen year old pussy. I'd fuck him until I was so tired that I'd pass out.

All of these thoughts and still no phone call. I lay in bed unsatisfied and yearning for my fantasies to be reality. I than started playing with myself. I took of my tank top and starting playing with my nipples. I stuck my hand into my underwear and I started to finger myself and play with my clit.

And still, no phone call.

I than took my make up three makeup brushes and pushing them into my tight pussy. I was thinking of my fantasies. I was thinking of Ethan. I became incredibly horny. Just thinking about him could make me wet.

A few minutes later while I was still masturbating Ethan comes into my room, naked and says "I'm here, are you ready for me?"

I disposed of the makeup brushes and said softly… "Dreams do come true."

Ethan said, "You bet they do."

Ethan pushed me on to the bed and started to finger me. I could just feel the satisfaction that my fantasy was actually coming true. He played with my clit and used a few fingers and pushed them in and out of my tight pussy. He than started sucking on my nipples until they were hard and than afterwards he went down on me.

My mind was racing. All of it felt so good. I thought, ‘I have never felt so satisfied before.’

Afterwards, I pushed him down on to the bed and I started doing exactly what I wanted to do in my fantasy. I kiss him gently all the way down and than I started to give him a blow job. I pushed his huge cock deep into my throat and I sucked hard. In and out in and out, I pushed his cock into and out of my mouth.

I than jumped on top of him and started fucking him. I still couldn’t believe that my fantasy became reality. My tight pussy had never had such a large cock in it before, I felt as though I was having orgasms left and right. I kept fucking him. I fucked him so hard. I fucked him until I couldn’t anymore. Both of us were sweating and I was almost exhausted but I knew that since this had actually come true, I couldn’t stop here. I had to continue.

We quickly switched places he fucked me hard. I felt relaxed and I felt pleasure at the same time. It was amazing. I thought to myself, ‘he is such a good fuck, I hope this never ends.’

As he fucked me I kept wanting more and more. I screamed “harder, fuck me harder.”

He replied, “Do you want my long hard dick inside you?”

“Always. I want you to fuck me hard always.”

We kept at it until we were finally exhausted. He and I decided we should take a break or just have the next experience at a later date. During the break I told him about my waiting for his phone call and my fantasy and how this was exactly the way I wanted it to go. He asked, "Weren’t you surprised to see me?” I replied, “I was. But boy, you are one incredible fuck. My one other fuck can’t even compare.” He said, “There is always tomorrow, I am sure that I can top this.”

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