Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

If you like I'll make a sequel.

I always thought that being normal was easy. That's how everyone made it seem. That's why I don't understand why I feel this way. I don't understand why I keep having these dreams. They replay themselves in my mind over and over and when I wake up, I can't fall back asleep because the thoughts are so intense. But not as intense as the pleasure I derived from them.

My name is Trisha and I live alone with my brother Peter and our aunt Lucy. I didn't exactly live there since I was in collage but it was still home. Peter had basically the same views, coming in stopping in front of the TV then going in his room "doing homework". He was quiet but I knew what he was doing. It was common knowledge. We were close. A normal brother sister relationship. A hi here and bye there and fight everywhere else. Normal. I'd sleep over some times cause Aunt Lou didn't want the house to be broken into again like when I was a kid. Peter would stay, too, convinced I was still Teeny Tiny Trisha who needed her big brother to come to the rescue. The last thing I wanted was for him to repeat about how he saved my ass. I'd sit and my room and no matter how quiet I was sitting against the wall connecting our rooms, no matter how long I stopped breathing to listen… There was silence. Somehow Peter was silent. He couldn't be sleeping. It took me almost an hour to fall asleep. But no sounds to hint that he was jacking off or doing anything to get his hard on going. So I'd go back to bed. With my boyfriend, Nathan working nights I could only lay down… drift off and … dream.

It was cool like most spring nights were, slightly damp like I'd just taken a shower. He was standing there. In my doorway. Looking at me. I asked him what he wanted using my usual sister tone. Demanding. Feeling intrusion. He didn't answer. He just walked over and sat on the edge of my bed.
"I wanna ask you something…"
"Do you… like me as more than a brother? "I was slightly startled by the question.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean… do you wanna have sex with me?"
I was speechless. My own brother wanted to fuck me? What the hell? What was the world coming to? I couldn't respond with a decent answer, just stutters. He leaned over and kissed me. Like my boyfriend only, for some reason, better. We sat there lip locked for a moment. I couldn't pull away it was just too good. His tongue moving everywhere only stopping to suck on my own. Excitement began to build in my stomach and between my legs. He pulled me towards him his hands stroking every piece of my body. He massaged my shoulders then moved to my back finally ending by grabbing my ass. I almost hit the roof when he touched my pussy, moving his fingers over the thin fabric of my thin lace panties. I couldn't sit up right and we both fell back on the bed making a soft thud. He pulled away from the seemingly endless kiss. My heart was desperately trying to jump out of my chest into his. He looked into my eyes, then down at my T-Shirt, one of the things protecting my nakedness from him. Within seconds my shirt was off revealing my white lace bra to him, barely covering my breasts. He kissed me again, continuing down my neck to my shoulders and he began to let up near my chest. I had to hand it to him. He knew how to treat a girl. He pulled at my bra with his teeth while his hands moved to unhook it. I lay there staring at him. I couldn't move. The mixture of shock and pleasure were paralyzing.

I felt the clasp of my bra become undone and in a flash it was gone. Off to the side with my T-Shirt. Peter stared at my chest, my pink nipples showing how good he was in bed. He took one in his mouth and began sucking on it. I couldn't breathe for a moment. I wanted to scream. It was too much. I wanted more and I wanted to show him I wanted more. But I thought of Aunt Lucy and what she would say to our love making. Peter continued to suck my nipple, his hand working one with his tongue working the other. as I moved my hand down to massage my clit. He pulled my hand away, looking at me with a warning. His hand took place of mine and he began to rub my little clit between his fingers. He was so good. It didn't take long for his combination to make me cum. I held his head against my chest as I let out a scream sure to wake up the neighborhood. But no. Silence. Just our heavy breathing and our bodies moving together. He brought his hand to his lips tasting my juices and a smile formed on his face.
"Now I know why Nathan calls you 'Sweets'."
I couldn't say anything. What could I say? 'Hey, bro, thanks for sucking my tits and fingering me.' Not in this life time. He moved again to take his shirt off. He had the most perfect set of abs I've ever seen on a guy. My mouth was open from awe. He was skinny for his age, but in the best shape. His jeans were the next to go leaving him wearing only his pair of solid red boxers. His cock was straining to take a peek at me but Peter still waited, climbing back on top of me for another kiss. In my mind I wished I was still a virgin, that I had waited a little longer so my brother could enter me and take it away with his throbbing manhood. His hips rocked against mine, getting ready for me. When he pulled away he slipped his boxers off and kicked them to the side. My mouth fell again. His cock had to be at least 8 inches. At least. He noticed me staring.
"Nine, Trish. You can handle it?"
9 inches?! Nathan was 10 and a half. Could I handle it? Ha!
"S-s-s-sure, bro…"

He climbed back on top of me finally noticing I'd taken my panties off for him. I wasn't exactly super prim with my hidden appearance but I took pride in it. My pussy was waxed clean from the week before. Painful, but seeing this, it was worth it. The head of his cock touched the lips of my pussy and his face turned.
"Man, you're fucking boiling!"
He pushed a bit harder until I was as full of him as I was gonna get. He moved his hands up and down my thighs to relax me.
"How am I doin?"
He smiled from the reaction he was getting. He moved a little faster to get me used to him, just like Nathan did.
"God, Peter… don't stop….."
"I won't. I won't."
His pace quickened and I could see, even in the dark, his medium cut brown hair was moving back and forth with him. Our bodies swayed from his motion and the excitement was building in both of us. Soft moans escaped his throat and my own weren't far behind.
"Peter… Oh my, God, Peter…. Ohhhhhhhhhh…."
Peter's expression tightened as his cock was pushed in and out of me. All I could hear were our moans and the noises my pussy made when he entered me. It was too much for both of us. He pulled himself in as far as he could, brought it out, then slammed his cock inside me sending a mind blowing orgasm through each of us. I was breathing so hard I couldn't hear Peter. When I opened my eyes though I was in my room, but my clothes were on and Peter was no where to be found. It was a dream. Again. I fell back to my pillow not believing I just had some of the best sex of my life and it was only a dream.
"Only a fucking dream…? Damn…"

I lay back down frustrated. I couldn't stand the fact that it was only a dream. It had to be reality. If it wasn't I'd just have to change that now wouldn't I?

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