Family Circus – Ch. 6

Family Circus – Ch. 6

We woke suddenly in the morning when we heard Mom say, "Time to wake up!" I startled awake to find her standing in the den, looking down on us. She hadn't gotten dressed yet and was as she slept, naked. Vickie woke with a start, me with a sleep erection slipping out of her as she jumped up off the couch. "Did you two sleep well, I assume?" Mom asked, with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. Vickie headed out of the den as Mom told me, "You know this isn't right, don't you? If anyone else finds out they'll think very badly of us. I don't know what to think of us, myself."

"I don't know either. Everything just changed suddenly when I had that damn dream and woke up with this size. I can't explain it, can you?" I asked.

"No, I can't either. I just have the urge to throw all caution to the wind since you waved that thing waved around in front of me," she answered. "Get up and get going. We need to leave soon. I'm going to go get dressed."

The two and a half hour ride to Gram's house was about the same as all our rides there, nothing much out of the ordinary. When we got there, we carried mine and Vickie's bag into the house and met Gram at the door for our usual hugs hello. Gram was in her mid-sixties, still real sharp witted and not slowing down much physically. Her two sisters, each a little older than she lived nearby and the three of them were great pals along with a couple of their friends they'd known since grade school. The whole group of them was without husbands for various reasons, divorce, death, etc., and I'd seen them get pretty randy, especially after they'd had a few highballs and sat around swapping stories, memories, and gossip. They always seemed to know who was doing what to or with whom in the area and could caw about it seemingly without end.

Gram's house had no air conditioning and was pretty warm in the summer though a nice breeze through all the open windows seemed to mitigate the heat to some degree anyway. We were sitting there in her living room drinking iced tea chatting about this and that when Mom suddenly said, "Mother, you should see Bobby. He's suddenly grown up, way up."

"What do you mean, Sarah?" Gram asked Mom, "He looks about the same size as last time I saw him at Christmas."

"No, Mother, that's not what I mean. Bobby, show her what I'm talking about," Mom told me. Gram grew up on the farm so reproductive stuff, penises, testicles, vaginas pretty much just rolled off her like water off a duck in a very matter of fact manner. Besides that, I was getting very used to showing off my "new" equipment, actually growing to enjoy it, get a thrill out of it. In addition, Gram had seen Vickie and I both naked as we grew up, playing in the sprinkler and wading pool in the back yard naked, getting baths at her house, etc. So it didn't faze me in the least. I stood up from the couch facing Gram in her overstuffed chair, undid my cargo pants, pulled them down along with my boxers, then straightened back up for her to see my hanging penis and testicles.

"Mercy sakes!" Gram exclaimed. "When did that happen? Come over here Bobby so I can get a closer look." I shuffled across the floor with my pants first at my knees, then my ankles as they fell all the way down with my shuffling. Standing right in front of Gram, she reached out with her right hand and lifted my penis, cupping it softly in her hand and looked behind it at the orbs of my testicles, hanging there so low in my scrotum. Like she was checking a breeding farm animal, she reached out with her left hand and palmed my scrotum and hefted the testicles within. "My gosh, you're built like a sire horse, Bobby." She let go of my scrotum but continued holding my penis in her right hand as she asked Mom, "When did you say this happened?"

"About a week ago. He woke up that size. I didn't think it was normal so I took him to see the doctor. She checked him over, did a check of his semen, had us measure semen output for a week, then checked him again. As far as I've been told, it's unusual, very unusual but everything other than his size looks normal to her," Mom related.

"Well I don't recall ever seeing anything like this on a man before. A horse maybe but not a man," Gram replied. "Reminds me of that horse we had when your aunts and I were girls. I mean the one we sold semen from." As she continued to hold my penis I could feel myself beginning to engorge, getting a little heavier, thicker in her hand. Gram released my penis and instead of hanging back straight down with my testicles I arched out a bit, curving down along its length. "Bobby, you go put that thing away and let it calm down now," she told me with a chuckle.

"I'm going to take our junk upstairs," I told nobody in particular as I pulled up my pants and arranged myself. Picking up my bag and Vickie's, I headed for the stairs followed by Vickie. After I dropped Vickie's bag in her room, I went on into mine, unpacked, and put my stuff away.

Vickie came into my room saying, "Shhhhh, come out here." I followed her out into the hall to the air return register in the floor. As kids we'd discovered that it was like a string and tin can telephone, piping conversations from the living room upstairs very clearly. We'd spent a lot of evenings listening in on the adult conversations after we were supposed to be in our rooms in the evening. "Listen," she whispered.

I could hear Mom telling Gram, "I'm certain those kids are having 'relations'."

Gram told her, "Well, you know they are adults now. There's not a whole lot you can do about it."

Mom asked, "So I'm supposed to just ignore the fact that my two children are screwing each other? They've been at each other like rabbits ever since Bobby woke up with that damn penis and testicles. Heck, I can hardly keep my hands off of it. Did you know that I insisted on 'helping' him follow the doctor's orders to 'masturbate to orgasm' and measure his output? No, of course you didn't know but you do now."

Gram said, "Well, you know, when I was young, there was a lot more of that going on than anyone ever admitted. When we were young, my sisters and I played 'doctor' with our brother. Hell, if he had been carrying a penis like that boy of yours I'd probably have screwed him myself. The bottom line is they have to live their own lives and we can't do much about it. Hopefully neither of them will get hurt by it. Vickie is on birth control, right?"

"Yeah, she is, for several years now," Mom replied.

"Then I think you're best to let it go, Sarah. Maybe it'll play itself out in the long run," Gram's tone made it clear that she thought the discussion was settled.

"I need to get going. I'll say goodbye to the kids," Mom stated. We heard her get up and walk toward the stairs so we quietly bolted into our respective rooms. When Mom came in I acted like I was just finished putting my clothes in the drawers.

"Goodbye, honey. I'll see you in a couple of weeks," Mom told me as she hugged me. Vicki and I walked with her out to her car and wished her goodbye.

Back inside Vickie asked Gram, "Is the badminton set still in the shed?"

"As far as I know," Gram replied.

"We should get it out and set it up, Bobby," Vickie told me.

"Sure, later," I replied.

"Why later?" Vickie asked.

Gram said, "Just go ahead and do it now, if you want to."

So Vickie and I went out to the shed, got the badminton stuff and set it up. While we were doing it, Gram came out and sat on the screened backporch, drinking iced tea. When we finished putting up the set, we went up on the porch with her and I discovered she was drinking one of her highballs, whiskey and a splash of water on the rocks. We took our seats in chair on the porch and sat there silently as Gram rocked and sipped her whiskey. Vickie broke the silence saying, "Gram, this back porch and back yard bring back a lot of memories. We played a lot out here. Slept a lot of summer nights on this porch to be cooler than in the house."

"I know, girl. I remember it all very well. My memory hasn't gone yet," Gram replied.

"Remember how when we were young we used to play out here naked almost all day? No cares in the world," Vickie said.

"Yes, I was just thinking about that. Now you're all grown up, soon will have responsibilities, childhood's gone," Gram replied.

"Well, would you mind if we played badminton naked again for old time's sake?" Vickie asked.

"It doesn't matter a whit to me, girl," Gram said matter of factly. "You're still just my little grandkids as far as I'm concerned."

"Thanks, Gram!" Vickie exclaimed as she jumped up and hugged her. Vickie looked at me and jerked her head toward the back door as she headed that way. I followed her into the pantry and then the kitchen.

"I was about to take my clothes off right there on the porch," I told her.

"No, let's do it upstairs then go back out. It gives us an excuse to be walking around the house naked," Vickie told me.

"Oh, I see where you're headed with this," I replied. Up in our rooms we shed our clothes in a flash and met each other in the hallway to head back downstairs. Out through the porch to the backyard where we played a game of badminton just like in the old days except for my penis and testicles never flopped and swung around like they did now and Vickie definitely didn't have those bouncing tits either. Just watching her running back and forth was made me engorge to the arching downward state, standing out away from my testicles. Finished with the game, I noticed that Gram ws no longer on the backporch.

We headed into the kitchen to get some water and Gram called us from the living room, "Come in here, kids, and see your great aunts." With Vickie's implementation of her plan, we had to go in just as naked as we were and in we went. As we walked in naked, Gram said, "As I warned you, they've been reliving their youth of playing naked in the backyard."

"Hi, Aunt Liz, Hi, Aunt Lucille," we both said, almost in unison. They each had a highball in their hand, and they looked like they were near the bottom of whatever round they were on.

Aunt Lucille said, "Come here, boy. Let me take a look at you. Martha said you'd grown quite a set of equipment." I was a little surprised to here my great aunt refer to my penis and testicles as "equipment" but I went over to where she was sitting and stood facing her next to her overstuffed chair. Like Gram, she reached out with one hand to heft the equipment. Lifting my penis she peeked at my testicles and exclaimed, "For heaven's sake, Bobby's hung like that horse Daddy sold semen from." Another big sip of her highball and she held it out to Vickie. "Can you get me a refill, Not too much water, now." All the while she had a grip on my penis with one hand and after Vickie relieved her of he glass she reached out to cup my testicles and lift them gently. Letting them back down she said, "I guess he's not quite as big as that horse, but damn near." Still holding tight on my penis except now her hand had drifted down to the point that she was exerting a downward force with my penis basically holding her hand out in the air.

"You remember how we used to argue over who was going to coax the semen from that onery horse?" Aunt Lucille asked the room in general.

Vickie walked back into the room with the now full glass. "We've never heard this story," she said.

"Well girl," Aunt Lucille continued with only minimal prodding, "Liz, Martha, and I, once we learned how to do it, all wanted to play with that horse's thing until we got him to fill the cup. Then we'd give it to Dad and he'd refrigerate it until whoever requested it came and got it. Some folks wanted several loads at once and we'd have to wait a bit and then do that horse a couple more times, adding each to the collected semen. It got so we were out there pleasuring that horse every afternoon after school whether we needed to or not. Becky and Julie even started doing it with us. We learned a lot about arousing the male anatomy, I tell you." She still had a grip on me and between that and the story I was getting aroused but with the weight of Aunt Lucille's arm holding it down, my penis was simply engorging and waiting for its chance to be free from the extra weight. Its chance came soon when she released her grip and it basically climbed quickly to a full erection, standing out and up a fair amount above horizontal. Out of curiosity, I had actually measured an erection to see how big it was and it turned out to be nearly twelve inches when fully aroused.

Aunt Liz laughed and said, "Lucille, I think you've aroused that male anatomy, just like that damn horse." I saw a smile on all three of the sisters' faces as Aunt Liz continued, "You might as well finish the job you started, Lucille but let me get another highball first."

Vickie said, "I'll get one for you, Aunt Liz," as she took her glass and headed into the kitchen, the wiggle of her cute butt cheeks doing its best to arouse me further.

Lucille said to nobody in particular, "Well, let's see if I remember my stuff," as she began to stroke the length of my penis with a light grip. "Is that working, boy?" she asked me.

"Oh yeah, it's working," I said through gritted teeth.

Lucille yelled out toward the kitchen, "Vickie, bring back a paper cup when you come back with my highball." She was stroking my penis faster now and reached out with her left hand and began fondling my testicles, lifting them, lightly massaging them with her fingertips, lowering them. I was really rising fast and I realized that being jacked off in front of an "audience" really turned me on. My knees were beginning to flex just slightly as Vickie came back with the highball for Aunt Liz and a paper cup she handed to Lucille after Lucille let go of my testicles. "I think he's just about there, aren't you boy? I can tell just as well as I could with that horse."

"Oh yeah," was all I could say before I stretched my legs, felt my testicles tighten, tried to keep breathing regularly, and then began to cum. Lucille was ready with the paper cup and held it with my penis aimed at it as I shot four large ropes of semen into it then three small spurts, followed by a dribble that Lucille skimmed into the cup using the rim.

Gram said, "You haven't lost your touch, Lucille. You always could make that horse release faster than the rest of us." I was starting to feel lightheaded but I couldn't get away from Lucille because she hadn't released her grip on my softening penis.

Lucille let go of me and looked in the Dixie Cup as she stood up saying, "You did okay, boy. A pretty good ejaculation. You didn't figure an old woman like me would know a fancy word like that, did you?" She turned and walked toward the kitchen with the cup as I sat down on the floor, legs crossed, penis, testicles, and ass on the cool hardwood of the floor. I was wondering what the deal was with older women and having to jack it as soon as they layed eyes on my penis. Amazing.

Vickie said, "Let's go back outside, Bobby," and headed toward the kitchen. I climbed my way up off the floor and followed her out the back door. As soon as our feet hit the grass of the lawn, Vickie turned around and clinched me in a tight embrace, her tits squashed up against my chest, my penis arching down between her thighs. "Watching her jack you off made me hotter than a firecracker. Here I need you and you're all used up," she told me.

"I may still have something left in me that can help you out with your problem. Let's go down to the creek," I suggested.

"Okay. I'll go get some towels," she said over her shoulder as she headed back into the house. I went back up onto the porch to wait for her and sat down on the day bed that Gram kept out there. Vickie took longer than I expected.

When she returned, she was snickering to herself. "I went in quietly so they didn't know I was there and I heard them all talking about how they'd like to bend themselves over the kitchen table and have you use that thing of yours on them. After I listened for a bit, I made enough noise for them to hear me coming. It was pretty funny, you've got a bunch of old lady relatives who want to jump your penis."

"Yeah, well they'll have their chance since we'll be here for three or four weeks, I guess," I replied as we began walking toward the back of the property. On the creek bank, in the shade of a large oak we spread our towels out and I laid down on mine. After laying her towel out, Vickie didn't bother with it but instead laid down next to me on my towel and began to caress my penis lightly with her fingertips.

It responded by engorging slightly. As Vickie lifted herself up to squat over me she guided my partially erect penis into her pussy and eased herself down onto it. "Good thing about that dick of yours is that it doesn't even have to be that hard to fill me up," she said with a slight smile on her face. She began to ride her hips on me, front to back, slowly then gradually building up speed until she was bucking back and forth on me about as fast as she probably could. After being jacked off by the old ladies, I was real slow in becoming aroused this time and Vickie was able to ride me to several orgasms of her own, her tits swaying and bouncing in time with the rapid hammering of her hips back and forth. Expended, Vickie laid down full length on me saying, "You didn't cum, you didn't even get hard. You tired?"

"Yeah, I think so. But it was nice, felt good even if I didn't cum," I replied.

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