Flirting with the wrong Guy – Part 1

Flirting with the wrong Guy – Part 1

Charlotte was away on business for a week in London, attending a conference at a swanky hotel.

She had arrived early and had gone straight to her room to shower. It was a hot sweaty journey and it was nice to step out of the shower and let the cool air dry her skin. She stood before the full length mirror. She was tanned and latin looking. With long curly brown hair and even longer legs. She wasn't skinny but she was by no means fat either. Just curvy in the right places. Since she had given birth, a year ago, men paid particular attention to her breasts as they had gone from a 36c to a 40dd and were often swollen with Milk. Her husband, Michael, considered himself a lucky man (and so did his friends). She dressed in her black skirt heels with a white blouse and went to meet the others.

It turned out that all the others were from different businesses. No-one knew each other and conversation was a little stilted. There were 30 or so men and women gathered for the week and they sat listening but bored as speaker after after speaker came and went. Eventually the business concluded and the guests went to the bar for a champagne reception.

As usual Charlotte wasn't short of male attention. Cold champagne glasses were passed to her by a stream of horny young business men looking for some easy pussy. The way she dressed often gave out the wrong signals but she knew how to deal with men. She was an expert flirt and always knew how far to take it, casually dropping the fact she was a married mother into conversation if things got out of hand.

However as people began to leave to change for dinner a young Black man dressed in a sharp black suit approached her. He chatted with her and she responded with her usual flattery and smiles. But he seemed different somehow. He was a lot more confident than the others and he made her laugh. He was also very attractive. Jet black skin and strong features. He was tall, around 6'4'' and powerfully built. Maybe the champagne and the heat had got to her but she decided to enjoy the moment and not mention the fact she was a faithfull wife just yet. The mans name was Devon. He ran his own company and he was obviously successfull. He asked

"Look it's all over for the day how about you and me go out tonight?"

Charlotte was slightly shocked that things had progressed so quickly, so she declined politely and left for her room. She sat on the bed and Kicked of her shiny black heels. Her toes had been hot and cramped so she tenderley massaged her feet with cooling moisuriser. As she did so her mind wandered back to the confident Black man and his obvious attraction to her. What would her husband say. Flirting with a Black Stud as soon as she's away form home. She found herself wondering if Devon had got an erection over her and without noticing it she had lain back on the bed, her hand roaming to beneath her skirt to the sweaty gusset of her panties.

She stopped herself abruptly, disgusted with herself for fantasising about the idea of being unfaithful.

"Iv'e still got it though" she giggled to herself as she rose from the bed to order room service.

As she replaced the receiver there was a knock at the door. She answered to find devon standing there with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

"I don't take no for an answer…come one just one drink and I'll be off" he said smiling. Charlotte laughed and relaxed. She was being stupid. This guy was on his own too. They got on and he just wanted to make friends, why not have a drink and relax. Why would this adonis fancy a 32 year old mother anyway. She felt safe, and she invited him in.

"Great…" he said as he walked in, closing and locking the door behind him "…now strip for me before you suck my cock!"

At first she thought he was joking, but the look in his eyes said he was deadly serious. His height and build had been attractive, now they were threatening.

"oh shit…Devon look, I should have told you earlier…I'm a married mum, I know I flirt but I don't cheat on my husband…"

"And I told you…I dont take no for an answer!"

With that Devon grabbed her arms and pushed her to her bed. The violent act froze charlotte and she lay frightened wondering how to escape this huge man. Silently He began to undress. His shining black skin was stretched taught around bulging muscles.. What kind of wife was she. If he took her now no-one would believe she had been forced. She had let him in her room, everyone had seen her flirting with him downstairs…"what should I do?" she thought

He was removing his trousers and was naked except for his boxer shorts.

Charlotte decided on her course of action. As disgusting as it seemed she would have to make him come before he wanted to fuck her, that way she would still fell as if she had been faithful to her husband. Summoning up all her courage she stood and began to remove her clothes until all she wore was her pink chanel varnish on her finger and toe nails.

"Good" he said " I knew you'd come round. You married white sluts are all the same. An inferior little husband who trusts you and loves you, while you go out flirting with real men. Now…I'm going to take my cock out…don't be scared"

"What an arrogant wanker" thought Charlotte in her experience, men who bragged about their dicks usually had smaller ones than they thought. But as she watched him remove his shorts she changed her mind…it was huge, even soft it was about 6 inches long, laying atop the biggest pair of balls she had ever seen. She found it impossible not to be transfixed on it. She had never been with anyone with a big penis. Her husband was a bit small really (even though she told him he was huge)

"I bet your husbands isn't this big is it?" He asked, as if reading her thoughts

"N…No" Charlotte croaked "it's nowhere near…" She felt confused. This man had come to take her against her will and she couldn't help wanting him to. Everything about him was different…better even…than her husband. His Black skin, his muscles, his confidence…and most of all his cock!

Her mind was racing. What should she do – she could scream, (why hadn't she?) Did she really want this to happen, was that why she had let him in. She stepped forward as if testing herself, closer to him. She could smell his dick, the musky scent of his balls, it filled her senses. She whispered to herself as she sank to her knees "sorry Michael" and with that she opened her wet mouth and took that enormous, still soft,Black,smelly cock into her throat!

She felt it grow and harden until she gagged on it. She hardly ever sucked her husbands dick these days and was out of practice.

"Thats it Slut…Choke on a real dick for a change…" said devon

Being called a slut made her cunt twitch. With shame she realised she enjoyed it. Was that what she was. A Slut wife. A whore for Black Cock. She felt shame and humiliation, which only seemed to excite her more. She felt her sex with a free hand. Her cunt was loose and soaking wet, her pussy juice flowed freely over her fingers. She admitted it to herself, finally realising what she was. She broke of from sucking the monster dick in her hand and looked up into her black lovers fierce eyes and said:

"Please…please call me a Slut again"

Devon laughed and said "OK Slut…now carry on sucking bitch"

Charlotte groaned with each insult, fiddling with her swollen clit as he abused her. He called her a
whore and a hooker and a piece of white meat. She frigged as he called out abuse until she came to a juddering orgasm. As she came she caught sight of herself in the mirror, Her lipstick was smudged from sucking, her mascara had run when her eyes watered from gaging. Her spit seeped from the corners of her mouth and hung, drooling from her chin. One hand pumping his tool the other plunging into her open gash, occasionally tweaking her clit- she really was a slut! And a good one at that!

Room service knocked on the door.

"Answer it – let them in" said devon


"DO IT!" he hissed.

Charlotte swayed over to the door feeling every inch the wanton woman. The young Woman delivering her sandwich and tea stood open mouthed at the sight.

Charlotte couldn't look her in the eye. How brazen must she seem to this girl. Her face was a mess her breath reeked of cock and she was stark naked. The girl wheeled the trolley into the room and took in the sight of devon who called out "Charlotte, come back here and make me come before I send you back to your Husband" At that Charlotte winced , what must the girl make of her.

The Girl simply said "enjoy your, er…meal" and walked out. As she passed charlotte se tutted and whispered "Slut!" at her. Charlotte smiled as she closed the door and got back to work.

Devon made her stand while he inspected her. He fingered her pussy and squeezed her tits forcing out drops of Milk. He went to suck on her Nipple to taste the Milk. Charlotte jumped – Her husband had tried that before but she had told him off, saying there was nothing sexual about breast feeding, but the thought of letting this stranger suckle on her milk made her cunt stir again.
As he gulped it down she moaned:

"Oh yes…drink my Milk…Drink your Sluts Milk…suck my tit dry…."

All the while Devon held her ass cheeks apart forcing his finger into her anus. She had never allowed that before either… now she wanted it more than anything.

"Please fuck my arse" she gasped, revelling in her role of a cheating slut wife
He forced her to her knees again and told her to make his cock wet – she went to suck it but he said "No…with your milk". She began to squeeze her tit until jets of white milk spurted onto his ebony shaft. Then he turned her over and shoved his cock into her tight, married arsehole.

He gradually worked it inwards – the burning pain making Charlotte cry out with each extra shove.
She felt so dirty, she squeeled and moaned as he took her arse:

"Am I…aaaggh…a dirty…ohhh…Girl?"

He laughed and told her that he'd fucked a lot of married white pussies, but she was the dirtiest slut yet. he explained he had been joking when he told her to let room service in. He'd never expected her to actually do it.

"I'll do ….aaaah…whatever you want…owww!"

She cried with pain as devon shoved his full length into her bowels.

"OK slut…then suck my cock clean – lick off all your milk and your shit before I fuck your cunt"

Like an animal she span round as he withdrew, slavering and licking at his dirty cock. She could taste her shit mixed with her sweet milk. She presented her handiwork to her Black Master. He inspected his dick and said "OK now you get it in your pussy"

He shoved her on her back on the bed and grabbed her throat with one hand and her right ankle with the other. He lifted her leg high and wide whilst gripping her throat hard.

He began fucking her. She had never felt anything like it. He pounded her cunt like a machine. she could hardly breath from his choking grip. Her sex was a mushy wet mess, working over overtime to slacken and juice up enough to accomodate this studs prick.

"YOU SLUT!!!" He shouted.

Charlotte sensed he was about to come. She didn't take the pill and he wasn't wearing a condom
How much of a slut was she? How deep into depravity could she descend in one afternoon? She already knew the answer. As her orgasm began to take over she reached behind her lover and placed her hands on his rock hard buttocks. With a smile she pulled him deeper and began to whisper in his ear:

"Cum inside me…Give me your Black seed…cum in my married womb…your the best…I belong to you…not my husband…I'm your property…a Black Cock whore…"

On and on she went until he couldn't take it any longer. At the peak of her orgasm she felt him tense and then explode with jet after jet of potent black sperm deep inside her belly. As pleasure overtook her and she began to lose conciousness she heard him whisper:

"you wonderful Slut…"

And then they both fell asleep, exhausted.

When she awoke he was gone. She thought for a second that she had dreamed the whole thing, then she reached between her legs to her sex. She was incredibley sore and leaking thick semen from her cunt. How could she be so stupid. She could be pregnant, she could have caught anything. But the Slutty side of her said "enjoy the moment" and she raised her cummy fingers to her nose and sniffed at the what he had left in her, then she licked her fingers clean, tasting its bitter saltiness before painfully wanking her abused cunt to another orgasm.

There was no sign of Devon after that. The rest of the conference was predictable and boring.
The day she checked out however the receptionist gave her a note. It was Devons address and phone number. She should have torn it up, she should have burned it…instead she carefully folded it away in her briefcase.

When she got home her husband kissed her, such a boring weak kiss. He even tried to fuck her that night. She wanked him off. Beside the fact she was too sore, she didn't want his tiny cock anywhere near her cunt until she'd checked she was clean.

After he had come her husband said :

"You seem different somehow"

"Yes" she said " I think this conference taught me a lot about myself"

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