Fun Starts At Work

Fun Starts At Work

samantha was just getting ready for work. She was bored with her routine and she needed a change of pace. She was going through her clothes, and thought, "what the hell, I think I'll spice things up a bit for the day". Instead of her normal clothes she usually wore to work, she picked out a low cut blouse, and a short skirt. As she headed out the door, she smiled and thought, "this should open the men at works eyes".

She walked in the door, and she was right. Almost all of the men were staring like they had never seen a woman before. About two hours later, Her boss, Dan called her into the office. He needed her to do some memo's for him, he told her. After about fifteen minutes of dictation, he told her to put her pad and pen down.

You know, Sam, the way you dressed today could get you into alot of trouble. "oh shit, Now I'm in for it" "I am going to be fired for sure." but instead of saying she was fired, he walked around in back of her. "with that body of yours, clothes like that make a man very tempted." He put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them lightly. "looking down at your cleavage, it makes a man want to hold thoes beautiful tits of yours" He slid his hands down, and cupped her D-sized breasts. She had always been attracted to dan, but since he was her boss, she had always figured he was hands off. He slowly slid the shoulder straps down her arms until her shirt and bra were around her stomach, and her breasts were totally bared. He came around front of her again, and pulled her up off of her seat. "Come over here," he told her. He lifted her up and sat her on his desk. He started licking and sucking on her nipples, lightly biting them until they were hard peaks.

Sam was in heaven. It felt so good to have Dan playing with her breasts, but she was hoping for more. As if reading her mind, Dan lifted her hips and pulled her panties off. He made her lay down on the desk, prop her feet up on it, and spread her legs wide. At first, he just sat there and stared at her pussy until she was a little uncomfortable. She felt him spread her lips, and slowly slide two fingers up her cunt. She let out a low moan. "do you like this?" "Do you like the feel of my fingers sliding in and out of your tight, wet pussy?" "Yes" Sam whispered. "then spread your legs wider, and I'll really let you feel them." She let her legs go limp and spread as wide as they could. Dan surprised her when she felt him shove three fingers into her hole hard! She let out a gasp that was part surprise, and part pleasure. "I think you want to be fucked by my fingers, don't you?" "Tell me you want to feel my fingers moving in and out of your hot little cunt." He he shoved them into her again as hard as the firt time. "TELL ME" He said again."Yes" She told him, "I want you to fuck my cunt anyway you want."He started finger fucking her that way faster. "This is the way that my cock is going to fuck you right here on this desk."

Sam was getting so hot, that she was close to cumming all over his fingers. Dan pulled his fingers out of her, and quickly replaced them with his tongue. He wanted to taste her as she came. He licked her deep and hard. He slid his tongue deep inside her slit, and licked all the way to her clit, which he would suck on when he hit it. It drover her over the edge, and she shook as she climaxed. oh she was hot!

Dan then stood up and unzipped his pants. "Now your really going to get what you need." "I'm going to fuck you so hard and completely that you'll never want to fuck anyone else but me". He slid the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, causing her to get even wetter. Just then, his receptionist beeped through the intercom. " Your 12:30 appointment is here sir, should I send him in?" "Give me a minute to finish this work" he told her. Sam was quickly getting redressed. "I would like you to come over to my place tonight to finish what we started." "my driver will pick you up at seven."

That night Sam was a little nervous. She had heard some pretty kinky things about Dan, and wasn't sure what was true or not. She had heard that he liked to tie womens hands to the bed posts and get together two or three guys besides himself to gang bang them. That excited her to think he might do that to her. She had never been with more than two guys at once, and she wanted to try it. She had also heard that he liked to watch his dog eat women out before he fucked them. She had never tried anything like that before, so she wasn't too sure about it. Oh well, it is all probably just rumors anyway.

His driver was at her door precisely at seven. "Are you ready Miss?" "Yes, I'll just grab my jacket on the way out the door.

It only took a few minutes to get to Dan's House. He met her at the door. "You look lovely Sam" Dan told her. "We have a few guests having dinner with us, I hope that is alright with you." "That's just fine with me." "It is going to happen" she thought. "I am going to have my first real gang bang tonight." They all had dinner with alot of champagne. Sam was quite tipsy when they had finished their meal. "Why don't we all go in and hit the spa" Dan suggested. "I didn't know you had one, or I would have brought a suit." Sam told him. "You don't need one. we are all adults here".

They all stripped down, and the men all watched closely as sam undressed and got into the water. Dan told his butler to go and get them all fresh glasses of champagne. "I am already half drunk" sam said. "That's ok, it only makes things more pleasureable" Dan told her as he slowly slid a hand from her stomach to her breast. He kneaded one while he dipped his head and sucked on the other one. Sam had decided to play shy. "Everyone is watching you" she whispered. "that's ok," "I bet they are enjoying it too." He slid his hand that had been tweaking her nipples down to her crotch. Knowing that she would excite them more by being uncooperative, she told dan to stop. "I think we have cooked in here long enough guys, don't you?" They all agreed because they knew what the next step was. They got out of the spa. Dan got his towl and started drying Sam off. Of course, he took extra time around her tits and her crotch.

"why don't you and I go in my room and finish what we started earlier?"
Dan took her hand, and led her into the bedroom. He started kissing her and taking her clothes off. He laid her on the bed and took one nipple in his mouth. While he had her distracted, he took the long-chained handcuffs that were already hooked to his bed, and put them around her wrists. "Don't look so startled. You are going to enjoy this." Tina knew what was comming next. "but we shouldn't forget our company" Dan said. He walked over to the door and called everyone in. "She is ready"

The three other guys came in with a large lab. Sam pretended not to notice the dog. "Dan, what do you think you are doing?" "are you going to let everyone watch you fuck me?" "Oh no, I'm not that mean. They are going to fuck you too." "I love to watch my woman get fucked and sucked by other men."

Dan walked over and spread her legs wide so that all of the guys could see her cunt. "Who wants to finger fuck her while I lick sweet pussy?"
Jim came over and grinned down at her. "I would love to, but my fingers are not the only things that are going to slide into you". He sat beside her and slid two fingers in her cunt under Dan's mouth. The other two guys came over and played with her tits while they watched her get licked and finger fucked. Dan licked her hard. He ran his tongue from the bottom of her pussy to her clit, over and over again. He sucked on her clit while Jim worked his fingers in and out of her wet slit. Sam was moaning in pleasure by now. Dan stopped licking sam and told Jim to finger fuck her harder. I want to see her cunt take it good and hard. Jim took the hint and fucked her harder and faster with his hand. He decided to do something a little different though. He put three fingers to her to get them nice and wet, then slid one of them up her asshole. "Dave, why don't you come down here and get a quick taste of her while you can." Dan told him. Dave quickly moved and started licking her pussy. He was sliding his tongue in and out with Jim's fingers, and that got Sam squirming. She was on fire!

"Somebody fuck me now"! She screamed. She wanted, no, needed a cock buried deep inside her. " first things first" Dan laughed. "there is something that gets us all harder than hell." Jim and Dave took ahold of a leg each, and spread her wide. Dan spread her cunt lips open and called to the lab. It jumped up and stuck it's nose to Sam's pussy. He started licking her pussy deep and hard. He stuck his long tongue deep inside of her slit, then would lick from her asshole all the way up her slit over and over. then he would stick his tongue deep inside again. the men were really geting excited now. They had her legs spread as wide as they would go so everyone could watch the dog lap at her cunt. They started coaching the dog. "lick her harder" someone said. "stick your tongue deep inside her hole!" said someone else. "Spread her asscheeks wider so he can get in there too". Between the dog lapping at her cunt, and her listening to the men, She came hard! The more she came, the deeper the dog licked her.

Suddenly, the dog was pulled away, and Dan was standing between her legs with his large cock in his hands. "Now I am going to get to fuck you" While Jim and David still had her legs held open, Dan slammed his cock deep inside Sam's cunt. "I'm going to fuck your sweet little body hard". "I'm not going to allow myself to cum quickly though. we all will pull out before we do so we can keep fucking you all night long." "now you two, spread her legs wide and lift them up so she can feel all of my cock deep inside of her." He really started fucking her then. "Do I fill you up?" "do you like to have my rod so deep inside of you"? "If you think I am big, wait till you get Dave inside of you" "you'll probably beg him to pull it out, but he won't." He's going to fuck you good." "He will make you feel his cock all the way to your throat. He likes to make women beg him to take it out, but instead he'll just give you more and harder for your begging. I like to watch him fuck! Dan started moving faster and harder. Jim started talking then. "you should see the way your lips are spread so wide around his cock." "I can't wait to feel your hot, wet cunt wrap around my pole." When I get to you, I am going to finger fuck your asshole while my cock takes your cunt!"

"I have a better idea" Dan told him as he pulled out of Sam. "Dave, It's your turn, but I want to see her sit on your cock and ride you." Dave laid down on the bed, and the other men made sam sit on him. First, they made her slide her cunt back and forth on his cock before they put it in her. "now, I want you to slowly slide down his pole until it it buried all the way in you" "I want to watch your pussy slowly fill up with his meat!" Sam did what he told her to do with pleasure. Not only was she getting all the sex she could handle, but she was enjoying being told what to do. By the time she had all of his cock inside her, she was ready to beg him to take it out. He was so big, that she didn't think she could handle it much longer. "Now, rub back and forth on him." "yea, that's the way, do you feel how his cock is twitching and jumping inside your sweet little pussy?" She did, and now she was getting used to his size, and was enjoying it alot. "Now I want you to go up and down on his meat." "Ride him hard!" She did exactly that. As she rode him, he pounded her back with his cock. Without warning, she screamed as she came again. After she came back to her senses, Dan told her to let jim fuck her from behind for a minute. He slid his cock in and out until it was lubricated from head to shaft.
"Now,lets see how well she takes cock in her ass." Dan told Jim to spread her ass cheeks wide and slowly slide his cock in. He did exactly that. He pushed deeper and deeper until his entire shaft was buried in her ass. Sam enjoyed being ass screwed, but she was in for a surprise. Dan was pushing her down on Davids cock now. She was going to be double fucked. Davids cock slid easily into her at first, but it was tight going quickly because of her ass being full too. It took a couple of minutes, but soon both men were fucking her hard. Dan was getting off on watching them. "fuck her good and hard you two" "I love watching both her pussy and ass being filled so full!" "Now, one more thing would make this picture complete."

Rick, why don't you bring your meat over and give her a little snack." Rick pulled his cock out of his pants and put it to her lips. Sam opened her mouth quickly and sucked his shaft down her throat. She licked him like an ice cream cone, and sucked him like a popsicle. She rolled her tounge around the head and just about drove him crazy. He started working his shaft in and out, deeper and deeper down her throat. "suck my cock good there" Rick told her."get it good and hard, and maybe I'll fuck your sweet little ass while Dan fucks your cunt again." Dan started playing with himself as he watched her get her mouth, ass and pussy filled with so many cocks. watching her get fucked in so many ways was getting him hard as hell. "Don't come yet you two. We have the whole night to go." Jim pulled out of her, and signaled to rick. "Your turn. You'll enjoy it." Rick plunged his cock in deep with the first thrust. "after Dave takes a break, You are going to sit on my cock and fuck me. Dave took the hint, and lifted her off of him. "I want to see this" He said. "turn around, and make her sit on your cock." after they got situated, Dave and Rick spread her legs so the three of them could see her ass get fucked. Dan came up with the dog again. "She is going to get more than ass fucked." He spread her pussy wide again, and she felt the dogs tongue go up inside of her again. She was getting a little bit sore, but it all still felt so good. The lab licked her harder and faster. She squirmed on Ricks cock which made him harder. He fucked her faster as the dogs tongue was hitting both her pussy and his cock. she slid up a little so they could both be licked by the dog. with a groan, he slammed his cock deep inside her ass and blew his load. He couldn't have held it in another second. Sam came again within seconds after Rick. "Well guys" Dan said "it looks like it is going to be up to the three of us to keep her well fucked tonight"!!!!!!!!!!

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