Help me Daddy again

Help me Daddy again

Hi Daddy I am home, said Amanda as she came through the front door of the house. I hope you don?t mind, Sari is with me and we are going to hangout together for a while.

Not a problem thought Bob, as he put his feet up on the sofa and opened up a beer.

Amanda was now 18 and she had blossomed since the incident with her Father a year ago. Her long blonde hair had been trimmed short, her breasts had developed another couple of inches and she had kept her slim trim waist and cute little butt.

Sari, however, was a cute small Asian beauty with small perky breasts and a slim tight body. She had visited before but this was the first time that Bob had been in the house alone when she visited as his wife, Martha, had gone to visit her sick Sister in California.

We are going up to my bedroom, said Amanda, and proceeded upstairs with her friend.

Bob casually looked round to see them both ascending the stairs and watched with pleasure as their thongs showed slightly above their hip hugger jeans. He relaxed back down on the sofa and took a swig of his beer, after all this was his daughter and her best friend.

After a while Bob got up to go to the bathroom. He ascended the stairs and as he passed Amandas room he noticed the door was slightly ajar. He glanced in and what he saw gave him an instant hard on. There was his beautiful daughter, face nestled between the thighs of Sari giving her the licking of her life. Saris back was arched with pleasure as Amandas tongue did its work, suddenly she caught her breath and stifled a scream as the waves of orgasm hit her and she closed her thighs over Amandas face.

Bob moved hurriedly to the bathroom but in doing so stumbled against the table in the hallway. Is that you Daddy shouted Amanda as Bob stumbled in to the bathroom. Yes, Honey shouted Bob as he took his erect penis and strained to make it point in the toilet. I will be out in a minute he said.

As he left the bathroom he went to Amandas room where she and Sari were sitting on the bed as if nothing had happened. Daddy, the shower does not seem to be working right, Amanda said, can you fix it? Bob walked into the shower and saw that the faucet cover had come off and just needed to be reattached with a screw. I will go and get a screwdriver, he said, and proceeded downstairs.

When he returned upstairs he found the girls in their robes waiting for the shower. The thought of the two of them in the shower together made his penis expand in his jeans much to the delight of them both. It wont take a minute said Bob as he worked on repairing the faucet.

Nearly finished he said as he heard a noise behind him, and continued with the job in hand. I hope you have fixed it Mr. Jenkins, said a husky Asian voice. He turned and saw Sari standing there with her robe gaping open showing cleavage and tuft of brown pubic hair. His mind went crazy, this was the girl that his daughter was so anxiously eating her pussy a few minutes ago. By now his penis was almost bursting through his jeans and Sari had certainly noticed it. Mr. Jenkins, I think you like what you see, she said. Have you fixed the shower?

Yeeeess stammered Bob as he stared at Saris beautiful body. The light from the window showed through the light silk robe showing the triangle of brown hair between her legs and the dark brown nipples standing firm underneath her sheer robe. Oh good she said as she slid the robe from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I just feel like a shower as she stepped naked past Bob and turned on the water.

Bobs mouth was wide open as he viewed the gorgeous body in front of him. Mr. Jenkins, Sari ordered, come in here and help me soap will you? Bob, not believing his luck got up, removed his clothes quickly and stepped into the shower. Amanda was right said, Sari, you really do have a nice prick. So that was the instrument that deflowered my best friend she said cupping both hands around it. She was right, it is a beautiful item, may I kiss it.

Bob did not have to answer as Sari dropped to her knees, put her lips around his throbbing head and proceeded to lick and suck every bit of his manhood. She took the head in her mouth, sucked down some precum, licked the length, sucked each testicle in turn then proceeded to deep throat it. Bob thought to himself I am not going to shoot my load in this pretty mouth, I want more.

At that moment he was suddenly shocked with the cry, Daddy what are you doing? Amanda had walked into the bathroom and seen her Father with her best friend. Nooothiiing Darling stuttered Bob as Sari took his dick out of her mouth and wiped her lips with her fingers. Not true, said Sari, he tastes just as good as you told me. Come and join us.

Amanda dropped her robe, Bob noticed her breasts had rounded since their last encounter and she had completely shaved her pubic region. Her labia lips now seemed spread well probably from previous activity with Sari and she had a knowing look as she stepped into the shower.

Bob thought, this should not be happening, this is my daughter and her best friend, I am more than twenty years older than them, but it was too late.

Amanda dropped to her knees and proceeded to finish what her best friend had already started. She took her Fathers penis into her mouth and gently moved her mouth along the length of it until her mouth and throat were full. Amanda, we were never to do this again, he cried. Shut up, she gargled, this time you are going to give me some juices to swallow. She hastened her movements, meanwhile Sari had moved behind him and was caressing his balls. Bobs balls tightened, his penis pumped and all he could hear was the sound of his beautiful daughter swallowing rapidly as his hot jism flowed into her mouth.

Amanda, why, why, said Bob. Daddy, because you did such a good job at deflowering me. But it is not over yet. Now you are ready to show my best friend how good you really are.

They turned off the shower, held hands and walked to the bed. Sari laid on the bed with her legs wide open, her small perky tits proud and erect and Amanda took her Fathers hand and placed it on Saris pussy. Daddy, taste this pussy, I love it and I think you will also. Bob got on his knees and proceeded to run his tongue along the cute brown pussy lips. Sari held her breath as he neared her clit with each sweep and after many minutes Bob forced his tongue hard upon her clit then deep in her pussy. The convulsions of her orgasm were felt over his mouth and tongue as Sari released her pent up desires.

Daddy, fuck her, please fuck her screamed Amanda as she moved to get her pussy over Saris face. Saris tongue eagerly went into Amandas pussy as Bob positioned his penis at Saris opening. Rubbing his head gently against her pussy he felt the warmth of her pussy juice and eased the head into the inviting pleasure box. Sari was frantically licking Amandas pussy as she writhed upon her face, looking at her Daddy fucking her best friend. Bob went deeper until he felt as though his whole penis was being devoured by Saris wonderful tight pussy.

All at once as if by design, Sari screamed Im coming, Im coming, Amanda shouted Oh, Oh , me too and Bob said Take it Sari, take it and the three of them had simultaneous orgasms. Amandas juices filled Saris mouth, Saris juices covered Bobs prick and Bob filled Sari with his warm wet cum.

They laid on the bed together for a while and then Amanda said, I told you didnt I, said Amanda to Sari, he is good isnt he. Sari just sighed and said, you both are wonderful and fell asleep.

Thank you Daddy, said Amanda. No Darling thank you and your best friend. He went downstairs and opened another beer and put his feet up on the sofa. Sweet dreams.

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