Honey Dew pt 2

Honey Dew pt 2


Paul looked at the phone lying next to him. It took him a minute to realize what had just happened. “Shit, Dena! Beth just heard you fucking blowing me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! She said if I ever cheated again, it was OVER! What in the fuck am I gonna do?! Fuck me all to hell! I just threw away a million dollar salary for a fucking blowjob from a two bit whore! Yeah, you’re one fine looking slut, but SLUT is all you are.”

Dena sat silently. He had hired her immediately upon meeting her. She knew what credentials got her the job. The first day at the work, Paul called her into his office and locked the door.

“Look, I don’t need an assistant. There are a hundreds of interns running around here that can do what I hired you to do.” Moving in closer to her, Paul ran his hands over her ass and said, “But I think there is much more you can do for me than file.” He unbuttoned her blue, silk blouse; exposing a matching blue lacey bra. What the bra held; or barely held; were two massive tits. Normally tits that size sagged. “Must be fake ones, but who gives a fuck”, thought Paul. Paul ran his hands over her shoulders, along her collar bone, down her cleavage. He slowly pulled one side of the bra down, exposing her tit. “Ahhhhh…….yes. This meets the requirements of the position.” Cupping it, he ran his thumb over the large nipple watching it grow hard and erect. Leaning in, he took the large nipple in his mouth and sucked it like a baby. He freed the other tit and kneaded it while sucking. Paul stopped long enough to remove the blouse and bra. He stepped back and admired what stood in front of him. . “Yeaaaahhhhh…..definitely meets the requirements of the job.”
Huge tits with equally large nipples, now hard from being sucked stared back at him. Paul loved tits. Beth’s nice melons were the first attraction Paul had to her. An added bonus was she was loaded!
His eyes moved down to the flat belly. It was slightly heaving still from Paul’s touch. Moving his eyes back up to her tits, Paul needed more of them. Taking one in each hand, he pulled and squeezed them. They were as fake as his mother’s dildo he found years ago, but like it, served a purpose. Dena stood perfectly still, her panties soaking wet, as her new boss bounced her tits. He stuck out his tongue and bounced the nipples across it, teasing them even more. Placing his face directly between his new toys, he squeezed them together, almost hiding his face. Fuck! Paul was in heaven! This slut was allowing him to do whatever the hell he wanted. She was the icing on his cake. He had his rich bitch at home and now this fucking hot slut to bang whenever he wanted!
Pulling himself from her chest, Paul unzipped her skirt, letting it drop. He pulled her panties to the side of her pussy lips and began to lick her clit. Her pussy was soaked already and Paul slurped up the juices. He moved from her pussy to the inside of her thigh and ran his tongue along her long legs. Dena thought she would pass out.
“Can we move, uh, to the sofa? “
Paul guided her to the huge leather sofa in the corner. He stood in front of her and slowly removed his clothing. Dena admired his broad shoulders and hairy chest. As his pants fell, she saw he wore no underwear, and also had the biggest cock she had seen. Reaching out, Dena took the cock in her hands. She stroked it gently and then took his balls. They were hanging like a bull’s. Dena sucked on his balls while stroking the cock. She brought his cock to her mouth and began teasing it with her tongue. She wasn’t sucking it, just running her tongue all over the shaft, while teasing the head with her fingers. Putting the head in her mouth, she sucked slowly; never taking more than the head into her mouth. Suddenly, Paul felt all 11 inches go down her throat! Her head was bobbing as she sucked him, and her hands playing with his balls.
“This bitch is a fucking pro!” thought Paul.
Paul wanted to cum, but wasn’t quite finished with his new toy. He pulled out of her mouth and knelt in front of her. Speading her legs wide, he dove his face into in her pussy. No more teasing, he wanted this slut to cum all over his face. He shoved 4 fingers up inside her while eating the shit out of her. His tongue ran along the inside of her lips, her clit throbbing to be sucked. Paul made his way to her clit and sucked hard. It didn’t take more than a few seconds and her body shuddered hard. Paul pulled fingers out in time for her to squirt her cum all over his face. Dena pulled him up on her. She took his cock and wrapped her tits around it. “Like to be titty fucked?” The sensation of those two melons wrapped around his cock, his balls rubbing her soft skin caused his cock to throb. Dena pulled at her nipples as the huge cock slid back and forth between her tits. As Paul felt himself about to cum, he pulled his cock away from her tits and aimed it at her face. Dena stuck her tongue out to catch as much of the hot juice she could.

Reclining on the sex sofa, Paul asked “So, Dena, do you like to travel?” He had found his answer to foreign whores. Here was a slut who could and would do it all. The only downside to traveling with her would be actually working. His cock was growing hard again looking at her naked body. Her huge tits and neatly shaven pussy stared at him as old friends now. They were his anytime he wanted them. They had fucked twice since he came all over her earlier.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I do a bit of traveling; all over the world. It’s always for business purposes, if you know what I mean.”

Following him, Dena leaned back, stretched her arms over her head, saying, “Business? What would I be expected to do?”

Paul gladly showed her and began rubbing those huge tits again. His cock was fully erect now and ready for more action. Dena saw it and leaned over to begin sucking again. Her first day on the job was full of nothing but filing…….filing her boss’ massive cock up her pussy, up her ass and between her tits.

Around 8:00, Paul got very serious. “You are going to have to play the part of an assistant while here. My wife will know immediately why you are here if she sees how good you look. She likes to drop in unexpectedly…..not to spy….the stupid bitch thinks I love her! However, she also knows I have an appetite for big tits. I want you looking like a librarian tomorrow. Can you do that? Oh! And come prepared for a long lunch. I have something to show you.”

“I understand. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Sweet Thing, you can’t disappoint me. You do very fine work.” Paul had to have her one more time and was kissing her neck as he said that. He planted her on his lap so her tits hung in his face. Paul sucked and groped at them while they fucked one last time that night.

Most men would have been exhausted by the time they got home. He was so horny from “training his new assistant”. Beth was lounging on the sofa when he saw her. Paul opened her robe, exposing her naked body. He licked her nipples and then buried his face in her pussy. Dropping his pants, he fucked her hard. No words were said, just a straight fuck. Beth wasn’t at all suspicious over this. Paul often came home tired and just fucked her. She saw it as a way to relieve stress from a busy day.

The next morning, Paul got up early for work. Showering, he began to think of his surprise for Dena and his cock hardened. Picturing it between her tits, Paul jerked off.
Beth was still asleep as he left. He had a morning routine he followed and today was no different. He sucked his wife’s tits and gave her a quick finger fuck before leaving. This was to make her think she would be on his mind all day. Well, tits and pussy were on his mind, but not the rich bitch’s!

Dena was at her desk when he came in. He almost didn’t recognize her! She was wearing a beige suit, her hair tied in a tight bun, and glasses. The suit jacket did a nice job of concealing her tits. Of course, underneath she wore no panties, stockings and a garter. Her bra was a flimsy material she thought Paul would like.

“Good morning, Mr. Rietz. Anything I can do for you this morning?”

What a slut! She knew to come in early before the rest of the staff and long before Beth might show up. Paul rubbed his cock and told her to come into his office.

Dena removed her suit as soon as she walked in. The bra had the effect she wanted. The fabric was so thin, her full tits showed through it. When Paul reached for them, it was an added sensation for her feeling it on her skin. She had never seen a man get off on tits like Paul did. He squeezed, sucked, licked and kissed them through the thin fabric until her bra was wet. Only then did he remove it. Lying her on the floor, he continued to play. Dena’s pussy was on fire and she began to finger herself. She removed Paul’s pants and once again saw no underwear and the now familiar cock. She slid the cock in her pussy and he started banging her hard. “Fuck! You’ve got one fine pussy!” Paul moaned. “One fine fucking fuckable pussy!” Dena slammed her hips as hard as she could, feeling his full cock deep inside her. Paul sat up on his knees and stretched her legs wide. His balls banged her ass as he fucked to cum this time.

Tying her hair back up, Dena smiled at Paul. “Coffee, sir?” Damn! This slut knew how to play the game! Paul didn’t know if he could wait until lunch. Running his hand up her skirt, he said, “Sure. Cream, please.” Dena read his meaning and slid his fingers up inside her. “Ummm…cream.” She leaned against the door and let Paul finger her pussy for a minute. Pulling his fingers out, she licked them clean. As if on cue, Paul’s cock began to throb again!

“Beth, this is Dena Skyling. She is the new office assistant.”

Beth looked the woman over. What a plain Jane! Beth felt secure her husband wouldn’t touch something like that. The woman was attractive, but she lacked the sexuality Paul craved. Beth had stopped by for a quick romp with Paul. His quick fuck and morning routine left her hungry for some real action. She dressed the part so Paul would know exactly why she was there. Knowing her husband’s obsession with her chest, Beth wore a halter top that allowed her tits to move freely. Her jeans were tight enough to show off her ass, but loose enough to come off easily.

“Nice to meet you, Dena. We’ll see more of each other. Paul, look at your evening schedule and invite Dena over for dinner soon.”

With that, Beth went into her husband’s office and locked the door. Dena felt a twinge of jealousy, but remembered her “lunch surprise” in a few hours.

Beth straddled her husband at his desk and cooed, “Ohhhh, Baby, I need you right now!” She untied her halter, letting her tits fall in his face. Paul wasn’t interested in fucking his wife right now, but his cock had been hard since he fingered Dena earlier. He squeezed Beth’s tits together and began sucking them. She moved her hips so her pussy ran across his cock. “You’re already so hard! You didn’t get enough last night, did you?” Beth teased. If the stupid bitch only knew! Paul moved her to sofa and removed her clothes. “Honey Dew, I don’t have much time, but let me get a good taste of you.” Opening her legs, he put his face on her pussy. Using his tongue, he separated her pussy lips and began licking all around her clit. He reached up and found those melons he loved so much. “Ummmmm…..Baby…….that’s sooooooooo good!” Beth loved to have Paul eat her out. He sucked on her clit, making her shudder, then put his tongue in her warm hole. Beth held his face on her pussy as he tongue fucked her. Paul pulled away and removed his pants. “On your knees” he ordered. Beth rolled over to a kneeling position. She felt the huge organ slide inside her. Soon she felt his bull sized balls banging her ass. Holding her hips, Paul fucked her hard. He wanted to cum, get her out of his office and go to lunch.

“I’ll see you at home tonight” Beth said as she kissed Paul goodbye. To keep her suspicions at a minimum, he reached inside her top and pinched her nipple.

“I’m sorry” he said to Dena after he knew Beth was out of the building. “Come here a minute.”

Dena went to her boss and he kissed her. “I have a game to play with Beth. It’s her daddy’s money and I can’t afford to lose it.” Dena showed her understanding by cupping his balls through his pants and squeezing them. Paul knew she understood her position. They were going to have one helluva working relationship.

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