Honey Dew pt 6

Honey Dew pt 6


Dena woke up to a warm sensation between her legs. Paul was lying between her legs licking her pussy. She didn’t move, enjoying his tongue plunging in and out of her hot hole. His hands found their way to her tits and pulled on her nipples. Dena took his fingers and simulated a blowjob with them. Moving up her belly, Paul began to lick her full tits. He squeezed them tightly together and licked. Straddling her, he slid his cock between her tits and started moving his hips. Dena took her tits and squeezed them tightly. She moved her tits in motion with his hips. ”Ahhhhh….fuck, Baby! That feels so good” Paul moaned. Dena leaned up and flicked the head of his cock with her tongue. She wanted to play with his balls, but couldn’t reach them. Paul increased his thrusts between her tits until he blew a hot wad in her face.

“Good morning, Partner” Paul said smiling.

“You are such a horny bastard. Can I expect these wake up calls to continue in the very near future?”

“Darlin’, when we leave here, you’re going to be lucky to get any sleep. The thought of what we’re about to accomplish and where it’s gonna take us makes my cock as hard as your tits do; maybe just a little bit harder.”

“I wanna fuck in the snow. Let’s go to Switzerland when we leave here.”

“We’ll go wherever you want. The world is gonna be ours in just a few days. You’ve done a great job with the money transfers. No one has said a word about any missing funds. This deal I’m working on here is gonna put millions in my…..uh, our…..pockets. And don’t forget the best part……I’m gonna own half of CBFride. I’ll have money and a fucking sexy slut at my side. What more could a man ask for?”

“Two sexy sluts, maybe?”

“Excuse me?” Paul almost chocked when Dena said that. It was something she had never mentioned before.

“I said, what about two sluts? There’s a Tahitian girl working in the bar I think you’d like. I was talking to her while waiting on you last night.” Paul still looked surprised. “She has big tits and liked the way mine tasted last night” Dena added.

“Liked the way yours tasted?!” Paul was getting turned on at this prospect.

“Uh-huh. I saw her staring at them and asked if she wanted to touch them. We slipped into the Ladies room and I let her play around. I’ve never had a woman touch me before. This slut is a fucking lesbo and knew what she was doing. She took her top off and let me suck on hers, too. I understand now why you get off on tits so much now. She wanted me to go home with her, but I explained that I wasn’t alone. This bitch licked my pussy and almost begged! I told her I would be back tonight with my companion and maybe we could resume our little meeting in more comfortable quarters.”

“You really are a slut!” Paul laughed. He didn’t realize it, but he was stroking his cock, picturing the two women. “Fuck yeah, she can join us! I love a ladies show!”

“She did a fine job of sucking my tits, but nothing like you.” Dena sat on Paul’s lap, sliding his cock inside. “You suck, I’ll fuck” she said as she started bouncing on his lap. Paul grabbed the huge tits and almost sucked them off and she fucked him hard. He couldn’t wait to see her in action with that Tahitian lesbo slut!

Dena shopped when Paul went to his first meeting. Stopping for lunch, she saw her friend from the previous night. Dena opened her dress, nearly exposing her nipples before the woman saw her. She quickly pinched her nipples so they could be seen through the fabric. Remembering the woman’s tongue on her pussy, Dena started to tingle and decided to sample this slut before taking her to Paul.

The slut saw Dena and smiled. Dena motioned for her to sit. As she sat down, Dena leaned over to her and caressed her thigh. “I like what you do. I want you all day to myself. Tonight, though, will a complete fuck-fest. Are you up to it?”

Putting both of her hands in Dena’s dress, the slut squeezed her tits. She looked around to see if anyone was looking and sucked both nipples. Dena’s hand ran inside the slut’s skirt, to her pussy and she began to rub. A finger slid into her hot hole, while Dena rubbed her clit with her thumb.

In Paul and Dena’s room, Dena took the woman into the bathroom. They were both naked and been fondling one another. Dena didn’t like the woman’s hairy pussy and wanted to take care of it. Taking her razor and gel, she lathered up the pussy and began shaving. She shaved the pussy bald. Looking at it, Dena knew she had to have a taste. She had never been with a woman, but had been eaten out enough herself she felt she knew what to do…..or at least how to get started. So far, she had been doing something right because her new friend’s pussy was nice and wet. She separated the pussy lips and ran her tongue around the woman’s clit. This drove her crazy personally, so she thought the other woman would enjoy it. Her tongue ran from the clit to the hole, and then Dena stuck her tongue into the wet, cum covered hole.

“I thought you hadn’t done this before” her new friend gasped.

Not saying anything, Dena began to finger her. The woman’s hips reached toward her finger, wanting it deeper inside. “Taste yourself” Dena said, putting her finger into the woman’s mouth. She licked and sucked the cum while causing Dena’s pussy to start throbbing.

They moved to the bed where the woman took over. She stretched out on top of Dena and began sucking her tits. She sucked, pulled, squeezed and pinched just like Paul did. Dena started rubbing her own pussy, feeling her juices covering her fingers. This unnamed woman moved herself to Dena’s pussy and started licking. Her technique was the same as Paul’s, but her tongue was so much softer. Dena leaned back on the pillows, tugged her tits and moaned.

“Don’t move” the woman said to Dena. “I have something for us.”

She went to her bag and pulled out a huge dildo. Dena had used dildos and vibrators before. This one was double headed, though.

The woman slid the huge toy deep in Dena’s pussy and fucked her. She then spread her legs and put the other end deep inside herself. “Suck my tits” she said as she began fucking herself. Dena happily obeyed and took the woman’s smaller, but nice tits in her mouth. She sucked hard on the nipples, squeezing the tits together. Thinking of Paul, she imitated him. The woman’s tits bounced as they fucked the dildo. Dena stuck her tongue out and teased the nipples as they bounced. That wasn’t enough…..Dena needed more, so she sucked them again. Fuck! She really understood Paul’s fascination with hers now! The woman pulled Dena from her chest and started sucking Dena’s tits. She grabbed Dena’s nipples and pulled them hard, twisting as she pulled. Grabbing each one in her hands, she squeezed and twisted them as hard as she had the nipples. Dena imitated her actions and began mauling the other woman’s tits.

The ladies didn’t hear the door open or see Paul come in. His meeting ended early. He stood in the doorway, cock in hand, smiling. He quietly undressed and sat down to watch. Dena was truly enjoying herself and that foreign slut was hot. He stroked his cock harder and faster as the women got rough. His balls began to ache as he watched them cum over and over.

“Ummmmm……….ahhhhhhhhhhh!” he moaned as he jerked himself off. His hairy stomach was covered in cum.

Dena went to him and licked him clean. “So, did you like it?” she asked as her nipples ran across his chest and her tongue wiped off his cum? “Make you horny?”

Paul motioned for the stranger to come over. “Lesbo, eh? Well, how does this feel?” He fingered her pussy, making her cum. Squeezing her tits hard, he looked her in the eye and said, “You’re getting some cock here. I’m gonna fuck you and you’re gonna like it.” Dena had been sucking his cock, making it hard again. She stepped back and took the stranger’s head and shoved it into Paul’s lap. “Suck it”, she ordered. The stranger swallowed the huge cock and started bobbing her head. Dena kneeled behind her and started licking her ass. She got up briefly and found another huge dildo. Dena lubed it up and began teasing the woman’s asshole with it. She eased it up her new friend’s ass. When she had it comfortably in, she started ass fucking the whore. In the meantime, the woman was starting to get the hang of cock sucking.

“Let’s move” Dena said, “to the bed.” She positioned herself on Paul’s face and moaned as he started licking her pussy. “Sit on his cock” Beth ordered. The woman obeyed. “Don’t just fuck my man, suck my tits!” Again, the woman obeyed. “Suck ‘em HARD!” The woman sucked Dena’s tits as hard as she could. Dena was getting off on ordering her around. Rolling off Paul’s face, she said, “Do what you do best now. Eat me. Paul, fuck her.” Paul pulled the woman’s ass toward him….he looked at Dena asking “which hole”? “Pussy fuck her. Let her see what a real woman feels.” Dena played with her tits as the lesbo ate her pussy. Paul fucked her hard and fast. He was fucking excited watching the slut eat Dena. The more he watched, the harder he fucked. Feeling his load build, he pulled out and shot the warm juice over the stranger’s ass.

Dena crawled from under her and said, “You are amazing.” She kissed the woman, saying, “I hope I wasn’t too mean.” The stranger ran her hands over Dena’s body and said, “No, I liked your aggressiveness. I also liked his cock!”

Paul took that as his cue to join them. He wasn’t finished. Dena knew that, but her friend had yet to meet a living sex machine like Paul. He took a tit of each of the women’s and started sucking. The girls reached for the free tits and started rubbing them. Paul pushed them both to his cock and relaxed. He closed his eyes as two tongues ran up the shaft of his cock while ten fingers played with his balls. Dena motioned for her new friend to suck on his cock. She, in the meantime, began sucking his balls. Occasionally, the girls would hear, “Ummmmmm….yeah” or “Soooooo fucking good”. Dena wanted the stranger to taste cum. She worked Paul’s balls while the slut bobbed her head up and down his cock. Dena felt his balls begin to tighten and his body go stiff. “Here it cums!” she told the slut, “Get ready to swallow! No spitting, no wasting!” The first shot of the warm, salty juice surprised her. She took it like a pro though; sucking till Paul was dry.

It was only 6:00 and Dena had spent the past four hours doing nothing but sucking and fucking. She had eaten her first pussy and watched a lesbo drink cum. In a few weeks, she was going to be unbelievably wealthy. Right now, though, all she wanted was a nap. After the flight yesterday, the endless hours of sex, the hassle with Beth…..she was mentally exhausted. Putting her head on Paul’s chest, she fell right asleep.

She woke up to banging. Looking around the room, she saw banging alright….Paul banging the Tahitian slut. He was taking her from behind, holding her tits as he fucked.
“Hey! What the hell?!” Dena didn’t bring the bitch up to the room to fuck Paul! Paul didn’t say anything about fucking the bitch outright, either.

“Love cock! Love cock” the slut kept saying.

It dawned on Dena that Paul would fuck anything with a hole. She looked around the room at the money in it. She looked at Paul’s tight ass as he banged the slut. She thought of never working again and spending her time in far away places living the good life. All of that meant more to her than Paul fucking a stranger. Beth decided to join. She got under the slut and began eating her as Paul fucked her. Her hands grabbed at Paul’s balls. Paul realized she was there and pulled out of the slut. He put Dena on her back and mounted her. The slut sat on her face. Paul fucked her, but not roughly this time. He suckled her tits instead of groping at them. The slow drive of his cock inside her brought her to a shaking orgasm. Paul let loose with her, burying his face between her tits.

They soon made up a story about a business dinner. Paul gave a fake shocked look of “running late”. They each kissed the slut and told her to return tomorrow night.

“We need to change hotels” Paul said. “That was great, but I don’t have time for afternoon or all night fuck-fests. That slut WILL be back tomorrow.”

Fortunately, they had yet to unpack. Paul called across town and got a bigger suite for them. “Oh shit! I should call the rich bitch and let her know we’ve moved. You know she’ll be calling and crying that she misses me.”

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