In At The Deep End !!!

In At The Deep End !!!

In at the deep end !!!

Reading some of the stories by my younger fellow authors on this site reminds me that there was a time in years gone by when I too was a sex mad teenager who had just discovered that his cock had other uses apart from providing a route for piss to leave his body by and providing relief at night under the bedclothes(in conjunction with a box of tissues and a fertile imagination!)

Come with me back to my schooldays and lets strip back the years from this middle aged guy and see him at around 18 and in the 'Upper Sixth'. At that age and at that time you weren't actually considered to be an adult in the UK, in the full sense of the word. That had to wait until you were 21. What a lot of bollocks! You could marry, ride a small motorcycle ( of engine size less than 50cc) and smoke at 16; you could ride a motor cycle of any size and drive a car at 17; you could vote and enter licenced premises and actually buy a beer AND drink it there at 18. At 18 you also get into the forces and kill people!

All I wanted to do when I was at this time in my life was fuck girls!

I was at a single sex school. It was called a Grammar school which meant you had to pass an exam to get into it at the age of 11. The girls in my town also had a Grammar school to go to. This was known as the Girls' High School and they also had to pass an exam to attend it.

The two schools were about a mile apart but might as well have been on different planets apart from swimming lessons. In those days before the popularity of 'Sports Centres' in most towns, the place where I grew up had two public swimming pools. One was a dilapidated dump smelling heavily of sweat and chlorine and the other was REALLY run down. My school, however, was very well equipped and had its own pool and we allowed one other school only to use it with us (and no members of the public at all) and that was the High School.

One fact I have to share with you before I get down to my story. The Grammar school was an 'all male establishment'; all the teachers (Masters, we called them) were male and because we were an enclosed society the rule was that we swam in the nude (even the Masters). No soaking wet swim wear cluttering up the school there. Yes, of course we were all very embarrassed when as first years, we were told about this, but when you've been at a school for a few months you just forget that its not completely normal. Tell you something else guys ….. when you've grown up with 30 or so blokes who you have seen every week from 11 to 18 years of age stark naked, you don't get paranoid wondering if everyone has a bigger cock than yours! You've seen everyone's first pubic hair and seen 60 balls drop! For obvious reasons when the High School girls came, the timing had to be exact to give us time to get out of the pool and get dressed and on to our next classes. When THEY were in the pool, we were of course banned from the sports block because they followed the same rule.

I never heard of this causing any problems until I was 18 and in my final year before University.
All lessons in any subject lasted 45 minutes and in 'swimming' we had training for 30 minutes and were allowed to 'play' for the last 15 of the lesson. This meant guys jumping in, splashing etc etc. We had a springboard and a 4 or 5 stage diving platform from which we would collect in groups of two or three at each level and all jump in together to see how much water we could blast out of the pool; great fun!

On this particular day I was standing alone on the very top of the diving stage. No way would I dive in from up there (or even jump under normal circumstances) but I was ' posing' ; you know, pretending I was about to do something spectacular to impress my class mates. Suddenly, someone shouted

'The High School's here !

There, looking in through the glass panelled door into the pool area (you came into the pool block from the outer corridor through a set of double swing doors which led straight through to these double glass swing doors via a 20 foot long corridor with two changing rooms leading off it, halfway down; one each side) were several girls about 17 or 18 years old. They were staring up at me but everyone who wasn't in the pool already, threw themselves into the water. I just froze. I was 30 or so feet up from the surface of the water, one of the girls staring up at me was Kathryn (Kathy); someone I'd been fantasising about for months, and I started to get an erection! Desperately covering my cock and balls with both hands, I jumped off the platform. I hit the water in the 'foetal position' and luckily managed not to castrate myself although I felt like I'd been kicked up the arse by a fucking stallion. When I got back to the surface, the best thing I can say was that my erection was no longer with me. I peered up at the door and saw to my relief that someone had got the girls away .. hopefully, locked them in the other changing room.

Somewhat nervously, we all went into our changing room and got dressed. Most of my mates had seen exactly what had happened to me and as you can probably guess I came in for a lot of rather basic 'schoolboy' humour.

I'm sure that before day was over, I'd become a legend throughout the school, but imagine my feelings when I finished for the day and found Kathy waiting for me at the bus stop!

After a little artificial conversation about non essential matters, she suddenly, with a deep crimson blush, asked me if I was feeling all right after my plunge off the top of the diving stage. I asked her what things had looked like from her side of the door and furthermore how she had come to be there anyway. It seems that a few girls, Kathy amongst them had had a free period before swimming and had decided to stroll across town and get to 'The Grammar' early. Normally, they would have waited for the school bus. Without thinking they had walked straight into the sports block and as nobody had stopped them, made straight for the changing rooms. On hearing the shouts and splashing they had decided to 'have a peek' and without thinking how they usually 'dressed' in the pool had suddenly been confronted by a lot of naked boys, mostly known personally to all of them (but not with 'their bits on show').

She asked me again if I'd hurt myself and I asked her what exactly which part of me she was concerned about and why. She said that she knew I fancied her (seems I hadn't been as subtle as I thought I had!) and she had been waiting for me to make a move. I said that she had an advantage over me; she had seen 'my goods' but I hadn't seen hers. I assured her that everything was still in working order and getting bolder, suggested that she should personally inspect it to make sure.

The bus came and we sat on the top deck, at the back and I, with her being so close I started to get hard again. I took her hand and placed it on my stiffening cock. She tried at first to pull away but I held her hand on the front of my trousers until it was fully erect and throbbing under her touch. I leaned across and kissed her on the mouth brushing my hand on her breasts as I moved in. She opened her legs slightly and I put my hand on her knee and ran it upwards. I reached mid thigh before she pulled my hand away, whispering 'not here'

We lived in the same street and I knew my parents wouldn't be home for an hour or so. I also knew where my dad kept his condoms and so with a pounding heart I took her to my bedroom where I stripped to my underpants ….. well she'd seen it all before … but at the last moment I was embarrassed about her seeing my full erection close up …. what if it wasn't big enough? …. what if she laughed at it? Very gratifyingly, she took hold of it through my underpants and gasped before carefully pulling them down … and gasping again at the sight of my cut 7 inch cock with a glistening drop of pre-cum already weeping from the eye!

With trembling hands, I undid her blouse and freed her breasts and then pulled her skirt down and then her tights and knickers. I opened the condom and rolled it onto my cock and pushing her back onto the bed, pulled her thighs open and guided my swollen, throbbing erection into the centre of her pubic forest. No time for foreplay …. I didn't give a thought about her virginity … I just wanted to fuck her. Its all I had thought about for weeks and she wanted to be fucked and she wanted me to fuck her. I nudged the swollen purple head in through the glistening soaking pussy lips and into her cunt; she cried out (thank fuck we were alone in the house) as I ripped her hymen apart and then I was through and sinking everything I'd got into everything she had to take it. I pounded into her, sweat rolling off me; her tits bounced in front of me; Christ they were big! I got faster and faster and suddenly lost control and with a groan shot jet after jet of spunk into the end of that condom.

I pulled out and knotted the rubber while she lay back and frantically rubbed her clit to a back arching orgasm.

Afterwards she suddenly got very embarrassed and had to go to the bathroom. I watched her wash herself down and get dressed and then I made sure that we had left no traces. I cleaned up and walked her home, burying the condom in public park rosebed on the way. Her mother was making tea in the kitchen and waved at us as we walked up the drive.

'You two look as though you've been on a hot date!' she joked at the door, as I gave Kathy a little peck on the cheek and said I had to go home as I'd got rather a lot of homework to do.

Kathy turned to follow her mother indoors, but not before I'd slipped a note into her hand telling her I'd meet her out of school on the following day.

So started my first serious relationship.

Well it lasted months rather than weeks!

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