Jane the Sequel Part 2

Jane the Sequel Part 2

Jane phoned me a couple of days later.

“Thanks for a wonderful day on Sunday” she crooned. “Pamela hasn’t stopped talking about it. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it either. It makes me quite randy just to replay some of what we did together in my mind.”

“Well, I had a fantastic time too” I replied. “It can’t be many men who get to make abandoned love to both mother and daughter, not just any old mother and daughter, but two such very sexy women”

So I take it you’re up for some more of the same?” she laughed.

“Any time. I know we said we would not get into any committed heavy relationship, but if we can keep having fun together, why not?”

“You know when I first met you again, I said I had learned to rely on my imagination to fantasise when I satisfied myself, and you said you did too? Well, I have been thinking about that, and I would like to bring some of those fantasies to fruition. Of course if I explain all that to you its not so much fun, but I would be happy to have you play out your fantasies too.”

“That sounds like we have light years of different fun scenarios in front of us” I said.

“You were quite a hit with Pamela, too, you know” she went on, “and I think she has some fantasies of her own that she may like to pursue with you.”

I could hardly believe my ears. To have shared her daughter with her on one occasion was one thing but was she saying her daughter wanted to see me independently?”

“So how about next Sunday and come down to the house. If your wife is in Germany, nobody else will bother if they see your car in the village. Shall we say 10 like last week?”

My first surprise was on arrival. Jane opened the door and gave me a warm kiss, and I noted she was more fully dressed than on previous occasions. She had a white blouse on, and through it I could see a white bra. She had a long skirt down to her ankles, though as usual her feet were bare. But behind her at the door were Pamela and another girl. Pamela waited her turn then gave me a big cuddle and kissed me on the lips, just letting her moist tongue peep out to tease me. She wore a summer dress, thin shoulder straps holding up a plain bodice front and full flowing skirt to her knee. I presumed she wore no bra as there were no signs of straps. Her legs and feet were also bare I noticed. Then they introduced me to the other girl who was hovering somewhat shyly behind Pamela. She wore large earrings and had a short haircut with two bangs down over her cheeks. She had a lovely face, round and chubby, with full pursed lips and a beautiful smile. She wore a bodice top again with thin shoulder straps, and no unsightly bra straps visible, and a skirt like Pamela’s, but it was her figure that really attracted me at first sight. She had what I would call puppy fat, on her shoulders and arms, and on her body, which gave her a rounded cuddly appearance. Her breasts seemed large but not unduly so, and I took her into a hug as she was introduced and kissed her on the lips. I felt her tremble, then she rallied and gave me an open mouth kiss with her tongue probing my lips and seeking my tongue. I tentatively moved my hands in our hug to run down over her back to her hips, and she was delightfully soft and full fleshed. We broke apart and she gave me a wicked smile, before Jane said,

“OK, introductions over, lets have a drink then you girls can off to Pamela’s bedroom, while we go to my room. Perhaps you can join us later if this gorgeous man agrees.”

We had a drink and chatted, then Pamela and Lisa went off to Pamela’s bedroom, but not before I caught Lisa giving me a long lingering look with the faintest hint of a smile on her lips. I sensed she was looking forward to later.

Jane and I rose, and she came into my arms. We kissed again, this time long and soft, our lips brushing sensuously, our tongues just touching, everything very calm and controlled, just holding each other close. When we broke apart, Jane took my hand and wordlessly we headed for her bedroom. As we entered she gave me a complicitous smile, and I saw she had soft leather cuffs attached to the side rails of the bedhead and to the legs at the bottom of the bed.

“My fantasy for today” she said, watching to see my reaction. “For me to be held first, but perhaps later for you, and who knows, for Pamela or Lisa”

I noticed too on the bedside table a number of vibrators and a strap-on dildo lying with lube, and on the floor by the bed a small tease whip.

“My fantasy is there. Everything else is up to you for the moment, though you have had my mouth and my pussy, and I would like to try elsewhere” she whispered, a flush rising on her neck, a sure sign of sexual arousal just at the thought of it.

I now understood the blouse and bra. She wanted to appear normally dressed so that she could feel she was being made to undress or was being forcibly stripped by me.

“Right” I said, assuming a tone of authority “get on the bed on your back to start with, your arms and legs stretched to the cuffs.”

She took a deep breath, and quickly climbed on the bed, taking care that her skirt still covered to her ankles and adopted the position. I worked round her, fastening her wrists and ankles in the cuffs.

I then decided to let her lie there and think of what might happen next, and I turned and left the room. I knocked on Pamela’s bedroom door and when she opened it a crack, I said

“Can I come in, I have left your Mum tied up to contemplate her day for a while.”

“Of course, come on in, we have nothing to hide have we Lisa” she giggled, opening the door wide. I walked in, noting firstly that Pamela had removed her dress and was naked save for a pink thong. Her breasts were as inviting as before and her legs long and smooth and very sexy. Lisa was lying on the bed watching me with interest. She still had her bodice on but her skirt had gone, and I was immediately drawn to her long legs with slightly chubby thighs and her little cotton knickers, above which her tummy and belly button were enticingly exposed to the foot of her bodice.

“I feel overdressed” I said, eyeing the two teenagers, “and when I go back to Jane I should really be naked and ready for action.”

Pamela giggled again and came into my arms for a sexy open mouthed kiss while she started to unbutton my shirt, and slide it down off my shoulders. I was aware of Lisa moving, and she came up behind me and removed the shirt altogether. I then felt her press herself against my bare back and her full bodice covered breasts pressed firmly against my back, as she dropped her hands to the waist of my trousers. As Pamela continued her kiss and began to caress my chest with her soft hands, teasing my nipples, Lisa slipped her hands round my waist and undid the catch on my trousers before taking the zip and undoing it. She quickly ran her hand across the front of my trousers before taking them and pulling them down. I obliged her by stepping out of them, and she pressed her breasts even closer against my back, started kissing my neck in little moist pecks, her lips alighting on my skin then her tongue licking it gently, before moving an inch or so and repeating the kiss. It felt heavenly and her hands now openly caressing the front of my briefs had a rapidly hardening member to handle. As if in unison, both girls then knelt and together removed my briefs, and I felt the delicious sensation of Pamela’s tongue on my scrotum and then licking up the blood engorged stem, while Lisa amazingly applied her tongue to my anus, which was exquisite pleasure.

“Girls you are wonderful” I said, “but if you don’t let me get back to Jane now I will come here with you now and then where will I be with Jane?”

“OK, we’ll let you go for now but we want our share, don’t we Lisa?” Pamela replied, laughing.

I kissed them both, both minxes taking the opportunity to have a last feel of my erection, before I returned naked to Jane’s bedroom. She grinned as she saw me enter, and I climbed up on the bed and straddled her shoulders so by lifting her head she could kiss my stem. She eagerly did so, running her moist tongue up and down its length, her eyes half shut, a faraway look of pleasure on her face. I then pulled back and crouched over her waist. As she watched me I smiled at her and unfastened the buttons up the front of her blouse. When they were all undone, I flipped the sides of the blouse apart to reveal her bra enclosing those two gorgeous orbs. I teased her a bit by running my fingernails up and down her bare midriff, and then bent forward to give her a passionate kiss on her open lips. I then straightened up again, and leaning back, grasped her skirt with both hands and worked the fabric up from her ankles till it was gathered in my hands at mid thigh. I let my hands stroke sensuously up her smooth thighs, taking the ruffled skirt with me till they reached the side of her panties. I then returned to her upper torso and looking her straight in the eye, undid the frontal clasp to her bra and lifted the cups sideways to reveal her pert breasts naked. I did not touch her but stepped off her body, and reached beneath her skirt to grasp her panties and pull them down her outstretched thighs to mid thigh level. She now lay before me, dishevelled and rather raunchily revealed. We exchanged grins again, and I undid her ankle cuffs, and pulled her skirt and panties off altogether before again fastening her ankles. Her pubic bone jutted up in the air and beneath it her sex lips were swollen and parted in moist invitation. Her clit peeked out of its rumpled protective hood, and I bent and quickly kissed it, letting my tongue flick it a few times. She gasped and bit her lip, and I moved up her body to kiss her on the lips, and we exchanged tongues as I palmed her breasts and rolled her firm nipples. As I kissed her, I moved to undo her wrist cuffs, and when her arms were free, between us we removed her blouse and bra. Her wrists were again cuffed and naked, outstretched, she looked absolutely gorgeous. I kissed my way back down her body, taking her nipples one by one into my mouth, pursing my lips around them and teasing her with my tongue. I licked in and around her sexy belly button, and then turned my head to go down on her, my lips and tongue paying homage to her open moistening sex, probing between her labia with my tongue, then licking sensuously down her inner thighs before visiting each of her feet and taking her toes one by one into my mouth.

I then unfastened the cuffs at her ankles from the bottom posts of her bed, and lifted each leg to attach the ankle cuff to the top post by her wrists. This had the effect of raising her buttocks off the bed and thrusting her pussy forward and uppermost, widely stretched and exposed.

I picked up two of the vibrators, a larger vaginal model and a smaller anal one. Her vagina needed no lubrication and I carefully inserted it; her anus needed some of the lube that was there, and I dripped it down over her anal area and with my forefinger worked it thoroughly around her puckered asshole, and then moved my finger into her opening, working the lube through the tight ring of muscle that guards the entrance to her back passage. Then I could ease the vibrator into her asshole up to its full length, and I switched both on to a low hum.

Again, Jane smiled with pleasure and bit her lips, her eyes closing as she succumbed to the hum of the vibrators in her twin holes. I lay down again along the length of her naked body and started to caress her outstretched arms, lightly with my fingers then just letting the tip of my nails rake her soft flesh. She wriggled and her self indulgent smile broke into the famous grin, her tongue poking out and licking her lower lip. I could not resist but moved in on her to catch the tip of her tongue with mine and then draw it into my mouth. We kissed long and hard and Jane, as if realising anew that my body was stretched the length of her, started to undulate her bound body so that her hips rubbed against my erection and her breasts softly pressed against my chest, her nipples touching mine in an exchange of erotic energy. I moved my hands to stroke her calves which were tied back alongside her arms, then rake on down her raised thighs to her tight firm buttocks. She squealed now and tried to raise her buttocks further off the bed to attract my attention. I did not let her down, but broke our kiss, and moved my lips to her buttock cheeks. I started to nip around each cheek, just very briefly letting my tongue brush across her exposed sex. The vibrators still hummed away, and I took hold of the anal vibrator and started to move it steadily in and out of her anus. Just an inch at first then more till I was fucking her anus with it. She rolled her head in pleasure till I inserted it to its full length again, and turned my attention to the vaginal vibrator. I turned up the frequency and moved it around and her juices were flowing freely around it. In one move I slipped it out and slipped my erect member deep inside her warm moist tunnel. It took her a moment to realise what I had done, but I then felt her vaginal muscles contracting around my stem, and relaxing, then again contracting and relaxing in a spasmodic pumping action. I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth as I started to thrust in and out in time to her muscular rhythms. I gripped the nipple hard between my lips and drew it out from her breast, and then just ran my teeth around its base. She bucked and I felt her orgasm start with a great shudder to her body. I could also feel her anal vibrator through her soft inner membranes, and together we stormed into an orgasmic climax that seemed to stop time itself. I felt her come and come as my jism spurted in jet after jet deep inside her. After a few minutes we subsided and I fell onto her body and released her wrist cuffs so she could immediately take me in a lover’s embrace and kiss me with her thanks. We stroked and caressed one another slowly, reflectively, until we both started to get aroused and ready for more action. She giggled as she realised I was hard again so soon, and I complimented her on the effect her naked and partly bound body had upon me.

Eventually, I undid her ankle cuffs as well, and got her to roll over. I put her into a kneeling position, and stretched her ankles apart to again cuff them to the lower corners of the bed. For the time being at least I left her hands free and she resumed an upright position. The anal vibrator was still doing its stuff, and she kept her thighs upright, not sitting back on her heels. From my position behind her now I could clearly observe through her stretched thighs her bulbous sex lips and above them, the rosebud of her anal entrance, dilated with the vibrator just emerging from her back passage. Her bottom was twitching and gyrating, and the anus itself seemed to be pulsing. Her shaved sex lips between her thighs were distended and dripping, and as I moved behind her to start kissing her back I moved my hands round her to grasp her breasts and tease her nipples once again. Her nipples felt huge, and judging by her soft moans, were very sensitive especially when I just raked my finger nail across the very tip. Once I had covered her neck and back with kisses, I pushed her forward to a proper kneeling position, so she was now supporting herself on all fours with her arms in front of her, the highest part of her naked flesh now her gorgeous buttocks. I nosed the tip of my glans against her sex lips and rubbed my penis helmet back and forth till it was well lubricated by her juices. I think she thought I was about to take her doggy style, but I surprised her again by removing her vibrator, and introducing my lubricated helmet to her winking rosebud. She gasped, then pushed her buttocks up and further apart, and I edged myself in her a fraction of an inch at a time. I felt her sphincter muscle grip me and for a moment or two I thought she would be too tight to penetrate, but then the muscle relaxed and I slid inside to the full length of her back passage. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was much tighter than her vagina, and the grip on me as I started to move back and forth was much more immediately stimulating. I reached beneath her and ran my fingers over her vulva and on up to her clitoris, allowing my sticky fingers to glide over and around her most sensitive organ. As I struck up my rhythm she thrust back to meet me, and the friction quickly built. I tried to slow down but she wouldn’t let me, and speeded up, becoming more and more voluble, gasping and almost shouting

“Oh yes, give it to me, ream me good, fuck my asshole, let me feel you plug me good and proper, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, cum with me, please, fill me with your spunk, up my ass, do it to me, please!”

I needed no second bidding and as her voice got quicker and more incoherent, I felt again my orgasm gathering deep in my loins, and in a matter of seconds I began to pump my seed into her for the second time in under an hour. She screamed and yelled, and I became aware of her sexual juices pouring from her vagina, soaking her thighs and the bed. Again, we kept the climax rolling for a minute or more, then subsided and she collapsed on the bed as I withdrew from her anus, and likewise collapsed on top of her.

There was a knock at the door and Pamela’s voice asking

“Are you alright in there? Can we come in now?”

We laughed and Jane shouted to come in.

Pamela came boldly into the room, with Lisa more timidly behind. They both giggled to see us lying in a heap. When I turned my head from Jane’s back, I saw that both young girls were now naked. I had of course seen Pamela before, but Lisa was of great interest to me. She was overall chubby, a combination of puppy-fat and a general rounded corpulence. Her breasts were quite large for her frame and had large conical dark nipples with almost inverted teats at their apex. Her pussy was almost completely shaven, with just an arrow of neatly trimmed pubic hair pointing the way to her honeypot. Her sex lips were also chubby and now swollen and parted, with a very moist vagina freely on display. She was aware of my watching her, and although I sensed her instinct was to go shy and cover up, to her credit she smiled shyly at me, but pushed her shoulders back to emphasise her full breasts, and opened her fleshy thighs wider to display and present to me the essence of her young womanhood.

Jane of course was still cuffed thighs spread by her ankles, and as the girls realised this they commented and giggled again. Then they came up to us, and both kissed me, Pamela on my back and neck, and Lisa on my lips, a wild and passionate kiss, nibbling my lip as her tongue probed my mouth. I felt hands wander down my body, and my cock and balls were teasingly tickled, before one of them took a firmer grasp of my balls and rolled them in her fingers. The other started playfully to masturbate me and I had to call a halt or I would have been shooting my load again only minutes after coming with Jane. I asked the girls to go back to their room, and with a wink at Jane I said I would join them there in a few minutes.

Jane and I kissed and I caressed her exposed body as I reached to her ankles and undid her cuffs. She rolled round and again embraced me, our naked bodies touching, teasing, as we tenderly wound down from our exertions.

I left Jane to recover and with a final kiss, went off to Pamela’s bedroom.

I knocked and entered. The first thing I saw was that Lisa was now tied down to Pamela’s bed, face up, her wrists and ankles cuffed and chained to the four bed legs. She blushed and tried to close her legs when she saw my admiring gaze, but all she succeeded in doing was rippling the muscles on her chubby thighs and drawing even more attention to her full and open sex lips. Her inner lips were very moist, and her clitoris stood proudly out where her hood peeled back with her arousal. Tied taut and flat on the bed, her body did not look fat but just richly curvaceous, her waist and belly button attracting my eye upwards to her full firm breasts, topped by large cherry coloured conical nipples, the areola rising into the nipple itself, turgid and erect.

Part of the reason for Lisa’s arousal, of course, was that Pamela had taken the small tease whip I had seen earlier, a leather handle about 5 inches long with about a dozen soft leather strips about a quarter inch wide and another five inches long. She had clearly been using this on Lisa, as Lisa’s inner thighs, her belly, and her breasts all had a reddish hue with just visible in a darker hue the imprint of the leather strips.

Pamela came across to me and in full view of Lisa, gave me a full body cuddle, pressing her breasts against my chest, kissing me passionately, and with her free hand reaching down to stroke my semi-erect penis. I put my arm round her and down to stroke her buttocks, letting my forefinger seek out the cleft starting at her waist. With my other hand I took hold of one bare breast and cupped it while pinching her full nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Our tongues locked and we stood for a few moments, just enjoying the renewed intimate contact of the week before.

Out the corner of my eye I could see Lisa wriggling on the bed, pressing her plump thighs together as best she could to exert pressure on her sex lips and on to her clitoris. Pamela I think also recognised that Lisa was being ignored but was getting hotter and hotter just watching us. She broke the kiss, winked at me and mouthed at me “Go on then, take her” with a conspiratorial smile.

I separated from Pamela and went across to Lisa, lying down beside her on the bed. Because her legs were tied and outstretched, it was easier for me to straddle one of her legs with mine, my penis lying against the warm flesh of her thigh. With one hand I stretched to the wrist on my side of the bed and started to gently stroke from her wrist back along her arm, tickling the inside of her elbow, and then along her upper arm to her armpit, shaved of course, and ticklishly smooth. As I did this I kissed her on the lips, and as she opened her mouth, a full blown French kiss, my tongue exploring around her mouth, her teeth, and her tongue. My other hand was playing with the far side of her face, stroking her ear and down her jaw, onto her neck, the on down onto her full firm breast. Her breathing became heavier as I circled her large nipples before moving in to palm them, letting my five fingers tease the flesh out to even greater firmness, and for Lisa, I was sure even greater sensual arousal in her teenage body.

My hand crossed to her other breast and repeated the stimulation as our lips parted and I kissed seductively down her neck and on to her upper chest. My fingers now left her breasts and trailed down across her belly to her navel as my lips visited each breast in turn, my teeth nibbling softly at the large conical nipples, my tongue seeking the very tips, and Lisa now rolling her head in pleasure, sighing and biting her lip, her breathing deepening all the while.

This was having its effect on me, and my penis was now rock hard against her thigh, a fact not lost on her as she tried to move against me. But my fingers had now reached her sex, and I gently flicked her clitoris before opening her moist lips and slipping first one finger then a second and third inside her.

She was having difficulty controlling her urges, and she screamed at me “Fuck me, please, take me and fuck me senseless”

I looked round to wink at Pamela and realised she had left the room. Never one to turn down a young woman in full heat, I shifted over into the missionary position, and now with both hands supporting my body above her, positioned my penis at the mouth of her vagina. I teased her a bit by just rubbing her there, before pushing in to penetrate her. She was comfortably tight, but so moist and turned on, it was a delight to thrust in and out of her.

I had just got into a rhythm when Pamela and Jane reappeared. I did a double take as Pamela had one of the strap-on dildos strapped on her naked body, and Jane was with her carrying the bottle of lube oil. They both smiled slightly wicked smiles at me but I did not miss a stroke and continued thrusting in and out of Lisa’s hot moist love tunnel, wiggling to left and right, creating contact with the sensitive nerve endings of her inner vagina, and hopefully hitting her G-spot in the bygoing. She had her eyes closed and her head was rolling and I dropped my head to once again kiss her throat and neck.

And then I felt Pamela’s breath on the back of my balls and her tongue on that most sensitive strip of flesh between my balls and my anus. The feeling of being deep inside Lisa with Pamela now licking my most sensitive skin was indescribable, and I stopped my movements, content to pause while Pamela had her head so close to me. If I had continued my fucking of Lisa, Pamela would have had to move in rhythm too to avoid being hit on every thrust.

Then I felt fingers at my anus, and I suddenly realised what was up. The strap-on was intended for me! I tried to imagine what sensations would flow through my body and in turn through to Lisa, while relaxing and allowing whoever’s fingers it was (it turned out to be Jane’s) to stroke around my puckered anus before dripping oil onto the crease and working it in and around the opening. The cool of the oil and the long thin fingers stroking was arousing enough, but Jane then dripped more oil, and now started to penetrate my anal passage with her oily fingers. I had to consciously relax to allow her finger past my sphincter, but once she was in with not one I think but two fingers, and oiling me up internally the feeling was incredible. My erection was harder than ever and still firmly embedded in Lisa, but my balls felt fit to burst and were tighter than I had ever felt them.

The next move of course was for Jane to withdraw and I looked over my shoulder to see her guide Pamela’s dildo to my entrance. Under Jane’s grinning supervision, Pamela eased the dildo, itself well oiled, into my gaping orifice, through my by now relaxed sphincter, and with a quick thrust, fill me. It was like nothing else I have ever experienced. Lisa lay, her chest heaving, beneath me, her neck and upper chest bright red with sexual arousal, her nipples dark red and full, pointing up at me and begging for kissing, my penis embedded in her moist velvet glove-like vagina, and my anus filled and sending erotic messages through to my penis.

I slowly started to regain my former rhythm within Lisa, and Pamela in her turn and with Jane’s guidance, caught on to my rhythm and started thrusting to and fro within me. My breathing was getting heavier as was Lisa’s, and Jane came round in front of me and started to caress my chest and tease my nipples as I stretched my neck back to give her as much space to stimulate me as she could.

All these stimuli were more than any man could resist for long, and as Lisa became more vocal and was really writhing with joy, I felt my balls clench and rise, and my whole groin and pelvic area became like molten lava as I began to orgasm. Pamela stepped up her rhythm and Lisa started screaming and thrashing as my cum pulsed from me in gushing spurt after spurt. It seemed to last for longer than any orgasm I could remember, and when it was nearly over Pamela slowed down her thrusts and I lay exhausted within Lisa. Then Pamela withdrew and we all ended up cuddling and kissing before I extricated myself from Lisa, releasing a great cascade of our combined orgasmic fluids as evidence of a mind-blowing session.

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