Jessica Takes It All

Jessica Takes It All

My wife worked in the mall in a popular retail store where she sold make-up. I would often come to visit her and one of the reasons I came so often is because 90% of all the girls she worked with were really hot. They often told my wife that they thought I was a cute guy and they would flirt with me when I came in. There was one women in particular that I was most attracted to and her name was Jessica. As you may already know, I am especially attracted to older ladies. Jessica was about 47 years old but she looked much younger and was very beautiful.

I will do my best to describe her although I probably won't do her any justice. She was about 5'7" and pretty slender with black hair which was always fixed nicely. She always dressed up really well for work and she usually wore a silky, button-up blouse that covered her tits very snuggly and would often show some cleavage. Her tits were definitely a full C cup which were pretty perky for her age and ever so often you could see her large nipples poking through. Her stomach was flat leading down to her crotch. She would either always wear a pair of black dress pants or a black skirt. It didn't matter what she wore because her legs looked good no matter what. They were a work of art which captivated my attention whenever I was around her. She always wore a pair of high heels, usually open-toe, to compliment her gorgeous body. Her feet were well taken care of and looked soft and moist to touch. Her legs were the same. They were long, silky-smooth, and were just begging to be rubbed and kissed. They went up to a firm, round ass which was just the right size, and you knew she would be awesome to fuck doggy style.

Every time I came to see my wife, Jessica was usually there and was always really nice and flirty to me. I often flirted back, even in front of my wife, because I knew she would never suspect me of wanting to fuck Jessica being that she was 47. She couldn't have been more wrong. I would have fucked her without thinking twice. I was tortured every time I came to the mall with thoughts of the dirty, sexual deeds I would do to Jessica, but I would never take the chance of hitting on any of my wife's friends because it was too risky. Well that would soon change.

Me and my wife ended up getting divorced which was a nightmare. Since the divorce, I hardly ever went to the mall and it had been probably six months since I had seen Jessica. One day, I was lonely and very horney and got to thinking about her. I decided that since I was a free man, I was going to go to the mall and ask Jessica out on a date. I knew she wasn't married so I figured I would have a pretty good chance. I got dressed up really nice, put some cologne on, and headed to the mall. I was a little nervous on the way there, thinking of what I was going to say to her. I walked in the mall and started down the escalator. At the bottom, Jessica came into sight from a distance, and I slowly started walking to her. Man, was she looking good too. She was wearing a black, knee length skirt showing off her sexy tanned legs which didn't need any panty hose. She also had high heels on making her calf muscles flex a little extra and her legs glistened in the fluorescent light. Across her luscious tits was a silky, white, button-up blouse and over that was a black suit jacket that she was wearing.

I stared at her the whole time I was walking to her and eventually she caught my eye and smiled as she started to walk toward me. She looked excited to see me and embraced me in a hug and said " Its so good to see you!" I told her it had been a while and that she was looking really good. She thanked me and smiled while she grabbed my arm and we started to take a walk. " I'm going on break" she said as we left the store and walked away chit chatting as she asked how I was doing. When she asked what I was doing in the mall, I told her " I came to see you, babe." She looked a bit supprised as I told her that she was a very beautiful and sexy women and that for the longest time I had wished I could just take her out on a date, but I couldn't because I was married and my wife was your friend. I told her that now since I am divorced, I was going to take her out for a date. She smiled while staring into my eyes and said "okay, where are we going." I was so excited that she had said yes, I told her we will do whatever she wants to do. After some thought, she just wanted me to take her out to a really nice restaurant after work for dinner and a few drinks. We both agreed and I left with plans to pick her up at 7:00 P.

I was hoping she would wear something really nice that night and did she ever. I drove to her house, knocked on the door, and was blown away when I saw her. She had changed into a little black dress. Black must have been her favorite color. It had a low cut top exposing her full, soft tits that had just a sprinkle of glitter on them which caught my eye. The bottom of the dress was a few inches above her knee, and there was a splitt that went half-way up her thigh. Her sensuous perfume almost hypnotized me as my mouth dropped for a second by her beauty. "You look so, so amazing tonight, Jessica," I said with great awe and sincerety. She smiled and thanked me, grabbed my arm as I led her to my car, and off we went. She could tell that her body really excited me as I was trying to conceal a slight boner while I was driving. In the car she crossed her legs which caused the slit in her dress to gape open exposing a great portion of her leg and beautifull thigh. I kept glancing over, looking at her sexy body and couldn't believe I was taking her out on a date, finally. All I could think about was making love to every inch of her voluptuous, mature body.

At the restaurant, we took our seat at a table for two that had a long table cloth on it. This was a really nice restaurant with a minimum of at least $40 per person. We talked and laughed while eating a wonderful meal, all the while I was staring into her eyes and gazing at her beauty. She had told me that she always had thought I was cute and she couldn't believe she was going out with me either, because of the age difference. I told her " Relax and don't worry. Just because we are twenty three years apart doesn't mean anything and you deserve to have some fun too. Besides, we are both adults, I'm sure we can find something fun to do." With that said, she took her foot out of her heel, and started to rub my foot and leg very softly. She looked at me with her gorgeous eyes, which were saying Fuck me and said " Is this relaxed enough for you?" I grinned and said " It's a good start."

She slowly crept her foot up closer and closer to my crotch which had an uncontrollable hard on. I reached out and grabbed her foot and started to rub it slowly and deliberately while reaching up her leg as far as possible. Her legs were just as soft and smooth as I had expected. After a few minutes of caressing her legs I directed her foot to the bulge in my pants. " Umm, is that my dessert for tonight?" she said in a naughty tone. "Well, I don't know if you can handle this" I replied in a joking manner. She said "I always love a challenge." With that said I yelled for the check and sat there for a while till my enormous boner subsided a little. I grabbed her hand and said " Lets get out of here." I led her to my car and started to open the car door when she stopped me and pinned me up against the car.

We started to make out, kissing each other passionately, thrusting our tounges into each others mouth. I caught her tounge in my mouth and sucked on it for a second. She moaned lightly and said "I could Fuck you right here." Our bodies were grinding together and creating quite a show for anyone walking by. I pushed her back enough to open the door and she got in the car. I no sooner started the fifteen minute drive home when Jessica reached over and unzipped my pants to pull out my cock, which was dripping with pre-cum. She smiled with excitement and said " I can't believe your wife left that! " She leaned over and started to rub her tounge up and down my cock, swirling her tounge around my purple knob. Then she put her lips around my cock putting as much as she could in her mouth sucking and moaning. It was all I could do to concentrate on driving and I was going as fast as possible because I couldn't wait to get Jessica home and fuck her over and over again.

Just before we arrived home she was sucking my cock with all her might. She was giving one of the best blowjobs I had ever gotten before. " God, you are so fucking good" I said as she kept sucking and licking my cock which was given me absolute pleasure. " I'm going to cum, I'm cumming! " I yelled but she kept going and sucking until I shot load after load of hot cum into her mouth sliding down into her stomache. This nearly caused me to run off the road. She kept sucking till she got every last drop of cum out of me. When she was done she grabbed a napkin and wiped off her mouth and sat back in her seat still licking her lips and said in a naughty tone " Umm, that was fun and tasty." I couldn't believe how freaky hot and horny she was. " I'm going to tear you apart" I told her as I was pulling into my garage. I zipped up and took her inside and got a bottle of wine out and poured each of us a glass. She went to the bathroom to freshen up a little while I turned on some music to dance slowly to. We drank a little of our wine and started dancing. I held her body close and kissed her soft lips and then her neck. This sent a shiver through her sexy body and made her weak. My hands started to explore her amazing body inch by inch. I cupped and squeezed her round tits and pulled her shoulder straps off. underneath she was wearing a black lacy bra from which you could see her erect nipples very clearly. My other hand started to rub her leg through the slit in her dress and I reached around to touch her panties.

I could feel the wetness of her pussy on her panties which were a black sheer material and I couldnt wait to eat her out. I led her into my bedroom, which had a king size bed and I pushed her down onto it. This made her giggle and she waived her finger at me in a playful manner. I took off my clothes exposing my hard on and continued to pull her dress completely off and tossed it aside. She was lying there in just her lacy, black bra and black, sheer panties. She was so hot and I could see straight through her panties leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed around her pink pussy. She saw me looking at her and said " Come here and eat my pussy like a good boy." I started with her soft, smooth legs and began to kiss them very slowly, making her moan and coo as I got closer to her soaked pussy. I could have kissed her legs for hours they were that amazingly sexy. I made my way to her pussy finally and pulled off her sticky panties and began to kiss around her swollen lips and lick up her juices. She could hardly stand it as her hips and legs kept moving as I dove into her sweet spot sucking on her tasty clit. "God you taste so good" I said to her, stopping just for a second and then diving back in. I fucked her hole with my tounge and swirled my tounge around her marble sized clit, all the while she was moaning and swearing. "Right there, don't stop, right there…" She said over and over. I did what she told me and licked her clit till her hips shook and all of the sudden her clit twinged as she drenched me with her orgasm. I didn't stop and I kept licking a few more seconds until she came again shooting her pussy juices all over me. "Fuck Yah, that was awesome" she said lying there paralyzed for a minute or two after she had just soaked my face and the bed with her cum.

"Your pussy tasted so good" I told her lying next to her giving her a chance to recover. I started to kiss her neck softly and her tits while I pulled her bra straps off. She unsnapped her bra and it came flying off showing her beautiful tits with large, brown, erect nipples. They were extremely smooth like the rest of her body and firm to the touch. As I started to suck on her nipples she told me she liked guys to be rough with them so I sucked extra hard. While I was sucking on one my other hand was twisting the other making her lips utter a deep moan. Her tits were a lot of fun to play with and it really turned her on. This was apparent when she yelled out " Get on top of me and FUCK my pussy! " I spread her legs and placed my cock at the edge of her sticky lips, rubbing them so my dick would get nice and wet. I gently slid my tip into her and then my whole dick as far as I could go. God, she was so freaking tight and warm which felt really good as I started fucking her hard making her big round tits bounce with her body. I filled every inch of her hole with hard dick and I wasn't wearing a condom so it felt extra good. I had to stop for a second so I wouldn't blow my load too soon, but then got right back to it. She was talking dirty to me the whole time saying stuff like " Fuck me hard you bad boy" and " I bet you like fucking my wet pussy! " This made me fuck her even harder.

I stopped and turned her over so I could fuck her doggy style. I got into position and slid my dick past her swollen lips and into her pussy. " Oh God, your pussy feels so good! " I yelled out as I pounded away making a loud smacking sound with our bodies. "Oh,oh,oh…OH GOD" she said with almost every thrust from my dick. She felt better than I had ever imagined as her lips tightly gripped my dick while it slid in and out of her hole. Oh know, she felt so good, I could tell I was about to cum inside of her so I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could yelling " Oh Jessica!!!!!" I filled her warm pussy up with my cum and pulled out collapsing next to her. " I'm sorry baby, I had to come early because you felt so fucking good." " Thats okay because we aren't done yet" she replied as she wiped the excess cum off of her vagina with a towel. She lyed next to me and kissed me and we fondled each others body for a while. I was playing with her hard nipples and sucking on them for only a minute when she pulled away and started to suck on my cock which wasn't very hard. It didn't stay that way for long and before I knew it, my cock was hard again and ready to fuck Jessica some more.

She jumped on top of me, placing her sticky,wet pussy over my dick, and shoved every inch of my cock inside of her body creating a moan from each of us. I started to suck and twist her nipples making them super erect. I enjoyed watching them bounce and flop up and down as she would occasionally fuck me really hard. She was so freaking hot to watch and the look in her eyes was as if she couldn't believe she had such a young, hard cock inside of her. She loved being in control, deciding how slow and fast to go, while she fucked me with her amazingly tight pussy. " You are such a bad girl" I would tell her which made her thrust harder and moan and swear even louder. She kept going and going, and I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm so I put every last drop of energy I had into shoving my cock as hard as I could into her tight hole. Within the next few seconds, I felt her pussy contracting rapidly as I filled her pussy up with whatever cum was left in my body. Her mouth dropped open and all you could here was " UHhhhhhh baby, you made me cum so big." With that said she collapsed on top of me and lyed there for a few minutes to catch her breath as she rested. My dick finally flopped out of her soaked pussy along with some of my cum mixed with her juices.

She lyed in bed next to me as I covered us up and we fell asleep till the sun rose which was only a few hours. I woke up with a giant woody pressed against her body as we were spooning each other. " I guess youre ready to go again aren't you?" She said feeling my hard cock. I smiled and kissed her and started to caress her soft tits, running my finger around her brown nipples. " Lets go have sex in the shower" she said as she jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She started the water and jumped in first and I watched the warm water trickle down her hard nipples and the rest of her body. My hands slid up and down her slippery body as I helped lather her up with body wash. Her hands rubbed my body up and down with soap, spending extra time on my cock. I loved rubbing my hard cock over her soapy body and across her soapy pussy. After enough playing around, she put her hands against the back shower wall and I got behind her to bend her over. I placed my cock between her legs and began to rub her lips and then I pushed my cock inside of her fresh vagina. It wasn't often that I got to fuck a beautiful women in my shower so I was loving every second of it.

Her lips gripped my dick tightly as our bodies smacked together with every thrust. "let me know when youre going to cum! " she said. I said okay and continued to fuck her hard one last time before she had to go to work. I reached up and squeezed one of her wet tits while my other hand was gripping her hip as if I were holding on for dear life. I felt the urge to explode inside of her so I said " Ready or not, here I cum! " To my supprise she removed her pussy from my dick and turned around as fast as she could without slipping, and put her face in front of my dick. She started to jack me off the rest of the way, while saying " cum all over me baby! " Within seconds cum was shooting out of my dick all over her lips and half of her face! She kept stroking me to make sure she got every last drop of cum out of me and on some part of her body. Cum was all over her lips,cheek and forehead. I even got a little in her eye. I stood there, still shocked as she licked her lips and washed the cum off of her face in the running water.

" Did you like cumming all over me?" she asked. " OH hell yah, we have to do that again" I replied as we got out of the shower and toweled each other dry. I thanked her over and over again for such a great night and morning. She smiled and thanked me back. " It's been a long, long time since I have had a night like last night" she said as she kissed me and hurriedly dressed for work. I drove her to work with my hand rubbing her leg. "I wish I didn't have to go to work so we could fuck all day" she said. I told her to go to work so it will give me time to save up for tonight. She smiled excitedly and we made plans again that night to get together but you will have to read about that in


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