Kristi and the high school boy

Kristi and the high school boy

My wife and I have been married for 11 years now she is 32. Kristi is 5’6”, weighs in a 118 dripping wet and has looks to match. She is brunette, top and bottom with a neatly shaved pussy.

We have had great sex for years, 3 to 4 times a week, but sometimes she gets really aggressive and we spend a whole day trying to set a record for how many times we can make each other cum. I got her to 7, she got me up to 6 times in 18 hours. I love those days.

Last week we got a card with a family photo from some friends. Their son in the photo is 18 and just graduated high school. My wife made a comment that he was very good looking and she would bet the girls were keeping his cock hard all the time. I asked her if she would like to make his cock hard as well. She looked a little shocked and then asked if I would have a problem with that. I thought about it for about 1 second and said, you obviously want to and that if you’re going to fuck some 18 year old, that it would be better if we didn’t know him personally, I would watch and maybe give direction. She immediately smiled, started stripping and made me fuck her right then.

The next day I drove by the local high school just as school was letting out. I spotted and good looking boy walking, that looked old enough to be a senior and I stopped and asked him if his girlfriend was around. He looked at me kind of quizzical and said no I don’t have a girlfriend. I then explained why I asked. I told him what my wife wanted to do and he said no thanks, I’m sure she’s a real looker, thinking she was a dog. I pulled out a picture of her in a swimsuit and he dropped his jaw slightly. “This is really what she looks like”? I replied, no she looks different with nothing on.

His name was Jack, and he was now interested. He asked about strings attached and I told him there were no strings, do whatever the two of you want and maybe you’ll get invited back sometime. I could see a bulge in his pants now just thinking of fucking my wife.
I told him to jump in and we’ll go get started.

When we arrived at the house, it was 3:40, I opened the door and in he went. Jack was about 5’9” same as me. He had light blond hair and was fairly good looking. He was thin, I’d say about 135-140 pounds, I’m about 160 lbs and have slightly more muscle. I’m hung 7” when hard and I was just about to see what I brought home for Kristi.

Kristi came out from the bedroom, wearing a robe. That usually means she’s ready for action and I knew she was ready for this. She took a look at Jack, walked up to him and immediately started kissing him long and hard. I could see his pants tenting even more indicating he might be hung pretty well. He pulled his hips back slightly as not to push his stiffening cock up against her, indicating he was somewhat shy about what was going on. Kristi reached down, pulled on his ass to make him force his cock up against her mound. She started a slight moaning, pulled back from him and then went in for a deep kiss, she stuck her tongue all the way in and he did the same, next she was sucking his tongue like she was giving it head. He just stood there with his tongue out of his mouth while she sucked in and out of here mouth.
Jack started pulling her ass into him to get closer to her pussy. Kristi stopped sucking his tongue at this point and backed up a step. She looked at him and asked, “So what is your name? I can’t spend all afternoon sucking and fucking the cum out of a young buck that I don’t even know his name.”
The boy replied, “My name is Jack, and now that you know my name, your pussy is mine.” With that he reached forward, pulled Kristi’s robe off and she stood there naked as can be, nipples standing up hard as a rock. Jack leaned forward and started sucking them while still standing, Kristi starting moaning again. He then reached under her and put a finger in her sopping wet pussy. Again she moaned only louder and started taking shorter breaths. I told Jack to stop using his finger and use your cock because she was ready to cum for the first time. He did what I asked, backed up a little and Kristi started pulling his clothes off in record time. When she got to his underwear, it was apparent his cock was going to be huge. There was a large spot of wet precum on his shorts. Kristi stopped before removing them and started sucking on the wet spot, licking it with her tongue. Jack was now moaning and couldn’t wait any longer. He pulled his shorts off and let his full erection free of its bondage. Kristi’s mouth now gaped open as she looked at his boys large cock. A good 8.5 inches and big enough around she couldn’t close her hand around it.

Kristi was now in need of some deep fucking. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the couch directly behind her, pushed him on it to sit down with his stiff meat pointing straight up. She reached under him, between his legs back to his asshole and slid her finger along the bottom of his scrotum all the way up to the tip of his cock. She was pumping for more precum to lube this monster of a cock so she could take it easily.

After smearing the precum all over the head of his throbbing cock, Kristi started to mount the young man. As she attempted to get his cock in her pussy opening he grabbed her hips and tried to push her down onto him even faster. Jack needed to cum more than she did. Kristi was becoming more frantic but couldn’t seem to line up so after a few seconds of fumbling, I stepped forward spread her pussy lips with two fingers, grabbed the base of Jack’s meat pole and guided it up inside my wife’s dripping wet pussy.

The head went in easily and then she started sliding down the shaft. Jack was moaning, “Oh God” over and over while Kristi now had her eyes rolled back into her head as she took this massive shaft all the way to his balls. Kristi started convulsing with a huge orgasm. She leaned forward into Jack pressing her tits into his chest extremely hard, and still moving up and down on his erection. After about a minute she stopped moving, but Jack was not having that so he started fucking up and down inside of her. The head nearly popping out each stroke, another minute and Jack unloaded his load of sperm filled semen inside of her. Jack was spending all of his energy making sure he got every last bit of this orgasm out of him and sending all the semen he could into Kristi.

I could see the base of his cock throbbing and after about the fourth squirt of semen, white milky cum started oozing from Kristi’s pussy, with his shaft still buried all the way inside of her.

After a few minutes, Jack had his senses back and he and Kristi were kissing again, his cock still in her. Ten minutes later and Jack picked her up and laid her down on the floor and started fucking her again. Thirty minutes of jack-hammer fucking and Kristi started shuddering with another massive orgasm. Jack would not stop though, he kept pounding her as deep as possible until once again, Jack emptied his balls into her. They laid there for quite awhile, Jack still inside her, Kristi’s legs wrapped around him, keeping his cock in her as far a possible.

I looked at the time and Jack and Kristi had been at it for and hour and Jack needed to get going. I told Jack that he might be asked back sometime and Kristi jumped in and said “Jack, you will be back, not sometime, but a whole lot of times.” Jack smiled, grabbed Kristi, gave her a deep tongue sucking kiss, stroked her pussy with a finger, and headed for the door. I went with him to take him home, but looked back at Kristi and said “Be ready to get fucked a lot more when I get back, and leave his cum in you.” Kristi replied “Hurry, I need to cum again already”

After retuning home, Kristi set a new record for 18 hours, she is now up to eight.

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