love, cowardice, and coco puffs

love, cowardice, and coco puffs


Those beautiful blue gray eyes that I could lose myself in forever. Just starring back at me as we embraced. Her small supple breasts rounded tightened ass, those big voluptuous lips, and those creamy thighs all made up the object of my UN dieing affection the events that took place over the last few days that should have been swimming in my adolescent mind were blocked out. An unseen beautiful force that was my love for Fiona blocked them out. Everything about her in my mind was perfection from her fire colored hair to her radiant smile that seemed to penetrate deep into me and make me resonate with love for her. As she drifted off to sleep my mind pounded with the details of what had happened that night and the last few perfect days we had spent together.

It all started on a Monday no different then any other Monday for a senior in High school. Waking up at six am quickly eating breakfast realizing I h ad neglected that nights homework and rushing off to school. School of course was uneventful until I reached my 6th period chemistry class. As I prepared to daze off into the blissfulness that was watching Fiona during notes and praying we would be doing a lab so I would be permitted to let the smart kids I had paired up with do all the work while I again would be able to watch Fiona this time uninterrupted with things like notes.

"All right class today we will be doing a 2 period lab on all three gas laws." stated Mr. Singer with the same enthusiasm you would expect from a cat who is forced to take a bath.

This had to be my lucky day I would be spending an hour and a half doing nothing but watching the object of my affection. All was not well however because my lab partners weren’t in the room.

I walked up to Mr. Singers desk and asked "Mr. Singer where’s Ryan and Derrick?"

He replied in that drab tone that double period labs always gave him " They moved up to the AP chemistry class. I suppose you don’t have a partner now?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Well we have a group of four don’t we Ill assign one of them to be your lab partner for the rest of the year. " Mr. Singer calls out” Mrs. Irving why don’t you join Mr. Maxwell at lab Station 6 his partners have moved out of the class."

I heard her sweet voice reply "Ok Mr. S"

I stood dumbstruck at my luck now I would actually be able to talk to her without making up some awkward reason in the hall during passing time. I was jerked out of my Euphoria of that thought by Fiona grabbing my arm and saying "come on we don have all day." I followed her to our lab station to begin the lab."

"Ok well do you understand any of this?" I said. Looking at here hopefully.

"Nope" she laughed. "The only reason I was partnered with Emily and Kieran was to get a good grade in this class" Fiona replied.

"Damn that’s the same reason I partnered with Ryan and Derrick" I said slightly disgruntled.

"Well it looks like we are screwed pretty bad if we don’t get a move on." Fiona said cheerfully.

By the end of the day we didn’t get the lab paperwork done so we both agreed to do it that night at my house.


I opened the door just as Fiona was about to push the doorbell. " I saw you when you were driving up the street." I explained.

"Oh well let’s get to work." Fiona said. "Alright follow me, we can work in my room." I said while I headed towards and then up the stairs.

" Wow your house is really big.” she said.

"Yea I mostly have it to myself both my parents work nonstop. However they never fail to not take me anywhere. Thursday they are leaving till next Monday." I said

"That sucks why don’t they bring you, if you don’t mind me asking?" she questioned.

"They like going to romantic places they say. It wouldn’t make a difference to me if all they did was go get liquored up and come back every now and then that’s kind of how it is anyway. Well here is my room." I finish as we get to my door.

"Modest" Fiona said jokingly as she took in everything in the room.

"meh lets get going on the project" I replied

So we sat down and began working on the lab paperwork, which turned out to be much harder then we anticipated; after an hour we finished it and resolved to get to know one another better. After awhile of asking each other about family and friends I moved into more important territory.

"So do you have a boyfriend?” I asked quizzically trying not to sound to eager.

"No not for six months who are you with now?" Fiona asked

"Nobody, its weird we’ve been in two classes together for months and we didn’t know anything about one another."

A few moments of silence passed before Fiona said "Hey you have anything to eat here I’m starving"

"Never but my parents leave me a credit card for meals when they aren’t around. What do you want? I’m a fan of the Thai place in downtown"

"Ill try their what’s good?" she asked

"Well I really like the curry."

"Ok Ill go with the same."

So I ordered up some Thai food and we turned on the TV. By nine pm my parents still hadn’t arrived and Fiona had to go home. I went to sleep Monday with the thoughts of tomorrow and what would become of our blossoming relationship.


It turned out the Fiona didn’t show up Tuesday or Wednesday. Why she was gone none could tell me. I found out on Thursday that her grandmother that she was very close to had died.

"I’m very sorry about your grandmother, if there’s anything I can do just ask." I said to her as we walked back to our lab station. "If you’re up to it you can come over to my house and I can help you with the last two nights of homework."

"Thanks I do really need to get caught up. And my grandmother wouldn’t want me to be mopping all the time” said Fiona slightly somberly.

"Alright lets get this crap done so we don’t have anything to do for this class"

Surprisingly we got everything done in time so we departed in my car to go to my house and catch her up. Again we went to my room and began work luckily she missed two very lax days. We only share two common periods but what I found out Monday is the fact she shares all the same teachers I do for the same courses. So naturally we got done quickly again then ordered some Thai food.

"How old was your grandmother?" I asked

"103, it was her time to go I just cant stand the fact that my aunts that married into the family are trying to take things willed to other family members"

"That sucks, you said all your relatives are from out of town where are they staying?

"My house its like a war zone"

"You know if you wanted to you could stay here."

"That’s sweet but I cant"

"Why not?"

"I just cant I have to go home" she said as she got up and headed to the door.

I sighed and followed " Listen let me give you a ride.

All the sudden she turned around and kissed me on the cheek. "Really that’s sweet of you but I need to think some things over." Fiona said as she walked down my driveway and down the sidewalk.

I sat their dumbstruck with the door open pondering what had just taken place. "Does she like me" I thought allowed.


"What are you so happy about?" Fiona asked me midway through chem.

"My parents are going on a mini vacation till next Wednesday."

"Cool what’s happening at your house this weekend then?"

"I’m not having a party if that’s what your asking, but if you wanted to get away from your house you could hang out at my place till the relatives are gone."

"I don’t think I should"



"Because what?"

"Hey get to work back their you two,” said Mr. S "This isn’t social hour"

"Sorry" we said together

"Well at least come to my house to swim and hang around for a bit." I said under my breath

"Alright you gonna give me a ride?"

"Of course now lets get this crap done."

We worked zealously and ended up finishing the work on time. I drove her over to her house she got her swimsuit and we went to my house.

"Just change in the guest bathroom, you know where it is." I said as I ran up the stairs to get changed. When I went out to the pool area I was astonished she was wearing a sexy skimpy white bikini. "Nice suit" I said

She blushed the color of her fiery red hair. "Thanks" at that she jumped into the water. "Come on in "

In the middle of her sentence I was in the air at the end I had landed splashing her. When I surfaced I was in for a surprise I felt two soft hands force my shoulders under the water. I swam beneath her and came up behind her grabbing her right below her breasts. She just rested her head back on my chest and then said "I like it when you hold me."

I was lost for words and didn’t reply for a few seconds "you do?"

" I feel safe in your arms." she said softly as she said this she turned around in my loose grasp put her arms around my neck and began to kiss me she slowly slipped her tongue into my mouth and it was a moment before I responded by sticking mine into hers. I don’t know how long we sat there exploring each other’s mouths.

"Lets go to my room."

Without another sound we went to my room, as she pulled me on to the bed are lips intertwined. and time seemed to stop. When we settled on the mattress I began working my way down her body first removing her top and then her bottom with my teeth. Slowly but surely I worked my way messaging and kissing her feet to just below her pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips when I tantalizinlgy worked my tounge just shy of her pussy while I messaged her thighs beginning to work my way up back to her eye level. When I found my face between her two beautiful mounds I suckled upon each in turn. Again I was rewarded with a soft moan.

I found myself at her pussy again this time ready to move in. I began by slowly circling the edges and moving slowly inword until my tounge began to be engulfed by her snatch. Her small moans grew louder when my tounge came up for air finding her clit. Her floodgate was slowly building as she grew louder and began to thrust her pelvis into my face. Until finally she exploded with a scream of ecstasy into my wide open mouth.

Giving her a few moments to recover I mopped up her juice with my tounge. I brought my face level with hers and we docked our mouths together for the transfer of her juice.

Suddenly I found myself with my back and my swimming trunks off with fiona starring sweetly up at me behind my shaft. And only a moment latter to have it be enveloped by her mouth and her juice running down the sides. Fiona pulled lips to the base of the head and then back down to about half way while her hands moved in rythm with the bob of her head upon my member. I felt like a 13 year old when I felt my balls tighten so soon but I forced my self to keep hold. But to no avail I released my load with a grunt in to fionas eager mouth and then down her throat.

"I need you in me now" I heard her say

As I reached into my drawer for a condom my action was cut off by,.

"you dont need a condom my parents put me on the pill a year ago"

with an evil grin upon my face I put my dick right in its place. I knew a virgin she was not , but her snatch clamped me tighter then a 12 year old. With her left leg between mine, her right upon my shoulder, I pumped her tight confines. Soon enough we found a rythm, it twas getting dull, we squirmed around so I found myself opening her cunt up to the sound of delicious moans. It took naught more then 10 passed of the large hand before we found ourselves cumming together, in an orchestra of moans and groans. Kicking the soaked comforter from my bed we got under the covers and went to bed.

to be continued if I feel the need to rework the entire thing into the same format as the last paragraph.

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