Lube In The Subway

Lube In The Subway

The lights flickered, as the piercing ring of steel grinding on steel resonated through the heads of 80 people simultaneously. The mass of humans then surged forward, each doing whatever necessary to maintain an upright posture as the carriage of the tube train they were on slowly screeched to a halt. The brief flashes of pipes whizzing past in the darkened tunnel outside the windows suddenly giving way to bright lights and a tiler’s paradise. A sea of bags, jackets, and wet heads waiting patiently behind the yellow line, all preparing for the race ahead.

Juan lay buried six deep at the rear of the carriage. Clinging desperately to the last strap on the pole. Something stirred, diverting his attention briefly from the ad for Tourist Bus Tours above his head. Standing there, the woman facing the same way directly in front of him had the unfortunate habit of accidentally grinding backwards. Either it was intentional or it wasn’t. Juan knew his physics, but he had also seen her get on. He was pretty sure that she’d seen himself get on too. In fact, from behind she even looks like the woman who bustled past on the way down from the street. Given she swung her head around and smiled, it was now all starting to cum [sic] together.

This lead Juan to the conclusion that these were actions of intent. Not that it bothered him, it felt good. Too good in fact. But not even reading the Tube Map for the 45, 567th time could stop the rush of blood that was now filling Juan’s already semi-erect cock as he stood there. The skin of his scrotum was swamped with wave after wave of intense tingling across it’s wrinkled surface.

The decision to miss his stop came easily.

With the crowd inside the carriage having filtered out, the crowds bustling on the platform filtered back in, the stragglers having to fight their way out through on oncoming tide. The desperate few stand out as they go for the seats with the enthusiasm of starved Hyena’s. The gentle sway of the crowd as it swelled and shrank to let people through sealed it for Juan. The gentle grinding brushes from the bum in front had now merged. Juan could feel what certainly appeared to be an arse straight from the Gods themselves now gyrating against his now bulging crotch. From what he saw on the platform, it was the reason for his being already semi-erect when he stepped on board in fact. And now the bulge on the receiving end of the inescapable contact could not be hidden, at least not from the woman in front.

“She must surely be able to feel that” Juan thought to himself.

No-one else could see it though, but Juan was the lucky man getting to feel it.

The ring of the electronic bells signaled that the doors were about to swing closed. The silence of the piercing noise an indicator that the train had crushed no-one at this station, and would now proceed to the next. With a whir the outside world took off to the left beyond the windows, once again sending everyone swaying towards the rear. And then as quickly as the brightness appeared when the carriage stopped, it vanished and was now replaced with the black whizzing scenery of tunnels again.

The lights flickered as something went wrong with the train’s electrical contact, blacking the carriage out momentarily but leaving the clanging and whir of the train still forcing it’s way through the black. Not a long blackout though, but from within pitch black of the carriage came a slight whisper of breath cut short, as a hand suddenly ran it’s fingers along the length of his now throbbing member. It hadn’t escaped Juan that her body still pressed against his. A few deep breath’s halted the sudden urge to just blow his load there and then.

A quick swivel of the hips to the right, withdraw from action was the plan. The light’s snap back on, followed by a crowd of blinking idiots. The little old lady sitting not too far away recovers and smirks, diverting her eye’s to the latest skin care product ad above a distant door. But not the whole time, looking back was her prerogative. She remembers when, way back when. The bustling slows again, the whir winds down.

Within an instant a station appears. In the tight crush of the now swaying crowd, the hand on his cock hasn’t moved. Juan finds himself looking at the downwards twisted arm between them.

They were playing a game of “Hand on Cock” Chicken with “The About to Move Very Quickly Crowd”.

The hand in question was gently kneedling it’s way along his cock, paying extra attention to the tip as it made it’s way back down again. The crowd from the carriage had finally staggered onto the platform, meaning the new throng could get on. Like pouring cement, the commuters all rush in, filling every available space. But as the crowd surged and jostled, Juan now found himself face to face with the most deep blue eye’s he had seen in a long time. He hadn’t noticed her small pirouette through the crowd, but it’s hard to see through eyelids. But having seen the eye’s now before him, the good news thought Juan, is that the hand attached to the woman owning those eye’s was now stroking his cock.

Juan didn’t wish to be a party pooper. What goes around should cum around. Juan let his spare hand drop to her waist. There was no movement to remove it. Sliding his hand sideways across the belt of her hipsters, stopping midpoint. Waiting for clearance to proceed.

With a gentle quirk of the head screaming YES YES YES. With a deft displays of how to stand on tippy toes, she leans in and gently whispers into Juan’s ear “My name is Fecundity. What are you waiting for?”. The wet warmth of a tongue slowly sliding from his ear lobe sent a shiver that went right to the base of his balls, keeping the sensations in his entire lower body magnified. Juan didn’t spare any horse’s in the assault on unfastening her pant’s fastening mechanism. Dexterity can be a very handy thing at times. Within seconds Juan had four fingers scrunched together and plunged them into the now soaked mound of neatly trimmed pubic hair he found waiting for him.
The moist lips of her ripening twat enveloped the tip of his thumb as it searched for her clit. Within seconds Juan finds his scrunched fingers buried to the base of the thumb, with which Juan instinctively uses it to ravage Fecundity’s clitoris.

She bit his earlobe. Every hair follicle on his entire body, and especially his rigid cock and sac, tickled and fizzed everywhere, but nowhere more than in his undies.

The logistics of how to fuck this woman, or more particularly, how to fuck her here and now were starting to occur to Juan. It was either now, or if it was another 2 minutes, it might be all over anyway in a sticky wasted mess that would eventually form a pool in his saggy undies. For a man knows when the jiz pipes have started firing up. Juan could tell already that little squirts were now making their way towards the exit.

The emergency handle loomed large before him and within easy grasp. The matter of whether to pull the handle was not given a second thought. Within two seconds it had been torn from it’s mountings and the train was pitched into darkness as the brakes attempted to bring it to a dead stop. Ending in nothingness and eventual silence.



Having given Fecundity a head start, his slimy fingers feeling better lubricated than forty litres of KY Jelly could ever have achieved, he upped the ante a little. She pulled him tight, and as a result he knew he’d found it. His finger gently pulsating over the small thing that felt precisely like his nipple when the lights were off. The night’s were lonely sometimes for Juan.

Swishing the finger, around, across and through her clit. Each rotation or change of direction causing her to spasm ever so slightly, so slightly it was only discernable to the two of them. She could feel her moistness, she liked the warm feeling that came with her hot vaginal juice running down her inside leg. She liked it even more whenever Juan was teasing her clitoris with his thumb. With each thumbstroke she could feel it mounting. Fecundity had gushed before, whilst having the appearance of urinating on her partners, the torrents spilling all over her lovers were just huge amounts of her inviting love juices. Some found it sexy, others vomited on her.

Juan suddenly noticed his breathing pattern, somewhere in the mix it had becum laboured slightly. He certainly wasn’t heaving when he got on the carriage. Then before Juan knew it, the unmistakable sensation of his fly popping open was followed with a firm five fingered grip. Juan couldn’t see, but he could feel. And right now the direction things were going pleased Juan. The other passengers barely noticed that they were holding Fecundity up in place. The subtlety of her strokes coming from her wrists, not even arousing the suspicions of her fellow commuters with arm movement. Her hand making it’s way up and down between them.

Fecundity had wanted this long before Juan. All she knew was Juan worked four office blocks down, and left work around the same time as she did. Today was not the first time Fecundity had laid eye’s on Juan. She had a million fantasies running through her head with Juan as the starring role. The giddy notion that one of her favourite fantasies was coming true quickened her breathing. With one quick deft movement from Fecundity, Juan suddenly realised a Condom had managed to be slipped on somehow. The tricky-ness of the move involved impressed Juan. But, where did the wrapper go? His eye’s shut slightly as she guided the cock, now firmly in her grasp in the right hand, into her burgeoning dripping lips.

Having felt her warmth slowly envelope his cock, Juan slid it into the hilt: the gentle pressure of the now swollen glans pushing up against her cervix gently. The ease of entry and wetness of her now Hot Valley of Flesh and Lust only testament to the previous two Stations of foreplay. With most men, it’s usually play-station’s for two that does it.

Nevertheless, her other hand was now clutching at his lower back, the nails ever so gently starting to pierce the skin through the shirt. With every stroke of the gentle swaying motion that they now both found themselves doing, causing her eyelids to shut ever so slowly, bit by bit. The lights had not yet cum back on. Juan felt a little free space behind him, so he broadened his stroke, withdrawing the full length of his cock, the tip now nibbling at the protruding labia. Fecundity shivers in anticipation of it’s re-entry in between every stroke. Each time his huge cock descended upon her again, a whole world of pleasure would open up, with each inch that found itself on the way inside her.

It took nothing for Fecundity, the simple gesture of simultaneously stroking her clitoris in time with his thrusting sent Fecundity to a place we can all only visit very briefly, but spend a lot of time trying to get there. The only outward sign of her now building Orgasm being her head lolling backwards and to the side. If her eye’s were open, they would have been seen rolling back in the lolling head too. She was loving this.

The with the force of a million wild horses towing a really small thing, Fecundity gave into the rush of chemicals and neurological messages that now starting pulsating through every system in her body and let the Orgasm smack her straight between the legs. The realease causing Fecundity’s vaginal muscles to spasm around Juan’s cock, gripping and trying to tear it upwards in rings of contracting muscle. She found herself unconsciously bucking against his hips, and then resting her head against his chest.

Juan let his mind go free, he knew he too had just gone past the point of no return. A lonely thought wandered into being in his head. “Here cums the money shot.” With no less warning than Fecundity, though with the same desire to let it loose and vocalize what was about to happen, various muscles in Juan’s groin starting spasming wildly too. The final thrust forcing hot jism in a viscous blob to flood an already flooded area deep within Fecundity. His hot cum going sticky and clumpy in the reservoir of juice that now surrounded it.

With a sigh and deep breath, Juan found regular old breathing began to return to normal, with no further ado both Juan & Fecundity quickly tidy themselves up and tuck themselves in. No post coital “Roll over and hug me” requests on this carriage. Everything stowed, they return to an embrace. Realising he’s held onto the strap the entire time, Juan casually acknowledges the source of his now asleep and bloodless raised arm.

With impeccable timing, the lights flicker back on suddenly. At a glance it would seem no-one knew a thing. Though Juan noticed everyone staring wildly at the man now lying prostate on the floor, emergency handle in his left hand. Juan joins in with a scornful look of his own, and a few tut tuts. The blame for the incident having now been neatly delegated.

The train was going nowhere, and so the passengers found themselves forced to walk to the next Station along the tunnel, and so under direction the crowd starting piling out. Fecundity found herself with them but still holding Juan’s large hand. The grasp between the pair of them eventually broken by the moving crowd.

Looking back through the bobbing heads from a different current of people, Fecundity gently rises above the din of the crowd “Thankyou Juan”, and is gone.

Juan grasps a pole as he passes it and taking in the scene before him, inevitably causes a small pile up behind him. The bloke who just tripped into the back of Juan certainly had some names to call him as he has to stoop to pick up the freshly dropped newspaper. Then it suddenly occurred to Juan, he hadn’t actually told Fecundity his name at any point.

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