Meeting Jennifer

Meeting Jennifer


My buddies and I finally make our way down the stairs to this new Blues Club. It’s been open for a while, and it is definitely the place to be lately in town. It is packed, wall-to-wall people. Lights are low, the band’s jamming out the music, and it’s almost a job squeezing through the crowd to get to the bar, even though some of that skin rubbing is well appreciated. We agree to that fact after hitting the ‘tendar for cocktails.

As I turn to scan the crowd, there you are, my eyes find you. From across the room I can see so deeply into your eyes. They are on me, as mine are on you. We smile, and somewhat shyly turn away, getting back to our group of friends. I cannot believe how sexy you are. Talking with your friends, my eyes drink you in, all of you. Your hair lightly caressing the skin of your shoulders exposed so sweetly because of the sun dress you are wearing. Dropping lower, almost all of your back is exposed for my pleasure too. I love the heat of summer in St. Louis so much. A small, wicked, smile crosses my lips. My buddies figured out that I am not interested in them much right now, and I really don’t care.

An hour goes by, glances and smiles are exchanged between us, but it’s so crowded, and I don’t want to break up your group. So I wait and wonder. ‘I need to meet this woman, no matter what’ I think to myself. Just then my buddies want to bale, and I rode with them. What to do. What should I do? ‘See ya guys’ I say as I wave them out the door, I’m staying. I can’t let you disappear without a shot. ‘So what kind of situation are you in now Kurt? What if she blows you off before you even say hi?’ Chances can make or break, and this woman is worth the break factor………….very much worth it.

This is it, you turn my way once again and I walk over. You friends have hit the dance floor leaving you alone. As I get closer, I can see in your eyes the same want that I have. You turn shyly away from me as I get closer, I’m hoping it’s because you don’t want me to see just how much you want this too. I slowly, gently, cautiously, slip my arm around you and pull you back against me. Leaning in, my lips caress the soft skin of your shoulder. A small nibble on it, then my tongue slowly slides up to your neck, tasting you. You taste so sweet. I could die happy right now I think to myself as I say, ‘Hi, sorry so forward, but I had to meet you.’ “I’m so glad you did,’ follows your response.

No words, our lips touch so slightly, teasing, expressing the mutual desire……..but caution too. You turn and I see all of you for the first time tonight. You are beautiful. I don’t have enough eyes to soak all of you in at one time. Those eyes see all the way to my soul. I know you can feel the desire I have for you just by looking at me. Your lips are so full, almost looking as if they are begging to be kissed. I pull you closer, my hands on your hips, my eyes surveying every inch of you. A smile starts deep inside me, and you ask what it’s for. All I say is, ‘Thank goodness for sun dresses, you make his one great.’ Your nipples stand firm against the light material of your dress. That’s why I enjoyed the low back on your dress mostly. I knew there could be no bra on under there.

One last sip of our drink and I lead you to the floor. Pulling you hard against me, forgetting anyone else can see us. The music is loud, deep, hard, and nasty. Damn, I love the blues. Your hand finds my chest, slipping fingers inside my shirt you start teasing the hairs by pulling on them. I can feel your breathe against your fingers at the same time. One hand pulls you harder against me; I want to feel the heat of your body. I want to savoir your smell. Your hair, perfume, body are doing wonderful things to me. My other hand slips under your breast, feeling its softness. Slipping higher my hand covers your breast. Feeling your nipple harden even more, I squeeze with firmness, hearing a soft exhale escape from your lips. I know that you are mine for tonight now, just as you have figured the same about me. My cock is growing, filling my jeans, until you have no reason but to notice. Your hand finds its way to my crouch, squeezing, you look into my eyes smiling, feeling that same exhale escape my lips now.

I can’t believe this, but your friends interrupt, and they want to leave. You smile to them and say bye. You aren’t going anywhere, at least not at this moment. A wave and they are out the door. You lean in, ‘Don’t worry, my car’s here for later.’ Taking you back into my arms, our mouths meet, our first real kiss starts. Lips and tongues teasing. Tongue and tongue dancing together. My teeth nibble your lip, then your tongue. I want to devour you. It takes every piece of my being not to have you right there……right now.

We sit. A dark, quiet corner has a spot with our name on it. Drinks are shared. Caresses are shared. Our hands become each others. Neither can keep them off of the other. You drag your nails against my thigh, all the way from my knee to my cock. Each time you grab and squeeze. Leaning in, you wrap your hand tightly around my cock and kiss me deep. Running your fingers all over my cock, my balls. The heat between my legs is incredible.

Your dress has crept to the top of your thighs, and my hands are all over them. Squeezing, soft pinches, light tickles………..damn they are so soft. Delicious. My finger comes to rest against you pussy. God it is so hot! I’ve enjoyed women in my past, but you I will want forever. I can feel something deep inside for you, I want this forever. Slowly teasing your legs wider, my fingers feel the warmth of you even more. Your pussy is on fire. Slipping a finger under your panties, they find your pussy is so wet. My finger slips easily between the lips. I want to bury them deep inside and stroke you until you cum, but I want to make this last. I want you to remember this for as long as I will, so I only stoke you lips.

Feeling you squirm is so sexy. My fingers return the teasing you did with me earlier…. they are softly pulling the hairs of your pussy. ‘I have to have you Jennifer, and I mean soon’ I whisper to you as my finger slips between my lips. ‘I want to taste you, all of you.’ You grab my hand, and out the door we go.

“Look at this, it’s raining.’ You grab my hand tighter and try to run. I pull back. I’m imaging just how much sexier you will look by getting drenched in this downpour. I want that dress to be a second skin on you. I want o see all of that body, still covered. But peeking through shouting TAKE ME DAMMIT!

You take the keys from you purse, and open the door. Throwing your purse inside, I shut the door a push you against it. My hands are all over you, you would swear that there were more than two hands on you right now. My mind is possessed with you. I WANT YOU! Taking both of your tits in my hands, teasing those nipples harder, watching them grow more and more erect through that dress, I almost cum. You are the sexiest woman I have ever known. I NEED YOU NOW!

Buttons fly from your dress; all of your naked beauty is exposed for my eyes. I pull you onto the hood, dropping to my knees; ripping your panties free. My tongue finally finds your pussy. You taste like heaven. You are so wet, so sweet. Your pussy is dripping juices all for me. My fingers slip inside and stroke you. You are so tight. I want to be everywhere on you. I want to kiss you. I want your nipples in my mouth. I want your pussy on my tongue. I want your mouth on my cock. I want it all with you. I WANT TO PLEASE YOU MORE THAN EVER!

My fingers pull your lips wider, my tongue slips inside. I slowly fuck your pussy with my tongue. I can feel your creamy juices dripping more and more on my tongue. Your hands are pushing me deeper into you. Thighs are squeezing against my face. I can hear muffled throes of passion and desires coming from you with each and every thrust. Your pussy feels so tight wrapped around the three fingers slipped back inside. My tongue is dancing hard and soft, fast and slow, all over your clit. Sucking it. Teasing it. Feeling it grow harder. ‘Cum for me, nowwwww’ I whisper between licks. That’s all it takes. Your pussy explodes all over my fingers, tongue, and face. Gush after sweet gush of pussy cream flows from you.

I suck even more on that clit, looking into those eyes of yours, I can see the disbelief, and you cannot believe that you are going to cum again. AND YOU DO! You cum even harder this time. Your pussy is squeezing my fingers; your button grows even harder on my tongue. And you explode for a third time.

Standing and unzipping, pulling my cock free, you lay back to see what happens next. Taking my cock in my hand, I trace it up and down that sweet little slit of your pussy. My cock’s covered in those dripping juices. My hand slides easily up and down it this hard cock, which is growing harder looking at you. I look up; you almost seem in awe, watching me stroke my cock for you. ‘You like that?’ I ask. “Yes, don’t stop’ you reply. ‘Then join me.’ And your fingers spread your pussy wide and stroke your clit once again. Matching stroke for stroke, my cock is so ready to cum. I want to feel you around me. I slip the head of my cock inside you, and stop. You pull your fingers away. I direct them back down onto your pussy. ‘MMMMMMM, don’t stop, make it feel good again,’ I whisper to you.

Again your fingers are all over your pussy, and I slide my cock deeper inside. Laying your legs over my shoulders, my cock buries itself so deep, I feel like all of me is crawling inside. My cock is slowly stroking in and out of you. I want this to last. I want to remember tonight, remember Jennifer, and remember the excitement, for many years to cum. Our eyes meet, the reason for this meeting, looking deeper and deeper, I can feel your pleasures…………and you mine. I ask, ‘One more?’ “PLEASE YES……NOW!’ as you fingers become a blur on your clit. My balls are so wet from your juices dripping between your legs, slapping against that tight little ass all this time. I feel you body tighten, you are so close again. Your eyes widen…… your fingers stop…… I lean in against you and whisper, ‘Cum again………NOWWWWWW!’ As my cock unloads stream after stream of cum into you……………your pussy cums and milks even more juices from me.

Lying with you across you on the hood, I ask, ‘Are you ready to go home sweetness?’ ‘Yes I am, but to whose home for the rest of this night?’ A kiss, a smile, ‘Yours, for tonight.’

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