MILFs – Part 2

MILFs – Part 2


The morning sun felt warm on their bare skin as Constance and Betty lay on their backs by the spa’s olympic-sized swimming pool. Constance wore a skimpy lime-green string bikini that contrasted vividly with her red hair, while Betty favored a slightly more modest black bikini, which nonetheless accentuated and showed off her big breasts and round ass.

Nearby, Mark sat in his raised lifeguard chair, his mind replaying the events of late last night again and again, reliving his delicious sexual tryst with Constance. He had had the time of his life, and he was eagerly awaiting another opportunity to be alone with his mom’s friend She would be here all week, and he was sure he could find away to be with her again. His cock throbbed eagerly in anticipation. Constance had almost, but not quite, managed to banish from his brain his other long-held fantasy, one that he was sure could never become reality – sliding his cock deep into the beckoning wet pussy of his own mother and filling her full of his hot, pulsing come.

"You didn't!!" exclaimed Betty, a shocked look on her face as she turned toward Constance.

Constance nodded, grinning.

"You're KIDDING me!!" said Betty.

Constance looked around quickly to make sure nobody was close enough to hear. “Shhh. I swear, Betty, it’s true,” she whispered.

“You FUCKED him?” whispered Betty, thoroughly astonished. “Constance, you’re shameless! Right there in his cabin? I hope for your sake you weren’t too loud!”

“Oh, don’t worry, Betty, Mona was already asleep and I locked the door. Don’t you dare tell her, either…she’ll think I’m a total whore and child abuser.”

“You ARE a total whore!” said Betty indignantly. “Why don’t you pick on somebody your own age, someone who isn’t my favorite nephew?”

“Oh, come off it, Betty, you’re not fooling anyone. I’ll bet you had your fingers in your pussy last night, dreaming of doing the same thing, favorite nephew or not! You'd fuck him in a heartbeat if you thought you could get away with it. Besides, he’s 18 now, and he can make these decisions for himself.”

Betty stared at her for a long moment, and then her face relaxed as she tried in vain to stifle the hint of a smile that involuntarily crosssed her lips. Constance knew her too well, and her thrust had hit home. She HAD often fantasized about having sex with Mark, and the mental image of it had returned last night with a vengeance, stimulated by the alcohol and the suggestive conversation. Yes, he was her nephew, but he was also a well-built young man, with a cock, and she had done without for far too long.

Betty gave up appearing to be shocked and leaned over toward Constance, whispering conspiratorially. “Okay, you got me. So……are you going to tell me? How was he?”

“That’s the Betty I know and love!” said Constance, giggling.

Bitch. So, tell me!”

“Ohhhh, Betty, you wouldn’t have believed it. He had me seeing stars!”

“Oh my god!” said Betty. “How many times did he…?”

Constance held up three fingers. “He came three times! And I swear, Betty, his cock didn’t get soft for a minute the whole time!”

Betty felt herself becoming wet between her legs. She was going to have to jump in the pool if this kept up. But she had to know all about it. She whispered eagerly. “How big is it?”

“It’s PLENTY big!” said Constance. “I’d say maybe seven inches. And THICK! And Betty, he comes by the bucketfull! When I sucked him off — that was the first time — I let him come in my mouth, and I thought he was never going to stop! God, I can still taste it! I can’t wait to fuck him again!”

“Ohhhhh, jeezus, Constance, what am I going to do? This whole thing has got me so fucking hot!”

Constance looked around the pool area, seeing nothing but middle-aged women. And, of course, Mark. “I don’t know. The pickings are a bit slim at this place.” Then she leaned closer, gazing into Betty’s eyes. “Listen, Betty…I know it sounds crazy, but…why don’t you take your nephew for a little test drive yourself? He'll make you feel a LOT better!”

“Constance!” said Betty, once again shocked by the younger woman. “I can’t do that! Mona would have me arrested! I’m his aunt!”

“Betty, Mona doesn’t have to know. It can be our little secret. Besides, where’s the harm? You need a man, just like I do, and wow, is he ever a man! And he won’t tell, not if he wants to keep getting a steady supply of wet pussy.”

“He’d never do it, Constance!”

“Like hell he wouldn’t!" whispered Constance. "Betty, he's 18! And you’re an attractive woman, with a great body. I wish I had your boobs. Mark has probably jerked off imagining himself coming all over them!”

Betty moaned as her mind drew a mental picture. “I just can’t, Constance. I don’t know how I’d ever look Mona in the face if I ever fucked her son right under her nose!”

“She’d probably just be jealous if she knew. Poor Mona, If she'd just let herself loosen up a little, she'd enjoy being single a lot more. Well, you think about it, Betty. It doesn’t matter to me either way, I have every intention of fucking young Mark every chance I get, no matter what you decide. And when I’m not doing that, I’m going to be sucking his gorgeous cock.”

With that, Constance sat back and began to spread oil on her smooth skin. Betty also sat back, her thoughts filled with the vivid image of Mark between her legs, driving his swollen cock deep into her pussy. She could almost feel it.

Mona, meanwhile, was on her tummy on a massage table, completely naked, her round ass covered with a towel. Mario, the spa’s masseur, stood next to her in his gym shorts and muscle shirt, pouring scented oil on her back from a large squeeze bottle. Slowly, he reached out and began to spread the slippery oil on her skin, making it gleam wetly in the faint light. Soothing music played in the room, and the delicate scent of the oil permeated it. All of it was calculated to relax and sooth.

Mario looked down at Mona as he worked his fingers into her supple flesh, her large breasts pressing outward from her sides. They’re all the same, he thought to himself. All the women who come here. All of them middle-aged, looking for something lacking in their lives. Mostly sex. It seemed like almost every woman he gave massages to was starved for a good hard fucking. Either they were divorced, or their husbands neglected them. He was usually happy to oblige them. But this one was special, with those luscious big tits she hadn’t bothered to even try to conceal.

Mona sighed happily as he worked on her back, his fingers and thumbs kneading her shoulders. He was a good, well-trained masseur, and he had found over time that if he gave the women their money’s worth, they would always come back for more. And that meant that a quality massage was always part of the deal. He liked long massages, as long as two hours sometimes. By the time he was done massaging a woman, they were thoroughly relaxed, grateful, open to almost anything, and dripping wet. “Ohhhh, Mario, that feels wonderful!” she murmured. “You’re an artist!”

“Molto grazie, Mona,” he replied in Italian. Mario left Mona’s back and went to work on her legs and thighs, squirting more oil onto her smooth skin. His fingers slowly dug into the flesh of her thighs, her calves, her feet. He raised her feet and carefully massaged them, applying delicious pressure to her arches with his strong thumbs. Then he massaged her toes, one by one, causing Mona to shiver with pleasure. Her mind lost its moorings and drifted off into daydreems as he rubbed her patiently.

In an instant, she was back in Mark’s bedroom doorway, peering at him as he stroked his thick cock. She watched again, as if she were watching a movie, as his come burst upward, spurt after hot, viscous spurt of it. The scene shifted, and now he was kneeling between her legs, licking her juicy pussy with long, slow strokes of his tongue. Now she was taking his big cock in her mouth, sucking it hungrily. And now he was fucking her, from behind, sawing his cock in and out of her as his balls glanced off her clit, his cock filling her wonderfully. On and on they went, the scenes tumbling together in her brain. She was dimly aware that her pussy was wet between her parted legs. The proper, respectable woman inside her hoped Mario would not see. Another part of her prayed fervently that he would.

Mario, meanwhile, had returned to her thighs, his hands moving upward, squeezing and kneading, finding every knot of tension inside her and working it out, until his fingers reached the junction with her rounded buttocks, beneath the towel. He could see her glistening pussy in the shadows, and when he pressed his thumbs into her inner thighs, her labia parted slightly.

Very slowly, he slid his hands up under the towel, wondering if she would protest. Mona moaned softly as she felt his hands on her ass cheeks, but her sexual reverie had left her open to almost anything he might do.

“I am removing the towel, Mona,” he said softly, in heavily accented English. “Okay?”

“Mmmm-hmmmmm…” said Mona dreamily. He was, after all, a professional, she thought to herself, in her half-awake space.

Mario plucked the towel off of her ass and set it down beside her, and his hands and fingers continued their exquisite work. He poured more oil on her, his slippery hands massaging her buttocks deeply. Then he moved back to her thighs, his fingers moving up between her legs, achingly close to he parted labia. She yearned for his touch there, and her legs eased just a bit farther apart, as if in open invitation.

Her movement was not lost on Mario, but he chose to ignore it for now. Instead, he moved up and began to massage her arms, her hands, her fingers, one by one. For Mona, the massage was a delicious, prolonged torture, and she felt herself becoming more and more relaxed, yet pardoxically, more and more aroused.

Leaving her arms, he moved around and began to massage her head, her neck, her face, her scalp. He left no part of her untouched, and wherever his fingers went, pleasure followed. He stimulated every nerve ending on her body, relaxed every tense muscle, caressed every sensitive place on her skin.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he moved back down to her thighs, and began again to knead them, his fingers working their way slowly higher, toward her dripping-wet cleft, her lips now plainly visible, parted in open invitation.

“Is Mona enjoying her massage?” asked Mario. His voice carried a hint of tease, as if he were amused by her aroused state.

“Ohhhhh, it’s heavenly, Mario,” she murmured. "Please don't stop."

His fingers were teasing against the black hairs of her pussy now, barely nudging her. She longed for him to touch her there. She held her breath. He teased her without mercy, barely grazing the petals of her pussy as his fingers worked on her inner thighs. Finally, his fingers slid against her cleft, gliding lightly over her quivering clit. She whimpered softly, ready for anything now. "Mmmmmmm….."

But Mario had other ideas. “Would you like to turn over now?”

Mona was disappointed that he chose not to keep massaging her pussy, but she turned over obediently, revealing her breasts to him in all their glory. She had always been proud of her tits, even in the eighth grade when the boys had teased her incessantly about them. They were big and full, and still didn’t sag much, even after she had given birth and nursed a child. She had large areolas and sensitive brown nipples that just begged to be sucked.

“Mona has lovely big breasts,” said Mario quietly, as he squirted oil on her tummy. She smiled appreciatively as he began to work on her again, moving his hands across her skin, pressing into her. Soon he slid his hands upward against her breasts, making her sigh as they slid up over the fleshy mounds. He massaged them thoroughly, as he had her buttocks, squeezing them together in his hands, her nipples rising to attention and pressing against his palms as they slid over them repeatedly. Finally, he moved around her again, positioning herself behind her head,and began to work her shoulders, her neck, her face. She sensed her proximity to his cock as he leaned forward again and massaged her breasts some more, and she had a fleeting vision of herself, her head tilted back on the table, sucking on his rigid cock as it sawed in and out of her throat.

Despite the soothing massage, Mona was becoming more and more tense. Would he do more than just massage her? Would she leave her this way when he was done, her body aroused and begging for release? She didn’t know the answer, and she was afraid to ask him. She wanted desperately to reach down and touch herself, to put out the smoldering sexual fires seething within her.

Mario finished with her upper body and moved back to her parted legs. Mona no longer cared if he knew she was wet. She wanted him to see her glistening pussy, to know how hot she was. He pressed his fingers into the muscles of her calves, her ankles, then once again began to massage her feet and toes.

After several more minutes passed, he moved up and applied his hands to her thighs, working her muscles powerfully, almost on the edge between pleasure and pain. He worked slowly, patiently, up toward her pussy lips, lightly touching them a few times, as if by accident. Each time he did so, Mona gasped, her breath catching in her chest.

Finally, Mario finished his massage. He looked like he was about to leave the room. “Is there anyplace special Mona would like me to rub?” he asked quietly, his voice almost hypnotic. “Any place I may have missed? Or which needs special attention, perhaps?”

Ohhhhh, God, Mona thought to herself. Is he going to make me beg him?

“Mmmmmmmm…..rub me anywhere, Mario.…everywhere…”

“I think I know just what Mona would like,” said Mario. With deliberate slowness, he reached out and slid his hands up her thighs again. But this time he didn’t stop. He gently slid his thumb along the folds of her pussy, parting her labia and nudging her yearning clit.

“Ohhhhhh!” she gasped. This was it! He was going to make her come!

“Does that feel good, Mona?” whispered Mario, his thumb lightly rubbing up and down, sliding over her clit.

“Yessssss… good!” she said, breathlessly. “Don’t stop!”

“Is Mona going to come?” he said, his voice still a little bit teasing, as he increased the pressure of his fingers on her.

“Ohhhhh, yesssssss….I’m so close!” Mona reached up and squeezed her breasts, capturing her erect nipples between her fingers.

“Suck on your nipple, Mona.” His voice was a whip crack, a command. Mona quickly reached beneath her right breast and held it upward, raising her head and capturing her nipple between her lips, sucking on it and licking it, teasing it with her extended tongue as he continued the delicious pressure on her clit, rubbing his thumb from side to side over it.

Suddenly, she released her nipple and groaned. “Oh, god, I’m gonna COME!” Mona’s hips thrust upward against his hand as her long-delayed orgasm smashed through her. Waves of pleasure swept over her, and she bit her lip to keep from screaming. Her face was flushed, her brow knit as she concentrated on the tight, hard pulses of her climax.

“Mmmmmm, Mona came so nice…” whispered Mario, caressing her pussy with his fingers. “Scoot down a little on the table. We still have some time left.”

Weakly, Mona slid her body down, until her ass was resting on the edge of it. Meanwhile, Mario had shed his gym shorts, and had moved between her legs, his cock rigidly erect, pointing straight out toward the parted lips of her pussy. She was perfectly positioned to receive his cock as he stood straight. He moved closer, guiding the wide, flared head of his cock between her folds, moving it slowly up and down her slit.

“Oh, God, Mario, please…please…do it!”

Mario smiled, and slowly eased the head of his cock into her entrance, stretching her exquisitely. He let it rest that way, just inside her, moving in and out just a little, watching as her labia seemed to suck gratefully on the head.

“Do what, Mona?”

Mona moaned in agony, as any remaining shred of respectability deserted her. She looked straight into his eyes, her face tense with lust. “Ohhhhhh, don’t tease me! FUCK me!! Stick it in me and FUCK me with it!”

Mario thrust forward slowly, sinking his cock into her inch by inch, burying his cock within her wildly clasping cunt. His thrust was measured, precise, like a billiard shot. Her muscles gripped him tightly, as tight as she could, as he withdrew and plunged into her, making her gasp with pleasure. Slowly, steadily, he began to fuck her, his gleaming cock skewering in and out, covered with her wetness. Mona’s hands returned to her breasts, squeezing them as she felt another orgasm quickly rising within her.

"Ohhh, God… good!" she murmured, her arousal welling up like a tidal wave, building, building, cresting….

Mario sawed his cock in and out of her, reaping the rewards of his hard work with his hands and fingers. He watched her face, sensing her impending climax. "Come for me, Mona. Come on my cock."

“Oh God! Uhhhhhhhhh, YES! Fuck me HARD!!”

Mario began slamming his cock into her with rapid, hard thrusts, jolting her body with each one. The room was filled with the sounds of wet flesh smacking against wet flesh, faster and faster, his cock pistoning in and out until Mona lost herself in his pounding rhythm.

“UHHHHYESSSSS!!! Oh, God, I’m COMING!!!” gasped Mona, her body convulsing for the second time as he drove into her relentlessly, feeling her welcoming pussy grip his cock tightly. She arched her back, tense with the waves of ecstasy that swirled around her.

He waited, slowly thrusting in and out, for her to come down from the pinnacle of her orgasm, her pussy spasming and contracting tightly around his thick, embedded cock.

“It was good, yes?” murmured Mario, as she fought to regain her breath.

“Ohhhhhh….so good!” whispered Mona, between gasps.

“Raise your legs, Mona,” he said calmly. He reached down and helped her, pushing them upward until they rested on his shoulders. She gazed up at him questioningly, still trembling from the force of her climax. What was he doing?

Mario slowly slid his rigid cock from her pussy, leaving her empty. He reached for the bottle of massage oil and squirted a quantity of it on her upturned anus, and on his cock, reaching down to spread it along its rigid length with his fingers. Then he slid it down over the sensitive, slippery flesh between her pussy and her asshole, finally positioning it against her tight little rosebud. He pushed slowly forward with his hips, gripping his cock tightly with his fist, slowly nudging his bulbous cock head against the resisting ring of muscle. As he exerted more pressure, he felt it slowly give way and allow his cock head to pop inside, her muscles gripping him like a hot, powerful fist.

Mona groaned as the head of his cock penetrated her and lodged just inside her ass. “Ohhhhh, Mario!” Mona had always loved being fucked in her ass, since first being introduced to it by Mark’s father. She loved the feeling of being used this way for a man's pleasure. It had been a very long time since she had had a man’s cock there, but she welcomed Mario’s cock into her asshole as if it was a long-lost friend. The initial pain quickly began to dissipate, as he slowly forced his cock deeper, inch by delicious inch.

"I think Mona likes having Mario's cock in her asshole," murmured Mario.

Mona moaned as he sank his big cock deeper. "Ohhhhh, yessss…..I love it! FUCK my ass with your beatiful cock!!"

Mario let go of his embedded cock, and began slowly thrusting it in and out of her, holding onto her upraised legs with his hands. He watched her face, saw the sexual tension once again building there, eager for yet another release. This time, though, he had every intention of joining her in her ecstasy. He wanted to flood her luscious ass with his pent-up, pulsing come.

"Turn over," he said, sliding his cock out of her ass.

Quickly, she quickly rolled over, bent over the massage table. "Put it back in me!", she hissed.

"Whatever Mona wants." Mario, without using his hands, guided the head of his cock to her open asshole and thrust it inside, penetrating her easily now.

Mona was in her own private heaven, thoroughly relaxed by the long, slow massage and her two shattering climaxes. In her mind, though, she was with her son. It was HIS magnificent penis buried deep in her welcoming ass, sawing slowly in and out. And it would be his sperm erupting inside her soon, flooding and bathing his mother’s most secret place. Almost unconsciously, her hand crept down between her legs and began to massage her clit with her fingers.

Mario watched her as she touched herself, bringing herself inexorably closer to her final orgasm. He waited patiently for her to reach her crest, slowly thrusting his cock deep into her ass. He grabbed the fleshy cheeks of her ass with his big hands as he skewered in and out of her. “Make yourself come, Mona, I want to feel you come.”

Mona whimpered, her voice rising to a high-pitched cry. Her body tensed as she felt herself once more held in the grip of her imminent climax. Her fingers rubbed her clit frantically as her body tensed, and then, with her only son’s face filling her vision behind her closed eyes, with his cock buried deep in her ass, she gave birth to a huge, excruciating joy!

And then, as she trembled violently, she dimly heard Mario’s strangled groan, and felt the hard, warm jets of semen as he came in her tight ass, filling it with viscous torrents of his thick, syrupy sperm.

Mona lay there, still shuddering, as Mario slowly withdrew his spent cock from her well-fucked ass. His thick, white come flowed from her ass and oozed slowly down over the petals of her pussy. She was sated for the moment. Yet she knew that her release was only transitory, a temporary expedient, not a permanent way for her to quell the urgent demands of her neglected body. Only one thing would do that now, she knew. Only one thing.

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