Naughty Stephanie Chapter 3

Naughty Stephanie Chapter 3

Chapter Three: ——————————————————–

Their sexual experimentation had to be cut short because of time. Dinner approached, her sister, her other brother, and her father all came home, and the three of them began to worry about them becoming suspicious.

Stevie didn't tell the twins that she had already been fucked that day by their father. She wasn't sure how they would react, and anyway thought it was only her business who she fucked. She didn't plan to tell her Dad she was fucking the twins either.

She ate voraciously at dinner, exchanging the odd glance with one or the other of the twins or with her father. She felt amazingly sexual, aware as never before, of the curves and warmth of her soft young flesh.

She thought of asking Paige a year older than her whether she was a virgin and what she thought about sex. Her mother had never discussed sex with them since she'd run off with a sailor when the kids were still young.

She felt flushed with the heady pleasures she had experienced that afternoon, and continued to recall them to mind as she ate, glancing from the twins, to Rob, to her father, then to Mike, her other brother, and to Paige.

Paige was barely five feet tall but with gorgeous long blonde hair. She had a petite figure, but knew how to show it off, with mini skirts to make her legs look longer" and tight tops to show her proud little breasts.

Stevie imagined the little blonde on her hands and knees getting fucked, perhaps by her boyfriend Paul perhaps by their father. She knew her Dad spanked Paige's bare ass just as often as he did her own, and wondered if he'd fucked her already.

As always, the girls did the dishes after dinner. Stevie was wearing a pair of tight faded jeans and a tight halter. Every time one of the boys or her father came into the kitchen she would discreetly spread her legs a little wider and bend forward more.

Most of them either didn't notice or pretended not to. Paige standing beside her with her hands in the sink wasn't aware of her sister's movements at all.

Several times that evening Stevie took the opportunity to present her round ass to one or another of her brothers or her father bending over in front of them for one reason or another.

She took the opportunity as well, to change into her pajamas much earlier than usual. Normally she didn't change until just before bed, unless she was having a bath or something.

She usually wore a short cotton nightshirt, but tonight she wore just the tops of her green satin pajamas. They were almost as long as the nightshirt anyway, and offset her red hair in what she thought was a very attractive manner. They also showed off her long, slender legs.

She found numerous excuses to go downstairs, or into one or another of her brothers' rooms, preening and posing as subtly as she could. She knew that her nipples were very hard and poked out clearly through the thin material, and the thought of them noticing was incredibly exciting.

The twins had homework, and managed to more or less ignore her, even though she was much more blatant with them than with anyone else. Several times she squeezed one or another of their crotches, and once lifted her nightshirt to the waist as they passed in the hall, showing her naked pussy and ass.

Her father wouldn't risk anything with so many of the others around and resolutely ignored her displays.

That left Rob and Mike. Rob was sitting in the living room watching TV with her Dad. Mike was in the basement lifting weights. Mike didn't like to be disturbed while he worked out, so everybody pretty much left him alone.

Stevie opened the basement door and slipped inside, closing it silently behind her She moved quietly down the stairs, holding an old shirt in her hand, supposedly going downstairs to wash it.

Mike was wearing only a pair of loose shorts as he hefted a barbell over his head. He lowered it, bending over, and Stephanie admired the muscles in his back and thighs, and the tightness of his behind.

She hurried down while his back was to her then as she moved past him on her way to the laundry room, slipped her hand in between his legs and goosed him. He let out a yell and almost fell down as she scurried past giggling loudly.

"You dumb little cunt," he yelled.

"Language, language," she snickered.

"What the hell are you doing down here?" he demanded crossly.

"I have to wash this shirt for school tomorrow," she said innocently, her eyes flicking over the big pectorals on his chest and the play of muscles on his slim, flat belly.

"Well hurry up."

"I'll take as long as I want to. It's my house as much as yours." She was thinking that acting snotty might make him mad maybe to the point where he'd slap her ass or grab her arm or something. He seldom became physical with her, being fairly mild mannered for a jock but right now she was looking for physical contact and would take it any way she could.

So she acted snotty and bratty to provoke him.

She put her shirt in the washer and started it, then came back into the finished part of the basement to watch him, knowing he didn't like being watched.

"Are you finished?" he demanded.

"I have to wait for it to fill up and start so I can put bleach in," she said.

He glared at her and lifted a pair of dumbbells doing curls with them as she watched.

"They don't look very heavy," she sniffed. "I bet I could do that."

"Don't be more of an idiot than usual," he grunted.

"Look who's calling who an idiot, a big dumb, brainless jock who couldn't tie his shoes without help."

"Fuck you," he said dismissively.

"I think all those muscles are ugly," she said. "You should wear a sweat suit or something so people don't have to see you."

"Just go away you little brat," he said.

Instead she moved forward into the room, examining the weights.

"Don't fuck around with those," he ordered.

She ignored him. She moved over to the weight trench, where a long heavy barbell lay across the supports. Licking her lips with anticipation she sat down on it, then lay back, putting her arms up and folding them around the bar above her.

Of course her legs were apart and her little pajamas top rode up a ways. From his angle he probably couldn't see her cunt, though he could see an awful lot of thigh. He didn't seem to be looking at her crotch though as he frowned across at her.

"Are you nuts?" He demanded. "Don't touch that. You'll get hurt."

"Leave me alone, muscle head," she sniffed.

He cursed and put down the dumbbells, coming over beside her quickly and jerking her hands off the barbell.

"You couldn't possibly lift that you dumb little bitch."

"Could too."

"Okay then try," he glared. He stood over her and held the bar with both hands, lifting it off the support bracket and lowering it into her hands. She pushed up but he was right, she absolutely could not lift it, not to save her life.

He let more and more weight come down until she was gasping, holding the thing barely above her throat.

"Want me to let go?" he taunted.

"I can hold it!" she panted.

"Yeah, right." He lifted it back up and set it on the bracket.

"Well maybe I should start with something lighter," she said.

"Maybe you should put the bleach in with your shirt and stop pestering me."

"I need to work out somewhere too," she pouted.


"Well, I need to stay in shape."


"So the boys will stare at me."

"Don't be such a cock tease."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Girls your age love showing off their little asses just to get guys hot, then you bitch and complain if anyone touches you."

"I do not. I like being touched," she said.


"Well, I mean, I'm no whore or nothing, but I kind of like it when boys touch me."

"You better watch out or you'll get pregnant" he said, his eyes looking at her in a different way, as if imagining her in a sexual situation for the first time.

"I'm on the pill. I got it months ago."

"What? Why?"

"It's supposed to make your boobs bigger."

"That's the last thing you need."

"Well, I know but me and Paige went and got them together."

"Are you fucking around with guys?" he demanded.

"What's it to you? I bet you fuck around with girls."

"That's different."


"Because I'm older."

"Girls mature faster than guys."

"You're still a kid."

"Oh really?" She acted mad at the words and jumped up off the bench. Her hands gripped the hem of her pajamas top and she pulled the thing up and off in a single fluid motion, baring herself to him.

"Do I look like a kid?" she demanded, staring at him proudly.

He looked thunderstruck, staring at her naked body with wide eyed amazement.

"Not bad, huh?" she said smugly.

"Put your clothes on," he said in a strangled voice.

"Why? Am I turning you on?"

"You don't go around showing yourself off like that. That's why." he said, turning his back to her.

"You aren't wearing much more."

"Put your shirt on and get out of here."

Instead she grabbed the back of his shorts and jerked them down, giggling in amusement.


He jerked his shorts back up and turned around angrily.

"Is the little boy shy?" she cooed, backing away.

She backed up to the side of the stairs, then, when she felt her ass cheeks flatten against the wall" she reached up high above her and gripped the rail, staring at him through slitted eyes.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she breathed.

"We're both too old for that kind of game," he said, swallowing several times.

She looked down at his shorts and saw them bulging out.

"You got a hard-on," she taunted.

He flushed, covering his crotch with both hands.

"Well, what do you expect, waving your tits around like that?" he growled, his eyes staring at her full, high, proud breasts. She arched her back a little, smiling provocatively.

He moved over to her, standing just in front of her lewdly displayed young body.

"What are you doing?"' he asked quietly.

He was tall, but she wasn't short either. She let go of the rail and put her arms around him, pulling him in tight, pressing her fat breasts into his hard, naked chest as she kissed him" rubbing them against his big muscular body.

The kiss surprised both of them. She hadn't really intended to kiss him. She hadn't kissed her father, or the twins, though Dennis had kissed her. But now, with her naked body pressing into his nearly naked body, and her arms over his shoulders, it just seemed like the thing to do.

Her lips were hot and demanding, sliding wetly over his. Her tongue darted and probed at his mouth, dipping in just a little bit before pulling out, sliding from side to side along his lips.

Sister or not it had been impossible not to notice Stephanie's fine body as she'd developed, and though he had never lusted after her, never really considered fucking her, he had admired the fullness and firmness of her breasts before, especially when she was in one of her bikinis.

Now, with her naked flesh pressed against him and her lips sliding across his own, Mike found his body responding with more excitement than he could have ever imagined. He fought it, trying to pretend that he was unaffected, but it was no use.

Though he had fucked several girls before, all had been in the darkness of parked cars or the semi darkness of small out of the way rooms at parties. He'd never seen a completely naked woman in light, just standing there and posing for him.

The sight had made his eyes bug out, and now, feeling Stephanie's body, her full breasts pressed into him, he found himself trembling with surprised sexual fever. His hands finally jerked away from his control and folded tightly around the slender young teenager as he hugged her tightly against him.

"Oh Christ!" he gasped, one big hand cupping her round ass cheeks as he pressed her back against the wall.

Their kiss grew hotter, more passionate, as their bodies ignited in raging sexual desire.

Stephanie's leg curled up around him as she slid her lips against his. Her hands moved through his short brown hair, and she ground her fat breasts into his muscular chest continuously. She felt the hardness of his thickly muscled arms around her and pushed her ass back on his big hand.

Mike ground his loins into her crotch, his hands groping her ass in a tight grip. He brought a hand up between them to cup her left breast, his fingers squeezing excitedly, mashing the fat tit as he tore his lips away from hers, then brought his mouth down onto her outraged nipple.

He sucked deeply, his teeth chewing at her tit flesh, drawing in a big mouthful of meat as the redhead groaned and sighed in delight.

He pulled back and shoved his shorts down. His cock was huge, and Stevie stared at it with wide eyes. Her father's cock had been very big, the twins neither big nor small, but this one was gigantic, hard and thick and knobby as it pointed at her slit.

She gulped nervously, wondering if her big brother's cock would tear her guts out, both fearful and excited at the prospect of taking the fat thing up inside her.

Mike was excited and in no mood for hesitation anyway. Though she was tall for a girl, Stevie was slender and willowy. Her body was dwarfed by her powerful older brother's muscular frame. He grabbed her arm and jerked her away from the wall, then pushed her down onto her hands and knees.

She spread her legs and raised her ass, quivering with desire as he knelt behind her. Her heart pounded in her ears and her breathing was ragged and loud as she waited for him to mount her.

His hands gripped her round buttocks and fondled them harshly, then he slid a hand onto his thick prong and pushed it against her entrance. He rubbed the head up and down a little then sank it slowly into her.

Stevie groaned as she felt her cunt lips slowly pried open. It was like when her father had fucked her only her pussy was pried still wider. She grit her teeth as her pussy lips were stretched tautly around his thick girth. Air puffed out in harsh little pants as she felt his fat tool push deeper and deeper into her cunt tunnel.

"Oh! Ohhhhhh!" she groaned.

"You can take it," he gasped.

"It's so biiiiig!"

"Uhhhhnnngh!" he gasped, giving a little thrust.

"Unnnngh!' It's too big!" she groaned.

"No it's not!" he gritted.

He drew back and worked his cock back and forth. He held her hips tightly and the veins in his neck stood out as he pulled his head back and drove his cock slowly up into the super tight confines of her steaming snatch. His cock felt like it would snap off, either that or be squeezed into spaghetti. Her cunt was the tightest he'd ever had.

Stevie whimpered and moaned and gasped in pain as she was pierced by the giant cock. She fen like she was being impaled on his log of a cock. Her fingers dug into the thick carpeting and she panted furiously.

Mike drew back a little, then his hands shifted upwards along her body. He put one arm under her waist, pinning her tightly against him, then put his free hand over her mouth and thrust into her with all his might.

She screamed into his hand, jerking and shaking and trying desperately to pull away as his prong speared her. He felt his tool thrust up several inches, then slowly sink in deeper. Stevie thrashed like a bucking bronco but he stayed on, feeding her gash more and more meat until it was choked with it, until her belly was bloated out by his massive organ, until his cockknob mashed against her cervix and his hips were pressed firmly into her softly rounded ass flesh.

"Oh yeahhhh!" he groaned.

Stevie's muffled moans came through his hand. He took his hand away slowly and she groaned in pain.

"Oohhhhhh! Oh God it hurts!"

"Just relax," he whispered.

"It huuuurts! My cunt feels torn."

"It's not torn. You'll get used to it."

He slid a hand down under her and rubbed his fingers gently against her clit. His other hand squeezed her breasts as he held his fat pole still inside her.

"You weren't a virgin were you?"


"It's probably because you're so skinny," he sighed.

"I'm… not… skinny."

"You've got big tits, but the rest of you is skinny."

"You're just too big. You ought to cut some off."

"You'll change your mind in a few minutes, punk."


"That feel good?" he grinned, fingering her clitty.


"You'll loosen up, don't worry. Then I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you."

"Rub it a little harder."

He did and began a slow grinding motion with his hips. She gasped but didn't ask him to stop. She shuddered and her eyes closed as her body was assaulted by the conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure. Her pussy was so bloated out with cock meat that she thought the walls must be pressing against her internal organs. Mike's cock felt like it was way up inside her stomach" and her belly ached with cramps.

But gradually her pussy did loosen up. The pressure of those elastic cunt walls lessened and as he continued to rub her clitty, thick honey seeped into her pussy and surrounded his prong with an oily layer of lubrication.

He pulled his hand away and pushed her forward onto her hands again. She trembled slightly, her eyes half closed as she knelt before him. She felt the slightest movement of his giant log as it shifted inside her stomach. His hands stroked and caressed her round behind, then slid up her back kneading her muscles.

He gripped the side of her chest, then slid his hands under to squeeze her fat, hanging breasts. His hips slid back just a little, but his cock was so tight inside her that the motion, rather than easing his cock out of her super tight hole, tugged her ass back with him.

He straightened up, his hands going to his sister's hips and locking tightly around them. Holding the panting girl in place he drew his ass back again. This time he felt the skin on his steel hard prick rasping against her flesh as it slid back out of her a couple of inches.

Stevie groaned as the big cock slid out of her a little, but braced herself for it to stab forward. Mike had learned to go slowly with the girls he fucked, since it always took their cunts a while to get used to his thickness. He did not slam his tool back into her but instead used a steady pressure to force it slowly back inside.

His cockhead mashed against her cervix and he ground his hips into her ass cheeks again, moving in slow circles as he twisted his big pole inside her tight belly. Stevie's breathing was getting harsher and louder, and her brain was being flooded by more and more powerful sexual sensations of bliss.

Then, using only an inch or so of his cock, Mike began to fuck her hard. His prick ripped in and out in a furious sawing grind that tore her mind to shreds and made her body flail and writhe in paroxysm of orgasmic pleasure. Her breath was a long, gurgling death rattle as her body heaved and shook under the onslaught of a blistering wave of sex-heat.

Her arms collapsed, dropping her to her shoulders. Her body jerked and bounced helplessly her mind reeling from the hammer blows of ecstatic delight. She almost blacked out, all the air driven from her lungs. Then, with a deep, ragged inhalation, she breathed again, her eyes closing as she shuddered in release.

Her head rolled beneath her and she went limp, but Mike, his cock even harder from the furious spasming of her cunt tube, was in no mood for patience. He gripped her slim wrists where they lay beside her on the floor, and pulled them up and back, jerking them taut down either side of her body, using them like the reins of a horse or the handles of a wheel barrow.

The pressure lifted her shoulders off the floor, and kept her upper body horizontal, hanging in mid-air. Her head hung down, her thick red hair covering her face as he began to fuck her for real. Using her wrists to hold her in position he drew back" inch after inch of glistening wet cock emerging from her pink cavern.

With ten inches in view he stopped, then slid them back into her. She writhed helplessly as the full length of his pole was forced back into her. He was panting himself, grunting with the effort of keeping down his cum. He drew back again, then slid his tool back into her. He moved faster and faster" her cunt now loose enough to use almost freely.

His cock pumped within the shaking, mumbling girl, his hips slapping against her buttocks as her body jerked and swayed in time to his powerful thrusts. He used her wrists to jerk her body back and forth to meet his strokes.

Her head jerked up and down, making her dizzy as her brother fucked into her quivering body. She was impaled, again and again, his long, thick pole slicing up between her pussy lips and punching deep into her belly.

He gasped in pleasure, then let go of her wrists, both his arms encircling her slim waist as he bent forward. He circled both arms around her, locking her tightly against him as he ground his hips against her with superheated desire.

He came, his juice blasting up into her like it was shot out of a fire hose. He felt each powerful blast as the semen was spit out of his tool, and Stevie felt the impact of each big glob of seed inside the deepest reaches of her fuck pit.

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