Naughty Stephanie Chapter 4

Naughty Stephanie Chapter 4

Chapter Four: ———————————————————-

They knelt, half lay there for several minutes, Stevie on her shoulders, Mike half laying atop her, his softening tool still buried in her guts. Stevie groaned weakly and Mike pulled himself up, his cock slipping out between her wet pussy lips.

"Like that, baby?" he gasped.

"Fuck me again," she sighed.

"Shit! You got some kind of hot pussy, don't you."

He slapped her ass with a bark of laughter then to his feet, scooping up his shorts as he headed back to the weights.

"Miiiiike," she moaned, crawling to her feet as well.

"I can't fuck you again this soon, Steph," he grinned, wagging his soft cock at her. "Maybe you could get me up again, though."


With a calculating look on his face he sat down on the weight bench and put his shorts aside.

"Come here," he said.

She padded across to him and let him take her hand and pull her to her knees before him.

"You ever sucked a cock before"'

Her eyes widened and she nodded her head slightly.

"Go to it then, baby."

She wasn't quite sure how since she'd never really seen a soft cock before. She shuffled forward on her knees and reached out for his tool. He sat there looking down at her with an intense gaze as she slid her slender fingers around his cock and began to squeeze it softly.

She kneaded the soft flesh then lifted the limp cock and bent forward, slipping her lips around it and sucking it in like spaghetti. She slurped it in all the way to the balls and rolled it around in her mouth with her tongue, sucking avidly.

Her hands cupped his balls, massaging them stroking them. She closed her lips tightly and then eased her head back, squeezing down on his cock as she stretched it out to its full soft length, stretching it like a bird pulling a worm from its hole. Her hands rubbed up and down the extended prick as she held the head in her mouth, then she gulped the whole thing down again, letting it curl up in her mouth as her tongue worked it over again.

He stared down in excitement, uncaring that she was his sister. His hands stroked her soft red hair, then moved lower, cupping her big round breasts. His fingers squeezed them repeatedly, flicking over the long nipples as he dug into the tender meat.

His cock hardened rapidly, and soon became hard enough for Stevie to bob her lips up and down its length as she cupped the base in one small fist. She slid it out of her mouth, looking up at him with slitted eyes as she tongued the moist head.

She slipped her tongue down its length then sucked his right nut into her mouth, her tongue sliding over it as she sucked. She used her tongue to pop it back out through her lips, then licked her way over to his other nut and sucked that in, slurping wetly on it. She let it pop out, then slid her tongue back up the length of his hard cock.

Then she rubbed the wet cockhead all over her face. His cock twitched in her hand as if ready to explode, and in fact, he was not far from it. Watching his beautiful sister rub his hard cock over her face was almost enough to make him pop his cork.

He groaned and pulled away, laying back on the weight bench and pulling her up. She got to her feet and straddled him and the bench, holding herself over his erection as he pointed it up at her drooling gash. She took hold of the metal brackets at the end, the ones that were supposed to hold the heavy bar bells up.

She slowly eased herself down, closing her eyes and shuddering in pleasure as she felt her brother's thick cock push against her cunt mound. It squashed her cunt mound, then slowly forced the tight lips in and back.

As she let more and more weight down her cunt was forced open wider and wider by the thick intruder.

"Oh God!" she gasped, shaking as her fuck hole was pried wide and she began to slide down onto the thick girth of his steel hard cock.

His hands stroked her hips and her sides, then slid up her front and cupped her heavy breasts, squeezing and kneading them as she eased lower and lower and lower, more cock sliding up into her body. She threw back her head and grit her teeth from the pain of the penetration, her cunt forced wide open once more.

She was squatting above him, her fingers tight on the metal brackets as she held herself in position, panting for breath, sweating with the effort. Her cunt was packed full of cock, but there was still more cock waiting outside.

Mike continued to grope and squeeze her big tits, his fingers rolling and pinching her nipples as he stared at them in fascination. Never in his life had he seen as great a set of tits as hers. There were bigger, but none were so perfectly textured, so perfectly made and so full and round and soft.

Stevie pulled herself up a bit, grinding her teeth as she tried to raise herself. She felt like a fish caught on a hook for her cunt pulled and sucked on the big cock, making it very hard to ease upwards.

Then she slid hack down, and this time, holding her breath and closing her eyes tightly, she was able to sit all the way down onto him, taking the full length of his cock up into her slender body.

Her buttocks touched his warm flesh, then were crushed against his thighs as she sat down all the way. She trembled, feeling cramps up in her belly from the way his cock was mashed against her cervix. She continued to hold onto the support brackets for a few seconds, then slowly pulled her hands away, sitting up straight.

She sat there, gasping and moaning, looking down in wonder at her belly, as if expecting to see it bloated out. She brought her shaking hands down to her abdomen and rubbed it in elated wonder. Sucking his cock had shown her just how long it was and she could hardly believe all of it was up inside her belly.

She spread her legs wide apart, groaning again, reaching back behind her and putting her hands on his thighs. She leaned back, rubbing her clitty against his cock as she ground herself against his body. She twisted slowly, rubbing her ass cheeks on his hot, muscular thighs and wrenching the big cock inside her, making it twist around in her guts.

She did a slow grind, sighing and murmuring in pleasure as her cunt boiled and bubbled with steamy fuck milk. She arched her back, pressing her swollen tits into Mike's eagerly kneading fingers.

But for Mike, the slow grinding and twisting of her pelvis was torture. Her cunt sucked and chewed on his tool as she moved but not enough, not nearly enough. Having already exploded once he needed more, despite his excitement.

And Stevie was becoming less and less his sister, and more and more a hot cunt, a piece of ass, a whore, a slut needing fucking. He growled as his fingers dug deep furrows in her malleable breasts, then grabbed her arm and jerked the dazed girl forward, pulling her chest down onto his.

His right hand slapped down on her bare ass, producing a yelp from the redhead. His fingers dug into her ass meat and jammed her down onto his tool.

His left hand gripped her thick, cascading red hair, bunching it up near the side of her head and twisting her face to him. His lips crushed hers in a hungry bruising kiss of desire. His tongue forced its way into her mouth and whipped around inside her oral cavity as he began to hump up into her spread crotch.

Stevie grunted and moaned and yelped as Mike began to hump up into her. Her weight was as nothing to her powerfully built brother. He thrust up hard, knocking her upwards, her feet leaving the floor as he slammed his pelvis up into her body.

Overcome with excitement, he cared little for her discomfort as he thrust upwards again and again, his hand clamping down hard on her ass with each thrust to increase the force. His lips crushed hers, locked on like a vacuum seal, muffling her yelps and cries. Her feet slapped against the floor again and again as her body bounced up and down.

Her ass rose and fell as she bounced wildly atop him, riding him like a jockey on a wild, runaway horse. His hand continued to slam her ass down, then he jammed a finger against her anus and pressed hard, wiggling it inside. His tongue continued to fight hers, slipping and sliding, darting and twisting inside her mouth.

She tore her mouth free with a loud pop of breath, panting and choking, gasping for air as she pushed herself upright, her hands on his hard chest. He gripped her hips then and began to jerk her up and down like a rag doll. He thrust up again and again, working her body up and down in time to his thrusts.

Stevie could do nothing to halt the furious thrusting of the big prick inside her tight, tender fuck tunnel. She gripped his wrists but could not pry them loose from her flesh and as the cock continued to pummel her insides, continued to rip back and forth across her tormented clitty, she lost the will to try.

She moaned loudly, her back arching as her head fell back. Her arms dropped to her sides, bouncing lifelessly as Mike jammed her up and down on his pistoning fuck-pole. Her head bounced and tossed as she grunted with each new thrust up into her belly.

Then she came, her body jerking suddenly, bowing back even more, then going stiff. She trembled violently, her nervous system disintegrating under the savage overload of sexual sensory power. She gurgled insanely, her eyes wide and unseeing.

Then she went limp, panting weakly.

Mike continued to jerk her up and down on his tool, continued to thrust up as hard as he could. Feverish sexual delirium gripped his body as her spastic, sucking cunt churned and burned his pumping pole. He felt like he was going to be sucked out through his own click, sucked up into his sister's cunt and up into her womb.

His eyes were bulging, as were the muscles on his arms as he lifted her up then slammed her down again. Never had his cock been inside something so tight c5nd wet and warm. Never since his first fuck years ago had he been so aroused.

His fingers digging into her soft white flesh he lifted her high, feeling the resistance as her cunt clung to his pole, ripping it upwards so only the head remained, then slamming her down again, embedding his steel hard prong in her guts, driving it as deep inside her as he could get it, and wishing somehow he could bury it inside her and climb in after it.

Her hair tossed and flew and shook around her head like a copper cloud as he jerked her furiously.

Then he stopped, using all his willpower. He held her up, actually holding her aloft so that just the tip of his pole lay within her. He shook her a little so her limp head fell forward. She looked blearily down at him, her eyes unfocused. He held her there for almost a full minute, his muscles bulging as she moaned and trembled.

Then he dropped her, splitting her cunt lips open and cramming ten inches of hard thick cock up into her belly in a split second. She grunted, her eyes went wide and her head fell back again. He slowly lifted her aloft again, shaking her so her head fell forward.

Again he held her there, then dropped her fast. She let out a moist, ragged breath then came again1 her head jerking up and down repeatedly, her hair flying back and forth as she grunted and gurgled and moaned in the grip of the powerful orgasmic gale.

He pulled her down against him once more, forcing his tongue into her mouth as he gave a rapid series of thrusts. Then he came as well, his juice boiling out the tip of his cock and gushing into her fuck pit in a frothing flood of whiteness.

Stevie, only just over her cum, was blown into another, then another, beginning a violent string of howling, gut wrenching climaxes that almost drove her unconscious.

She lay atop him, moaning in exhaustion as he stroked her body and got his own wind back. He gave a sigh and raised himself to a sitting position on the bench, Stevie still in his arms.

"Come on, Stevie," he said. "Someone's gonna show up to check on one or the other of us and we don't want them finding us like this."

"Why not?" she sighed dreamily.

"Come on get dressed," he said, giving her a sharp slap on the ass.

She groaned but let him set her on her feet, then she staggered over to her little satin pajamas top and slipped it on. Mike put on his shorts and searched for his shirt.

Stevie wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again, then slid her tongue along his chest near his nipple. He pushed her away with a short laugh.

"You really are one hot little slut, aren't you."

"Uuuuuhhh," she sighed.

"Well, we'll have to wait till another time, kid."

Stevie made her way back up the stairs. She could still taste his cock and wished now she'd made him cum in her mouth. She'd never let a boy cum in her mouth before but now she wanted to drink a gallon of sperm. She thought about her pussy and all the cum it had swallowed that day.

Her Dad, then the twins, twice each, then Mike twice. Six times she'd had cum pumped into her belly. She'd cum herself, she didn't know how many times. She'd almost lost her mind when the twins were experimenting with her pussy, rubbing and pumping and grinding and squeezing. She'd cum a whole pack of times then.

It was not surprising then that she was exhausted. Still, she felt charged by her own sexuality. She would have purred if she could have as she made her way through the living room and up the stairs.

Instead of going to her room she went to Paige's room and flopped down on her belly across her bed. Paige was sitting at her desk doing homework. She looked up at the sudden intrusion and frowned.

"What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing," Stevie sighed. "I'm just tired."

"What are you so tired from? You never do anything."

"Like you do."

"At least I'm on the cheerleading squad."

"Yuck," Stevie moaned.

"It keeps me in shape."

"And keeps the boys watching your shape," Stevie giggled.

"So? They don't exactly ignore you."

"Are you still a virgin?"

"None of your business!" Paige replied indignantly.

"Well, tell me something else then."

"What?" Paige asked suspiciously.

"When you suck a guy off do you let him come in your mouth?"


"Well, geez, Paige, if I can't ask you who can I ask?"

"That isn't the kind of thing you should be asking anybody!"

"Well I just wondered what it was like is all."

"You're too young to know."

"Oh, give me a break! I'm only a year younger than you!"

"Well I didn't know when I was your age."

"That means you do know now," Stevie giggled. "So let's hear it." Paige flushed and glared at her, then looked at the closed door.

"Nobody's there. Come on, spill it."

"Why do you want to know anyway?"

"Well, the first time couple of times I gave a guy a blowiob I pulled my mouth away and made them shoot out their stuff on the floor. But I heard you're supposed to swallow it."

"Just who have you been screwing around with?" Paige demanded.

"Oh, come oooon," Stephanie groaned.

"Well, you are supposed to swallow it."

"What's it taste like?" Stevie asked eagerly, propping her chin on her hands.

"Kind of salty. I mean, you taste it anyway, cause it sort of leaks while you're blowing it, but only a little. When he cums there's a lot of stuff."

"How much?"

"Not a lot. It depends though. You aren't gonna choke or nothing."

"Wanna know a secret?"


"I'm not a virgin," Stevie grinned.

"You're not! Oh, you little liar. You are too."

"Uh uh," Stevie shook her head.

"Who did you ever fuck?"

"I can't tell you."


"But I fucked more than one guy, more than two, more than three," she giggled.

"You are so full of it."

"You'd he surprised what I've been full of."

"You're not kidding, are you?"


Paige stared at her for a minute. "What was it like?" she asked finally.

"Fanfuckingtasic!" Stevie crowed.

"Yeah? Wow." Paige came over and jumped onto the bed nest to her. "Tell me about it!" she demanded.

"Well, the first time he did it to me on my hands and knees."



"You slut!"

"It was so wonderful," she sighed dreamily. "I came like crazy."

"On your hands and knees? God! Just like a dog'"

"He was pumping away so fast my behind got sore!"

"God! You slut!"

"His thing was sooo big inside me I thought I would die."

"Did it hurt?"

"Just a little. But the next time I did it, it didn't hurt at all."

"Was it with the same guy?"


"So what did this other guy do? Did you do it on all fours again?"

"No, on a bed, on my back, though sometimes it was more like on my shoulders since they kind of pushed my legs up high, you know, shoving my ankles back against my ears."


"There was two of them."


"Shhhh. Someone'll hear."

"You fucked two guys at the same time?"

"Yeah, it was great. When one got out, the other one fucked me, and when he came the other one fucked me. Then they played with my pussy, jerking me off a lot."

"You're not making this up are you?"

"No. It's the truth."


Paige slid a hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her pajamas as she watched her sister. She imagined Stephanie on all fours naked, a big cute guy sticking his cock into her from behind. The thought was incredibly exciting, especially when she imagined it was her on all fours getting fucked, instead of Stephanie.

"I came like crazy," Stevie sighed, and then the third guy had a gigantic cock. I could hardly get it into me. He did it to me on my hands and knees too the first time, then he sat down and I gave him a blow job, and when he was hard I got on top and rode up and down so hard my legs got sore, then he pumped up into me and lifted me up and down."

"I hope you're still taking the pill."

"Of course, what do you think I am, stupid7"

"I think you're a nympho."

"Oh yeah, how about you, you're not exactly pure yourself."

"Well, at least I'm still a virgin."

"Big deal, you wouldn't be if you knew how good fucking was."

"Did any of those guys eat you?"


"Didn't they eat your pussy7"


"You should make them next time. Nothing feels so good as getting your pussy eaten. Jamie Ross ate me out when we were going together. It was amazing."


"I mean, if you're gonna suck them off they should suck you off too."

"Fucking's better."

"You can do both, silly." She looked at the door again, then jumped up and went over to it to make sure it was locked. It was. She went over to her closet and opened it, then crouched down and fished in the back somewhere. She pulled something out and hid it behind her back as she rushed back to the bed.

She jumped into the bed with her hand behind her back, giggling.

"Close your eyes," she said.

Stephanie closed her eyes and Paige brought out a dildo which she placed into her hand. Stephanie opened her eyes and squealed in shock as Paige laughed hysterically.

"What is it?"

"It's a cock, dummy! I thought you'd seen them before."

"God. It feels weird."

"It's rubber."

"You use this on yourself?"

"Uhm, sometimes," Paige blushed a little.

"Wow. I never knew you had one of these. Where'd you get it?"

"Ordered it from a magazine."

"I'm sure a real cock is better."

"Maybe, but this one never gets soft."

Stevie looked at it with wide eyed excitement, comparing it to the cocks she'd been fucked with that day. It was bigger than the twins, smaller than Mike, and just a bit bigger than her Dad's.

She was excited again just looking at it, and squeezed it in her fingers as she giggled at the idea of pushing it inside herself. But then, she'd used a hairbrush and this was far better, it had to be. Just looking at it reminded her of her Dad fucking her the first time.

She pulled up her short pajamas top, revealing her red furred pussy, then rubbed the head of the dildo up and down against her slit. Paige stared down in shock, swallowing several times as she watched her sister press the dildo into her cunt.

"Wha… what are you doing?" she asked in a hoarse whisper.

Stephanie didn't answer. She was twisting the dildo from side to side as she worked it down into her furry pussy hole. It was thick, but not nearly as thick as Mike's big cock, and she had no trouble getting it all inside her.

Paige stared in stunned amazement as the entire dildo slid up into her sister's cunt tunnel and only the end remained, clutched in her fingers. Then Stephanie began to slide it in and out, gasping in pleasure as the rubber cock rasped across her clitty. She gripped her crotch through her pajamas bottoms, squeezing it repeatedly as she watched the redhead sliding her dildo back and forth inside her cunt pit. It occurred to her just then that she had used the dildo only that morning, and that her own dried cunt milk was no doubt still on the surface. The idea was both disgusting and horribly exciting.

Stevie was laying back, propped up on one elbow as she pumped the dildo in and out of herself. She let her legs slip further and further apart as more and more of her concentration focused on the burning, buzzing sensation in her pussy.

She gasped in pleasure, then let herself fall back onto the bed. Her free hand rubbed over her breasts through the thin satin top and she pumped harder, grinding her ass into the bed and whining in bliss.

Paige slid her hand down inside her pajamas bottoms, watching in wide eyed amazement as her sister became more and mote aroused by the plunging dildo. The sleek redhead looked incredibly sensuous as she writhed there on the bed beside her, and Paige felt left out, tempted to somehow help.

She felt an urge to grab the dildo and pump it herself, to kiss Stephanie, to lick her pussy, her glistening, copper furred pussy. She gulped and rubbed her fingers steadily up and down her own blonde slit, grinding her thumb down on her clitty as she began to hump into her fingers.

She watched Stephanie's body writhe and grind on the bed, watched her back arch repeatedly, saw the stiff points of her hard nipples as they pushed against the satin top binding them. She was sweating with heat' her head throbbing. She rubbed her pussy faster, eyes focused on her younger sister as Stevie continued to pump the dildo in and out of her cunt opening.

Then with a groan Paige reached down and grabbed the dildo, thrusting it hard and fast in Stephanie's fuck-box. Stephanie gasped and jumped back against it, both her hands squeezing and kneading her tits through her pajamas top as Paige pumped the dildo faster and faster inside her.

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