Naughty Stephanie Chapter 7

Naughty Stephanie Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: ——————————————————–

She quickly got Paige's panties off, then rolled over onto her belly and gazed at her sister's soft, furry pussy. She thought back to exactly what the boys had done to her own pussy, what had worked best, then began to experiment on Paige's cunt.

Soon Paige was writhing on the bed, cursing and moaning, her body jerking and trembling under orgasm after orgasm as Stevie drove her tongue up into the blonde snatch and chewed her clitty like it was bubblgum.

It was fun, and she got to be better and better, able to judge just when Paige was about to cum, able to drag her up right to the edge of climax, then hold back, let her ease down, then blow her up again until the little blonde was shaking and trembling and begging to cum.

It was probably Paige's moans and groans and begging that drew Rob to her door. She'd locked it but he must have heard enough through the closed door to pique his curiosity. He'd managed to open the door with a coat hanger.

Stevie didn't even know he was there at first. He made no sound as he stared in stunned amazement at the sight of Stevie eating out a writhing, wriggling Paige, his boner almost tearing through his pants as he swallowed repeatedly.

Stevie finally heard his heavy breathing and tore her, by now tired tongue from Paige's honey coated snatch, turned and widened her eyes in alarm when she realized they were discovered.

But then she saw the big bulge in his pants and smiled, realizing there would be no difficulty at all with this last brother. She fumed her eyes on her sister and noted Paige had still not realized they had a visitor. The blonde's eyes were closed and she was moaning weakly.

Smiling, Stevie rolled the little blonde onto her belly and spread her legs. She rose to her knees beside the blonde and slid one hand in between her thighs to cup and squeeze her pussy. She slid the other hand beneath Paige's belly and pulled the blonde up onto her knees.

Paige's face remained buried in the pillow as she raised her ass high and spread her legs. Stevie stroked her pussy as she looked up at Rob, who was staring right into Paige's gold trimmed pussy slit.

"You know what you need, Paige?" she whispered into Paige's ear. "You need a good stiff cock up inside you."

She pinched Paige's clitty and the blonde moaned in agreement.

Stevie looked at Rob and motioned him forward. Rob just stared at first, then as she gestured at Paige7s glistening wet slot he stumbled slowly forward, as if in a daze. Stevie took his hand and pulled him onto the bed behind their sister, then undid his pants and pulled out his angry red cock.

She leaned forward and gave it a little suck just to get it wet. But from the strangled gasp that came from Rob she knew he would pop in seconds if she continued.

She took her lips away and pushed him forward behind Paige. Rob's eyes were glued to his sister's round little ass and that soft little mound between her thighs. Stevie knelt beside him, suoking Paige's slit as she took his cock in her other hand and drew the head forward against her sister's cunt.

She rubbed it up and down the slit, drawing a sigh of pleasure from Paige, then pushed in harder.

"Fuck meeeee," Paige sighed, groaning as the cock pushed in deeper.

Rob's shaking hands clutched the blonde's ass cheeks, then he pushed forward, throwing all his weight behind his cock as he sank it deeper in Paige's swat.

"Ooohhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhh," Paige groaned. "Wha…. what… Steeeveeeeeee…"

"You're gonna get fucked, Paige," Stevie said.

Paige raised her head and fumed, looking back through bleary eyes. At last she noticed Rob behind her, and realized his cock was nestled inside her fuck entrance.

"Nooooooo," she moaned. "I… I… I'm a viiiiiiirrggiiiiiin!"

Then Rob lunged forward and she wasn't.

She cried out, bucking and twisting in an attempt to free herself from the gnawing bite of Rob's cock as it moved steadily forward, burrowing into her cunt.

Stevie gripped her shoulders and held her tight, licking the side of her ear and purring softly as the blonde shook and trembled, then gave a sudden lurch forward.

Paige let out a long moan and then her head sank back down to the pillow. Stevie looked back and saw Rob had buried his cock inside Paige's tight, formerly virginal pussy hole.

"Now you've got it up you all the way," she sighed.

"Oh Goddddddd," Paige groaned.

"Oh Jeeeeesus," Rob moaned.

He gave a sudden series of humping motions. then groaned even louder as his cum blasted our into Paige's belly. He was too aroused to get soft though, and soon began to pump into Paige with steady, deep strokes, while Stevie looked on and supervised.

Paige was able to rise onto all fours and began humping back against Rob as they got into a steady rhythm. Stevie stroked her pussy a little and watched, too excited to care that much about her raw cunt meat now as she watched her brother ram his cock into her sister's moist pussy.

Unfortunately, Rob hadn't locked the door, nor even closed it tight when he'd come in. Mike came home, came upstairs to change, and had promptly heard the sounds coming from Stevie's room. He investigated and found Rob pounding it to the blonde, while a naked Stevie sat back beside them rubbing her crotch.

"Holy Fuck!" he cried.

His eyes were bulging as he stared at Paige's upturned ass, his brother's cock pumping into the little blond pussy, and Stevie's fingers dancing in her wide open crotch. Rob and Paige halted, Rob looking back apprehensively, Paige with dazed confusion.

"Mike," Stevie said, "come on in."

He did, shuffling forward, not taking his eyes of Paige and Rob until Stevie stood up and hugged him with her naked body.

"I fucked Mike yesterday," she told the others with a smile. Mike blushed a little, swallowing nervously as he stared down at his sister's big round breasts. She smiled and held his hand, bringing it down between her legs and placing it against her moist cunt mound.

He didn't resist, his cock bulging as Stevie ground herself down on his open hand, whining like a bitch in heat as her soft furry cunt mound rubbed against his fingers.

Rob turned back to Paige and resumed his hard fucking motions, even more excited now. Mike continued to watch them, but then was distracted by Stevie, who was undoing his pants.

"So… someone might come," he gasped.

"I fucked the twins this morning," she said casually, "And Daddy last night."

"You fucked Dad?!" he cried.

The others didn't hear, being too busy. Stevie placed her lips against Mike's as her hand slid down into his pants and began squeezing his rapidly hardening cock. Mike was dumbfounded, his blood boiling with the images of his naked sister dancing in his head, images of Stevie with the twins, with his father, raw, carnal, bestial images that made his head pound with lust.

Stevie was sliding her tongue across his lips, stroking his cock in his loosened pants, and still rubbing her pussy over his hand. Mike shook his head, then took the initiative. He pushed her away and jerked his pants down and off, his eyes flicking from Stevie to the humping, groaning couple on the bed.

"You fucking slut," he gasped.

He pulled her around roughly and shoved her onto the bed next to Paige. Stevie willingly bent over, her shoulders rubbing against Paige's as the blonde girl was jerked back and forth by Rob's hard pumping. Mike climbed into bed behind her and she felt his giant prong against her slit.

She whimpered a little at the stinging, but her cunt was wet and hot and his massive, purpled penis soon forced her tight lips apart and slid into her sheath. She lowered her face to the mattress, clutching her head in her hands as her pussy tunnel was bloated out by the fat fuck-tool being forced into her.

Even Rob, as excited as he was, paused and watched his older brother's monster cock as Mike jammed more and more of it into Stevie's slit.

"Shit, you got a big cock," he said in admiration. "How can she take that much meat?"

"She'll take it," Mike growled. "I pumped the little bitch's pussy yesterday and she was screaming with pleasure."

He gave a hard lunge forward, drawing a gasp of pain from the trembling redhead. He reached down and gripped her ass, then shifted his grip to her thigh, jerking her legs a little further open. His hands slid up her back and onto her shoulders, gripping her tightly as he rammed his hips forward.

Stevie gave a cry of pain, her head and chest coming up off the bed as she straightened her arms. She was panting for breath as she looked back at the two boys behind her.

Mike jerked her body back as he pumped hard, finally embedding his meaty tool in her tight, silky belly. He ground his hairy hips into her buttocks as his hands slid off her shoulders and down beneath her chest, cupping, then mashing her swaying tits.

"Fuck, she's got good tits," he groaned.

"Paige has a better ass," Rob grunted, resuming his hard fucking motions.

"Coupla fuckin' sluts," Mike growled, ramming his cock up Stevie's fuck pipe with a harsh thrusting motion.

Rob emulated him, and both sisters were soon jerking back and forth on all fours as their asses were slapped by hard male hips. Paige tossed and shook her head, whimpering and groaning in pleasure, then humped back furiously, her eyes wide, head flung back as she gurgled in ecstasy.

Stevie was in a dazed state of delight herself humping back slowly, her cunt still aching with fullness but also burning with pleasure.

Suddenly the long, thick cock was withdrawn. She continued humping back for long moments, her body feeling suddenly vacant, empty. Then hands gripped her hips and another cock pressed into her wet cunt entrance. Rob was behind her, the brothers having changed places, and his cock skewered her as he embedded it in her tight pussy.

His hands roamed her body, stroking, squeezing, fondling and groping, fingers pinching and pulling her silky flesh. His cock inside her was pistoning excitedly making up for its smaller size by slicing through her cunt lips with a furious whip-sawing motion.

On the verge of orgasm, whimpers and cries from beside her drew Stevie's bleary eyes around.

Paige had fallen forward onto her face, then twisting and writhing as if to escape impalement, had slid onto her side on the bed. Her top leg was pressed against Mike's muscular chest as he forced inch after inch of monster cock into the little blonde's belly. He held her by the waist, his giant hands almost enveloping the tiny waisted blonde.

Paige's legs and arms jerked and trembled, her legs bouncing, flopping, her hands pawing at the bed beside and above her as Mike jerked her back and forth like a rag doll. Her crotch was pried wide, his massive pole of flesh piercing her like a spear.

He forced every last inch into the wriggling, moaning girl, then began to pound it back and forth inside her with merciless sexual excitement. He jerked her bodily back to meet his powerful thrust, impaling her again and again on his fuck-stick.

But then her eyes and mind were overcome by her own sexual inner turmoil as Stevie was propelled into a powerful orgasmic eruption that shook her to the core. She humped hack desperately, grunting like a hog as her cunt exploded around Rob's rutting prong.

Her fuck hole spasmed and squeezed and tore at his cock, jerking him into a long overdue orgasm as well. His fingers whitened, digging into her hips like steel as his hips hammered her rounded buttocks. Wad after wad of sizzling, steaming cum spurted down into the bottom of her fuck tube, dribbling into her womb to bubble and boil.

Beside her, Paige was totally blanked out by another crashing orgasm, but Mike continued to ram his cock deep into her slender belly. He poured a massive load of juice down her hole, then collapsed atop her, licking and sucking at her throat and face.

"Jesus what a cunt she's got, " Rob groaned, letting his softening prick slide out from Stevie's slit. Stevie fell forward onto the bed, then rolled onto her back, chest heaving.

"They're both tight," Mike sighed, letting his own cock emerge from the nearly unconscious blonde's creamy cunt opening.

"If Dad finds out we've been screwing them we'll get tossed out on our asses," Rob said, sitting back on his heels, his eyes still moving admiringly over his sisters' gorgeous bodies.

"Didn't you hear what Stephanie said?"


"She fucked Dad yesterday, and the twins today."



"Holy shit!"

"Some kind of whore, huh?"

"Hey, Stevie, is that true?"

"He was spanking me, then he fucked me," Stevie sighed dreamily.


"Yeah, so I guess we got a home supply of ready pussy for a while," Mike said, eyes gleaming.

"Hey, you know what they were doing when I came in?"

Mike shook his head.

"They were together, man, Stevie was sucking Paige off."

"No shit!"


"Whoah, what a hot little pair."

"Yeah, look it, I think they're still hot for each other."

Stevie and Paige were lying side by side, bodies pressed against each other in several places. Paige's arm had come out and was laying across Stevie's hack. Both girls' faces were within inches of each other.

"Hey, Stevie, let's see you to do a dyke number," Mike demanded.

"Mmmmmmm?" Stevie sighed.

Mike rolled Paige onto her back. The blonde blinked her eyes up at him in confusion. He pulled Stevie over on top of her sister, their breasts crushing each other, their hot flesh rubbing together. He and Rob moved up to kneel on the edges of the bed, watching the two.

"C'mon, kiss her, let's see you two go," Rob grinned down at the two.

Stevie shifted herself over to one side, coming half off her older sister. Her body was still enveloped in the warm afterglow of sexual glory, partly sated. Still, Paige's skin felt nice, soft, warm, and she was excited by her brothers, request.

She kissed Paige as the boys watched avidly. Paige was starting to come around again, and was looking at her brothers warily. She pushed her hands against Stevie as if to shove her away, but Stevie slid a hand under her head and mashed her lips down on the blonde, then shoved her other hand between Paige's legs and gripped her cunt mound.

Paige groaned, her hand gripping Stevie's wrist as the redhead slid two fingers into her furry pussy and began stroking her clit. Paige's resistance crumbled rapidly and her hand came away as she spread her legs and started to kiss Stevie back.

The two girls exchanged long wet kisses, their tongues sliding back and forth as their brothers watched. Stevie ground her hips into Paige, her right thigh rubbing back and forth against Paige's fuck mound as she slid her tongue deep into the blonde's mouth.

She stroked and squeezed Paige's breasts, then straddled the blonde and let her own fat mammaries hang above the girl's face. Paige reached up, squeezing them, then, as Stevie bent over, she brought the right nipple to her mouth and started sucking like a child.

Excited, Rob reached over and gripped Stevie's left breast, squeezing it. Mike slid a hand in between the redhead's thighs and stroked her pussy as Stevie humped back against it.

Then Stevie slid downward until she was laying on her belly between Paige's thighs. She began to lick and suck the blonde slit, her tongue scooping out thick wads of semen as Paige writhed in glorious pleasure.

"Look at her suck," Rob said admiringly.

"Look at Paige move," Mike laughed.

Hands on her hips raised Stevie to her knees and then a cock rammed into her from behind. She glanced up briefly to see Rob had climbed behind her and was fucking her with considerable excitement.

She turned back to Paige's cunt, twirling her tongue over the blonde's clitty as Paige humped up at her. Mike knelt over Paige's face and dangled his cock over her lips. She opened her mouth and his fat cockhead slid between.

Paige sucked mindlessly as her body was pummelled by a rippling sexual firestorm. As Mike's cock hardened Paige could barely fit her lips around it, but she ignored the discomfort as her blitzed mind tore through orgasm after orgasm.

Rob dumped his second load in Stevie's pussy, then the two picked up the slender redhead and fumed her around so she and Paige were in a sixty-nine. They sat back on their heels and watched the two hot teenage girls suck and chew on each other's pussies.

The twins soon joined them, taking in the situation without surprise and stripping off their clothes as they watched. Paige and Stevie wriggle and rock in a carnal sexual embrace.

Then, exhausted, the two girls rolled apart, panting for breath, bodies covered in sweat. The twins, hard-ons bouncing, shifted them around so they were lying on their bellies, then spread their legs apart and climbed between their quivering thighs.

"What are you guys gonna do?" Rob wondered.

In answer both twins, greased up their cocks with baby oil, then pressed them against the girls' assholes.

"They're gonna fuck them in the ass!" Rob exclaimed.

Paige raised her head at that, trying to see through her cascading blonde hair. She tried to turn over but Donnie held her easily in place as he put more and more pressure on her asshole. She grunted and whined in pain.

"Wait," she gasped. "Donnie. Oon't. D… Don't! Ooohhhh' Uuhhhhhh!"

"It doesn't hurt, Paige," Stevie said, raising her own head and fuming to watch Donnie's cock as it pushed into the blonde's ass.

"Just loosen up your ass muscles. Donnie will go slow and you take it a bit at a time."

"I can't," Paige moaned.

"Sure you can. It feels great to have a cock up your ass, Paige. Trust me."

Stevie loosened her own ass muscles, sighing in pleasure as Dennis' cock slid deeper into her rectum.

Donnie took longer to get his cock into Paige, but soon both boys were pumping away at the girls' assholes, their cocks driving deep as they bounced up and down.

"I gotta get me some of that," Rob said, his cock hardening again.

"I don't think they could take mine back there," Mike sighed.

Stevie, grunting and sighing in pleasure, raised her head and shoved her hair aside to give him a hot steamy look.

"Try me," she whispered.

Mike's cock gave a quiver at the words.

Rob slid his legs around Paige's body as he shifted his ass forward. He brought his cock up against her face as she raised it, then pressed his hard nosed click against her lips. Paige slid her lips around it and began sucking. Mike moved in front of Stevie and soon his cock too, was inside a hungry female mouth.

And so, it was with some shock that Jack finally fund out where all his kids were. He stood there in the doorway, dumbstruck as he watched the two girls laying on their bellies, sucking on their brothers cocks as the twins sodomised them with obvious relish.

He did not take part in the sexual antics, though his cock bulged in his pants. He watched for a minute then backed away, seen only by Stevie and the twins.

The twins spat their wads down into the girls' respective assholes, and Rob and Mike shifted around to take their place. Rob easily pushed his cock down into Paige's asshole, but Mike and Stephanie had to work at it to fit his monster tool into her tiny round hole.

They managed though, and soon Stevie was bouncing up and down on Mike's cock as her older brother lay on his back and fondled her breasts.

Afterwards, as fucked out as they were, Stevie and Paige, after cleaning themselves up a bit and donning some of Stevie's sexy lingerie, padded down the hall to their father's room.

Stevie opened the door and led the way in. Jack was sitting on the edge of his bed, staring out the window, but said nothing as the two teenagers entered. Stevie was confident, Paige nervous and a little embarrassed. No words were exchanged as Stevie led her sister over to the edge of their father's bed.

He looked up at the lush, nubile young bodies standing before him and swallowed nervously. Then Stevie and Paige sat on either side of him. Stevie slid her hand down between his legs and began stroking his cock through his pants while Paige stroked his chest and shoulders.

Soon they were all naked. Jack fucked Paige first, then Stevie, then he made them do their lesbian show for him, which so excited him he was able to fuck both girls again. Stevie seemingly had no inhibitions left, and Paige was rapidly losing hers.

The two paraded around the house from then on in tight skirts, short shorts and lacy lingerie, depending on the time of day. They were fucked constantly, with their only problem being scheduling. Often one brother or another, or their Dad, would show up at their door around bedtime, only to find them already getting their pussies pumped.

For the first few weeks they all exhausted themselves in near constant sex, fucking and sucking all over the house, in every manner of position. Fucking the girls became so accepted, so casual, that sometimes it would take piece in the midst of a tv show, or breakfast.

One or another of the males would turn to Stevie or Paige during a commercial, slip her panties off, if she were wearing any, and slide his cock up her fuck tunnel for a fast screw, even as the rest of the family sat around talking or eating.

It became a source of amusement, but not scandal or surprise, for them all to be gathered around the table eating, and for Jack, or one of the boys, to pull Stevie or Paige onto their laps. Usually the girls came to breakfast naked, knowing how horny men were in the morning.

Usually Stevie would sit on her father's lap, her back to him as she sank her cunt down onto his blood engorged prick. He loved to sink his fingers into her fat tits as he pumped into her.

All five of the males would want to fuck one or the other of the girls before bedtime, which often left the girls exhausted, but happy. The worst time was when one or the other of the girls had her period. Then her sister would have to take on all five before getting any sleep.

But they coped happily, adapting their loving family to accommodate this new variety of love. The only problem, at least from Stevie's point of view, was that the men got a little possessive of her body, nor wanting her to date, for instance, and that they would fuck her whenever they wanted to, regardless of how she felt at the time.

The guys started to take them for granted, stuffing their pricks in and humping away for a couple of minutes, then spilling their seed and leaving. Sometimes it got to be darned annoying, and both she and Paige started to feel like fucking the men was some kind of chore.

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