On Staff – Part 2

On Staff – Part 2

On Staff – Chapter 2
"Jim, this weekend, is that enough lead time for you to put together a dinner here? For about five guests?" Melissa asked as she walked into the kitchen. She'd just arrived home from work and I was sitting naked at the breakfast room table, testicles and penis hanging down between my thighs to lie on the cool, finished wood of the chair seat. I like the way that feels, testicles lying on the cool wood like that. I was naked because that was the way Melissa preferred me to be. Over the months since she'd hired me I'd grown very comfortable with it, my nudity at home, comfortable to the point that I didn't really like having to get dressed when I went out. Clothes had become too confining, too restrictive. I work full time for Missy, my job being primarily to keep her happy and satisfied.

"What would you like? Formal and fancy or simple and good?" I asked her. I'm a professionally trained chef and can handle anything from gourmet to simple depending on Missy's desires.

"Somewhere in between. It doesn't need to be gourmet with a fancy presentation. As a matter of fact, I think the girls would prefer simple, maybe just a buffet with a bit of a selection," she answered. Missy owns a marketing company. She frequently entertains small groups here at her house. As her Director of Protocol, it's up to me to take her vision of what she'd like and turn it into reality so her guests enjoy themselves. "Oh, and since it's just some of my women clients, you won't need to dress for dinner. You can mingle and make sure their wine glasses stay filled and they're happy," she added. For the previous dinner parties, I'd always dressed for the guests, some of the very few times I'm not naked around the house. This time was apparently different since it was just women clients. It didn't bother me in the least. I'd grown very comfortable being naked around groups of women having dealt with smaller groups, two, three, when Missy had friends over. They always enjoyed Missy's "naked houseboy."

"OK, whatever you say, Missy. I can put it together by this weekend, no problem, it gives me three days, that's plenty of time," I told her. While dinner finished cooking I sat back down at the table to prepare a menu and shopping list for the weekend dinner party.

"I'm going to go change. What time will dinner be ready?" Missy asked.

"About thirty minutes."

"OK." She turned and walked out of the kitchen. I heard her footsteps pad up the carpeted stairs as she went up to her master bedroom to change. Meanwhile I furrowed my brow to consider a buffet menu for Saturday evening.

After dinner, kitchen cleaned up, dishwasher running, I sat in the den on the leather couch watching the news channel. Missy came in, still wearing the floral patterned silk robe she'd worn for dinner. Sitting down next to me she loosened the tied sash as she asked, "What's happening in the world tonight?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary. Same stuff as usual," I replied. As her robe loosened and gaped open some, those hefty double-D's were partially exposed, cleavage from here to eternity. Just gazing at that cleavage made me begin to engorge, my penis elevating itself from its flaccid position hanging down with my testicles, lying with them on the leather between my thighs. Whenever Missy sat close to me like this and loosened her robe I knew she wanted sex, starting with a long, relaxed session on those beautiful tits of hers. I put my left arm around her shoulders so that my hand was in the right position to accomodate her needs but I can't actually reach the business end of those babies from that position without some help from below. Turning toward her just enough, I could reach over with my right hand to lift a breast up to my waiting fingertips. Lightly caressing the nipple I let my fingertips trace slow, gentle paths encircling the areola, gradually closing on the nipple itself, repeating this over and over. Melissa's right hand wandered up my thigh to softly grasp my ever hardening penis. Letting her fingertips drop softly down my scrotum, she gently slid them under my testicles to lift them gently. She likes the way my testicles hang so low, five inches or so, likes the way they swing about with my flaccid penis when I walk or move around.

After a couple of news segments I'm ready to suck on those tits and I know Missy is ready for me to do it. So I turned myself around to lie down, my head in her lap, and suckle them like a baby. She knows where I'm headed and has her robe fully opened by the time I can lie down. My head in her lap, right ear tickled by her full, dark bush, I guided a three inch areola my way and began to suckle it. Sucking as much of it into my mouth as possible I squeezed gently with my lips while circling the nipple with my tongue and sucking gently. In a long session of that I can actually begin to extract some fluid from her nipple. The more often we have such sessions, the faster the fluid begins to appear. I bet Missy one time that given enough intensive sessions I could probably coax her breasts into giving milk. I continued the suckling until Missy began move herself out from under my head. Turning to sit on me, her ass on my chest, thighs on each side of my head, she buried my face in her bush. Seeking her pussy, I searched with my tongue until I found its target. Up and down the length of her lips, probing ever deeper with each pass I tasted the slightly salty taste as I gathered its musky odor with each deep breath I take through my nostrils. Looking up, I was looking at those hanging tits, wet nipples pointing slightly down and front. Reaching up around her thighs I took a tit in each hand to play with them gently as I continued to probe between her lips with my tongue. My erection, so engorged that my penis almost hurt, was longing for a soft touch. As if she read my mind, Missy reached around behind her to grasp it in her hands as she began to ride my face, grinding her pussy into my mouth. Moving forward I found her clit and began to suck on it just the way I know Missy likes it, drumming it with my tongue as I suckle gently. She never lasts very long when I've gotten to this part of the mustache ride and that night was no exception. Within minutes she is beginning to shake and tremble, her grasp on my penis tightening as she rattles through an orgasm. I reduced my suckling to a very soft touch of lips and tongue as she rode the orgasm through to its conclusion. Finished shaking and trembling, she sat still on me for a few minues as I continued to softly lick her lips, then began to get up off of me. Instead of letting her up, I grabbed her by the hips to hold her in place on my face and continued to lick her lips, probing into the wet folds with my tongue.

Repeating the whole process, I brought her to a second orgasm, this one seemed to be even more intense than the first one with more shaking, trembling and a low gutteral moan from Missy. A second ride finshed, she got up off of me before I could stop her, telling me to sit up on the couch. I turned and sat up on the warm leather, now sticking to my sweaty ass, and Missy was between my legs on her knees heading toward my aching penis. She gives head less frequently than she wants it so I savor it every time she does. This time, however, after the hour or so of sex time, I wasn't that far from an orgasm myself and as she began to slide her lips up and down my shaft I could feel myself heading into the abyss quickly. As my buttocks and abdominals began to tighten and relax beyond my control, she knew I was almost there and she seemed to double her efforts.

"Oh damn, I'm about to cum," I moaned as much as said causing her to begin to suck more with each stroke of her lips on my shaft. Her hand was holding my testicles and I could feel them tighten just before I went headlong over the top and began to lose my load. Missy has never hesitated to swallow a load of ejaculate and the this time was no different than usual. With slurping noises and swallowing, she vacuumed me dry as I sat trembling on the couch before she dropped my penis from her mouth and looked up at me smiling.

"How was that?" she asked.

"I don't think you need me to tell you," I replied as I let my head lay back on the top of the couch back.

Melissa stood up saying, "I'm going to bed. You be sure to get your rest between now and the weekend."

"Good night, Missy," I answered. Get my rest? What did she mean by that? I found out on Friday evening when Missy got home. When she'd put her briefcase down on the bench in the entryway, she opened it and pulled out a small brown sack.

"Here, this is for tomorrow night," she told me as she held out the sack toward me.

Taking it, I opened it and looked inside to see a large box of condoms and a box of Cialis, the erectile dysfunction drug. "What's this for?" I asked.

"For the girls tomorrow night, I think they may be wanting some entertainment from you," Missy told me.

"I thought our agreement was that this is a monogamous relationship," I told her.

"It is, but your taking care of my friends in my presence isn't a problem. I just want you to be sure to wear a condom if you actually fuck any of them," she explained. "But basically, if they want it, I want you to give them whatever they're needing. The Cialis is to help you deliver more times than you're accustomed to if needed."

"OK, Missy. Whatever you say. You're the boss," I told her. This would be interesting. I've never "performed" in front of a crowd, even if it was only a few women. That night the thought of being naked in front of a group of women, some of who might want me to satisfy them was roiling in my brain, keeping me awake past midnight. First thing Saturday morning I took a dose of the Cialis. I didn't notice any impact until around noon when I took a break from dinner preparations to walk naked into the hall bath to take a leak. When I grasped my penis to make an effort to ring the bowl, I noticed that it felt a little thicker than usual. After shaking off, I was washing my hands when I realized that my penis was engorging, quickly. The more I thought about it, the harder it got until I think it was just a bit larger than usual when erect. Sheesh. Back in the kitchen, everytime I began to soften and thought about it, it would immediately spring back to full erection. Damn.

I had everything prepped and ready around 5:30 so I went to my bedroom to grab a shower. My mind on other things, my erection finally faded to just a nice hang until Melissa came in the bathroom. One of the rules around the house was that she could come into my room or bathroom anytime she wished while I was to be invited in before I went into hers when she was there. She came in, I could see her through the glass shower doors. She asked, "You took the Cialis, right?"

"Yeah, I took it."

"Let me see," she said as she slid back one of the doors. In profile, she could see that my flaccid penis was hanging a bit more heavily than usual. Reaching into the tub, she grasped my testicles, cradling them in her hand, lifting them then letting them back down. At her touch, I nearly immediately sprang to a full erection. "Oh, that does work, doesn't it? You know what? I think you should shave. You'll look so nice clean shaven."

"OK, Missy." She sat down on the closed toilet lid as I finished my shower. When I slid the shower door open, she said, "Let's take care of that shave now. Where's your razor?"

"Left hand drawer."

She retrieved my razor and turned toward me saying, "Soap up." I took some body wash and lathered up my pubic hair then turned back toward her. Grasping my mostly flaccid penis to hold it out of the way, Missy began at the top to shave my bush. As she held my penis it rapidly engorged but luckily she was finished shaving above it just about as quickly. Now with it up and out of the way, she had easy access to my testicles to shave them. Finished, she told me, "Rinse off. Let me see if I missed any." I turned on the water and used the hand held shower to rinse the remaining soap and curly bits of hair off.

Turning back to her I asked, "OK?"

"Just a second. Here's a bit I missed," she told me as she took care of the remaining hair. "OK, all done. I kind of like the look. I may just have you stay like that from now on," she finished. She got up, put my razor on the counter, and left the bath as I climbed out of the tub to dry off. When I dried around my penis and testicles it seemed like the newly bare skin was much more sensitive than before, almost like the nerve endings were on caffeine or something, more awake. Finishing, I hung my towel up, shaved, rinsed, and dried my face, then headed for the kitchen. No need to waste any time getting dressed for the party.

The chafing dishes were prepped and ready. Bread was sliced and in the cloth covered baskets. The last items were in the oven. Everything was ready to feed Missy's friends.

The first guests began arriving around 7:00 followed quickly by the remaining women. They looked like they ranged in age from late twenties to perhaps early sixties or late fifties. They all greeted me by name when they saw me. Most of them I'd seen (and they'd seen me, literally) at the house previously. I think a couple of them hadn't been to Missy's house before and when they looked at me they seemed to be in a quandry – Do I stare or look away? As they gathered in the living room, Missy requested, "Could you pour some wine for everyone now please, Jim?"

"Yes, ma'am," I said as I headed into the kitchen.

As I left I heard one of the women tell Melissa, "You've got him well trained, Melissa," followed by some chuckles from other women.

As I returned with two bottles of wine I heard somebody ask Melissa, "I know he cooks and cleans. What else can he do."

"Just about anything you might want," was the answer I heard from Melissa, followed by more chuckles.

As I poured the first glass of wine, that for one of the older ladies, I felt her hand on the inside of my thigh, slipping it up my thigh until it was brushing my low hanging testicles, I immediately began to engorge.

"Jessie, look at what you're doing to him."

"Oh, that's nice."

Before I could move on to the next wine glass, I felt her hand cup my testicles and lift them a couple of times. "Melissa, he's got a nice set of balls on him, doesn't he?"

"Yes, he does. They seem to do the job quite well."

"Oh, I bet they do." The guest attached to the next wine glass didn't touch me, but smiled sweetly as I poured her wine, my partial erection right at her eye level as I stood there. The next guest had her hand on my ass as I poured, her fingertips softly sliding up and down my crack.

Around the room I went, pouring wine for each woman. Two of them simply grasped my penis in their hand, causing it to go to a full erection under the first grasp. While my flaccid penis usually hangs down about five inches along with my testicles, unfortunately it grows only slightly to about six and a half when fully erect. Under the influence of the Cialis, it seemed to be slightly larger but definitely firmer as it stood up nearly to my abdomen. When Denise, the first guest to grasp it let go, it sprang to full attention eliciting an "Oh yes," from her.

Elaine, the last guest to get wine and the second to grasp my penis, just smiled as I poured wine into the glass in her right hand while her left hand gently stroked my erection. Now just Melissa was remaining. As I poured her wine she began to pull her skirt up – I saw she had nothing on underneath as she spread her thighs and displayed her full dark bush. "Here, I'll show you what I mean, girls. Jim, I need some help here," she said to me.

"Yes, ma'am," I replied as I sat the two wine bottles down on the table next to her chair. I kneeled down in front of her chair, she scooted herself forward until the edge of the seat was just under her butt. Diving in, my nose was in her bush, I found my mark with my mouth and began to lick her pussy, up and down the lips, probing with my tongue on each pass. I felt her lift her legs to drape them over my shoulders as I continued to lick and probe.

Behind me I heard one of her guests say, "Oh, you DO have him trained well."

I heard Missy reply, "He just understands what I need and how to give it to me." By this time, I'd moved to her clit and was suckling it gently. She said, "OK, Jim, that's enough for now. You can go get the food ready," as she took her legs off of my shoulders. I stood up, turned, and headed for the kitchen, my penis so hard it wsn't even bobbing or moving at all as I walked out of the room. I realized that it was quite a turn on for me to be eating Missy out like that in front of her friends.

Just about out of the room I heard somebody state, "I think I'll need some of that before the night's over." There were a couple of "Me too," as I went through the doorway. I had a short buffet set up on one of the kitchen counters and in just a few minutes I was ready to let them begin to serve themselves.

I went to the doorway of the living room and told Melissa, "The food is ready, Missy." As she and her guests filed by me into the kitchen, several of them grasped my partially erect penis as they passed. By the time they were all in the kitchen, it was fully erect again.

Melissa was last through the doorway and as she passed by me she winked at me and whispered, "I think you'll be a hit tonight, Jim."

"Oh yeah, I think so," was all I could think to myself as I followed them into the kitchen to make sure they had everything they needed. As they served themselves and went to the large table to sit down, I ensured that each had a full wine glass and then made certain the chafing dishes and counter all looked okay. After eating, they all agreed to postpone desert for a bit and headed back to the living room.

As Missy left the kitchen she told me, "Bring the wine, Jim."

I picked up two wine bottles and followed them into the living room, my penis having finally calmed down to a partial erection standing out slightly below horizontal. I could feel precum oozing a bit. As I filled wine glasses around the room I heard some chuckling behind me. When I turned, I saw why. Cynthia, the other older lady besides Jessie, was sitting on one end of the couch completely bare below the waist, her slacks and underwear in a heap on the floor beside the couch. When I looked at her she grinned and said, "Wine isn't what I need right now, young man." Chuckles and laughter from around the room. I finished filling everyone's glasses before turning toward Cynthia again. Setting the wine bottles down on the side table I approached her and stooped down in front of the couch before kneeling down. She immediately had her legs on my shoulders and used them to lift her butt up and scoot it toward me. She was a fairly slender lady, a bit of loose skin, but all in all not that badly preserved for somebody I assumed to be in their sixties. Scooting toward me, she virtually rammed her pussy into my mouth, my nose in her almost black bush. I could smell a faint aroma of some sort of bath powder. It smelled like Chanel No. 5, which my loving ex-wife liked and I always thought smelled very nice. Finding her pussy lips with my tongue, I began to lick and probe deeper, ever deeper with my tongue. "Oh, he is good, Melissa," I heard Cynthia tell my boss. As I continued to lick, I had no need to search for her clit. It had become quite enlarged, feeling like it protruded almost a inch so I encircled it with my lips and began to suckle gently playing with the end of it with my tongue. Cynthia's hips began to rock under my continued suckling, faster and faster they rocked until she began to shake and tremble.

With some gutteral groans she came under my touch, shaking on the couch, legs alternately tightening and relaxing on my shoulders. As she calmed down I'd continued to gently suckle her clit until she took her legs off my shoulders and scooted herself back, pulling her pussy away from my mouth. "I need to finish this," she told Melissa as I stood up.

Melissa simply said, "That's fine," reaching down beside her chair and coming back up with a plastic wrapped condom for me. As I turned to take the condom from Melissa, Cynthia got up from the couch. When I turned back around, she was lying on her back on the cushions, her head in Jessie's lap, one leg draped up the couch back and the other off the seat cushion, foot flat on the floor. She was unbuttoning her blouse after which she spread it open and pulled her bra up. Her tits dropped free of the bra cups and immediately sagged to either side of her chest.

I had torn open the packet and was unrolling it over my aching erection as she said, "Come on, lover. Lets see how good you are with that thing." I climbed onto the couch on my knees between her splayed out legs and lowered myself to enter her. As my lubricated condom covered penis slid easily into her very wet pussy, Cynthia wrapped both legs around my lower back and thrust her hips at me, slamming me as deeply as possible into her. "Oh yeah," she said softly and I began to thrust, her own thrusts timed perfectly to meet mine, causing a solid slapping sound as we banged together and my testicles swung to slap her ass on each stroke. With the condom dulling the sensation for me somewhat, I was able to hammer away for what seemed like several minutes before I began to feel like I was nearing an orgasm. Before I got there, Cynthia began hers, shaking underneath me, her thrusts becoming eratic. Shaking through her climax, she gripped my with her legs and pulled me down onto her before reaching with her right hand to lift a tit to my face. Taking the hint I began to suckle the large nipple, sucking as much of the loose tit into my mouth as I could before gently squeezing and releasing my lips and circling the nipple with my tongue. Though I hadn't cum yet, I could feel it rising in me and had to start thrusting with my hips again as I laid down closely above her. As I rushed over the top I groaned and arched my back as I loaded the condom. Finished, I relaxed onto her and felt her fingertips on my back, caressing up and down its length. I dropped her tit from my mouth and it fell back to hang partially off her chest as I was breathing deeply, trying to regain my breath. This old lady had really wrung me out.

As I pushed myself up off of her, my penis, now nearly flaccid, flopped out of her, the semen filled end of the condom weighting it down. I stood up and it swung back and forth with my testicles as I heard somebody, I think Elaine, say something like, "Look, Cynthia. You've used him up before any of us had a chance."

Still lying on ber back on the couch, naked except for her splayed open blouse and pulled up bra Cynthia said, "Yeah, and it was worth it." There were chuckles and laughter around the room as I turned and headed for the downstairs powder room to get rid of the condom. I slid it off and dropped it in the toilet before using one of the hand towels to wipe myself up. Laying the towel on the back of the toilet, I closed the lid, flushed it, washed my hands and headed back to the living room. Cynthia was sitting on the end of the couch, slacks on, bra back in place, but blouse still unbuttoned. As I approached them Denise stood up and motioned me to her. She is a little chubby, thick through the waist, tits not quite big enough to truly be in proportion to the rest of her body. When I got to her she took me in an embrace and began to dance me clumsily around the room to the sound of the background music I had turned on earlier that evening. Though Cynthia had just fucked the hell out of me, the Cialis was working and my penis was already partially engorged as Denise loosened her embrace and reached down to take my testicles in her hand.

"Jessie, you were right," she said, "He does have a nice set of balls. Look at how they hang."

"I told you so," I heard Jessie reply at about the same time Denise began to push me down toward the floor. I went down to the floor under her urging before she pushed me onto my back. Pulling her skirt up, no underwear, she straddled my chest and scooted up until she had her pussy right on my chin.

"Let's go, Jim. Let's see what you can do with that tongue of yours," she said as she began to grind her pussy into my mouth. After making just a couple of passes around her lips with my tongue I immediately just probed as deeply as I good, darting my tongue in and out, out to her lips, in as deeply as I could reach. With my hand I reached up around her thigh to search for her clit, finding it with my thumb. Continuing with my tongue I began to lightly play with her clit, circling it with the tip of my thumb. "Oooh, that's good," Denise said softly as she began to rock her hips, grinding ever harder into my mouth. Within a few minutes my jaw was beginning to ache but luckily she was rising quickly to her own orgasm, hips rocking ever faster on my face. As she fell over the top into the abyss, she began to stiffen on me, shaking a bit before saying, "Oh damn, oh damn," over and over. Finished, she slowed to a stop and just sat there for a minute or so as I continued to trace her lips with my tongue before she stood up off of me and told Missy, "That was good, real good, Melissa. You'll share him again, won't you?"

Missy just smiled and said, "Of course. What are friends for?" Looking up from my back on the floor I saw that Jessie had pulled her slacks and underwear off and was in the process of unbuttoning her blouse. She is a large woman, not fat, just tall and large. After dropping her blouse on the couch she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra and let then it slide down her arms. Damn, her tits were big hangers, hanging down to nearly her waist, laying on her somewhat large belly. Her legs were heavy but not terribly large but my eyes kept going back to those heavy hangers of hers with what might have been four inch aerola staring down at me on the floor.

"Melissa," she said as she held out her hand. Missy handed her a condom, Jessie tore open the packet as she sat down on my legs. She took my now fully erect penis in one hand and began to unroll the condom down it saying, "Well Jim, have you got enough left to satisfy a fat old woman like me?" Without waiting for any sort of answer she raised herself up, aimed my condom sheathed penis, and sat down slowly on it. After a couple of rocks of her hips to settle in she sat motionless, let out a relaxed sigh, and said, "Melissa, I haven't had any of this in a long time. I want to enjoy it."

Missy just said, "Take your time, Jessie. We aren't in any hurry. We'll just enjoy watching you." Jessie reached across her abdomen under both tits with her left arm as she began to lean forward supporting herself with her right arm. Lifting those hangers with her arm, she leaned forward and by the time she was down almost on me those tits were draped across her forearm like the way a waiter drapes a cloth over his arm. As she reached a prone position on me, our bodies joined into one mass, she let them go so that they fell into my face and off to either side of my head on my shoulders.

Somewhat softly she said, "Melissa told me you like large, saggy breasts. How are these? They saggy enough for you?"

By that time I had already lifted one of those babies to my face and begun to suckle on the huge nipple. "Hmmmm," was all I could get out around the mouthfull of aerola I was sucking in, reaching almost to the back of my throat. Jessie had extended her legs down along mine. Under her torso, one tit in my mouth, the other lying on my shoulder against the side of my head, my legs between hers, her arms wrapped around behind my neck I felt like I was totally enveloped, held in a very warm, soft cocoon. She began to thrust her hips slightly and I, as much as I could, began to match her with thrusts of my own and we were soon in perfect time together. Gently, almost softly, we continued like that for some time. It was like Jessie was pacing herself to let it last all night. Between the condom, my previous orgasm, and the Cialis, I felt like I stay with her at that pace, and I was enjoying it, too. It felt safe, comfortable, relaxing in my warm coccoon there under her. Switching back and forth between those big tits, I suckled each one over and over as we continued our gentle, slow humping on the floor between the other women who had gone back to their conversation as they watched us. After some time I began to feel wetness running down my testicles about the same time that Jessie began some very low gutteral groans and stiffened on me. She began to tremble slightly as I felt her arms alternately tighten and loosen around my neck and her legs squeeze mine.

Lying still on me, she let out a long contented sigh, then began to push herself up off of me. I was still suckling on her left tit and as she got up it pulled from my mouth with a smacking noise as it broke the vacuum of my grip. Raising herself up let my still erect penis slide out and flop onto my belly. I hadn't cum yet and when Jessie saw that she said, "Hey, that wasn't enough to finish you off?"

I just said, "I'm not that far off. I was enjoying it too much to mess it up by cumming too soon." Without saying another word, Jessie straddled me, her knees on either side of rib cage and sat back down on my penis. It slid into her wetly with no resistance and she began to rock her hips on me, faster and faster until she was really humping forward and back at a breathtaking pace, her tits swinging around, nipples tracing little circles, sometimes on my chest, sometimes in the air just above it.

Still, I felt like I wasn't getting any closer to an orgasm and when she tired of the effort she got up off of me, my penis flopping again onto my belly as she said, "It's that damn condom." Straddling my legs down below my knees, she pulled the condom off, dropped it on the floor, and began to stroke my erection with one had while cradling my testicles in the other. Looking up at the other women, I saw that they had stopped talking and were watching Jessie's hand action intently. Elaine had her slacks and panties pushed down and was fingering herself unabashedly as she stared at Jessie's hand pumping vigorously on my penis. I felt my hips beginning to rock on their own volition as I began to climb rapidly toward release under Jessie's efforts. As I felt myself about to go, my testicles felt like they tightened up and Jessie, feeling me near orgasm, gently tightened her grip on them as she pumped even faster on my penis. Shaking, I felt myself let go and Jessie stopped pumping as I began to cum, spurting a couple of ropes onto my abdomen. She was squeezing both my testicles and penis in a gentle but tight grip, just this side of uncomfortable and as she released her grip on my penis I ejected a couple of additional ropes which actually reached further up my torso than the first two. I was finishing with several mostly dry pulses as we heard Elaine making the noises of a good orgasm of her own. Jessie released her grip on my testicles, raised and lowered them between my legs several times gently massaging them with her fingertips, then got up, her pendulous tits swinging about wildly as she stood and straigtened up. Heading toward the powder room she walked off.

"You look pretty done in, Jim," Missy said as I layed there on the floor, cum on my abdomen and lower chest. I looked at the clock on he mantle and realized that Jessie and I had been gently fucking for nearly an hour as the others watched and chatted. Now wonder I was whipped, but damn it was a nice sensation lying there under her. The only thing that could have made it more enjoyable would have been to have something softer than the floor under us.

"I can't move, Missy," I said. "I'll just sleep here tonight." They laughed, Elaine the loudest as she got up from the couch, pants still pushed down around her hips, and kneeled next to me with some napkins in her hands. She began to wipe the cum off of me then tentatively gripped my penis to lift it off of my abdomen and wipe it. Milking it gently she had me pretty well cleaned up in a few minutes but then sat down cross legged beside me, still holding my penis in a gentle grasp with a couple of fingertips lightly caressing the top of my scrotum above my dangling testicles. Jessie returned from the powder room and sat down on the couch, still naked, her tits nearly lying in her lap.

Jessie said, "That was just what the doctor ordered, I think. Melissa, I'll need a dose of that on a regular basis if that's OK with you."

Missy answered, "Maybe we should have these little get togethers more often if you're up to it, Jim. What do you think? Can you handle it?"

"Sure Missy," was about all I could get out as I laid there spent, Elaine gently caressing my penis and scrotum. She released my penis and reached down between my legs to lift my hanging testicles with her right hand as she grasped my penis with her left. Under her touch, I could actually feel a tingling in my groin, like my penis was considering engorging again, but that was all. Even under the influence of the Cialis, it wasn't up to it.

Elaine let go of me and got up off the floor as she said, "Maybe next time. Girls, I need to get a chance before you use him up next time." The all laughed at the statement as Elaine sat back down on the couch, pulling her slacks up but leaving them open as she sat down. I rolled over, raised myself on my hands and knees, getting ready to stand up.

Gazing at my flaccid penis and testicles hanging down toward the floor, Missy said, "Wait, Jim. Stay right there," as she got up out of her chair. She stooped down next to me, one hand under my abdomen to grasp my hanging penis and the other around between my legs to cup my testicles. Laughing as she took a couple of pulls on my penis she said, "What do you think, girls? What does this remind you of?" The other four roared at the joke.

Jessie stood up, leaned over, those big droopers of hers hanging down a long way from her body and said, "His udder isn't quite as big as these big old udders of mine," which brought even louder roars of laughter.

Missy pulled at my penis some more as she said, "The one of us that can make him cum one more time wins." I think the wine was being felt around the room by this time of the evening.

Elaine excitedly said, "How about the winner gets first shot at him next time we get together?"

Missy said, "Somebody go get the lotion from the powder room." Elaine jumped up and headed to get it. Meanwhile, Missy said, "Here, Jim. Up here," as she patted the couch. I managed to climb up on the couch. They had me try several positions until they settled on my being on my knees on the seat cushion, resting my upper body on my elbows and forearms on the arm of the couch. That put me in the position of having a ass slightly up in the air and Missy pulled and pushed on my thighs to get my knees as far apart as they could be on the seat cushion. Elaine returned from the powder room with the lotion and a hand towel. Missy spread the hand towel on the couch under my penis and asked, "Who's first?"

Jessie said, "How about you? It's your turn to abuse this young man." Everybody else voiced their agreement so Missy acceded to their wishes. An ample squirt of lotion into her left hand, she put the bottle down, rubbed her hands together to spread it then kneeled down on the floor next to me on the couch. One hand under my abdomen, the other betwen my legs, she had my testicles and penis in both hands, oiling everything up, before settling into stroking my floppy penis with one hand while massaging my testicles with the other.

The oily pulling of my penis felt good and I could feel it engorge slightly. She pulled on it for some time before stopping, standing up, and asking, "Who's next?" Cynthia stepped over, squirted some lotion in one hand, rubbed her hands together, and began to milk me, pulling down on both my penis and testicles at the same time. I could feel myself getting a little more aroused by the time she stopped and let Elaine take her place. She began her turn with gentle squeezing before she started to pull at my penis and it was beginning to engorge to the point that it was thicker and stiffer in her grasp.

"I think he may be getting there," Elaine told the others as she began to stroke faster on my penis. Alternately lifting and pulling my testicles as she stroked she whispered, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Come on, Jim. You can do it, I bet." I felt myself getting close as my back began to arch and relax under the sensations of Elaines touch. She was really stroking me now, pulling pretty hard on each stroke as I began to cum. It didn't feel like I had much to give so it was a mostly dry orgasm but it counted so Elaine "won." She picked up the towel, wiped the lotion off of my scrotum and now completely spent penis before I raised my self to an upright position on my knees. My penis and testicles hung limp between my legs, penis about as large as when erect but just hanging there like a towel on a rack.

"I'm done," I mumbled as I struggled to stand up off the couch.

"You did real well, young man," Jessie said as she was pulling her panties and slacks on. I stumbled over to a chair and sat down as they all began heading toward the door to leave.

The house now quiet, Missy said, "You deserve a hot soak. Come on up to my room."

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