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peeping tom_(0)

I had been framing house for this guy Red for about ten years . I know his family well, His kids are typical teens. Red is about 47 years old. He married his new wife Gloria becase she was former Dolphin cheerleader about 3 years ago. Amanda the oldest just graduated high school earlier that summer. She is one hot chick. Ive been teasing Red that when she became legal she was all mine.

Red builds himself a new house or adds on to his every two years. He wanted more space since Amanda was going to go to a local collage and still live at home. We were doing the addition onto her room. Everyone in the family was open about the way they dressed in the morings around the house. I had seen Red's wife in her nighty several times. Amanda was always a little embaressed so she would get up and be ready before anyone else even got up. Well on the first day that we started on Reds I caught her staring in the mirror. She was wearing a bright blue bodysuit and white pantyhose. She had the crouch of the bodysuit undone and her hand was gentley playing with her pubic hairs. She would just stare in the mirror and caresse her mid section until she got to her breast. The suit was unbuttoned at the top as well. I wanted to stay and watch but I knew Red would be out in a minute or two. I didnt relize it until I tried to walk away but I had an erection that was hurting me! We started work on the bedroom that day but I was sure to let Red know she could still use it until further notice. I was hoping to catch her again.

Later that week I went back over to check on the demolisin crew. No one was there and the old walls were gone. The job was tarped so the room could still be used. I walked up and could see a female siluate standing by the mirror. There was no movement so she must have just been staring in the mirror. From the side I could see the curves of her butt and breast. The room must have been cold becase her nippels were exagerated in the shadow. I could picture her stading there naked her soft brown skin and childess figure. I had to ajust my cock as I got the erection once more. I couldnt stand this anymore I wanted to see her in the nude masterbating. I walked up and move the tarp making sure not to make to much noise. Amanda was stading by the mirror nude brushing her hair and her mom was lying on the bed in a night shirt. I couldnt hear what they were saying because they were to far away. Amanda was getting ready to go to a job interveu. She wore skirts or a dress everyday. I watched them stare at each other while Amanda startedto put on her hose. Then Gloria got up from the bed and started helping her. She sat Amanda down on a chair by the bed. she sat on the bed and and gentley grabed Amandas leg and put it between her thights. She rubed her leg for what seemed to be a long time then slowly put the hose on one leg at a time. When she reached Amandas behind she grab it and bend down to put her lips on her ass. You could see the red lipstick which Gloria wore all day even to bed. I noticed Amanda wasnt wearing panties under her hose.This even made me lust more. I would not have guessed that this would ever happen.

A couple of weeks passed and we were closing in the house. I had not seen Amanda for a while since she started working. Today no was home Red had been out of town and the girls were out shoping. I walked throught the front door down the hall to Amandas room. Her room was in desary because of the work that was taking place. So all her clothers were scattered on the floor the bed. I noticed a pair of sheer white pantyhose in laundry basket I reached over to grab them. They felt so good in my hands. I put them up to my face to see if I could smell Amandas juices. Her whole room smelled like her perfume. I shifted throught the rest of her clothes. I found a little purple dress it was tight fitting on her, I was in a daze being able be this close to her most intimate parts. I knew no one was going to be home for a while so I layed on her bed and pulled down pants. My erection was vertical and the feel of Amandas hose on my dick made me go crazy. I took off my shirt and pants. I then pulled the pantyhose up my legs. I sliped the dress over my shoulders it was so tight I thought I was going to rip it. I started masterbating then I looked over into the mirror. I could see Amanda looking at me through the window. I hurried up and tried to get undressed. But she standing there by the time I got the dress off. She smiled and said it wasnt my size but it looked great. She asked me to put it back on. I felt a little akward so started to put it on me herself. She was wearing dress and a bodysuit and those buitifull black sheer hose. She reached under her dress and undid the snaps of her suit. Then she grabed my cock through the panyhose and started to stroke it. It took every thing I had not to cum. I tried taking off her dress but she insisted that she leave it on. "This is what got us here is'nt it?" she said. I wasnt going to complain she was so sexy in her pantyhose. I reached over grabbed a piece of hose from her crouch and ripped them giving me access to her blusing pussy. I layed her on the floor and started fucking her through the pantyhose. I never had done this and it was blowing my mind. She would stab her heel into my calf if slowed my motion. I could feel all the nylon, silk and lace on her body and then with one hard puss it was over….I had cum all over the pantyhose I was wearing.

Well Ive seen Amanda and have had great sex. She did tell me everytime I watched her she knew and that one day she would catch me. She would tell me about her and her mom, but Im still intrested.

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