Pleasure and Pain!

Pleasure and Pain!

I was at an all male secondary school in the sixties during my early to mid teens. I was in a class of about 30 lads who all discovered more or less, at the ame age , the pleasures of getting a 'hard on' and the extreme pleasures of doing something about it! There were some of us who got a thrill from taking extreme risks by wanking in class to impress our classmates. who I can see myself at the age of 14 or thereabouts sitting on the back row of desks in a science lab, next to a lad who I shall call Barry, staring intently at the blackboard, while blow desk level, both of us had our flies undone and had our (own) cocks in our hands and were wanking furiously in a race to see who would cum first. The race was watched by everyone on the row. I can also recall one scary incidence when the Master asked me what I was doing and ordered me to stand up. I managed to get my cock back and zip up in time as I stood, knowing anyway that the laboratory bench came up to my belly button so I'd be reasonably safe. Anyway, that sort of situation is the best cure I know for a raging erection.

None of us had any real sexual experience apart from masturbation and we all had hours of that! Some lads had girlfriends but it was an era when holding hands was about the limit and any teenaged girl who allowed a boy to touch her breasts outside her clothing was considered to be little more than a slut. The only sexual activity was between teenaged boys! I can remember standing up in the urinals in the toilets, in a line of boys, all with rapidly moving right wrists and breathing heavily until with a dramatic 'AAARRGGGHHHHHHHH' one of us sprayed the white tiles with a thick milky jet of spunk.

I don't know if this was universally common, but we were beaten (caned or slippered) regularly at school and always on our bottoms, and I always found watching this happen to classmates to be a tremendous turn on. Of course, unless you were in the gymn or in the swimming pool, (see 'In at the deep end') this was always carried out over a trousered bottom, but still one could imagine the effect over pink, flinching buttocks!

'Come out here Boy!…. What do think you're doing?…….. don't argue with me…. BEND OVER!!!'

The Master picks up his cane from his desk and whacks the grey trousered target twice or three times and then orders the victim back to his desk.

Squirming at my desk with my hand over my straining, twitching cock, my imagination runs wild….. 'Come out here Boy!……… What do you think you're doing?….. don't argue with me…. take your trousers down…… now your underpants…… why have you got a stiff cock?…. what were you doing in MY classroom……. I'm going to cane you……… you're getting a severe thrashing…. BEND OVER……. the cane swishes through the air and lands WHACKKKKKKK! in the centre of his arse…………. he gets a dozen after which his backside is covered in red stripes….. but he still has his stiffy when he shuffles back towards me with his pants round his ankles………. later I rub his bum for him and then wank his cock with my left hand while attending to mine with the other!!!……………….All this is happening in class??????? Yes! in my imagination!!!!!!

I wasn't beaten in class until I was 13. I was caught writing on my desk while my attention wandered in a geography lesson. I was ordered out to the front, told to bend over and got three hard swats with the slipper on my bottom. The slipper was a well worn, thin soled gymn shoe and I now know from experience hurts almost as much as the cane. I found out later that there were those (Barry, for instance) who got very excited when I was slippered. Curiously, I was excited myself and actually discovered a damp patch in my pants when I went to the toilets (bogs!) at break to look at myself. Barry followed me into the bogs and when I went into the cubicle, came with me!

I stood against the side wall (we were in the end one) and he dropped my trousers and pants and rubbed my bottom. I was instantly aware that he was wanking himself off, so I turned and we stood side by side facing the pan and both shot our loads together into the water.

Coincidently, during the final lesson of the day, Barry was ordered out and got four strokes of the cane. I think he planned it to happen… it wasn't his first time by a long way……. and afterwards in that same cubicle, I ran my fingers for the first time, over a male bottom other than my own, and felt the rising welts where the four cane strokes had landed. Shortly afterwards two more jets of cum hit the water in the WC pan!

We had games on thursdays or tuesday afternoons. The school was divided into 4 'houses' and two houses had one day and the other two, the other. We had to attend classes on a Saturday morning so that made the week up. On the afternoon when we didn't have games, we had a holiday. This meant that I had a mid week afternoon to myself. As both my parents would be out of the house I could invite friends round and we could be 'private'.

It was around this time that Barry started to come over to my place on a Tuesday afternoon. I had a lot of 'wank mags' under my mattress (as did most boys I would imagine!) and we would place them on my bedroom floor, sit on the edge of my bed and see who would cum first!. If either of us had been caned or slippered that morning, we would examine the damage to the other's backside! Some times we would even 'play' school and he would bend over and allow me to slipper his bottom… or even use a garden cane… or of course I would bend over for him!! These 'punishments' were always carried out with our trousers and pants round our ankles! There came one memorable afternoon when Barry, who had a much longer and thicker cock than mine asked me if I would mind clamping my thighs together and letting him push his erection between them to see what it might be like mto actually fuck someone. Of course I let him, but when he tried to allow me the same courtesy, I wasn't long enough to get the same satisfaction. It was then that I took the final plunge and suggested that if I couldn't get between his thighs, there was another place where I could put it… and as I was smaller than him… it perhaps wouldn't be too painful for him!

I could see that he was getting excited at the prospect and so knowing what really made him excited, asked him to drop his pants and bend over in the middle of the room. I stood behind him and stroked his bare bottom with my hand and then spanked him hard with my hand for several minutes, pausing every 30 seconds or so to rub and fondle his buttocks. I also started putting my hand between his thighs and slowly wanking his cock, pulling his foreskin back (don't have one myself!) and running my nails over his unprotected glans, until neither of us could stand it anymore and I dropped my own pants and pushed my cock, glistening with pre-cum into his arsehole. I can still hear his gasp as I slid inside him, and feel his thrusts back at me as I fucked him. I came quite quickly and he collapsed on my bed and asked me to finish him off
with my hand so that shortly after, his belly and cock shaft were covered in cum.

I know he was desperate to try what I had just done to him, but the size of his cock worried me. I'm just short of seven inches erect and about the same in girth. Barry must have been almost nine inches long and about eight inches girth, but eventually I said that if he took it steadily and slowly I'd see if I could take him up my arsehole. I fetched a pot of 'Vaseline' (Petroleum jelly) from the bathroom and smeared it around and inside my arsehole and then smeared a large lump of it over Barry's cock (when I massaged it into his balls, I thought he was going to cum there and then!) I asked him if he wanted to spank me first, but he said he was excited enough and so I knelt down with my face on the bed and he got behind me on the floor and nuzzled the head of his cocfk up to my bottom hole. I reached back and pulled my arse cheeks apart and flinched as I felt the bulbous end of his cock pushing its way through that virginal ring of muscle and then the feeling of excitement as he pushed the head inside it and the constriction between glans and shaft lodged itself with the sphincter clamped round it! I remember feeling that nine inch shaft gently but unstoppingly stalking its way up my rectum, until I felt his bollocks swing against my cheeks. He rocked back pulling some six inches back from my straing passage and I recall the slurping noise like the tide sucking against mooring posts in the harbour, and then he was plunging back again! After a few strokes he was out of control; once when he pulled back, the air he had pistoned into my arse came out like a huge wet fart, but still he thundered on until he came with such force that I felt the cum streak out of the eye of his huge cock and had to hold my cheeks together and stagger to the toilet to wash it away.

Well after that, tuesday afternoons were never really the same. We later found two more friends who were inclined the same way, Tony and Roy. Tony was about the same size as Barry, but Roy, short for Royston was from Jamaica and believe me there was nothing else short about him, but thank God, he was a receiver rather than a giver! Perhaps I'll relate some more Tuesday afternoon adventures. Tony and Roy were caught together in the toilets and given 12 strokes of the cane on their bottoms in front of the whole school. Tony needed a lot of cold cream afterwards but Roy told us he was so excited he came in his pants. He did too……. he showed us!

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