I've given myself personal challenges before, and one of them was to see how many quickies I could have in the space of a day. But the day I made my current record, I wasn't even trying; everything just fell into place. This is the story of my current record of ten quickies in one day.

1. A Quick Shower

I woke up in a thin, brown-haired girl's bed, spooning with her. She wasn't awake yet, and she was facing away from me, so I wasn't sure if it was worth it to wake up next to her, having not remembered the night before. But I'm a nice guy, so I like to wake up my one-night stands in the nicest way possible. I moved my hand under the covers, and found her pussy. I rubbed her thighs, pussy lips and clit.

She stirred, woke up slowly, and put her own hand on top of mine. She rolled over to face me, and kissed me. She was worth it, alright.

"Thanks for last night," she said. "You were great. If you ever want a booty call, you've made me one."

"You were great, too," I said.

She kissed me again, then got out of bed, naked, so I watched her ass as she reached to the top of her closet to get a towel, and left the room.

I lay in the bed, just trying to remember how great a lay she was, when I heard the shower turn on. I wanted another piece of her to jog my memory.

I got up and threw the covers off. I was naked myself, so I grabbed another towel and went to the shower room. She left the door unlocked, so I went right in, and saw her through the steaming glass.

"Hey," I said, "I need to take a shower, too, mind if I join you?"

She giggled, and said I could.

I got in, and she gave me the soap. I really had no intention of getting clean. We were cramped in the shower stall, and she was in the way of the stream. She faced away from me, rinsing off the front of her body. I reached around her and rubbed her breasts. I whispered in her ear "How about one more to remember me by?"

"I'd love to," she said, still facing away from me, "I would really love to, but I have to get to class soon."

"So do I," I said, "so let's make it a quick one for the road."

She reached behind her, and felt my dick, half hard, getting harder. Her stroking put me up fast.

I lifted one of her legs, and slid my dick in her pussy from behind. With one hand, she balanced against the wall, and with the other she rubbed her clit. I slid her onto my dick, and pushed her flat against the wall with my body. I straightened up, and jabbed my dick inside her, making her jump. As I pounded her pussy, she had to raise herself onto her toes. On the leg that I had raised, her foot tapped the glass of the shower in synch with my jabs. She breathed heavily, rubbing her clit faster, getting ready to burst.

Her pussy tightened, and I jabbed a few more times as she came, before I came myself.

I set her down back on her shaky feet, kissed her on the cheek, and said "That's one for the road."

She smiled, and said, "One to remember you by."

I kissed her again and got out of the shower stall. I grabbed one of the towels and went back into her room to dry off. I then found my clothes, put them on, and left. I had to get off to my Chemistry Lab.

2. The Shaft

With me, when I get horny, I don't stop for a while, even after I cream. So screwing the brown-haired girl that morning in the shower only really made me want to fuck more.

So when my Chem Lab partner asked me if I swung the way he did, I said I could if the mood suited me. He took that as a 'yes,' and told me to meet me in the closest men's room after the lab got over.

"That really depends on who plays the butch, and who gets the shaft," I said.

"I take it you're a lot manlier than I am," my partner said, and I agreed.

After class I headed for the men's room, and found him already inside. He went into the extra-wide handicapped stall and I headed in after him. He dropped his pants, threw his shirt off, turned away from me, and began stroking himself.

"We have to make this quick," he said, bending at the hip, "I have a class in ten minutes."

I don't mind screwing guys too much, mostly because the girly ones are nice enough to shave their asses.

I pulled down my own pants, sporting a stiff one. I covered my dick in saliva, and pushed my dick into his wet ass. He 'ooh'ed as I slid my dick in. I bent him over a little farther, and he grabbed the toilet seat.

I slid my dick in and out, moving faster, getting into the rhythm. I had to get his ass open a bit before I could fuck him with ease.

He kept himself up by keeping his grip on the toilet seat, but he didn't need to masturbate to get off; what I was doing was plenty. His 'ooh's became 'aah's, and quickly enough his asshole pulsed over my dick, and he shot a load in the toilet and on the seat.

I continued to fuck him, nearing climax myself, his ass tensing over my dick helping out a lot.

"Don't cum in me," he said.

I prefer to cum inside my fuckholes, but I am also a generous guy, so when I felt like I was about to cum, I took my dick out of his ass, and slid it between his legs. I felt his balls rest over my dick, and when I squirted, it shot up onto his stomach and chest, and dripped into the toilet.

"Sorry about that," I said, and tried to clean the cum off him with toilet paper.

"That's not a big deal," he said, cleaning himself too. "A little sticky, but easier to get off than trying to get it out of my ass before class."

"As long as we're cool," I said. I pulled up my pants and left. My dick had no shit on it, which I liked about bottom-boys. They knew how to keep clean. But in any case, I went back to my dorm to take a real shower.

3. Sex is Art

My next class of the day was Figure Drawing, and for the first time this semester, instead of middle aged wrinkly women with sagging tits and stretch marks, we actually had an extremely good-looking woman to draw. She was in her late twenties, and had absolutely perfect tits.

I spent a lot of the class time trying to draw her tits, getting them perfect, exactly as they were, and in the process keeping a boner suppressed the whole class. Most of the men in that class did the same, I'll bet.

Having to keep perfectly still for the time, she always let her eyes wander back to me, studying me the way I was studying her.

When class got over, she put on her robe, and came up to me. She slipped her hand in my pants, and said "Would you like to go somewhere?"

"I'd like to stay right here," I said. I'd had sex twice in a bathroom so far, and I wanted a change of scenery.

When everyone left, I closed the door to the room and she got on a large table. She let her robe fall, and I took the first opportunity I could to feel her breasts. I played with her nipples, and then sucked on them. She sucked in breath, and probed a finger in her pussy.

I took off my clothes but tried to keep my mouth on her breast as much as possible. I kept my hand on her other breast, and she covered it, showing me how she wanted it done.

I climbed onto the table, over her, and put my dick in her pussy. She moaned loudly, and closed her eyes. She was in too much ecstasy to notice that students were coming in now for the next class, and I was enjoying myself too much to care.

Some of the students took this as a nice opportunity to crank one off, onto the canvas and call it art, even some of the girls, but others decided to draw the scene as it was. Those were artists. And I was an artist, fucking great art.

The movement wasn't much in the hips or the lower area, but much more in what I did with her tits. I moved my mouth from one to the other, replacing it with a hand. Her head rolled and waved, like she was acting out a nightmare, but I knew this was her wildest dream.

Her legs wrapped around mine, and her whole body tensed up and shook. A shockwave swept over her as she came, and she seemed tired out from the orgasm. I slipped my dick out of her, and crawled up to her tits. I knew I would cum soon, and I wanted to fuck her tits before I did. I squished her boobs together, and slid my dick between them. Her hands took over, and she continued to rub her nipples, but keeping her boobs together for me to slide between.

When I came, I squirted over her neck. She didn't seem to mind, or even notice, but continued playing with her tits.

I knew the instructor for the next class would be in soon. I decided a horrible pun would be best, so I whispered to her "I know some women like to be painted wearing their jewelry, but that pearl necklace has simply got to go."

She giggled, but I knew she only found it funny because of the drowsy, satisfied mood she was in. I took her hand away from her breast, and pulled her up, into a sitting position. She opened her eyes and looked around for the first time, and noticed so many students watching her. Blushing, she went to the sink to clean my cum off her neck.

I got dressed and left without her noticing.

4. A Quickie to Go

I stopped for lunch at a fast food place across the street from the campus, which I'll call Quickies. There was a smoking hot sixteen-year-old behind the counter. It would probably be statutory rape for me, but then again, I'd already had sex in public, and the law didn't matter much to me.

She looked at me with hunter's eyes, looking for a kill. But she stayed in a business mode, and said "Welcome to Quickies, may I take your order?"

I whispered to her, "Yes, I would like a small Quickie with a side of Orgasm, to go, please."

She smiled and grew red. She whispered back, "In the girl's bathroom in 30 seconds." Bathrooms are the standard public fuck-place, I suppose.

I headed right inside the bathroom, and she came in soon after me. I picked her up and put her ass on the sink. I pulled off her super-tight jeans and she unbuckled my belt. I pulled her underwear down, and she pulled my pants and boxers down. I lifted her legs high into the air, then I shoved my dick into her perfectly smooth, tight young pussy, and she stifled a moan.

I jabbed hard, each hit jostling her, making her squeak in delight like she was hiccupping. I jabbed her harder and faster, in jerky motions, and the back of her head hit the mirror with each jab. Her pussy tightened each time, like a home-made donkey-punch. She continued to hiccup and smack her head against the glass, and each time everything got louder and louder.

Her legs shot straight up and her knees locked, and her whole body shook. She had a huge orgasm and dripped into the sink. Her pussy clamped my dick so tight it was caught in a trap, and I shot my load into her.

We both breathed heavy, just standing there with my dick inside her. When her knees unlocked and her legs dropped back down I helped her off the sink. She used the toilet and wiped herself, and I watched, stroking myself.

After we had put our clothes back on and left the bathroom, she went behind the counter and I ordered a meal from her casually, as if nothing happened. But when she gave me her receipt, she wrote down her number.

5. How the Swedish Do It

My last class of the day was Elementary Swedish. There was a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Swedish-born sexpot in the class who wanted to learn her grandparent's language, and she was an affectionate girl that refused to let me fuck her. I ate her pussy all the time, but she flat-out refused sex.

During class, I asked her, as I did every time I saw her, if I could slip my dick in her. She told me that her boyfriend might object, as she always did, but today she licked her lip and told me that she did want to repay me for satisfying her in ways her boyfriend never could.

After class we went back to my room. She dropped to her knees and pulled down my pants. She told me we had to make this quick, because she planned to meet her boyfriend soon, so she shoved my dick deep into her mouth, opening wide, swallowing me down. I grabbed her pigtails and pulled them close to me, pushing my dick in her mouth down to my balls. She drooled a bit, but didn't choke or gag. I could have kept my dick in her all day like that, but I stopped and said, "I have a better idea."

I told her to strip, and she said she didn't have time. I promised we'd be quick, and just like that, she tore off her clothes. I took off mine too, and got on the bed. I told her to get on the bed with me, and face the other way. She lay on top of me, and began sucking my dick, her tongue rolling all over it.

With her beautiful pussy and perfect ass in front of me, I dived in, shoving my face between her thighs. My tongue probed inside her pussy, and to prevent her from shrieking in delight she buried my dick in her mouth. I licked and sucked and felt her do the same.

I worked my way over to her succulent asshole, and got it superbly moist. I wet my thumb, then shoved my face back into her twat and shoved my thumb into the tightest asshole I'd ever felt. I felt her throat contract as she tried to scream, but not in pain, because she pushed her ass into my thumb, to get it deeper. My mouth left her pussy, but she didn't seem to care. She wanted something in her ass.

I took my thumb out only long enough to lick my first two fingers and push them deep into her ass. I pushed my thumb to her pussy, seeing if I could feel my fingers through her walls.

She immediately ripped her face away from my dick so she could bite down hard on the pillow and stop herself from screaming. Her pussy squirted on my face, and didn't stop.

Even though she wasn't sucking me anymore, the idea that I was getting her off so much was getting me to reach my own climax quickly.

She continued to cum steadily, but she felt she could handle herself to keep sucking me and not bite my dick off. She slammed her head up and down as fast as she could, probably to keep her mind on that and let me have my fun.

But as it was, I was going to cum. I shot my load down her throat as she continued to cum on my face. When I was done, I took my fingers out of her ass and pussy, and laid there, letting her lick my dick clean.

I was drained but she wanted to go again. And again and again and again. But instead, knowing her boyfriend would be waiting, she rolled off of me and slipped on her cute white blouse and supertight jeans.

"So I guess you really like anal," I said, watching her put on her clothes.

"So we've both discovered," she said. "That was the best orgasm I ever had. And now that I know, I'll throw in a suggestion to my boyfriend."

I didn't like to hear her mention her boyfriend, so I ignored the comment.

"Bye-bye," she said when she finished getting dressed. "I hope we can do this again real soon, and I hope we can spend a little longer on it."

"Bye-bye," I said, and she left the room. I thought about what it would be like, for the umpteenth time, to slip my dick into her pussy. I now knew what her mouth felt like, and I loved it, as any guy would. But now the thought entered my mind: what would her asshole feel like?

I stroked my limp dick out of habit, imagining this, when she came back in and asked "By the way, do you have any mouthwash?"

I laughed, and told her where it was.

6. Pushing Fate

I dozed off to recoup, I suppose; after all, I had cum five times in one day. I dreamed about the Swedish girl, and I dreamed of her blowjob. I dreamed of how deep my dick went, but something felt wrong in my dream. It only felt like she was polishing my head, not the whole shaft.

It was then that I awoke and found my roommate's girlfriend sucking my dick. She wasn't that great, certainly not in comparison to what I had just had.

She noticed that I was awake, so she wasn't surprised when I asked what she was doing.

"My boyfriend's not here," she said, "and I really want to get off, and get off quick."

"Sucking dick gets you off?"

"No, but it gets you up and awake."

I checked the clock. My roommate should have already been back by now. His classes were over, and he could be back in the room any second.

But then again, I had always fancied a round with his girlfriend.

"Okay," I said, "but we have to make this really quick."

"That's what I aim for," she said, and climbed over me. She had a condom ready, and put it on me. She was so ready to go, she already had her pants off, so she could easily slip my newest hard-on of the day into her pussy. She had an itch, and wanted me to scratch it.

Her pussy was a little hairy, unlike the other three girls (and one guy) I'd fuck that day. Only my Swedish pumpkin had a tuft of blonde fur, and I had thought it was beautiful. My roommate’s girlfriend wasn't the most hygienic, and I thought I caught a whiff of fish as she fucked me. I was a little glad that she put on condom on me, which I normally despise. But for what she lacked, she made up for in the way she fucked. She didn't pound on me like you see in so many porn films, but instead, kept my dick deep inside the whole time, and pivoted her hips and swiveled and rotated, letting my dick touch every corner of her insides.

That was her way, and I wouldn't complain; it was a nice change from the hard and fast quickies I had had all so far that day. It was a nice new sensation, and it was getting me off in ways that my routine had dulled.

She was getting off, too. For all her talk, I expected her to be pounding me fiercely, farting with her pussy, but instead, she was rubbing her tits together, closing her eyes, and loving it in her own silent way.

I put my hands on her ass and helped her move her hips to get us both off completely, and I watched her bring a tit to her mouth and lick her nipple. I don't think I've ever gotten a girl to lick her own nipple on account of her own ecstasy, and watching her do so got my cream flowing. I came without fanfare, just like the way she fucked. When I was about ready to die down, disappointed that this would be the first girl today that didn't get off when I did, her pussy did squeeze me, and in a same light fashion, she had her own orgasm.

With her need satiated, she nearly leapt off me and put her pants back on.

"Thanks," she said, "it was great."

"You sure?" I said.


"Doesn't take much to get you off, then, does it?"

"No, it takes a lot. It takes a lot just the right way."

She left me on the bed, just as my Swedish girl had, and I thought about my roommate and his girl. He was a very gentle kind of guy. No wonder they worked so well together.

After a bit, I got up, flushed the condom, and got my clothes on. I was oddly refreshed. Was it the sleep or the girl?

7. The Best Exercise

My roommate came into the house just as his girlfriend was leaving, and I overheard them talk a little bit at the doorway. She didn't mention me, but I was surprised by how close we had come to getting caught.

I decided to leave before my roommate and his girlfriend came back up, because it might have been awkward, so I headed for the gym.

When you go to the gym, there are any number of athletic women and men to raise a stiffy to, if that's your fancy. Today there was no shortage of either. The problem with men is that they're all butch men, which is not my thing.

Looking around the gym, I noticed a few butch dykes, a few more overly muscled women, but there were three perfectly-toned, none-too-muscular girls on the stationary bikes. That's where you find the great-looking ones. The weight machines and universal trainers have nothing for women, but the stairmasters and bikes are for the girls who know exactly the shape they want to be in.

There was a very pretty blonde closest to me, and watching her on the bike sent a signal to my dick.

I went up to her and said, "You know what the best form of exercise is?"

She knew what I was up to, and smiled. "I know what it is," she said, sizing me up. The look on her face told me she wanted to fuck me, but her mouth said "But I'm almost done and I'm tired."

"How about just a quickie before you towel off?" I suggested.

She thought about it, and finally said, "Where?"

"Why not right here?"

"In front of everybody?"

"Why not?"

She thought about it, and eventually slowed on the bike and stopped.

"Okay," she said, "on the floor, right here. But I'm tired, so you're doing the work."

Girls at the gym are the absolute easiest to get to do it publicly. They're at the gym to look good, and to show off, right?

She lay down, and I lay on top of her. The two other hot blondes riding the bikes were the first to stop, and just watch what we were doing. A couple of guys passing by also stopped to see what would happen.

I pulled down her pants, and then mine, but just before I slipped my dick in, she put a hand on my chest and said, "Wait, wait, condom."

I buried my face in her chest in mock disappointment. My wallet was in the locker room. One of the guys who had stopped took out his wallet and handed her a condom.

"Thanks," she said, and her wink to him was not lost on me. But this was a quickie on the floor in the gym, and I didn't even know the girl, so I felt her tits in her workout spandex and kept my dick up, ignoring everything else.

She waved the condom in my face, so I sat up on my knees, took the condom from her, and opened the package and slipped it on.

I was getting a little frustrated by this point by all the interference, so I let her have it really hard. I slammed my dick into her, and there was a flash of pain in her face when she grimaced. After four or five whipping slams into her, she yelped. She rubbed her clit furiously and tried to concentrate on that. Her face continued to register pain.

I whispered to her "No pain, no gain."

"No," she said, sucking in a breath, "no, please, gentler."

Well, I'm not a man of rape, never have been, so when she pleaded like that, I had to slow down. My anger turned off like a switch, and was replaced by concern. Going so fast and so rough didn't only hurt her, either; it wasn't helping me to know that she was in pain.

I settled down and said "I'm sorry, forgive me."

Somewhat of a crowd was gathering now, watching us.

One of her hands continued to rub her clit, the other squeezing her breast. I lightened up on the pounding, and slowed down whenever I reached near-balls-deep status.

She said, "A little faster, a little faster…"

I obliged, and went a little faster.

"No, faster like you did before. Painful."

What a little role-playing bitch, I thought to myself happily, and this time put all my effort into pounding her into the ground. Her face became a grimace again, but this time she didn't ask me to slow down.

I didn't want to think that I could get used to her face like that, but it all disappeared when her pussy locked around my dick and she came. She squirted a fountain out, all over me, soaking me and getting the floor wet. The more I slammed her, the more force she had in squirting everywhere.

People cheered, and I remembered that this was public. I looked up and saw that we were surrounded by people.

As I said, I'm not a man of rape, but I am a man of exhibitionism. I slammed by dick into her a few more times, my balls slapping her taint, and I creamed.

I slowed down, and her stream slowed down and stopped. She was totally exhausted now, and passed out for a few moments right on the floor.

I got up, and everyone hooted and cheered and applauded, even the dykes.

I spotted the two girls she was near when she was biking, and asked them if they would help her to the locker room. They agreed, all smiles, and helped her up. One of the girls said "I hope to see you around again, and maybe we can exercise together." Then they pushed their way through the crowd and disappeared.

8. A Quick Lei

I showered in the gym locker room and headed back to my dorm, ready to act naturally if my roommate and his girlfriend were there. After all, she was over a pussy ago, and I was just as ready to selectively forget it.

When I arrived, they were there indeed. Without greetings, my roommate said "Are you ready? We might be late."

That's when it struck me that the three of us were going to go to the college's stage show, a selection of short student-written plays.

"Oh, shit, I almost forgot. Let's just go," I said, and we headed there immediately.

As it turned out, 'late' meant 'an hour early' because my roommate fucked up the timing. It was all just as well, because we got terrific third-row center seats. During one of the plays I spotted an ass I had to bite, and just watching her got me hard. In another play I spotted her again, and in the final play, about the Hawaiian empire, she played the second lead. The grass skirt and coconut bra made her look fucking perfect, so when the show ended and she bowed, I gave her one hell of an applause.

When the crowd emptied out, me with them, the actors also came out to say hi to everyone, most of them still in costume. I found the girl I wanted almost immediately, still in her Hawaiian garb, talking with a few of her friends. I snuck up behind her and pressed my bulging cock against her. She turned around and gave me the once-over, then said "Hi!" like she knew me and clung to me. She told her friends that her date (me) had arrived, and that she had to go. I passed by my roommate and his girlfriend and told them that I'd see them later, and left with my hottie Hawaiian back into the theatre.

She was grossly disappointed to see the crew cleaning up the set, and the orchestra cleaning up the pit. She wanted to fuck me quick on the stage while it still had a Hawaiian theme, and I really wanted to, too. She looked frustrated, like it hadn't crossed her mind to just fuck in front of everybody, like I had already done twice that day.

She bit her nails, and said "Shit. And the fucking dressing rooms will have people changing in them." She was in no mind for me to suggest a public sex act, so I tried to come up with a place that was secluded.

"Sound booth?" I suggested.

"Yes! Great!" she said, and led me up the stairs in the back of the theatre that led to the sound box. The sound guys had already finished everything and the room was dark. She was almost infuriated, thinking the door was locked, but I tried it and it opened fine.

We went in and I turned on the lights. She kissed me hard, and said "I get so fucking horny after a show. Fuck me hard and fast and I'll cum real quick. Okay? Then I'll suck you if you want."

"No problems here," I said, and pulled down my pants.

She took off her panties and bent over the control desk, spreading her legs for me. I moved grass out of my way and shoved my dick in her, hard. "Aah yeah, there it is!" she said, and pushed against me. With a grip on the control desk, she rocked back and forth, doing a lot of the work. I pounded as well, doubling the speed and power of our jabs into each other.

Her ass rippled with each hit, and her coconut bra kept tapping against the desk. Her bra was tied by a string at the back, so I pulled the knot open and her bra fell off. Her nice, round tits bounced around as we fucked.

She started yelling "aah"s and lifted one of her legs up. I grabbed the leg and continued to pound into her. She slid onto the desk more, laying on it, squishing her tits against the desk, and lifted her other leg quickly. I grabbed that as well, and moved her against me taking over her job by pushing her into and away from my dick.

Her legs began to shake, and her whole body followed. I felt her pussy get warmer and wetter, but her orgasm didn't hit full blast until after a half minute or so of her shaking like that. Her pussy tightened, and her legs wrapped around me, pushing me balls deep in her cunt. She wouldn't let me move out to continue fucking, so I squeezed her ass and let her cream.

When she was done, her legs fell back to the ground quickly, landing like a cat. She turned around and kissed me, and said "You'll be fucking me again next time, I hope."

"Sure," I said, and she put her bra back on. I pointed to my hard cock and said "But what about me?"

"Oh, Jesus, I'm sorry! When I get off, I always forget." She dropped to her knees and licked my cock. When she put it in her mouth, I bundled her hair up and put my hand on the back of her head. I pushed her head deep onto my dick and just pounded her face like I had pounded her pussy. She let me use her face as I wanted, and she played with her pussy under her grass skirt.

I came in her mouth a moment or two later, already set to cream from the fucking and shaking. She kept my dick in her mouth, until the most of it was out. She slipped my dick out of her mouth and swallowed. She then licked my dick and stroked it to get the last drops out and make sure I was totally clean.

When I had nothing left, and my dick was going soft, she stood up and said, "Yeah, we'll definitely have to have sex again." We put all of our clothes back on, then she found scrap paper and wrote her name for me. "Look for me in the next play," she said.

We left the sound booth, and she headed for the dressing room. I left to get ready to go out, to hopefully go to a club in the city.

9. One Tiny Fuck

It turns out there was a party a couple doors down from my own. I spotted it on my way to my room, so I ditched plans to go out at first and just went right in the dorm room.

Poker was going on in the living room, and two chicks were sucking each other's tongues on the couch. I could hear two people fucking loudly in the bathroom, and the door was open. I took a peek inside and found the two fuckers buck naked in the tub, drunk out of their minds, fucking like animals. A crowd was watching them and cheering. Another girl was on the toilet, taking a piss, too drunk to notice the two having sex, the crowd, the two guys masturbating in front of her, or the third, poking her in the face, trying to get her to suck it. She was hot, and I would have considered it too, except that she was too drunk for my taste. It could be rape if she remembered in the morning. But it was actually in the kitchen that I found the most interesting stuff happening.

A game of beer pong had been disrupted by a dwarf dancing on the table and stripping. People were cheering between slamming down shots and chugging beers in plastic cups.

I recognized the stripping midget immediately. We didn't know each other, but it's so rare to see midgets that when you spot one walking around campus, it's not hard to remember her. Especially when the midget is a pretty hot midget. That's now stripping.

I made my way to the front of the crowd, and found myself enraptured by the dwarf dancing and getting naked.

While the drunks all cheered, I found myself getting a hard-on. Out of everything I'd done in my life, 'fucked a midget' was still on the list, waiting to be checked off.

I was given the chance when the dwarf, fancying me, went up to me and rubbed her ass over my dick. The crowd cheered, and went totally wild when she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She pulled down my pants and boxers enough so my wood and balls and ass were out, then she bent over and backed into my dick.

It was a tight fit, but she still backed up into me until she couldn't any more. I grabbed her waist and pushed her back further, burying my cock deeper into her. She looked over her shoulder, sporting a great open smile. She began fondling her tiny dwarf tits. She moaned so loud she competed with the crowd's cheers as I pushed further in.

I managed to bury myself to the balls in her pussy, but it was an incredibly tight fit, competing with young virgins I'd fucked for the tightest twat ever.

I rocked her back and forth over my dick, trying to get that pussy loose. I must have had the largest dick she'd ever fucked, and she absolutely loved it. I could feel her cunt wrapped so tight over my cock it almost hurt to fuck it. She was incredibly wet, though, and that helped slide my dick in her.

But just when her pussy was getting loose, it went tight all over again, putting an iron grip on my dick. Her orgasm lasted for only five seconds, then her pussy let go of my dick, and I continued to fuck her.

I pushed her more smoothly over my cock, her pussy getting very loose now. The crowd kept cheering, and my midget kept moaning. Her pussy tightened again, and for another five seconds had my dick engulfed, then loosened once again. Her orgasms were quick, but she wanted more.

"One more time!" she shouted to me, over the crowd. I decided to make this one count, so I fucked her faster, and the crowd cheered louder. This time, when she squeezed my dick, I came right with her. Her moan was a scream now, and her orgasm lasted a little longer, as long as mine. We both finished cumming at the same time.

This time, she was beat, and fell onto the beer-stained table and rubbed herself, catching my cum as it oozed out of her. She licked her fingers, and the crowd cheered infinitely louder.

I pulled my pants up and watched her for a moment until her shakiness wore off. I made sure she put on all of her clothes, then I helped her off the table. She told me to get her out of the place, so I carried out the front door into the fresh air.

She said "If I wasn't drunk, I'd fuck you all day. I can't believe I came three times, and no one's ever done that to me so quickly. Can you take me home?"

I said I would, and she told me which dorm was hers. I made sure she was safely in her bed before she conked out for good. I left, and remembered where she lived, just in case.

10. The Return of the Swede

I went back to my room and got dressed up to go out to the city. A dorm room party was one thing; the clubs were something totally different.

A couple of my house mates were getting ready, too, so when we were all set, we carpooled and drove around the city, till we found a club that looked good.

When we got in, I headed for the bar before the dance floor. We didn't have time to pre-game, so I wanted to feel good before I danced like an idiot and looked for chicks.

I was surprised to find my Swedish friend at the bar with a few if her girlfriends. Out of everyone I'd had a quickie with that day, it was the Swede that I most wanted to fuck. That day had been the first time we did anything more than cunny, and now that I'd played with her perfect ass, I really wanted to fuck it.

But she was not having a good time. Her friends were trying to cheer her up, but it wasn't helping. I knew if she saw me she would cheer up, so I went up to her, and found out I was right.

Her friends tried to stop me at first, but she told them to back off because I was a friend, and they obeyed. She gave me a big hug and asked if we could go talk someplace quieter.

We went up to the second floor of the club, where the music was softer and it was a laid back atmosphere, where you'd be as likely to order coffee as you would order liquor. We sat down and she told me why she looked so sad. It turned out that she had mentioned to her straight-laced, plain-vanilla, conservative boyfriend that she wanted to try anal, and he called her a sick bitch and left her. She had gone club hopping with her friends because they insisted that she get distracted and forget him, but she couldn't let it go. They eventually stopped trying to get guys with her because she kept looking so sad, and no guys wanted the baggage with the hottie, except the sickos, so her friends then became her bodyguards.

She then said that the only guy she knew she could trust was me, so she was very happy to see me.

I told her I would always be willing to have sex with her, any way she wanted, and of course, she already knew that.

She told me that now that she was single again, she would let me have sex with her, and she wanted me to fuck her ass.

"Now?" I asked.

"The only thing that will make me feel better," she said, "but we have to be quick, because I'm sure my friends will start to wonder where I am."

We started kissing, and then she lay down on the couch. I wet my fingers and slid them under her skirt, and slipped them between her panties, rubbing her asshole. She bit her hand when I stuck a finger in, and her body instinctually reacted and pushed her ass against me, trying to sink the finger in deeper. I twisted my finger, and she tried not to scream. She grabbed a couch cushion and bit into that, burying her face into it. I wiggled my finger around inside her asshole, and I heard her having trouble keeping her scream from squeaking out.

I then slid my finger in and out of her hole, and when she was starting to loosen, I slid two fingers in. I played inside her asshole more, first wiggling both fingers together, then separately, spreading out her colon, loosening her hole.

My dick was hard now, ready to fuck. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick through the hole. There was no sex in the club, so we had to be discrete. I wet my dick, and slid it underneath her skirt. I pulled her panties down enough so I could enter her, and rubbed my dick over her asshole. She pushed back, trying to put my dick in her. I obliged, and pushed forward, until my dick pierced her starburst.

I heard her choke back a scream again, her face in the cushion. I slid my dick in slowly, until it was balls deep. Her asshole gave my dick a chokehold, then spasmed over my cock. Her orgasm was already happening, and I knew that it wasn't going to stop until I did.

I gyrated my hips, letting my dick slide around in her colon, exploring. Her orgasm continued steadily, and I placed a hand under her skirt to finger her cunt, and felt her slippery juices come out, soaking my fingers and probably staining the couch, her dress, and her panties.

I didn't pump in and out like I normally would, but kept my dick solidly in her, like when I had fucked my roommate's girlfriend. The way her asshole convulsed and throbbed felt amazing enough, and felt better than any other normal way of fucking could feel.

A few moments later, that pulsating of her colon sent me to my orgasm, and I came deep in her ass. I wanted to keep my dick in her ass forever, because nothing else compared to it, but this was just a quickie, so I slipped my dick out and let it go limp.

When her orgasm faded, she took her face away from the pillow, and breathed heavily. Her orgasm had lasted for the entire time that my dick was in her.

We laid there for a little bit as she recuperated and my dick went soft. Her body seemed to be shivering from the sex. It was probably the most pleasurable experience she'd ever had.

When she was ready, I zipped my pants and slid her panties back up. She got up and kissed me, and made her way to the bathroom to clean up.

When we went back downstairs and I hung out with her and her friends until we decided to leave. Her friends were very happy that she was having such a great time with me, and were even happier when she decided to come back to my room with me.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck again, but she said that she probably couldn't handle it, because her orgasm was so intense, and she felt drained from it. We talked for a bit, but we eventually went to bed, just spooning.

* * *

So that was the story of ten quickies in one day, my new record. But the story doesn't end there. But I'll tell you about the rest of it some other time. This story was about the quickies, and I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you have finished this with at least a tenth of the enjoyment I had that day.

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