Salem's Trial

Salem's Trial

On my birthday, she wasn't there…. Maybe she had a late day at work… But then she didn't come home at all. Its been almost two years since I last saw Salem. My name is Justin Teller, I'm the greatest punk Guitarist for the best Punk Revival Band of our time… Fatal Flaw. I moved to The Big Apple in early 2000, I bummed around. Alot. For about a year. I took up a job as a Pizza Delivery boy, and then I saw her. It was the last delivery of my shift. I remember the order perfectly. Pepperoni, Pinapples. Lots and lots of Pinapples. "Make sure you get the damn order right, or I will cut the bollocks off the bloody bastard who delivers the Pizza! GET ME?!" She had such a sexy voice. So rugged, and then all at once a warming embrace you couldn't help but admire. I knew immeadiately that I had to be with her.

I got into the car, Pizza in tow, just like she wanted it. I turned the CD player on, and played The Ramones. I switched it to "Poison Heart". After a few minutes, I arrived at her apartment, 2021 5th street. She was on the second story, and her door was still decorated with the "Happy New Year" crap. She seemed to know when I'd arrived. "Give me the damn pizza and bugger off, Yank." She was beautiful. "Man… you Brits are very… hmm. How to put it….conspicious…" I said, grinning. "Conspicious?? Are you mad? 'ats not even word, Yank!" she said, poking my chest with her middle finger. "I know. But YOU are beautiful." I said, partially awaiting the slap on my cheek. Instead I recieved a wink, giggle, and a slammed door. "Crap!" My chances were smote.

By that time, it was nearing 10:30. "SHIT A BRICK! I'M FUCKING LATE!" I exclaimed, as I was late to a show. I hurried to my car, sped to CBGB's, and rushed in. "Justin. Where the fuck have you been?? The first band has already been on." I proceeded to tell Kenny, my neigbor, the story of the sexy British bomb that I met a few minutes ago. "By the looks of it, you just met Salem. She's a regular here." He looked around abit, "Shit, there she is right now! Salem! HEY SALEM!" She didn't hear Kenny, However she did notice me… "Yank!" and rushing over to me. In her eyes was the strangest look of compassion I'd ever seen. I'd say it looked more like lust. She reached me, and was pushed from behind. She began to fall, and I caught her, my hand accidentally catching her right breast. "Shit…! I'm–Sorry!" I apologized. She shook her head. "Go ahead, I get alot of it here. Afterall, I just LOVE to mosh!" she shouted, nearly jumping into the crowd. "…I have a very good feeling about this." I said to myself.

I headed in the direction I saw her go off in. After a few minutes, I found her. I grabbed her from behind, hugging her. "HEY! Did ya miss me??" I laughed. She couldn't help but laugh at my simple way of hitting on her. She knew it, as did I. We were destined to love each other. After the music was finished, and everyone was filling out of CBGB's… I talked to the owner, Hilly, who I happened to know personally. I asked him if I, or rather, me and my new friend, could use the back room to chat. He said sure, and mixed us both some Vodka and Coke, on the house.

"So, Yank. You got a name?"
I smiled, looking into the sexiest Hazel eyes…
"Yea, its Justin. I am to assume you're Salem, right?"
She smiled, looking at her drink, and sipping lightly.
"Yes, thats me. I do, you know…."
I was confused. What the hell did she mean?
"Huh..? You do… what?"
She looked up at me and winked.
"You like me?" I asked hopefully.

She answered with a kiss. A long, passionate kiss. I reached up, and pushed my hand through her dark-colored hair.. So soft, so smooth. She broke the kiss, but not for very long, for she immeadiatly placed her mouth on my lower lip, and sucked it in like a vaccuum. I broke the kiss once more, but immediatly placed my lips on hers, inserting toungue as needed, massaging her toungue with my own. It turned out she "needed" more. Alot more. I reached out with my left hand, and grasped her breast, kneading it firmly yet gently at the same time… This earned me a moan, and a firm grip on my groin… I stopped what I was doing….

"Shit… Hilly's not gonna want jizz on the floor of his VIP room…" I said, sadness in my voice, for I had always had this fantasy about fucking someone in CBGB's… or a church, just to piss the Priests off."
"Then… you don't want me? FineFuck you too!" she said, getting up to leave, anger in her voice…
It hit me… "Well…" I said, and grabbed her hand, making her fall ontop of me. "Maybe if you clean up for us…." I said, kissing her quickly on the cheek.

She caught my meaning and wasn't mad anymore… I snaked my hands up her shirt. "Oh, I forgot… I don't want you…" I saw the anger in her eyes rise again, but before she could respond… "I need you…" and then I pulled her shirt off, kissing each breast. As I unclasped that Black Bra, I grabbed her back, and pushed her left tit into my mouth, suckling lightly. "Aaah…. God…" she gasped, pushing my face closer to her. I lead my right hand up to her head, arching it back, kissing lightly around her neck. Her moans of pleasure only stimulated me further. She basically ripped my favorite shirt… 'Damn… Now I'll have to throw it away…' I thought. I moved my free hand over her panties, and rubbed the top of her mound lightly. She sighed, and buried her face in the nape of my neck.I rubbed her slit… up and down… Up…Down…. Up, down, up down…. Up-down-up-downUPDOWNUPDOWNUPDOWN… IN! I plunged two fingers into her wet slit. I could tell by her tightness that she was either a virgin or hadn't had very much experience… Just the way every guy wants it. "Just… T-take me… Now." she pleaded. I agreed with her… I was hard as a stone, and needed to relieve myself.

"Alright… How do you want it?" I asked, politely taking her panties off, leaving her completely nude… in a public place… "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I WANT IT?? Like Punk Rock! HARD AND FAST!!" she shouted, with enthusiasm. I helped her up and positioned her leaning on the table. I took her hard, barely feeling something break. "AaauuuOhhhGODD!" she wailed in pain. She WAS a virgin. "Are you alright, Salem?" I said, bent over her, my chest touching her back. "Aah…Yea… Just…be gentle for a while…" she said quietly. I did as I was asked, and gently pounded her for all I was worth. Each penetration made her cry in pleasure… Pretty soon, she was moaning, groaning and grunting like a cat in heat. You ever hear a cat in heat? They are possibly the noisiest animals ever when in heat. Anyhow… She looked into my eyes, lust glazed in her eyes… "HARDER! FASTER!" she shouted, and bucked her hips back into mine. "You're the boss." I joked. With that, I slammed into her with such ferocity, she was flopping around like a marrionnette. "Oh! MMMYY!! GOODDDDDDDD!!!" She shouted, before crying in sexual ecstacy. That sent me over the edge. "OHHH!!!" I said, shooting my load deep in this sexy, petite little nineteen year old's cunt.

As we cleaned up, and got dressed, we left for my car. Just before we left, Hilly shot me a congradulatory grin. "I'll drive you to your house…" I said. "Alright…" she sighed, obviously a sigh of contentment. As we drove, I occasionally looked at her. She was definately the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I caught her staring at me too… I guess you could say that we both "knew"…

Right before I left her for the night, I asked her, "to be mine." She replied back swiftly, "I am already yours, Justin." she said sweetly.

Three weeks after that, Salem moved in with me. One month later, we were valentines together… four months later, we went to Miami for vacation and created a "Special Video" that I still have… I watch it some times, when I really miss her. Some times I don't beat off. I just miss her face. Four months later, we went to a costume party as Bonnie and Clyde. I met some interesting guys there. They were awesome. Didn't hit on Salem at all. Loved Punk Rock, and singing. Two months later, I formed a band with the guys. "The Renegades" later to become "Fatal Flaw". Christmas day, I gave her a "Be my girlfriend until I ask you to marry me." Ring.

Two years and 4 days later…

The last time I had seen her, we stayed in our special place and watched the sun set together. That was the night before she went missing. I first thought she was taking a break. She did that sometimes. But… only if I did something stupid. I couldn't think of a single screw-up in the month of December. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months… By February we had practically EVERY Punk in the scene looking for Salem. A month later, a dude named Dennis McLeary had stopped in and caught one of our gigs. We were playing our tribute to Salem. "Salem's Crucible" He was so moved, and impressed; not only by the lyrics, but also by the musical aptitude we had with Punk sound; that he signed us to Zion of Noiz Records. So, we began to bring our struggle to the Media.

Jake and Bryan, our Bassist and Rythmn Guitarist respectivly, called FOX and had an interview with Bill O'Rielley. A.J., the singer of our band, hit the Papers. Kenny, the drummer, contacted Amber Alert. And me? I pulled a Joey Ramone and furiously began pumping out tribute and love songs to my beloved. Infact, we named one of our albums "The English is Missing" and it was the lovechild of all those songs. Anyhow… it had been 3 months and most everybody had thrown in the towel… But not me. I missed her. Terribly. It was affecting me so much I turned to drugs. Marajuana was as much as I would ever do. But I drank like hell. Schaupps, Jimmy Beam..

I crawled into a wiskey bottle and have been there ever since… It is now October 21st of 2005. I have gone through rehab, and have killed my need for booze and drugs. Our band is touring once more. It kills me everytime I play those riffs. And shit… those interviews. "Justin! JUSTIN! Can you give us an update on Salem??" Or "JUSTIN! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT SALEM??" there have been screaming girls who have said… "I want to be your new Salem!" so on and so forth. One problem…

There is no worthy replacement for MY Salem.

I have a show in a few minutes… "Gotta play that song, hear the reporters, the screaming fans… Shit. Here we go again." I step on to the stage. Its official. I've become the Kurt Cobain of this generation. Except I won't kill myself. Or do heroin. As I played… I kept having this vision of her, smiling at me in the crowd. I saw no one. No one but her. She was in the front row, smiling brightly. I snapped out of my vision… Looking to the space where she stood…

I stop playing. Drop my guitar… "Salem..?" she was there. In the crowd. She jumped up onto the stage and I swept her into my arms and hugged her tightly. Kenny stopped. They all stopped. "HOLY SHIT! FUCK ME! Its Salem??" he was just as mindfucked as I was. I heard several people saying things like "IT IS HER!" and such. There came a cheer from the crowd. I couldn't finish this concert. I needed to just… be with her.

"Play for me, Yank." she said, that sweet voice filling the air. We decided to do one last song. "She's A Sensation, it is!" AJ shouted. "ONETWOTHREEFOUR!!" as I played, I didn't play for that crowd.

I played for HER.

After the concert, the guys left me alone. Hell, the Reporters left me alone, and the girls were jealous. I missed her so much. We hugged for what seemed like hours. Then, I kissed her… It was as passionate as our first. Maybe more. I asked her why she had left me.. told her that I missed her. "An obsessive ex of mine… he was after me. I had to leave, to keep you safe." I was scared. "I had him follow me straight to Scotland Yard. I knew that the US police couldn't handle this fuck. Scotland Yard is the best Force out there, Yank. LAPD is just a bunch of children playing cops and robbers compared to them." She paused… "Speaking of CHILDREN…" she said, quite seductively and pulled me down. "Lets make our own!" she growled primally.

But, that, my friends… is another story.

I had finally found the person I could share my sunset with…

A/N (PaganDude): Thank y'all for listening. This story was co-written by myself and my friend, Shatskater. We felt like writing a lovey dovey fiction. (Shatskater): Ya, thanks everybody, I just kinda wanted to try this out and, we put it together, ummm….oh ya…..if you would be kind enough please support, by going to and please fill out the petition. People are trying to shut it down, please….if you wont do it for us… it for Salem….Thank you.

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