Secret Fantasy 2 : Officemate

Secret Fantasy 2 : Officemate

Ever since that summer with Nick, ever day has become an adventure.

Events that will not be forgotten.

Tom and I often talked about our fantasies and found time to fill each and everyone of them.

Sex has never been more fun.

We decided to do everything we can possibly think of when it came to sex be it with each other or with other people. I remember one time…

His name was Joey.

He worked in the same company as I did. Tall, lean, wears glasses, hair a bit long, curly and tousled.

We always give a polite greeting when we meet each other in the office, lobby or elevator. He seemed reserved and aloof, always by himself. He wasn’t my type exactly but he intrigued me.

I decided to seduce him. Every time I meet him wherever that may be I always see to it that I would brush up against him and give him sensuous looks. He would just ignore me and that frustrated me.

I started to wear shorter skirts, sexier blouses that would show my cleavage which of course Tom picked for me.

At one time I saw him walking by the lobby towards the elevator… I hurried and accidentally bumped against him with my hand on his crotch….I reared back and brushed my hand on his cock. I heard him gasp for breath, I looked down and saw his cock harden. Hah I won this round.

The game just began. The minute I saw his reaction I knew that he was a goner hahahahah. The following day I went to his office to get the designs I needed for our new brochures. He is in the arts department and we both work in a prestigious travel agency. It was already late as I knew he will still be there because I said it was a rush job.

When I got to his floor there weren’t many people around. Most of them went home already. I saw that only his cubicle had a light on so I took off my jacket and took off my bra and hid them in another cubicle who knows who it belonged to coz I surely don’t…. all I know is that my pussy is throbbing with anticipation.

I thought of that hard cock all day long. I felt a gush flowed out of my pussy , it soaked my panty. I could feel I’m so slippery every time I moved, my nipples have grown hard so he can definitely see it. I feel such a slut and I’m liking it.

When I got to his cubicle he was focused on his work. I bent down and was on my elbows when he looked up and his eyes widened as he could see my cleaveage and of course my hardened nipples.

He swallowed hard and closed his eyes….I looked down and smiled. Now that is a hard cock I thought to myself… I began to salivate, eager to have a taste of that big hard cock.

I cleared my throat and he looked up I smiled and asked “uhmm Joey are the designs done?” as I sat down on his table exposing my long silky thigh and leg. “ Yesss of course” he answered in a husky voice. I bent down to have a look at his designs.

I could feel his breath on my neck and felt him inhale the sweetness of my perfume. I stood straight holding the designs and I could feel his gaze on my breast and my nipples hardened even more.

I closed my eyes to savor the sensation coarsing through me. Just then I felt something wet on my nipples, I opened my eyes and saw Joey lick my hard nipples ohhhh what a feeling it was.

Love juice soaked my panty and I clamped my thighs together so I could squeeze my clit. He had his hand on my waist and turned me around so he could suck my breast and he did. He was like a hungry baby sucking my nipples through my blouse, biting my nipples and soothing them after.

He slipped his hand under my short skirt and squeezed my tight ass making my juice flow out even more….

The paper I was holding flittered down the floor unnoticed. My attention was so focused on the sensation of him suckling my breast and the rhythmic squeezing of my has. I panted, both of our breath have become fast, sweat forming on our brows. I was going crazy with want , my pussy throbbing painfully from being unfilled. Just then I felt his fingers trace the crack of my ass going lower to my soaked panty slowly stroking my wet pussy through my panty. “ ahhh” then he took hold of the panty and pulled it forcefully ripping it in the process. I was so turned on that I hardly noticed what he did. He slipped his finger in my pussy hole and took it out brought his finger to his mouth as I watched , and then sucked his finger. It was so erotic that I almost came.

He kissed me and I could taste myself on him. While we kissed I slipped my hand on his crotch opening his zipper and taking his hard cock out. I stroked it slowly up and down. Whatever I did to him he did to me. I circled the tip of his hard cock with my thumb and he did the same to my clit. I moved my hand faster on his cock.. he pushed his finger deep into my pussy hole and finger fucked me. When I increase the rhythm of my hand , he would do the same, so it has become a race as to who would make who cum first. It was such an exciting game. Both of us were so sweaty and slick with our juices, me with mine and him with his pre-cum. We wouldn’t have stopped even if the building was on fire that was how oblivious we were from the sensations that we were feeling.

He suddenly pushed all the clutters off his desk and laid me down, open my legs wide and started licking my succulent pussy. Boy his tongue tasted me everywhere. He flicked my clit faster with his tongue making me moan and making me so wet the juice flowed into my ass. His tongue moved like a screw and he literally screwed my pussy til I felt like coming “ I’m cumming joey” “ fuck your tongue is making me cum” He pulled his tongue out braced my legs on his shoulders making me so open. He slid his cock in. It was huge. It feel like I was torn apart but it was pleasure pain. I can feel my pussy walls sucking him in. Then he shoved in deep. I felt myself burst. I came so hard.. ..and I was stil cumming when he rammed and he rammed and rammed his big hard cock as I continuously gripped his cock making it fit tighter.

Then he sat down on his chair positioning me so I was straddling him. He whisepered “ ride me baby and fly with me again” hearing that, I grind my hips downward making him moan with pleasure then I started gyrating my hips and pushed myself up and down his hard shaft while I sucked his nipples and scratched his shoulders with my nails. Then we heard the cleaning crew nearing his office and this got us in such a frenzy. We moved faster and faster, he got in deeper and deeper. Then I felt him bunched up and I knew he was about to come and I was about to cum so I thrust againts his thrust making him go deeper he could touch my womb, then I bit his nipples making him cum so hard I felt him squirt his load in me. Then we were rocking each other til the sensation subsided. Then I stood up fixed my blouse and walked out of his office with cum dribbling down my leg and a big smile on my face and with Joey stunned and still sprawled on his chair.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to him for a week as I did my presentation. I was about to go home when I met him on the elevator. There were four of us there. We smiled at each other but didn’t say anything. Then I felt him squeeze my ass with his fingers on my crack. I felt myself starting to get wet my nipples hardened. They got off on the 13th floor, said they had to get something. As soon as the elevator closed he pushed me back on the elevator wall with my back facing him. He moulded himself on my back while he squeezed and twisted my nipples.

The fear of getting caught in such a position added to the excitement plus I kept remembering how good it was the last time and how hard and big his cock was. I was getting so soaked. He stroked my pussy through my wet panty and grind his cock at my back. I can feel its hardness making me heady with anticipation. As we passed floor by floor he opened his pants told me to part my thighs and he entered me. He took me standing up. Pinning me to the elevator wall. He pushed deep and hard. I wanted to move but he stopped me and said if I move he will take himself out and leave me. I was scared to lose that wonderful sensation so I obeyed. He pushed slow and deep then changing his rhythm while he stroke my clit making me thrash my head with pleasure. I could hear a kissing sound as he push and pull his cock in and out of my oh so wet pussy.

As we are nearing our stop his movement have become eratic and he rammed in me faster and faster and deeper and deeper. We were both panting, feeling the sensation building up til we both cam hard my knees went weak but I didn’t fall as his arms was around me. We were one floor from our destination so we scrambled to fix our clothes. Then left the elevator with cum flooding my pussy and dribbling down my leg as I walked.

Tom and I talked all night about my experience and we had such a hot night of loving each other. I can’t wait to hear what Tom has been doing.

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