Shelly, wow what a friend

Shelly, wow what a friend

I stood there leaning up against the front fender of Shelly's van. She was sitting behind the wheel, She was about as perverted as I was. We had become good friends through the years, and we had shared alot of stories about ourselves, with one another. She had, had some lesbian experiences that she had filled me in on. I had never been into the gay way of life-style, but hell I didn't give a damn what other people did with their lives , I believed in, live and let live, and if it suited them, it was fine with me…Growing up, I had always fantasised making love to my Mother, (Which in those days was totally perverted) while Shelly had, had fantasies of making love to her Father..There hadn't been much in our lives , that we didn't know or hadn't discussed with one
another..She had a son that lived with her and, I had always heard she was fucking him…I didn't care one way or the other. If she was, that was great, and if she wasn't, hell maybe she should be….It didn't matter to me….I knew someday if she was, she'd tell me.. What we were talking about now concerned putting out the fire, that we'd kindled between each others legs, from all the fuck stories we'd told each other. One such story that really turned me on, that she had told me (and we spent alot of time on the phone and e-mailing each other) She told me of her first Lesbian experience…

Seems she was about fourteen years old at the time, and her and her girlfriend were laying on the bed listening to the radio. She told me her friend started rubbing her leg with her foot, and it began feeling pretty nice, then her friend ( we'll call her Jeanie) turned to her and asked her if it felt good …and Shelly said she told her it did. Well it was at this time Jeanie kissed her hard and wet on the mouth. Shelly said "When she kissed me like that, it liked to have blown my mind" but it felt so good that I didn't want to stop. " The way she licked my cunt" was unbelievable!! Shelly told me. " She gave me orgasam after orgasam."..she added. At first it felt wrong, but how could something, that felt so good, be wrong.? She then went on to tell me, that she was bisexual.. Shelly said I started dating this guy, which made Jeanie jealous, but I had got my taste of cock, and enjoyed it too. but to keep things between us great the three of us would have sex together. My boyfriend would play with my tits and kiss on me while Jeanie would eat my pussy, I had the best of both worlds. Jeanie would give me one hell of a cum, while I would suck my boyfriend's cock, then we'd change positions and he would fuck me , while Jeanie leaned her pussy close to my mouth, where I could get her off. She would get so hot seeing him fuck me that her cunt would get so wet, and she tasted so good, as I would swallow her juices…He would blow his load deep into me and when he did it would send me into another orgasam.Then we'd all lay there together holding each other..I had offered to let him fuck her many times , but she never would except the offer… we're still best friends" And talk on the phone all the time. She has a lesbian lover, living with her now. She just didn't like men. Shelly looked at me and grinned.

After all the talks we'd had about lesbian's, Shelly had aroused my curiousity, and I went to the net, and started looking at some of the hot clips of these ladies in action. Holy fuck! a man could learn alot from these gals when it came to eating pussy. They were artist at oral love making. We started E-Mailing each other some of the hot clips back and forth." Fuck" I couldn't help but get a hard on. Shelly told me it gave her that crazy feeling between her legs, watching them , and like me, had, had to make herself cum.."They make me hotter than hell" She once told me. I started paying close attention to these cunt eating beauties,…..We had joked about me being her lesbian "lover, HA! " with me, " ( we wouldn't need a strap on dildo..)

I had fantasied fucking and sucking Shelly's pussy for some time, but it seemed , somehow our schedule's had kept us from it. We had made plans time and time again, only to have them interrupted by circumstances beyond each other's control…So we would continue our fuck talk sessions on the phone and in our e-mails ..Each time we'd talk, she'd have my cock hard as hell, and she'd admitted' she had got her self off, just thinking about us. As long as we'd been wanting each other, I knew it was gonna be great when it happened…

Well getting back to the start of this story, Shelly had bought a Chevie Van, and had come by the shop to show it to me…..It was really neat , especially the inside, it was done up with red crushed velvet .It had the swivel seats, and a neat little bed in the back. I t had venition blinds on the windows and a curtain that you could pull across the bedroom part of it, plus it had sexy little lights with red light bulbs…that gave it a sexy atmosphere. It was definetly a rolling love palace. it even had a small bar made from a Jack Daniels barrel.

"Well what do you think" ? she asked, with that devillish grin …

"Fuck it's beautiful" I replied…When we gonna try it out I teased.

Well it's up to you "you pervert" She giggled . You tell me.

"What about this evening" ? I asked "Great" she replied, I'll meet you here tonight . Eight o'clock ok with you. "Hell yes" I answered. Don't forget to wear the black stockings, I teased. Remember the fantasy, I told you I had….."How could I forget" she laughed. See what I can do, she added, and starting backing out the driveway….".Holy fuck" it was finally gonna happen Shelly and I were gonna live out some of the fantasies we had talked about so long on the phone.

Well neither one of us were spring chickens anymore. Shelly was in her early Fifties, and I was, well it don't matter my dick still got hard. She was somewhere around five foot -nine, short blonde frosted hair, and I guess she probable weighed 145 pounds or near that. I loved the way we could talk about anything, especially who we'd fucked, how it felt, and why we'd called it quits…..Tonight would be another chapter in out lives. And I truly wanted to read this chapter.

Shelly arrived right on time. I got in the van and she headed out 31 South. " Where we going" I ask. "Well I thought we'd ride down by the river" she replied. I know a little place where they launch boats, and they have a nice little park there with tables also. "Great" I responded. Shelly pulled the van off 31, and headed down a small gravel road that ran along the river. She pulled into the parking lot at the boat ramps, and down another little road that lead to a nice camping area. " Well pervert we're here" she laughed. The moon was full and just coming up, it was beautiful shining through the trees. We got out of the van and walked down by the water. The light from the moon was shimmering on the water.."Hell it's nice here" I spoke..'You ain't never been down here before" she questioned. No, I've been by here, but I never been back here before. She reached out her hand , and I took it in mine, we walked back towards the van holding hands. " Let's fix us a drink" she laughed. I slid the side door opened, and Shelly climbed in. She poured us a drink, and we sat there looking at one another. " I don't believe we're finally alone together" she giggled. How long have we been planning this, fifteen years? she laughed. "something like that " I replied…I reached to pull her to me , and her lips met mine. Her tongue leaped out inside my mouth searching for mine . They came together and we held a long hot kiss. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock, as it began throbbing. "OOH take me slow "
she was whispering in my ear. I began unbuttoning her blouse, and she kissed me wet and soft. She had no bra on, and her luscious breast poured forward, and my fingers slowly rubbed over her nipples. I could feel them getting hard, and in the soft red lite of the van I could see them standing out erect.

I slowly began removing her slacks, she helped by kicking her shoes off. I slowly pulled them down over her ass, and she arched up to help me pull them from her legs….She had not forgot about my fantasy. She had no panties on, just a garter belt and those black nylons. She had shaved her pussy smooth, and just a little patch of soft hair lay at the top of her opening. "Oh fuck baby I love it." I managed to speak.. "I hoped you would" she replied.. She began helping me out of my clothes, and she kissed my nipples and sucked them into her mouth giving them a soft nibble with her teeth. The red lites in the van made her look beautiful. She moved across the bed at an angle to give her room to let her legs dangle over the side of the bed. I was on my knees and crawled in between her legs spreading them slowly I licked around the inside of her legs and slowly around the lips of her pussy. never touching her clitoris, but licking close to it. I was running my hands over her stomach in a circular motion. She began to respond with little whimpers deep in her throat and pushing her hips up to meet my tongue. Her pussy was now wet with pashion, her glands had opened the flood gates, and I was sucking up her wetness like it was fine wine.

I began thrusting my tongue as deep inside her cunt as I could , and as I pulled out I would let my tongue run wide over her cum button, back and forth, like I had watched those lesbian gals on those porn clips . Shelly was moaning and tightening her legs around my neck. I never slowed down….She was squealing with delight . "Oh fuck baby " "Eat me" 'EAT ME GOOD" AWGH!! Oh fuck baby it's so good. She was almost crying with joy….Her juices were flowing, my face was wet enough with cunt juice, " I could have shaved with it." I knew she was getting close to blowing her orgasm . I placed two of my fingers in her cunt and used my thumb to massage her asshole, all the while my tongue and lips are licking and sucking her pussy.. She began bucking like a new colt. Driving her pussy hard to my mouth, and then she unloaded. She was throwing her arms back and forth, Screaming in the heat of pashion. Her eyes looked like they were rolling back into her head. " Oh GOD," " YOU PEVERTED SON OF A BITCH", " I'M CUM 'IN " " YOU BASTARD" " OH GOD I'M CUM 'IN..". She was hotter than hell. and I kept up the rythum swirling her clit with my tongue sucking on it like a small dick . She was totally, orgasmic…..I was fucking hot to , and I raised up above her and split her split wide open, as I shoved my cock into her with one hard long thrust, bottoming it out in her pussy. She screamed out again "AAAWGH!! " the look on her face showed astonishment as she screamed once again "OH GOD! ' iT'S SO BIG" !!! "AWGH"………..!. "OOOH FUCK ME " " OH BLOW IT IN MY PUSSY" ! ! ! My cock was throbbing now, and my balls felt like they were swelling. I was trying hard to hold back, but I started cum' in inside her, and she went off again……..She was squeezing my cock with her pussy, and I was squirting shot after shot of hot semen into her….Fuck it was great, better than I had fantisied….I thought the feeling would never end, as I kept ejaculating into that hot crevice. And to hear her moaning " I'm cummin, oh fuck I'm cumm'in "…Only made it that much better…' "Holy fuck Shelly" I exclaimed. You're too much baby.

We were both out of breath and I crawled the rest of the way onto the bed beside her. She kissed me hot, and went down and took my cock in her hand, and started milking it upward licking all the small drops of cum she could squeeze out of it. She took her fingers and rubbed them over her pussy collecting the cum I had shot in her on her fingers, and then licked it from her fingers…She made me so fucking hot with all this, that I went down on her pussy and sucked my own cum from her cunt. and passed it on to her with a kiss.. " Damn I thought" this is great.
Fuck my cum didn't taste half bad….I had always wondered what it tasted like, and fuck now I knew…..We were passing it back and forth like it was a natural thing…."You really are perverted"
she was laughing." passing your cum back and forth was great " .".Fix us a drink' Shelly added…".Did I ever tell you about fucking my neighboor's son." Shelly laughed… He was only fourteen… she giggled… I was thirty four she added…. "No. " I replied. " But I wish you would, before I fuck you again…

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