My Dear Sophi;

I was very surprised when your runner arrived at my door with your invitation. "Meet me on top of the hill overlooking my village. We will watch the sunset in each others eyes and feel it’s warmth rise within our souls."

I knew that time was short, for it was a two?hour ride on my fastest steed and the sun was already getting low on the horizon. I washed and changed as fast as I could, saddle my best mount and I was off. He must have sensed my desire to get to you before the sun had set. No sooner had I put the bridle in his mouth than he was ready to run. And run he did. My large black stallion flew through the woods like the wind. Past the tall trees and lush green meadows, past the gentle running streams edged by fragrant wild flowers.

I could feel the power of his muscles beneath me as he lunged forward with all his heart, to get me to you and the sunset on time. We were making good time; I had never known him to run so well, so fast, and with such ease. We had made such good time that when I saw a small cottage in the clearing I slowed. I stopped to give my steed a well-deserved rest and a cool drink.

The cottage was small and simple with a little flower garden in the front. An old woman was tending her garden and I asked her "Might I rest for a moment and give my horse a drink from your trough?" She simply smiled and pointed toward her trough. My horse was eager for a drink and I was ready to stand and look around for a moment.

The flowers in the garden were a mix of many different types. All carefully blended to make a delicate carpet of color that gave off the most tantalizing aroma that you can imagine. The woman worked in her garden with all the pride, skill, and love of a master craftsman. And that's exactly what she was. "Your garden is lovely," I said. She smiled and asked "What brings you to my humble home so far in the woods?" "I have come to meet my sweetheart to watch the sunset. But now that I am here, I wish that she were also here to see the beauty that you have created and to smell their fragrance."

The woman looked at me for a long moment, then turned and began to cut flowers and bunch them together. When she was done she handed me the bouquet and smiled. "Take these to your lady, do me the honor of sharing my garden with her." I thanked her and reached into my pocket to pay her. She raised her hand and wished me a pleasant journey.

My horse was rested, watered, and ready to run. We were off to complete our trip with the sun still shining and the wind at our backs. We reached the foot of the hill in plenty of time. I tied up my horse near a small stream and started up the hill with the bouquet of flowers in hand.

Springtime is so wonderful in Italy. All of the low rolling hills are either covered with green grass to graze the animals on or planted with grape vines. Either way the results are the same, lovely green rolling hills for as far as the eye could see.

As I reached the top of the hill I was not prepared for the sight that awaited me. My Sophi was standing at the edge of the hill directly in front of the sun. The sun was a brilliant yellow all around you like a halo, and you were a dark shadow in its center. I could see the sun light as it shone between your legs allowing me to see the figure that god gave you in a way that I had never seen it before. I could faintly make out dress that you were wearing and I knew it well. It was a low cut cotton dress with a light floral print on it. It hung off your shoulders and pushed your breasts up for all to admire, especially me.

I walked up to you slowly and put my arms around your waist handing you the flowers at the same time, I could sense your smile. You buried your face in the flowers and inhaled. I could tell that you enjoyed the fragrance of the bouquet. My arms slowly tightened around your waist as I bent down to lightly kiss your neck. As my lips touched your neck, just behind your left ear, I felt your body quiver. You brought up your left hand to run your fingers through my hair. My hands began to roam over the smooth material of your dress until they reached your bosoms. My hands caressed each firm breast as my fingers search out your nipples. At my first touch your nipples became hard like little stones. My lips were starting to move from behind your ear down your neck to your shoulder, nibbling harder as I moved farther down. I could hear your breathing start to change and new that I was having the desired effect on you.

I started to pull you back away from the edge because we still were in full view of the village and I did not want an audience; Especially your mother. We eased are way back to the lone tree on the hill and leaned against it. You put the flowers down so that you could have use of both hands. I came around to face you for better access to your body. I was now kissing the nape of your neck and was working my way down your chest to that warm spot between your breasts. I ran my tongue between the valley made by your breasts as they were pushed together by your dress. I licked the valley between your breasts the same way that I would be licking the lips that you keep hidden between your legs from all but me. Your breathing was becoming more irregular as I moved your dress to allow your breasts the freedom that they deserved and I enjoyed. They tumbled free felling the cool gentle breeze that was blowing over the hill. I took first your left nipple then your right into my mouth. Sucking each nipple in turn, making them grow harder each time I ran my tongue over them. I stared to chew on your breast and suck as hard as I could. Your body was gyrating against mine trying to feel more of me.

Your hands were running up and down my back as you moaned from the embers that I was igniting within you. You ran your fingers through my hair pulling my face closer to the smoldering inferno that I was building within your bosoms. You raised your leg and rested it on top of a stump to allow cool air to flow up your dress. The sensation of the cool air as it met the warm juices that were flowing out of your love canal made you gasp. You put your hand under my ass and pulled my crotch in closer to your wet, hot, tunnel. You wanted to feel my member rub against your clit while I continued my assault on your nipples. You could feel how hard I was through the material of my pants and you wanted more, now.

My right hand came slowly down your back and cupped your buttocks to hold it very firmly. I began to need the soft warm flesh and listen to the effect that all this was having on you. I began to ease your dress up so that I could have direct access to your hot, wet, pussy. When I had your dress raised to your waist, I very gently ran the tip of my finger over the moist outer lips of your womanhood. You took in a deep breath and let out a sigh as your juices started to run down your leg.

When I touched your clit, the fire that was smoldering inside of you was turned up one more notch. You started to grind down against my finger, but I kept moving it just out of your reach. You wanted to feel my finger inside you so bad but I wanted you hotter. Much hotter. You reached down with your left hand and untied my pants so that you could feel my cock. You wanted it so bad.

You unbuttoned my shirt and started on your own quest. You hated to stop me from sucking on your nipples but you wanted my cock in your mouth. You kissed and licked your way down my chest stopping to return the favor that I had bestowed on your nipples for so long. Enjoying the quiver that ran through my body when you ran your tongue across my nipple. You wanted to stay but you had your eye on my long hard cock throbbing in your hand. You continued down my stomach until my cock was directly in front of your mouth. You looked at it for a long time controlling your desire to devour it. You finally ran your tongue over the head making it jump. You started to lick the entire shaft as if it were your favorite lollypop.

We were standing sideways and the sunlight was glistening off the saliva on my cock. You wrapped your lips around my cock and slid the whole thing into the warmth of your mouth. You felt my finger entwined in your hair as I started to moan from the feeling of your tongue as it wrapped around my cock inside your mouth. Your mouth was wonderful and I was about to cum, but it was to soon. We had just begun.

Regretfully I had to stop you so that I would last until the sun went down. We lay down beneath the tree and it was my turn to explore the hidden treasure that was between your legs. As I raised your dress I could smell the wonderful aroma of your juices as they flowed out of your pussy. I moved in close to your clit and blew on it. Your entire body jumped. I proceeded to lick up all the juices that had escaped while I was preoccupied. By this time we had a roaring blaze going inside us and although I would have loved to take my time. This was not possible. I began to lick from the bottom of your pussy lips to the top of your clit. Darting my tongue inside and back out the whole time. I wanted you to be on the edge of cumming when I slid my cock inside your hot wet pussy.

When I slid my finger into your pussy I could feel the walls collapse around it and try to suck it in deeper. I moved it in and out as my mouth sucked on your clit without mercy. I could feel your inner wall start to quiver as I replaced my finger with my thumb and used my knuckle to rub against your puckered bunghole. Our breathing was getting raspy and we both knew that we wouldn't last much longer.

The sun was almost gone and we both felt like we had been laying in it for hours. I moved up your body until my cock was in front of your pussy. I brought it forward to part your warm moist lips. You held your breath in anticipation of what was next. I brought my full weight down slamming my full length into your soaked pussy. You moaned and arched your back to meet my thrust. Your pussy was on fire; I had to keep pumping in and out quickly so as not to burn my cock from the heat of your tunnel. The walls of your vagina closed around my penis as I pulled out. Trying to suck it back in, and then expand with joy as it felt me thrust back inside your warmth. The full length of my shaft was rubbing your clit as it continued to slam in and out, with more force each time.

Your head was twisting from side to side as your hands grabbed my ass trying to pull my cock farther inside of you. Looking into your eyes I could see the last glint of sunlight as it disappeared behind the hills to the west. At this moment I remembered the words in your note. "We will watch the sunset in each others eyes and feel it rise within our soul." We were. Your breathing was becoming more shallow and my body was beginning to tense. In a few moments we would be cumming, together.

Our bodies were moving in perfect unison together. We were no longer two separate individuals, we had become one. Sliding in and out of each other aware of every feeling and sensation. Every nerve and sense was alive. I could feel our hearts pounding in your pussy. Then it started, your eyes closed and you held me tighter. I increased the pace even more, your breathing was erratic and mine had stopped. Your pussy started to quiver and my cock began to throb. I could feel the first tremors of an orgasm beginning deep within you, I new that this would be a violent one for both of us. Just then your body froze. Your eyes and mouth were shut tight. You began to whimper as you began to cum. But I wasn't there just yet; I was close. I picked up the pace, as my throbbing cock got harder, longer, and hotter. My head began to swell and we both knew that I would explode any moment now. I pulled almost all the way out then slammed in one last time before I erupted like a volcano.

Our bodies froze enjoying the feeling of my cum spurting into your pulsating pussy. Our juices splashing together like ocean waves on a rock. Time seemed to stop as the feeling continued for the longest moment. Then we started to breathe again. Our muscles began to relax, but we didn't move. We wanted this feeling to last as long as possible. Finally your pussy started to relax and my cock began to soften. As our breathing became more normal and our muscles became completely relaxed we opened our eyes again. We could see that the fire was still burning within us but, it was getting late and we would both have to go soon, before someone found us.

My penis eventually softened to the point that it eased out of its nice warm home, much to your disappointment. The juices that had been pumped into you with such force only moments ago were now oozing out onto the ground. As if to prove that your vagina was too tired to hold them in. Next to your head lay the flowers that I had brought you. You turned your head to smell them, then looked at me and smiled. "Thanks." The first word spoken since I had arrived. In the distance we could hear your brother calling for you to come home.

We looked around and realized that we had missed the sunset. "I guess that we will just have to try again really soon, if you would like to." You just smiled and kissed me. It was time for both of us to start for home so that we could keep our little secret.

We walked down the hill hand in hand, content and happy, looking forward to our next meeting. We washed up at the stream where my horse was tied up. The cool water felt wonderful but it was still not enough to put out the embers that glowed within us. The embers that we would rekindle into a blazing inferno the next time we met. We kissed one last time and turned to start for home. You with fresh flowers and a smile on your face. Me with an inner peace and a warm glow to comfort me on the long ride home.

As I came upon the clearing the woman was sitting in front of her cottage. I stopped to tell her that you loved the flowers and sent her your thanks. She smiled and told me to stop by again and she would have some more flowers for you. I thanked her and turned my horse toward home, I was fortunate to have a full moon to light my way. I will have plenty to dream about tonight.

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