Sue's Submission

Sue's Submission

I thought now as I have been setting out what I expect of you I would finish by telling you what I would do with you if you had come to meet me. You would have already told me what sorts of clothes you own and I would have told you what to wear. In addition you would have brought with you in your overnight bag other clothes so that you could dress in different ways over the weekend. I would insist that as you came off the train and we recognised each other we embraced and kissed as though we were long standing lovers. I would then drive you home and as soon as you were inside my front door I would make you stand quite still with your hands by your sides. I would take your overnight bag into my bedroom and remove my jacket and shoes. When I reappeared you would see I was wearing a cream open necked shirt and jeans. I would take your coat and you would see my appreciative look over your white front buttoning sleeveless blouse and short pleated wrap-over skirt. That is the last thing you would see for a while as when I reappeared I would have a blindfold made of soft leather which I would put on you and make sure you were both comfortable and could not see. I would then bend to remove your shoes and you would feel my touch on your stocking clad ankles as I lifted each foot in turn. It would slowly dawn on you that your experience was to be a sensory one, without benefit of seeing what I might be about to do or watching my reactions to what takes place.

I would then lead you to my lounge where I would guide you to sit in the middle of my three-seater settee. You would demurely keep your knees together as you sat down and for the moment I would leave you like that. I would take your arms and place them along the back of the settee, stretched out on either side and of course a little above shoulder height. I would then leave you to ponder your situation while, unknown to you, I would empty your overnight bag in my bedroom to ensure you had brought what I had commanded you to bring and to intimately examine those clothes. I would then strip and put on my leather posing pouch, although you would not realiise I was so dressed for quite some time to come. You would also not realise that set up in the lounge was a video camera on a tripod recording the scene, watching you in my absence and ready to capture the action when I return.

After a while I would return and go behind the settee. You would feel my fingers gently touch your temples and stroke across your cheekbones towards your chin. As you tilted your head back to savour these caresses I would bring my fingers up to your lips and you would open your mouth and kiss my fingers. I would probe your mouth with the index finger of one hand while moving my other hand to your ear. As I explored the lobe and inner whorls of your right ear with one hand my tongue would do the same in your left ear and your tongue would suck my finger. I would remove my finger from your mouth and touch your left ear before standing up and leaving your body momentarily bereft. Then you would sense my hands, one on each of your outstretched hands and you would feel very aware of the bare flesh of your arms in your sleeveless white blouse. Gently, tenderly, my fingers would caress up and around each of your arms, round your wrists, up your forearms to your elbows, lingering lovingly in the soft inside flesh of your elbow, then on over your upper arms to your shoulders. The armholes of your sleeveless blouse reveal the top of the pectoral muscle where it joins your armpit and my fingers slide seductively from the shoulder down into your armpits and fleetingly touch the pectoral forming the upper extremity of your breasts. My hands are withdrawn and you then feel my lips on your right hand. My lips follow the trail taken moments earlier by my hand up to your shoulder then repeat on your left arm. So far your modesty and primary erogenous zones are untouched but already your breathing and general demeanour give away the excitement and anticipation that you feel.

Having paid attention to your arms I now turn my attention to your legs. You sense me come round and kneel in front of you. I take firstly your right ankle and place your foot up on the settee in front of you and then do likewise with the left foot. Your skirt falls away into your lap and you know that I can now see the whole length of your stockings, your suspender belt and the tight thin cotton of your panties stretched across your crotch. There is a faint dampness there and you feel embarrassed even though you realise that what you are displaying to me now is nothing to what you will ultimately display. Your breathing deepens again as you feel a hand on each foot, gently massaging the toes and ball of the foot before moving on up past your ankles to caress each of your stocking clad calves. Then the hands have reached your knees, the highest point of your bent legs, and the caresses move down your thighs to your stocking tops over the top of your thighs but then moving round to the underside. Then you feel the exquisite delicacy of my touch on the sensitive bare thigh above the stocking tops, particularly when my fingers tease the soft inner flesh at the edge of your panties. I lift both your ankles now and place your legs on my shoulders. You slowly realise that your calves are supported on my bare flesh and you wonder how I am dressed. While your mind tries to sort that out you feel my tongue on your left inner thigh gently licking, then on your right thigh, then you feel a kiss and my tongue probing you through the stretched pantie crotch. You long to beg me to move the crotch aside but you know that I would be displeased if you try to rush my initiation of your body. I move away and place your feet on the floor once more but now apart. You feel me undo the fastening on your wrapover skirt and you lift your hips to let me remove it altogether. I am now kneeling between your parted thighs and as my hands rest on the flesh above your stocking tops I bend forward and we kiss deeply. As we kiss I bring my hands to the front of your blouse and undo the buttons all the way down. I break the kiss and taking care not to touch your breasts as yet open the blouse to reveal your bra. You wonder whether I will now undo the front fastening of your bra to expose your breasts but I am not ready for that yet. My fingers return to your lips and you kiss both hands before I trace a line down over your throat onto your upper chest and very gently over the exposed portion of your breasts above your bra cups. Then I move my hands below your bra and stroke your midriff down to your navel before letting my hands go round your body beneath your blouse to stroke the small of your back. You love having your body caressed in this tantalisiing way but long to feel my touch on your bare breasts and on your pussy.

Eventually I leave your body and guide you to stand up. We remove your blouse altogether and you stand there in bra, panties, stockings and suspenders.

You will remember that you are now standing in my lounge, clad in your bra, panties, stockings and suspenders. You are still blindfolded. You feel me place a soft leather collar round your neck and fasten it. Similar leather cuffs are placed on your wrists. You then feel me unclasp the front fastening of your bra and peel the cups away from your 38" breasts. The air in the room plays over the sensitive flesh and your nipples stand erect. I remove your bra completely and then take each wrist and buckle the cuff to your collar. You feel sure I must now start to caress your bare breasts but you have not reckoned on my ability to deny you the pleasures that I know you desire. I tell you to kneel and to get your head right down on the floor. With your hands tied to your neck you have to be careful not to topple too heavily and once your head is at floor level I move my bare left foot towards your mouth. You immediately grasp what I intend you to do and start to kiss my foot, letting your tongue lick teasingly round each toe. As you gain confidence you move your head to seek my other foot and repeat this oral tribute. After a few moments you become more daring and start to move your lips and tongue up my foot, over my ankle, and raise your head to kiss your way up my right leg. You wonder if I am naked as your lips reach my knee, but I do not stop you so you progress upward over my thigh, moving your lips from the front in towards the softer inner flesh as you move upward. When you are just about to find out if I am naked or not I push your head down towards my left leg and you start the whole erotic journey again. This time when you reach my groin, I push your head down but turn my back on you, so that you now kiss the back of my leg and work up from the inside of my knee towards my buttocks. Of course, my posing pouch does not cover my buttocks at all and I let you cover my flesh with your lips and tongue noting that you work first from one side then switch to the other side but do not shirk from licking your way into the crease of my buttocks where the back strap of my posing pouch lies.

At that point I stop you and help you to stand up again. You feel my hands go to the waist of your panties and gently ease them down your stocking clad legs till you step demurely out of them. They are of course quite damp in the crotch and I take them and hold them to your lips for you to feel their dampness and breathe the sweet aroma of your own cunt-juices. Still I do not touch you intimately but lead you back to the sofa and once more sit you down. This time your arms are not along the back of the sofa but fastened to your collar. I take your feet and place them up on the sofa as they had been before but this time you can feel the fresh air playing around your moist and very exposed pussy lips. You actually blush to think that this man, your dear Master, whom you have only met a mere hour or so before, can now feast his eyes on the most private and personal parts of a woman's body. And the more you think of that the more exciting it seems and you know that your lips are becoming more engorged and you are becoming even moister and you wonder inside the darkness of your blindfold if it could be possible that you might orgasm just by knowing that I am looking at the very essence of your femininity.

As I look at you I have removed my posing pouch and am now erect. I peel back my foreskin and climb onto the sofa to stand astride you. Gently I manoeuvre myself till with a gasp of realisation you feel my penis brush against your lips. You open your mouth and move your head forward to meet me. Your tongue flicks teasingly over the glans and I make no move to influence what you will do. You decide to run your lips and tongue down the stem of my erection and seek out my swollen testicles. I part my legs wider and your tongue licks the sensitive inch or so of skin between my scrotum and my anus, before you take first one ball then the other completely within your mouth and let your tongue probe and tease. You then lick back up towards the glans and take it into your mouth, starting to suck rhythmically back and fro along the engulfed stem. I feel more and more sensitive and before you can take over the top to orgasm I pull free. It would be too early in proceedings to let you have the satisfaction of giving me that pleasure.

I leave the room and when I come back you sense me move once again behind the sofa. The next sensation you feel is of long soft leather tendrils on your bare shoulders. You guess correctly that it is a whip and you writhe with pleasure as I allow the ends of the whip tails to trail teasingly down over your breasts. This is the first contact with your bare breasts and the sensitive skin reacts marvellously to the tickling leather. The whip trails lower, across your belly and the ends of the lashes languorously tease your clitoris and yawning pussy lips. I lift the whip and trail it back up your body again till it is removed and laid down beside me. You hear it fall to the floor. Then you feel my tongue again in your ear and to your delight and surprise after all this time I lean over you and grasp your breasts in my hands. My thumbs brush over your erect nipples as I weigh your 38" and stroke the full firm flesh. You don't think they have ever felt more sensitive and you abandon yourself to the sheer joy of it. I remove my hands and my tongue leaves your ear but only to move round in front of you. I kiss you full on the mouth again as my hands fondle and stroke, my fingers seeking out your nipples, pulling them out tenderly but with enough pressure to make you remember that you are my slave. And then I stand back from you and you wonder what I am going to do next and suddenly there is a stinging pain in your left breast followed by a similar pain in your right breast. You realise that I have struck you with a small paddle and indeed that is exactly what I have done. I give you two more strokes with the breast paddle before again cupping them and letting my lips and tongue trace the reddening flesh where the paddle struck the tender underside of your breasts. The sensation of heat and the coolness of my tongue is now too much for you and you feel an orgasm rising. With just my lips on your breasts my fingers now turn to your pussy and I seek out your prominent clitoris with my thumb, allowing my thumb to vibrate over it in increasing tempo as my other fingers parted your lips and the middle finger stretched below to tease the opening to your anus. Your orgasm mounts rapidly and washes over you in waves until I stand up and move away from you again.

I now bend to undo your suspenders and sensuously slide your stockings down first one long slender leg, then down the other. Your suspender belt follows and you are now completely naked. I stand in front of you and remove your blindfold and for the first time, as your eyes adjust, you see your Master naked in front of you. You admire my full balls and erect penis, still damp with your saliva. Then suddenly you realise that in the corner of the room the video camera is running and it dawns on you that everything we have done is captured on film. You look at me and smile and I take you in my arms and hold you close, naked flesh against naked flesh. As you press your erect nipples against my chest and rub your belly across my erection, my hands take hold of your buttocks and firmly maul them, pulling them away from your inner crease, and causing you more randy sensations between your thighs. We kiss passionately and you wonder if I will now make love to you. But you should know me better than that.

I now make you kneel on the arms of an armchair facing the back, one knee on each arm, your thighs well spread, and your head lying on your arms folded on the top of the chairback. I leave the room and return with a long thin vibrator and some lubricant. I put some lubricant on my fingers and ease them in and out of your anus before lubricating the vibrator and sliding it deep inside your back passage. As I switch it on I let it hum slowly with a low frequency growl within you. I then pick up my multi-tailed whip and start methodically to cover your exposed back with strokes, building up in tempo as I progress, noting how with your arms up on the back of the chair, the lashes nip round onto the sides of your hanging breasts, causing you to expunge air rapidly. I switch from your back to your buttocks, as yet unmarked, and lay on the whip firstly from side to side then up from beneath, gentler now, but still biting on your open, moist sex lips and just catching your prominent clitoris. Before you enjoy that too much the whip moves down to the rear of your thighs and I also step up the frequency of the vibrator. As the pain and pleasure merge you again reach a crashing climax.

But I have not finished your chastisement yet. You now, still with the vibrator in your anus have to turn, and now kneel on the arms facing me, your thighs open and inviting, your arms at my instruction now folded behind your head, the top half of your body upright. I now insert a vibrator in your vagina ( no lubrication is of course required ) and set both vibrators humming. With a very short multi tailed whip, I now with a twist of my wrists, set the tails rotating at some speed and move it in until it starts to make contact with your outthrust breasts. The tails bite relentlessly on your firm large nipples and you bite your lip as you watch me now apply the whip. I keep up the motion of the tails but move it down onto the front of your thighs, first one then the other, before bringing it up to nip at your clitoris and swollen damp sex lips. I turn the two vibrators up to full pitch and once again you scream as your body is shaken by orgasm rolling into orgasm.

I decide that a rest is called for and we have a snack and cup of coffee. I then let you shower before the next part of your initiation.

I return to your initiation. You will remember we were resting after your multiple orgasms, lucky girl! I now put a leather collar on your neck and you notice it has D-rings set into it. I put soft leather cuffs on your wrists but you are surprised that I do not attach your wrists to your collar. While you have been blindfolded in the lounge I have gone through your overnight bag and I now bring you from it a simple camisole top which has thin shoulder straps and shimmers delightfully over your full breasts, picking up nicely the points of your tumescent nipples, and ending above your navel. I also bring you a short pleated skirt which ends a few inches above your knees and pantieless you put this on. I then bring you your coat and shoes and you realise that I intend to take you out. Your coat just ends on your knees but you feel a frisson of excitement at going out with so little on beneath it. You know that although many people would assume you had on a fashion choker anyone who looked more closely would see the D-rings and perhaps realise that you were my submissive slavegirl. It is a warm day so your bare legs are not unusual and for the time being at least your coat hides your nipples thrusting through the camisole even though you do not have the coat fastened. I dress normally and when we are ready we depart. We walk to the nearby park first, hand in hand like lovers would, and nobody we pass seems to see anything unusual in your attire. I take you to a quieter corner of the park and we sit down on a bench in the sunshine. There are some teenage boys playing football about 50 yards away but otherwise no-one around. I tell you as it is warm to take your coat off and put it over the back of the bench. Being the exhibitionist that you are you do so and then sit back beside me, wearing just your camisole and skirt. I put an arm round your shoulder and tell you to stretch your farther arm along the back of the bench. Your nearer arm rests on my thigh where your hand gently strokes me you naughty minx!

The teenage boys playing football have noticed you by now and surprise, surprise, the ball gets kicked in our direction. One of the youths ambles over to retrieve it and gives you a good looking over as he stoops to pick up the ball. I whisper to you as he does so,

"See how his eyes take in your collar, then brush sensuously over your full breasts pushing through the camisole. He can see you do not have a bra on. He can see your nipples thrusting, begging him to stare. He can see your midriff and your belly button. I bet he'd long to see more. "

You actually blush as he walks away again but I know that secretly you are enjoying yourself, safe in the protection of your Master, but exposed wantonly nevertheless. Over the next few minutes the ball comes in our direction several times and a number of different youths wander over to get an eyeful. You are torn between embarrassment and excitement and you can hardly believe it when I instruct you to pick up the ball the next time it comes near us and hand it to whichever youth comes over. After a few moments your opportunity comes and you spring up off the bench, bend over as the youth approaches giving him a tempting vista as your unfettered breasts fall forward against the material of your camisole and he gets a brief glimpse right down the front, then you walk towards him and with both cuffed wrists obvious hand him the ball. Of course such blatant behavior embarrasses him more than you and for some time the ball does not come our way again. I take the opportunity to let my free hand stroke your bare midriff and then as we turn towards one another and kiss, you feel my hand slide up beneath your camisole and onto your naked breasts. As I feel for your stiff nipple you know that my petting of your body must be obvious to the youths and to anyone else passing by but the sheer pleasure of having your Master's caresses on your flesh overcomes your nervousness. As I withdraw my hand and we break our kiss you see that the football game has become very desultory and we are the focus of attention. As we relax back into our original position I tell you to shut your eyes, put your head back and enjoy the sunshine. I also tell you to wriggle your skirt hem up your bare thighs a little and to stretch your thighs apart as though you were soaking up the sun. I too sat with my head back and eyes half closed and eventually the football found its way over towards us again. One of the youths came over and thinking us both asleep, lingered as he picked up the ball. I knew he could see right up you legs to your open pussy and no doubt got a shock when he realised it was staring him straight in the face! I opened my eyes which gave him a jolt and as turned and ran off I whispered to you that you had just shown off your naked glory to a teenage youth. You shuddered with excitement and I decided it was time to move on. I let you put your coat back on but not fasten it. Arm in arm we passed the footballers before leaving them behind and wandering on to another part of the park where there were a lot of bushes and hedges forming a kind of maze. I guided you to a part of this maze where I felt sure we would hear anyone else coming and stood you against a stake used for keeping young trees upright. To your consternation I clipped your wrist cuffs together behind your back and round this stake. I then stood and put both my hands on your waist as I kissed you again. Any passers by would just think we were lovers in our own cosy world, but you and I knew that you were captive. I spread the sides of your coat open and then lifted the camisole top up till your breasts were completely exposed. I lowered my head and gently started to kiss your breasts and suck round your nipples as you closed your eyes and sighed with pleasure, hoping nobody would interrupt us. My hands now free, you felt me lift your skirt and in turn expose your pubic bush and as you wriggled your thighs wider apart I started to massage your clitoris, letting my other fingers open up your moist sex lips. A young courting couple appeared at the end of the long hedge and started to move towards us but turned off down another avenue when they saw our embrace. We will never know whether they realised how exposed you were but you rose rapidly to yet another orgasm and I gently let your skirt and camisole drop back into place covering your delightful body from prying eyes. Enough excitement for one walk and I undid your cuffs so we could walk back home.

We had a meal which you helped me prepare, still dressed only in your camisole and skirt. Before we sat down to eat I insisted you strip naked again and you ate, sitting across the table from me, naked and beautiful. After our meal I fastened your cuffs to your collar and had you sit on the settee again. I stripped off and cuddled up to you as I started off some videos that I thought would be of interest to a submissive slavegirl. I was pretty excited and aroused both by the videos and by you beside me and while your hands were clipped out of action I could let my hands continue to roam over your naked flesh, much to your arousal and stimulation. I was careful not to bring you to orgasm again but you were frustrated at the sight of my rampant erection and your hands not able to touch and caress it. But of course you are nothing if not resourceful and after a while you wriggled round till your head was touching my penis, your arms still tied to your collar. You knelt beside me on the settee, your head in my lap, and as I watched the videos I enjoyed the lap of your tongue around my balls and up my stem, the dipping of your tongue into the pearly slit, then the sucking of the whole head of my penis into your mouth, your cheeks rubbing against the glans, your tongue working miracles, your throat ready to receive my spurting jism as you expertly took me over the point of no return and into a hip thrusting climax.

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