The Builder

The Builder

~Part 1~

My name is Sophie. I'm 15. When I was growing up I was always a little behind my friends when it came to puberty, I was always skinny and never really had any boobs, but I caught up fast and now have 32C breasts and a womans figure although a little less curvy than some might like, but my slender hips and tight arse have always been an advantage to me. I have long mousey hair, which falls almost all the way down my back and pale skin, but not too pale and green eyes, the brightest green eyes, everyone says I've got unusual eyes, thats why I like them. I've never had trouble with boys, I've always been confident but I kept my virginity for several reasons, I wanted it to be special for one, but all the boys at school are too immature and inexperienced for me.

My story starts on a summers evening, my parents and I were sitting down to dinner and I listened to them talk, occasionally commenting. I always had a happy family life, my parents were very much in love and there was always a comfortable atmosphere in the house, I could talk to my parents about pretty much anything and always felt secure and safe at home.
"We really do need to speak to someone about the work being done on the conservatory" My mum spoke in between sips of wine.
"I'll call someone first thing, I think its a little late now don't you?" My dad suggested.
"I suppose. No one will be in untill the evening, I'd rather not have a builder we don't know in the house all day without anyone here."
My mum had always been a little paranoid when it came to security, out house was full of pricelsee airlooms and expensives jewlerry so she had good reason to be paranoid.
"Well Sophie gest home at 4, she can be here with the builder." My dad looked at me and smiled.
"Ok well as long as you don't have anything on after school. No Netball?" My mum asked
"No thats fine. I'll be here. I'm gonna go have a shower now. Thanks for dinner mum." I smiled at my parents, cleared my plate and went upstairs to get ready for bed.

I had a stressful day, studying for exams and finishing work, I had never been one to stick to deadlines and always found school would end up getting on top of me if I wasn't careful, but I had a good day with my friends, we talked about the new boy at school, discussed whether he was good looking or not and mingled with the rest of our year group. It was an average day. I left school at 3:40 and strated to walk home, my friend Janey walked a little way with me and I told her about the builder who I had to go and meet.
"Last time I had a bulder all I could do was drool over him for a week! Trust me builders are hot, fingers crossed!"
I thought about that for a while and got a little excited, maybe I would have a hot builder working in my house.

The fornt door swung shut behind me and I through my bags down. My school uniform consisted of a light blue fitted shirt, a navy blue tie and a navy blue pleated skirt. Of course it was the fasion to have your skirt as short as possible without getting in trouble, and I always got away with my uniform so my skirt barley covered my arse cheeks. I walked into the kitchen, my mind on several things when I saw him. The Builder. He was stood facing the window looking out into the garden and then looking down at what must have been plans for the conservatory. Even looking at him form the back I could tell he had a good body, his shoulders were broad and his arms looked strong. I stood there for a second thinking about what to say when the Builder looked up and cught my reflection in the window. He turned around and smiled. He was absoloutley gorgeous. He had dark eyes, almost black and short hair, not too short thought, it was long enough to give him that rugged look, and he had a tiny hint of stuble. His clothes were a little baggy on him but I could tell that the body underneath them was fine and toned. I stood and stared for a second and he stared at me.
"I'm Andy…Did your dad tell you I was coming? He told me to be expecting you….Sophie right?" He babbled a little bit when he spoke but it was sweet and I smiled again at his enthusiasm.
"Yeh I'm Sophie. I won't get in your way, but if you need anything, a drink or something to eat I'll be in the front room. And feel free to come a watch TV for a bit if you need a break." I always knew how to handle myself around men. When my brother still lived at home I was always in the company of older boys soI was used to it. I decided to make a snack before I sat down to watch TV and I thought I might have some fun doing it. Andy was facing me still, but now he had the plans held out in front of him. I wlaked over to the cupboards and bent over a little to get a plate out when I turned around I saw Andys eyes dart back to the paper, I knew he was looking at me. I smirked a little and carried on making my snack. I went to get the blender out of the other cupboard which was next to Andy so I crouched down next to him and began searching. My shirt was open a little too far and from where he was standing Andy must have had a good view of my tits. I found the blender and carried on making my smoothie but I stopped teasing. I took my drink and a packet of crisps through the french doors into the front room and turned on the TV. Andy carried on his work and I flicked through channels, I felt really comfortable with him being in the house, it was nice to have some company for a change, even if we wernt talking, I was so used to being the only one in the house during the week since my brother left for Uni.

It was about half past five when Andy came and sat down on the couch.
"Is it OK if I watch TV for a bit? I've been working since 12?" He was polite when he spoke.
"Sure! I'll make you a drink. Coffee?"
"Yeh please. Three sugars plaese."

We sat and watch TV for a little while and we talked about school and stuff. Andy told me he was 21. He dropped out of school in his last year but his dad was a builder and he didn't have any trouble learning the tricks of the trade, most of the men in his family were builders or plumbers so he thought it was probably just in his genes. He said he'd always had the right body for it, but he thought he looked a little steryotypical at times but I told him I thought he looked good.

Before we knew it it was 6:45, we had been taliking for ages and my parents would be home soon.
"Shit I really need to get some more work done." Andy got up and went to the kitchen.
"I'll tell them you only had a 15 minute break, they won't know any different, don't worry." I shouted from the sofa and just as I finsihed my sentence the front door opened and my mum walked through to the hitchen.
"Sophie?" She called before noticing that Andy was there, when she finally saw him she jumped a little.
"Sorry, I was expecting you, but you gave me a little fright. Have you seen my daughter?" My mum asked.
"Yeh shes in the front room. Shes been really great, making me coffe and everything." Andy smiled and my mum smiled back before she came to see me.
"Thanks Sophie, It really helps that you were here today otherwise I would have been thinking about the house all day, I wouldn't have got any work done. I must go and see Aunty Karen so I won't be in for long, but your dad will be home soon."
"OK thats fine." I said with a nod.
"One thing though sweety, your dad and I will both be working late for the rest of this week, the companie having a lot of problems, so will you be here after school every day?"
"Yeh sure it doesnt bother me mum." I replied again.
"Oh and theres a conference out of town on Thrusday night. Do you want Aunty Karen and the boys to come stay? Or will you be OK here on your own?" My mum was getting a little flustered, she tended to get like this when she had alot of things to sort out.
"Mum I'll be fine, stop worrying just go to Karens." I said in a reassuring tone. And with that she kissed my on the cheek and hurried back out the front door.

~Part 2~

Thursday was approaching and my dad was repeating himself over and over, telling me to lock the house up before I went to bed, make sure Andy was comfortable and several other things that I do without thinking about it anyway. It was getting a little tedious. Another long day at school but I waslooking forward to seeing Andy, we'd talked quite a lot over the past couple of days about me about him about lots of things and we really got along, he was friendly and kind and not to mention hot and he told me that he thought I was really interesting to talk to and that he thought I was energetic and spontanious and he liked that.

From a young age I had been aware of sex and it didn't take long before I experimented with myself and now 3 years later I knew how to get myself off and I knew what turned me on. Since Andy had been working on the house I had thought about him when I was fingering myself in bed, he had a killer body and he was a great guy too. I knew nothing would never happen between us, my dad would have him fired and my mum would screw at me and anyway, he wouldn't be interested in little girl like me, he could probably get any girl he wanted. But each day, the more we spoke, the closer I felt to him and the more I thought about him in bed. It was on Wednesday that I decided it was time to play some games with Andy. Aswell as knowing how to get myself off I also seemed to have a way with men, alot of the boys at school told me that I was the horniest girl they knew.

I got in from school and said hi to Andy, it was much hotter today and I didn't know how to work the Air Con.
"Andy its really hot in here, do you mind if I change into my nightdress?" I asked
"Of course not, it is pretty warm in here." And with that I left the kitchen and made my way upstairs. I don't think Andy was quite sure to waht he'd just agreed to, maybe he was expecting a long sleeved nightdress that came down past my knees, but that wasn't what I had in mind, the nightdress I picked out had been a 15th birthday present that my dad hadn't been very impressed by, it was a black silk nightdress that just covered my arse and it had a little black lacy tong to match it. It had thin frilly straps and lace around the top which went so low my nipples were almost exposed. It was sexy lingere not a nightdress but I knew I could get away with acting inncoent and naive.

I went back downtsairs and sat in the front room, after half and hour or so Andy came to join me, but he didn't sit down. he stood infront of the couch and stared at me for a little while. I looked up at him and smiled.
"I'll make you a drink." I said and I left the sofa and began making drinks in the kitchen. When I returned Andy was sat on the sofa looking a little nervous.
"Whats wrong?" I asked as I handed him his coffee and sat down at the other end of th couch.
"I don't think your parents would be happy if they knew you were wering that while I'm here." He said rather bulntly.
"They won't be home for hours and besides its the only night dress I have." I looked over at Andy. He was looking awkwardly out the window.
"You didn't mind looking at me when we first met, whats so different about looking now?" I said. He looked a little shocked at what I said and looked at me for ages before he spoke.
"Your really mature for a 15 year old." And that was all he said. We watched TV for a little while before I decided to go and lie down, I was feeling horny and a little tired so I thought it was the best idea.

My room was my favourite room of the house. I had it decorated a year ago and it was perfect. All the walls were cream apart from one wall which was a dark reddish-brown and all the wood was dark. I had a double bed which was covered by a brown fur throw and a matching rug covered most of the wooden floor. Underneath the bay window was a brown sofa. I opened teh window and lay down under it to keep cool. I thought about Andy for a while and how much I was infatuated by him. As I thought about what I wanted him to do to be I began to stroke my leg. I cou;d feel the damp warmth between my legs and I began to stroke my pussy over my thong. I imagined Andys hand where mine was and felt the first sign of an approacing orgasm. I slid my hand under my thong and felt my sticky pussy lips. I slid my fingers up and down my slit and rubbed my clit letting out little moans when I did I was about to push my fingers inside my pussy when I heard the door creak. Instinctivley my legs snapped shut and my eyes flung open. Standing at the door was Andy. My legs relaxed a little when I saw it was him and I carried on rubbing my clit at a slow pace so he coudlt see.
"I'm really sorry" he said and his cheeks wen a little red but he didn't move, he just stood there. I opened my legs a little more and carried on rubbing. His eyes darted from my hand to my face in a state os shock and amazement.
"If you're going to stand there and stare I may aswell give you something to watch." I said and I let my legs fall completely open and picked up a decent pace with my fingers as I slid them up and down feeling my own juices trickling out of my pussy. I lifted my arse off the sofa and slid my thong off slowly but i kept my legs in the way of his view so he couldnt see everything. I pretended that he wasn't there, closed my eyes and slid my fingers deep inside me exploring my pussy. I could feel myself getting close and i rubbed my clit hard with my thumb while I pumped my fingers inand out of my pussy I could here myself moaning a little, I was getting closer and closer. I started to come and as I did i raised my arse off the sofa and ground my pussy onto my hand feeling the juices trickle out onto it. I waited for a while before I opened my eyes again and when I did Andy was sitting on my bed with a perfect view of my exposed pussy. I reached for my thong and pulled it on. Then I got up and went downstairs.

~Part 3~

When I got home on Thursday there was two A4 sides of paper jammed with nots from my mum and dad; what to do, what not to do and all things related. I skimmed over it and looked round for any sign of Andy. At first I thought he wasn't there but then I saw the tools laying on the side. Before I had a chance to shout for him he appeared at the bottom of the satirs.
"Your Dad said I was welcome to take a shower if I got too hot, I've started on the building now. In a couple of days they'll be 5 of us here working on it." He looked at me suggestively and then I realised that he was topless, I don't know how it managed to slip passed me when he first came down. The most amazing body I have ever laid eyes on, tanned and muscly, but not too muscly, perfectly proportioned and skin that was still wet from the shower. I stared for longer than I meant to and Andy chuckled a little. I looked up.
"It's a shame I've got work to do otherwise I'd give you something to watch aswell." He walked straight past me and into the garden. I sat on the kitchen counter for a while and watched him work out in the sun. I made a jug of lemonade so he could get a drink whenever he got thirsty and I found the Air Con manual and turned it on so it was cool for him when he came inside. It wasnt until about 7 that we sat down to watch TV, I suppose he wanted to get as much work done as he could while it was still light.
"Shouldn't your Mum be home by now?" Andy asked
"My parents are at a conference tonight, they won't be back until tomorrow." I said and I looked over at Andy who seemed to be thinking hard about something. I waited for a while before he replied.
"Was all the teasing I had to endure over the past week leading up to something, or is it just a little game you like to play?" I was a little taken a back by his question and I had to think A little before I replied.
"I must admit I like to play games…and I had fun playing games with you, but I can't help wanting more." I looked up, awaiting his reply but he didn't speak. He reached his arm around my back and pulled me closer to him.
"Your really fucking horny for a schoolgirl" he said and he kissed me softly on the lips then he looked at me again, this time I leaned forward and kissed him, at first I was soft and slow, planting long kisses on his lips and letting my tongue brush over them gently then i opened my mouth and he opened his and his tongue fell into mine and we kissed passionatley. His hand found its way to my leg and he stroked it gently. I pulled away from him.
"Lets go upstairs." I said with a mischevious smile and I left the room and made my way to my bedroom. I lay on my bed not facing the door and waited for Andy, when he came in I turned to look at him.
"We should proabbaly talk about this first" he said with a little concern in his voice.
"Its OK" I reassured him and I reached for his hand and urged him to sit on the bed. We began kissing again and he laid me down slowly. His big strong arms either side of me while his kisses were so tender and gentle. I felt his hand on my leg again, this time it was on the inside of my thigh and it was moving up. I was still in my uniform so he had easy access. His hand soon found its way to my pussy and he rubbed gently over my thong, he could probably feel how wet I was already. He hooked his fingers under the waistband ofmy thong and pulled it off slowly and went back to rubbing my pussy, he slid his fingers up to my clit and circled it slowly while with another finger he stroked my soaking wet slit. He stopped kissing me and looked at me while he toyed with my virgin pussy and then he began to kiss my neck, while he unbuttoned my shirt exposing my breasts which were covered by a red lacy bra. he cupped one of my breasts in his hand and began kissing the other, he moved down to my belly slowly and then he was lying between my legs. He looked up at me again and I nodded for him to keep going, he lowered his head and let his tongue slide over my clit. I gasped at this new sensation and he looked up again.
"Don't stop!" I whispered, my voice was weak. He carried on licking and sucking my swolen clit and sliding his fingers in and out of me I felt the first few waves of orgasm rush over me and I arched my back, he moved his fingers faster and flicked his tongue over my clit expertly while I came, It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, my whole body began to shake and Andy came back up and sat next to me he pulled me close to him and kissed the top of my head while I recovered.
"Was that your first time…gettin oral I mean?" Andy asked while I was still wrapped up in his arms
"Yeh it was" I replied "It was really fucking good" He laughed a little and let go of me. He layed back on my bed and I straddled him and kissed him. he squeezed my arse which fit perfectly into his hands. I ran myy fingers all over is chest, his skin was smooth and his 6 pac was solid I kissed his chest and circled my tongue around his nipples while I unzipped his jeans and wriggled my way down so that I would be able to suck his cock. I fubled around a little with his zip for a little while then I finally founf waht I was looking for and pulled his cock out of his trousers. It was huge. I looked at it for a while in amazement. I couldn't fit my hand around it and it must have been 8 inches in length. After my initial shock I was OK and i opened my mouth and began working on his cock. I worked my tongue around the head and moved my hand up and down the shaft and then cupped his balls and played with them. He didn't make a sound but he stroked my hair in encouragement and I allowed more and more of him cock into my mouth. I could feel it getting harder as I slid it carefully into my throat and pumped my hand faster. His hand was controlling the speed that I bobbed up and down and he was thrusting his cock into my throat again and again. Then I pulled away and moved down to his balls, putting one in my mouth then the other and sucking gently while my hand milked the precum from his cock.
"Im gona come." He said with a shakey voice and I forced his cock back into my throat so I could feel his come squirting out. I sucked the last few drops into my mouth and let his cock fall limp before straddling him again.
"Was that the first time you've given oral to?" Andy asked a little out of breath.
"Yeh…why was it bad?" I asked a little nervous that I wasnt experienced enough for him. I read all the tips on the internet about giving oral so I must have got it right.
"It was the best I've ever had" He replied and I grinned and kissed him.

We lay there for a while taking about experiences and what turned us both on, stopping to kiss every now and then. I felt the most comfortable I ever have with Andy, he didn't make it feel like we were being naughty like all the other boys did, hedidn't rush things and he was passionate. He was perfect.

We had been kissing for a while when Andy rolled over and held himself above me the leaned down and kissed me again. the he pulled me up so I was sitting and walked behind me where he began to kiss my neck and slide my shirt off. He undid my bra and removed that too. he took my breasts in his hands and massaged them gently before he lifted me onto the floor where he pulled my skirt off so that I was completely naked then he stood back and looked at me smiling.
"You really are beautiful Sophie." He said in a whisper. The I reached forward and tugged at his jeans and boxers so they fell to the floor and stood back to admire his body, well what I culd see of it in the dim light of my room but before I could return the compliment he was lowering me back onto the bed kissing my lips and nibbling at my ears. We lay in the missionary position with his cock resting on my pussy while he kissed and caressed every part of me. I was in heaven. And then he stopped. I opened my eyes and looked into his.
"Iwant you to take my virginity." I said. "I was playing games at first but I'm not anymore." I kissed him lightly and without replying he moved his cock to the entrance of my pussy and gently pushed. It hurt a little but the head of his cock slid inside me and I moaned with pleasure he began to move in and out of me slowly getting deeper with every thrust. His cock was firm and thick and fit perfectly inside me. He was slow and gentle and I felt nothing but pure ecstacy as he worked his member all the way inside me.
"Please don't stop Andy" I moaned. And he carried on at an even pace while I rocked my hips and gruond mypussy into him. He moved a little faster and thrust a little harder and my moans and whikpers go louder as I moved with him. I could hear my pussy squelching with juices as I got closer and closer to orgasm and he got faster and harder again. He forced his cock in hard then out slowly and then another fast thrust and a slow withdrawl. I was almost screaming when he lifted me up, turned me onto my belly and entered me again from behind. He kissed my back as he got close to orgasm and his pace was now so fast I couldn't help but scream into the pillow I lifted my arse and rocked my hips as my first orgasm hit me and then another my mind was blank apart from the pleasure. All I could here was my own moans.
"I'm coming" He moaned and he pushed his dick deep into me and ground his hips into my arse and I came again. He didn't move for a while, just lay on my back with his cock getting softer inside me. We were both hot and stick and breathing hard and heavily. After a long recovery he pulled his cock out of me and pulled my close to him again kissing my lips and cheeks.
"I think I love you" He spoke into the darkness.

~~Chapter 2 Coming soon~~Tell me what you think pleas~~

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