The Discovery_(1)

The Discovery_(1)

It was about a week after we moved into the new place together. We had spent the entire previous day unpacking, and we needed a break.

I worked in computers, and made decent money. I was also going to school, so there was little time for each other. I, in the past, had relationships where the lack of time together was what tore us apart, so I was determined not to let that happen here. Every weekend we had free we spent together, so it was good that the weekend after we moved in she and I both had time off of work. I decided to surprise her with pancakes on Sunday morning, so I got up early to make breakfast.

I found her in the kitchen, in a pair of hi-cut pink panties and one of my shirts. She was humming to herself as she moved around the kitchen, fixing a bowl of cereal for herself. God, she was a dream! Dark brown hair she occasionally colored oddly, and a smile that could melt Antarctica. Wonderfully large breasts one could get lost between (And I had several times, let me tell you!) and a round, plump ass that I had been wanting to slap since I met her. I must admit, I had been hinding my lust to mete out punishment on a woman's ass for a long time, and I thought I would never get the chance. As the events unfolded, I found out how wrong I was!

For a big guy, I can move very quietly, so she did not hear me sneak sneak up behind her and softly pull a spatula out of the cooking utensil jar. Although I figured I would never get the chance to really go all the way into my fantasy with any woman, seeing how strong I was, a little play might jump-start our morning.

She did not hear me as I snuck up behind her, and she jumped a bit when I spoke.

"I was going to make breakfast. Pancakes. But, seeing as you have poured yourself a bowl of cereal without waiting for me, I guess I am going to have to punish you," I said jokingly as I pulled my arm back.

I watched the plastic head of the spatula describe a complex arc as I swung my arm down, and the sound it made as it struck her fleshy bottom was startingly loud in the morning stillness.

She dropped the cereal bowl as she let out a gasp. By some miracle, it did not shatter in the sink. She immediately threw her arms out to hold herself up, almost putting a hand into the water. Her pendulous breasts swung slightly in the loose shirt, and her cheeks turned a rosy blush. She spun around with fire in her eyes, but a curious half grin on her face.

"If you are going to do that, lover, you might want to do it properly," she said, with a lot huskier voice than I was used to from her. She walked over to the utensil jar and pulled out a sturdy wooden spoon instead. She knocked the plastic spatula out of my hands, and handed me the wide, flat spoon instead. I looked at it, a bit stunned. As I stood there, baffled, she pulled her panties down a bit, revealing a soft pink mark on her left cheek, then bent over the sink. I have said it before, and I will say it again, she has a glorious rump! Shapely hips, and a beautiful expanse of tender flesh which was an absolute delight. Say what you will about thin women, but nothing compares to a set of big hips and a nice, plump ass. I had on many occasion left a trail of kisses accross that ample posterior, but it was offered to me in a much different light that day.

It was offered to me as a target.

"Well, are you going to stand there and gawk, or are you going to let me have it? After all, I was such a bad girl!"

I did not even decide to do it. I was driven to. My arm moved on its own, leaving a red mark after each impact. Her ass turned rosy from overlapping copies of the spoon. With each smack, she would grunt and sway a bit. I found myself more than a little aroused by the scene, my love bent over the sink, lovely ass in the air, red from her paddling. My swiftly hardening cock bounced from my boxers, and was soon a steel spike ready for use.

Whack! I hit her again, and this time the grunt from her was a little different. If I did not miss my mark, she had just had an orgasm! She was getting off on my paddling her with the spoon!

If I had thought my cock could get no larger and no harder, I was completely wrong. It waved in front of me, mocking the motions of the spoon as I spanked her.

Finally, I could take it no more, and threw the spoon to the floor. It clattered to the corner. I had become pure instinct as grabbed her hips and drove my solid member as hard as I could between the burning cheeks of her well tanned rump. I could feel the heat from her skin as I thrust home. I found her pussy to be already dripping wet as I drove it home like some sex crazed dog humping his bitch. I describe what happened with these words because there are no more accurate phrases. I was a mindless animal, plunging my tool between her soft, sweet folds, smashing my pelvis up against her red butt cheeks. I had lost all control as I slammed away at her.

I must admit, the first time after her paddling, I did not last long, but neither did she. She had already had several intense orgasms, and was near the edge of another when I so brutally mounted her, and when I pulled out and shot wave after wave of pearly jizm across her beautiful red fanny, I heard her gasp her orgasm gasp, and saw her tits bounce as she was racked by an intense cum of her own.

As I stood there, cum coated cock deflating in my hand, and my love bent over the sink with a bright red ass, punctuated by spatters of my spunk, I came to my senses. I had just ravished her in a way I never had before, and she seemed to really enjoy it. She was still breathing heavily as I slid up beside the sink.

"That was the best goddamn fuck you have ever given me," she said in gasps.

I didn't know whether to apologize or brag.

"How's your, um…" I began.

"Wonderful. Simply glorious!"

I love it when she uses the word glorious. It rolls off her lips like smooth cream.

"God, I want more," she said, smiling up at me. I wasted no time.

We quickly retreated to the bedroom, where I threw her face down on the bed. Now, my love is a large woman, but I was so full of adrenaline at that moment I had to be careful not to throw her through the wall! I was a man possessed. By what, I was not entirely sure, but the dual drives of wanting to fuck her brains out and to spank her rear tore through me like freight trains.

I began adding a layer of hard hand spankings to her already abused flesh, splattering my generous contribution all over my hand, her, and the bed. I didn't care, as I was lost in a haze of post-orgasmic excstacy, as was she. She made it up to her hands and knees, giving me better access to all of her. With my other hand, as I was spanking her with my left, I rammed two fingers deep into her snatch and right to her g-spot, massaging it roughly as I pounded her glorious posterior. She loves it when I use my fingers. In fact, we tried fisting once… but that is a story for another day.

She came again, shuddering with delight, and screamed in pleasure. I was soon hard again, but I wanted to see how much she wanted. It was time to take it up a notch. I stopped, pulling my fingers out of her dripping slit, and reached for my leather belt. I looped it over once, and snapped it like I used to when I was a kid trying to impress the other kids. Her head jerked around and her flashing eyes and grinning mouth told me everything I wanted to know. I stood beside the bed, looped belt in hand, and examined my canvas.

Her bottom had a nice red sheen to it, as well as a mixture of semen and sweat. I aimed carefully, as I did not want to cause any permanent damage, and began to whip her with my belt. Soon, she was crying out in rhythm to the strikes, and was holding onto her pillow with all of her strength. Every once in a while, I could tell she was cumming, but I did not let up for anything. Her breasts bounced beautifully as I made her ass raw from the belt.

Stroke after stroke, both of us because more and more lost in our lust. With every snap of the leath across her bottom, with every whimper from her, I felt the head of my burning hot manhood stiffen a little more.

When welts began to appear, I stopped, and climbed up behind her on the bed. I looped the belt under her belly and around my back, and slid my now rock hard fuckstick into her gaping, oozing gash. She leaned back into me as I tightened the belt buckle, locking us together, The leather felt hot on my skin, but her plump behind was like an open fire. She had yet another orgasm around me, but the feeling of just being inside her was intense pleasure.
I slid in and out as far as the belt would allow, which was not much, but she helped with her well trained pelvic muscles.

Soon, I felt the burning sensation of an orgasm begin. We had one last orgasm together, and I felt as if my body was draining into hers through my cock. I filled her with my seed, thanking her for such a wonderful time. We rolled over, exhausted, her ass a bruised mess.

When we awoke, I gently undid the belt and retrieved the first aid kit from the bathroom. I had not broken the skin anywhere, but her cheeks were a mass of colors, reds and yellows and purples and blacks. I was not sure what to use, so I brought a cool washcloth and cleaned her off. She awoke as I did so, and wordlessly moved for me as I wiped dried cum and sweat from her. I rinsed the cloth out and returned, laying it on her upthrust ass.
I gently spread her cheeks, and was happy to find that her delicate treasures remained unscathed from the beating I had delivered to her. I kissed it tenderly, worshiping the goddess I was so lucky to be in bed with.

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