The Jacuzzi – Meat of the Matter

The Jacuzzi – Meat of the Matter

As I prepared for the conference opening evening cocktail party, I could not stop thinking about the afternoon impromptu events in the Jacuzzi. My masturbation, which had led to the grand finale fuck session with the bellhop from the hotel, kept flashing back through my mind. I could only hope I would see him again and have the chance to repeat the pleasures his 9” cock had given me. I dressed in my black semi-see-through blouse, without a bra. It allowed my 40 DD firm, natural breasts to be seductively visible and the areolas and nipples to be faintly outlined. I wore a black suit coat that allowed me to look professional; yet able to flash when I wanted. I wore a tight black skirt with a slit up the front to my mid thigh, and 4” black high heels, that accentuated my long, tanned legs. I did not wear any panties or pantyhose, which excited me and my pussy to no end.

The cool Alaskan air caused my body to be in a natural state of arousal, so my nipples were perky and my pussy moist. I drove from my rented cabin to the hotel conference area, and parked the car. I walked to the entrance, where I saw the bell hop. He stared in disbelief as I walked up the entrance sidewalk. I did not realize that as I walked, my skirt had climbed up my legs and was allowing a “peek” at my clean-shaven pussy. With every step I took, my puffy cunt lips were “winking” for the entire world to see. I approached him, making up a story to have luggage picked up from my rental to be brought to the hotel. He knew it was a bogus request, but it allowed me to get close to him. I knew I had aroused him because his uniform pants clearly showed a “pup tent.” He reached inside my jacket accidentally brushed his hand across my gigantic tits and gave my nipples a pinch, then he reached down and gave my pussy slit a “credit card” swipe. He brought his finger up to his mouth to lick the juices off his finger. “MMMmm, I’ll be glad to pick your luggage up after work. Midnight O.K.?” I replied, “I’ll be expecting and waiting for you.” I then walked into the reception hall after I pulled my skirt down.

Soon after entering the meeting area, I was greeted by a colleague and dear friend, Les. He came up to me and gave me a big, jovial hug. Of course, my jacket came open giving him a full view of my tits. He whispered in my ear, “I see you are still the same cock teaser you were in college! I was watching as you walked into the hotel.” He made a point to rub my boobs as our hug ended. “I do like what I see. You look GREAT and you have not changed from school either.” “I especially like being winked at,” as he seductively smiled at me, he gave my pussy the “credit card” rub. Les and I had always been physically attracted to each other in school, but had always been too busy studying to act on our desires. The usual small talk ensued – neither of us was married, and by coincidence we were both living and working in the same city. We talked with several of our colleagues, but quickly decided we needed a more private conversation – the sexual excitement was definitely in the air. We kept touching each other as discreetly as possible, but still very obvious. We both wanted to rip each other’s clothes off. Les was staying in a hotel 35 miles away because everything else was booked when he made his reservations. So, I offered for him to stay at the cabin for the week. We left the reception early. Les followed me to the cabin. My cunt was getting so wet anticipating and fantasying about what might happen in the hours to come – the juices started flowing down my leg!

We arrived at the cabin. I invited Les in with a sexual urgency. We were no sooner in the door than I turned to give him a very passionate, wet kiss. Our lips met as our tongues explored every part of our mouths, and as our hands were groping to feel every part of our bodies. Les lifted my skirt up to my waist, pushed me up against the wall, unzipped his trousers, pulled his dick out and nailed me with his thick, 8” boner. I was so wet, that the size of his penis slid easily into my pussy. The sounds of our desperate kissing and fucking sounded like slurping, slippery, popping moans. “Ohhh, baby, I am, Ohhh, I can’t hold it – I am Cumming.” All of a sudden, I start shaking in an uncontrollable orgasm, my body was jerking as I pushed my pussy onto his massive cock & to feel him filling my cunt with his warm spunk. As our senses return, Les looked into my eyes and said, “You have no idea how long I have wanted you. This is a dream come true and to think we would run into each other in Alaska!” He then bent down to gently kiss me. We laughed at our appearance as we walked to the sofa because my skirt was inside out and pulled up showing my bare, oozing cunt and bottom, and his dick was sticking straight out from his crumbled suit pants, cum dripping from the head. We were not on the sofa very long before we started caressing each other again. Our clothes were now totally removed. Les has the most gorgeous muscular and hairy chest, with large pecs and biceps, a chiseled abdomen, firm butt and a massively thick penis with a perfectly shaped dome head. Les could not keep his eyes off of my melon tits and shaved pussy, which made my nipples very erect and my pussy wet. I suggested we take a dip in the hot tub in the buff. At first he protested because “what if somebody saw us.” I said, “We’ll put on a show!” It must have excited him as his penis jumped to 8” instantly. I led him to the Jacuzzi by his penis. I got in first and as he stood on the steps, I turned to give him a blowjob. He froze as I engulfed the head, and then moved down his shaft as far as I could. He began to hold my head in place as I bobbed up and down, licking every inch. One of the Jacuzzi jets was pushing warm, forceful water into my pussy hole – it felt sooo good! My tits were hanging down so that just the nipples were in the warm Jacuzzi. The contrast in temperatures really excited me and I know it did Les also. His shaft was in my warm, juicy mouth as the rest of his body was freezing. I reached out to cup his balls and pull his tight ass towards my mouth. His precum tasted sweet. I was beginning to hump the Jacuzzi jet as it was forcefully fucking my hole. Les was half frozen on the outside, but his body was hot on the inside as his juices were boiling inside his crouch. I could feel his body tense as he began to spew thick, milky cum down my throat. I loved the taste as I drank it all. My body then started shaking as my pussy unleashed my own cunt juices into the bubbling swirls of water. Les pulled me up to him and gave me the most sensuous kiss and tasting his own cum. I pulled him into the hot tub to warm up, plus I wanted to feel his big cock in my aching, wet pussy. Les sat in the seat, pulled me on top of him and wrapped his arms around me so he could caress my big titties. He twisted my nipples and massaged the areolas – this always gets my pussy excited and wet. I turned around so he could suck my nipples and bury his head between my tits. His monster size dick was now hard, so I lifted my bottom and positioned my pussy over his shaft. I sat down on his pole with one swift move. At first I thought my cunt was going to rip because it was so big. But Les kept sucking, biting, nibbling at my nipples, which made my juices flow again. Soon I was riding his shaft. I would let all 8” out, then plunge down quickly so his pole was ramming my cervix. Oh it felt ssooo full and gooood!! Meanwhile, my tits were bouncing in his face. “I am going to cuuummmm.” Our rhythm was picking up-tempo. I could feel a huge orgasm starting to build in my cunt. “Oh, Oh, Lesss, Fill me, FFFUUUCCCKK MMMEEEE, FASTER, FASTER. I LOVE THE FEEL OF YOUR BIG FAT COCK IN MY PUSSY. FUCK ME, HARDER.” Les started moaning louder also, “Oh baby, I am going to shoot my load. FFUUCCKK ME, I’MMMM CUMMING, I’MMM CUMMMING.” We both began the best orgasm of our lives. He shot load, after load, after load into my hairless pussy. My body was shaking with electrical shocks, after electrical shocks. I felt so full and satisfied and we fell into each other’s arms. We were just recuperating when we heard the bellboy announce his arrival. It was already midnight, but that story can be read in my story, The Jacuzzi!!!


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