The Promotion_(1)

The Promotion_(1)

Maureen was a very pretty woman. She was Asian/Hispanic, in her early twenties, size zero, five foot five inches tall, long, past shoulder length black hair, 32B tits, and fantastic legs. She was a technician at a major electronics company and was angling for an engineering position. While friendly, Maureen was quick to judge people on their appearance and this influenced the way that she treated them. She was causing a lot of resentment with her coworkers. She had a boyfriend that she kept on a tight rein. Maureen was lobbying to get the engineering promotion. She was called in for an interview.

Her boss, Jack, asked her how things were going and Maureen said that some things were just fine but other items were not. When questioned she replied that she really wanted to be an engineer, and then she could be happy. Jack told her that even if she did not make the grade this time, she should not get discouraged as there would be future oppertunities. Maureen said that she wanted to make the most of her present opportunities and stood up. She then stunned Jack by removing her blouse and front opening bra. He marveled that her tits were as good as he expected them to be. Maureen then dropped her skirt and thong. She kicked off her high heeled sandals and stood there in all of her glory for Jack to observe. She then came around the desk and pulled him and his chair back from the desk. She knelt down and unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardening prick. Maureen then took Jack's seven inches in her mouth and started softly sucking his member while lightly tonguing it. Jack was finding it hard to breath. This walking wet dream was actually sucking his dick! He felt himself start to come and Maureen felt it also. When he exploded his cum in her mouth she swallowed everything. She then leaned back looked up at him and grinned. She pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles and started sucking his now soft member. When it hardened she abruptly stood up, moved over him, grabbed his shaft in one hand and guiding him into her vulva abruplty sat down taking his full length. Jack just gasped as Maureen started humping him. She was very tight but wet. She loosed up the grip her vagina had on him when he rose up and tightened her grip when she descended. She thrust a breast in his mouth and he started suckling her nipple. Maureen cried out "Harder!" and so he bit down on it. She just groaned in pleasure. Finally she stiffened and gave a small scream as she spasmed her orgasm. Pausing only for a moment, Maureen started riding Jack hard. She jammed her other nipple in his mouth for his abuse. Finally she felt him start to spurt and she quickly lowered her groin to his. She used some kleenex from his desk to clean up a little, then she wrapped her skirt around herself and pulled on her blouse. She gave Jack a lingering kiss and said that she was now on her way to his boss Bill. She left the office area and stopped by the bathroom where she cleaned herself up and replaced her underwear with spares she "happened" to have in her purse.

When she got to Bill's office, she did not even knock but pushed open the door and stepped in. Bill was sitting behind his desk waiting for her. She stopped in front of his desk and smiled as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall tot he floor. Maureen then fingered open the fron clasp on her black lace strapless bra and it fell lightly to her feet. She then unwrapped her skirt and dropped it. Then oh so slowly, she used her thumbs to peel her black thong underwear down to her ankles and off. She then kicked out of her sandals and raised her arms and slowly turned around so he could observe every bit of her. She then approached Bill and knelt in between his legs. She opened his pants and pulled out his eight inch shaft and opened her mouth. She thrust down with her mouth and took every inch of him. She lightly featherly touched the side of his member and around its head. This was too much for bill and he exploded in her mouth. Maureen greedily swallowed all of his cum. She then paused for a few seconds and then started sucking him again, moving her head back and forth. When he hardened, she again stood up, turned her back to Bill and used her had to guide his cock into her pussy as she sat back down on his lap. She then pulled his hands up to her breasts and had him fingerling her nipples as she rode his shaft up and down. Maureen felt him start to stiffen and she rode him harder and faster. Finally he exploded his juices up into her vulva. Maureen then stood up and pulled on her skirt and blouse. Holding her sandals, Maureen told Bill that she hoped she had done well on the interview. She then turned around and walked out.

Maureen had to lobby a few more times for her promotion, but finally she got her coveted title of Engineer. The spirit of her coworkers dropped markedly, but as Maureen was now an Engineer, she did not notice, nor care.

She was working late one Saturday evening and as usual the overhead lights were off and individual test areas were illuminated with local lighting. Maureen was walking between areas when she was grabbed from behind. A hand was placed over her mouth and she was lifted with somehone holding her arms and someone holding her legs. She was carried into a dark alcove. There her mouth was taped over and her blouse, bra, skirt and panties were removed. She was placed on a table with her legs hanging off the end and her legs were spread and tied to the table legs. Her arms were still being held. A head then came close to hers and a mouth voiced softly in her ear, "Bitch, this is our turn to get a fuck for your promotion. Don't try to struggle and it will eventually be over." She then felt the first individual step between her legs. He used his fingers to spread some lubricant around her pussy. He the pulled out his seven inch cock and guiding it just past the lips of her vagina he wasted no time and rammed in all the home with one motion. He the settled into a rocking motion on her. He called out, "Guys you can't believe how tight this is!" Maureen felt him sliding in and out. She tried to speed things up by fucking him back., She moved her hips in time to his. As he got ready to cum she felt him speed up and she tried to keep pace with him. He spasmed and she felt him shoot his sperm into her cunt. He quickly stepped back and another individual stepped up. They were not even taking the time to admire her body. They were just in a hurry to use her. She felt the shaft enter her and it was big. She felt some pain as she stretched to accept the giant member. Then there was just the feeling of being used. However, she did start to feel some stirrings in her groin area. To her horror she realized that physically her body was responding to the assult on it and the response was a positive reaction. The second prick came in her and as the third entered her she gasped and shoved her groin as hard as she could as her body responded with an orgasm of its own. Now she could not help herself responding to the physical ministrations being performed on her body. A head again came close to her ear, "You would not believe how long the line still is to fuck you. You might be able to significantly speed things up if you started to suck dicks. Are you interested?" She nodded her head and the tape was removed. She was untied from the table and shifted around so that both her pussy and mouth could be accessed. She felt something brush her lips and when she opened her mouth she ended up with an eight inch long three inch round monster in her mouth. The prick started moving back and forth and she was getting confused by what was happening in her mouth and what was happening in her cunt. She was still orgasming every few minutes. She felt the dick in her mouth stiffen and several wads of cum shoot to the back of her mouth. She no sooner swallowed and another cock was pushing past her lips. She lost track of time and the number of dicks that had cum in her pussy and mouth. She heard somebody say "She sure has loosened up!" and another voice say "I know what to do." She felt herself being turned over on the table and before she realised what was happening a greased pole was rammed up her ass to its hilt. She screamed a little and jerked a bit, then she felt her body responding to the pulse of this new assult on it. Maureen felt the first organ cum in her bum and be replaced by another. This was still going on when she felt the world around her darken.

She regained her senses and realised that she was now alone. Her body was sore and stiff, especially in her vagina and butt. Both ends of her leaked cum. Se still had some in her mouth.
She managed to get to her feet and found her blouse and skirt. She felt ashamed but she also felt strangly satiated. The more she thought about what happened the more she felt positive stirrings in her abused body. As she picked up her clothes she say a piece of paper. Opening it Maureen saw that it was an invitation to her coworkers for a "Promotion party" at her house in two weeks. As she entered the bathroom to try to clean up, Maureen figured she wold be just about recovered in two weeks and she could show her coworkers what a newly promoted engineer was capable of.

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