The Storm_(0)

The Storm_(0)

Kean was looking out the windows from his place of work. He could not see fifteen feet from the building because of the snow. He was the last person at work and it was his responsibility to close the building and call security so the automatic alarms could be initiated. Kean did not see any way that he was going to drive away from the building. He was contemplating locking the door and settling in for the duration. The building had a small machine fed cafeteria and a television. He could always pull a couple of sofas down to the cafeteria and push some of the tables out of the way.

Kean called security and told them what he planned to do. They offered to try to get over to him and bring him back to the main plant. Kean just laughed “Yeah, the snowplows aren’t even trying anymore and you think you can make it over here. I’ll be alright and if anything happens I’ll call.” The security official agreed.

Kean had just pulled one of the couches down and was getting his nest set up in the cafeteria when he heard the front door open. He waited but did not hear anything else so he went to investigate. There was a white shaking bundle sitting in a chair by the door.
Kean took a second look and said, “Donita! What the heck happened to you? You’re blue!” Donita was the manager of the office area and had left the building almost an hour ago. He started rubbing her hands and cheeks. Once he had the shaking in them under control he took off her boots and started on her feet and legs. He felt a little guilty and could feel himself getting a little red in the face. He was getting a good hard-on doing this with Donita. Donita was in her late forties, about 5 foot five and about one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She had retained her natural good looks and she had a 48D chest that most of the guys still snuck looks at, including Kean, and he was finding out that her legs were still nice and firm.

Donita had driven to what she thought was the end of the parking lot, about a hundred yards. The next thing she knew she had driven into some bushes. She had finally managed to back her car out but could no longer see to drive and she got stuck again. This time she tried to find her way and walk back to the building. The building was divided into two sections, with the larger front section vacant. The section that their company used was only about one fifth of the building and all the way to the back.

Kean locked the front door and helped Donita back to the cafeteria. Once there she called her husband and told him that she was snowed in at work with “several” of her co-workers. Donita had a pretty storied past that did not end until her present husband. If she told him she was in a building alone with a male individual, her marriage would be on the rocks. When she was done, Kean gave her a cup of coffee. He suggested that they go get the other sofa and drag it down here and they could probably snuggle to keep warm. Kean was not ready for the explosion from Donita. She told him that she had given up that kind of life and what did he think she was and she would not let Kean get a word in edgewise. She finally stormed off, taking the only blanket that was in the building and it belonged to Kean.

Kean tried to settle in. He found some tablecloths but they were pretty thin. He maneuvered the couch so he could reach the phone. The longer he sat there the madder he got. Finally he jumped up and stormed down the hallway. Donita was lying on the other couch. He stormed up to her and shouted, “How dare you accuse me of anything! I was just trying to help! But if I am going to have the name…!” He grabbed Donita and pulled her from under the blanket. She slapped him and they struggled until he got both her arms behind her. Kean then saw her pantyhose on the floor and remembered that he had her remove them when he was trying to get her dry. Kean used the pantyhose to tie Donita’s arms behind her. He then threw her on the couch. He stood there looking at her. He sat down and pulled her to him and unbuttoned blouse. He then pushed her bra up so her breasts were exposed. He started nuzzling and licking them. He then reached down and undid her skirt and panties. Kean laid her back on the couch and licked his way from her nipples to her clit. Donita had become real interested in what he was doing. He plunged his tongue into her cunt. He was just licking away at her clit. Donita could feel herself starting to come. Kean then left her vagina and started down one of her legs, when he reached the bottom he came back up the other. Donita was starting to go wild. She kept on trying to free her arms but only so she could grab Kean’s face and guide it back to where she wanted it. When Kean had worked his way back up to Donita’s pussy, he paused there long enough to give it a few licks, just enough to again get her to try to rise up. He then continued back on up to her breasts. He sucked her huge nipples and nibbled them. Donita was wrying around in hopes of getting loose. Kean worked his way down her body; he stopped and found that Donita liked a tongue in her belly button. After spending a few moments there he pushed his way down and plunged his tongue into her vagina. He nibbled and licked her clit and Donita wrapped her legs around his head as she felt herself explode. She came three, four, five times. She lost count. Finally she relaxed her spent body. Kean wasn’t done and he again tongued her clit. When Donita started moving her pelvis in response to his licks he stopped. Kean then used his hand to guide his eight-inch long, three-inch round dick into Donita’s vulva.
Donita was thoroughly wet. Kean ran his cock fully into her. He then started moving it in and out. Donita responded. Moving her hips up to meet his and moving away when he withdrew. Donita felt her juices rising and tried to get Kean to respond faster. He got the message and started ramming his prick back into Donita. He increased his pace to match hers. Finally Donita cried out as she came again. A few strokes later she felt Kean stiffen and his wads of cum shoot through her.

Kean got up looked at her and said, “I’m done.” He threw the blanket over her and went back to his couch in the cafeteria.

Kean woke up and he realized that he was not alone. Someone was on the couch with him; in fact someone had his pants open and was sucking on his dick! He jumped a little as he realized this. He pulled back the tablecloth he was using as a blanket and saw that the top and back of Donita’s blonde head. His dick was rock hard and Donita was running it in and out of her mouth and she was running her tongue all over it. Finally She felt Kean stiffen and his hands grabbed her head as he jammed his dick as far into her mouth as it would go. She tasted his cum as he exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every ounce. Before he could pull away she grabbed hold of him and licked him clean. She then drew herself up next to Kean on the couch. She kissed him and said that she wanted to apologize for her earlier behavior. She was ashamed of herself and was there anything she could do to make up for it. Kean pretended to think for a minute. Donita felt him harden against her stomach. He pulled Donita under him and she spread her legs. He guided himself into her and Donita locked her legs around him. Kean started out with long slow strokes. Donita was moving with him stroke for stroke. Kean and Donita shared a long and gentle kiss as they screwed on the couch. Donita felt her desire building and as it increased her thrusts became faster and harder. Kean was again matching her thrust for thrust. He heard Donita cry out and felt her grind her pelvis into his. Her juices ran out of her around his prick. Kean kept up his movements and Donita meshed her body to his. Kean felt his cum surge out of him and into Donita; he gave a cry out and collapsed on her. They both fell asleep.

Kean woke and felt Donita’s back to him spoon fashion. He thought back to what had happened and his member became rigid with desire. He reached around and found that Donita was wet between her thighs. He used this moisture to prepare himself. He then pushed the head of his dick up to the opening of Donita’s ass. Donita rolled onto her stomach and Kean position himself. He pushed the head of his dick into her ass. Donita moaned and raised her ass to try to take more of him in. Kean accommodated her wishes and buried his shaft in her delicious butt. Kean soon had a good “in and out” going. Donita was groaning and very receptive to Kean’s ministrations. Finally Donita gave a cry as she orgasmed. Kean kept up his movements and soon he came and shot his juices up her rear.

Lying there spent, Kean and Donita were trying to get their breath under control. Somehow during all that had happen during the previous evening and night, they had both become naked. Their respite was broken by the sound of the phone. It was plant security wanting to know how Kean was doing. Also, they wanted him to know that the storm was projected to last another twenty-four to seventy-two hours. Would he be okay? Kean looked down and Donita and laughed. He told security that he was sure that he would find someway to stay busy and warm.

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