The story continues, In praise of chubby older woman

The story continues, In praise of chubby older woman

Well it had been just over two weeks since I had caught my sister Ellamae, fucking my son Bill, I really couldn't put all the blame on her, after all, It takes two to tango, as the old saying goes.. She should have known better , he was her nephew, and damn it, he should not have been fucking his Aunt either…I was still pissed over the incident..And they both knew it. I hadn't mentioned it to my husband, Jack, he'd probable just make some dirty joke about it and laugh. "Boy's will be boys" ( And your sister ain't nothing but a whore anyway)…. I could almost here him saying that. Well this wasn't any of his business, it was mine, and I'd deal with it myself.

I couldn't help thinking about it though, and the more I thought about it the less pissed I became at both of them. I told myself Ellamae had needs to, and she was drinking that night, and Bill being the young man he was , and full of cum, Well I could see how easy it could happen..Thoughts of it now was only making me hotter than hell.. I could see Ellamae's big ass moving up and down on Bill's huge young cock. The way she was moaning from the pleasures his huge tool was giving her. To be honest, It made me feel a little jealous. I started wondering what my son's young cock would feel like plunging in and out of me. When I'd get to thinking about it, it would give me a hot feeling between my thigh's, and a wanting deep inside of me for his young huge sperm shooting cock.. driving me to masterbate myself…. I was calling out his name at the end of my climax , pretending he was really fucking me. I kept telling myself this was crazy, But the picture of him and Ellamae, fucking each other that morning was burned into my mind, and had me fantasising, myself, fucking my own son..!

Conversation between Bill and I had been pretty thin we hadn't had to much to say since the incident..I figured this morning I'd try and change that..".Good morning honey" I spoke has he set down at the table…"sleep well"? I asked. Yeah Mom and you….he replied .." I guess so" I answered. Your father didn't come in last night. couldn't get a plane out of Atlanta…He called about 11:30 I went on.. slowly walking around the table and placing my hand on Bill's shoulder. I'm not mad at you anymore, I know how things can happen sometimes. but that's incest, and you know how people around here are when it comes to something like that. They would have it all over town that you were sleeping with your aunt …I told him… "Well Mom it really wasn't all my fault", you see I have always fantasised making love to aunt Ella…and honest, he went on, " she ", well, she put it on me..and it didn't seem like incest to me. I know she's my Aunt, but I couldn't have helped myself , the same way, if it would have been you…….he went on, and , if you would have done like her , well Mom it might be incest, but I would have had to make love to you……..He looked up at me in away that made me want him right then and there…I cupped his face in my hands and asked. Bill have you ever had fantasies of making love to me….??? .I asked. " Yes Mom many times" he answered.. But I'm your mother, honey.. I replied.
I know that !!!!!! he answered . but I still have thoughts of making love to you…"I can't help it" he added
Mom , you are so beautiful, and for a long time I've had those kind of thoughts, he spoke slowly looking down at the floor.. " Well when you have these fantasise of you and me do you masterbate" ? I asked. "Yes" I do.. he spoke softly looking a little ashamed….Well as long as you're being so honest with me this morning, I have a confession also…..Every since I caught you and Ellamae, that morning.. I've wondered just what it would be like to make love with you….So you see, I have had fantasies too. I know we can't do those kind of things together, but I have thought about it…..At that moment Bill stood up from the table and put his long arms around my waist pulling me against his rock hard body..".Oh no honey." we can't ! I tried to speak has his mouth covered mine . He was pushing his tongue into my mouth and for a moment I lost all reality, and kissed him back, shoving my tongue deep into his mouth, feeling our tongues coming together with the pashion of to old lovers! No ! I exclaimed, has I pulled back…".No honey No " ! we can't ! I'm your mother, let's talk about this I spoke rather stern like.! ..Bill let me go, I could see the large buldge in his jeans has he set back down at the table…the look of disapointment on his face..".Slow down honey" I told him…reaching out and patting his hand with mine…..Think about it baby….this moment of pashion will be with us the rest of our lives. I told him. "You will carry these memories with you forever ! I spoke, my voice sounding very nervous. my body very aroused. Let's think about all of this I added, I know your hormones are perculating..I read where all young boys fantasise making love with their Mother's. I told him. I was so fucking hot ! I wanted him that instance , but I had to stop this. for how long I didn't know, but I had to stop it for now.

I fixed him a bowl of corn flakes and poured him a cup of coffee. Poured myself a cup and sat there looking at him. I could feel the crotch of my panties wet with my maiden oil. My heart was still racing my mind running over with hot sexie thoughts. I felt at this moment, like I was sixteen again… "Mom" I love you. he spoke looking at me . I got up from the table and walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek . What are you doing today, ? I asked. Well I'm not sure, I might cut Margies lawn for her. he went on to say… I started pulling the dishes out of the washer and put them in the cupboard…Bill finished his breakfast and got up and said he would see me later, I told him good bye and to behave himself . My nerves were on edge…I had just passed up a chance to feel my son's huge hard dick and I had put a stop to it. It made me feel so hot thinking he had fantasied making love to me. my cunt was wet with desire , and I ran my fingers over my clit, feeling the sensation of an orgasim cumming on, I slowly moved my fingers over and over rubbing my clitoris so gentlely thinking how wonderful it would have been to have fucked him this morning..OOOOH God if he was here now, I know I would not have the will to stop it I started to climax it felt so good as I rubbed it in a faster motion " awgh " oohhh fuck I was cummin my cunt was busting a load of it's own my juices running down my legs oh God it was so good.. OOhhhh fuck me Billy oh fuck Mama good baby….I was fantasising every moment of his huge cock fucking me …Holy fuck I had to get myself together I knew it was wrong to be wanting to fuck my own son, but there was a devil on my back, that kept telling me I was going to fuck him no matter what….and I knew it was just a matter of time before I gave in to my awesome urges…

Well a week had rolled by, since Bill and I had come to understand each other. I knew he wanted to fuck me bad. I wanted to feel that young cock of his also, but so far I was in control of my raging hormones. His father seemed to be staying on the road with his computer business more and more, and I was getting to the point where I didn't miss his ass one bit…It seemed like our love making had turned into a quicky for him, and most of the time he'd left me still wanting to be fulfilled..He loved oral sex as long as, it was just performed on him and I was starting to hate it. He was always on my ass about losin some weight, and I'll admit I'd tried. but somehow I never could get below that 160 pound mark….I really didn't look that heavy, I was medium in heighth at 5-9 and I carried my self very well… If I do say so…I had large round tits and they still stood at attention, not bad for a gal forty years old…..Anyway I'd had guys looking at me, and I could tell by their glances what they had on their minds……And then there was Bill, my own son who thought I was beautiful. Just thinking about him telling me how he fantasied making love to me, and the thoughts of him jacking his cock and squirting all that hot cum, made me tingle all over….A Chubby large woman like me, turning on a 17 year old, I had something on the ball…

Bill seemed to be spending a lot of time at Margie's He went with her daughter Susan. They'ed been sweetheart's for a lomg time, and Margie and I went all the way back to high school. She had been divorced a couple of years I guess, but she seemed to make it on her own very well.
Bill came home that evening, he seemed more like his old self. Well I cut Margie's grass he laughed, and Susan and I went shopping together, really she went shopping, I just went along ..He was laughing …I could see he was in a good mood…".had a nice time then" I answered . Well I think I'd rather been here today with you. he said . " Oh you would have" .Huh? I remarked…Yup! I think so.he spoke. Go wash up honey, supper is almost ready… I told him. Ok he replied I think I'll take a quick shower. Want to join me he teased….Maybe later I laughed and slapped his behind as he passed by me…".I love you Mom" he said laughing. " I love you to honey" . I called after him..

We finished eating and Bill helped me clear the table. You going out tonight ?? I asked No he replied. "Thought I'd stay home and visit with you this evening," he went on, When is Dad getting home ?? he asked. " Well your guess is as good as mine" I responded.. Bill walked into the living room an turned on the TV. What do you want to watch ? " Oh what ever you want to look at", I said . I'm gonna do my nails and look at the paper. I told him , has I sat down on the sofa..
I started putting polish on my nails…my mind a million miles from polishing nails. What I really wanted to be doing was taboo, and I had to control it..

Mom, are you still mad at Aunt Ellamae ? he ask out of the blue. Well honey , maybe a little bit.. I answered….Just how did that all get started that night ? I added. " Over a drink of water" he replied. "Over a drink of water" I spoke in wonderment.."Yes she asked me if I would bring her a glass of water. he stated. And I did. And when I went into her room, she was laying on the bed in just her panties…..We got to talking about sexy things, and — he paused at this point.. "And what" ! I responded….Oh mom you don't want to know . he looked at me as if he was ashamed to tell me….Come on Bill, we're adults now, you can tell me…I told him. "Well she asked me if I ever ate a pussy, I told her no, and she said she'd like me to eat her pussy. She pulled off her panties, and I started kissing her pussy, and she got to telling me how to do it, to make her feel good .
Then she went down on me, and was sucking me….One thing lead to another and I told her I wanted to put my penis in her and she let me…We both had a climax, and then I got hard again and Aunt Ellamae got on top of me…That's when you caught us….That's about it Mom….. he said, looking a little timid….
I could feel the heat of pashion racing through my body ….Just thinking about what he had just told me, was pushing me towards the point of no return.. I wanted to scream " come fuck me baby !! " fuck Mama good" I was biting my lip." I wanted to feel, and know the pleasures." Ellamae had felt with my son…………….
" Bill " You're making me hot. I blurted out. closing my eyes and moving my head back. my face looking towards the ceiling ..When I opened my eyes Bill was setting next to me on the sofa his arms moving around me, pulling me to his body…He kissed me on the cheek, and I turned to face him, putting my arms around his neck, and pulling his face close to mine. I kissed him on the mouth, and he slipped his tongue into my mouth , and I pushed my tongue back to meet his …..I was breathing hard now…..No baby No … it's so wrong honey ! I do want you too, Oh God baby ! I do want you……but no baby, I'm your Mother…We can't do this. I was shaking from head to toe. Bill acted as if he couldn't hear my plea's, and kept kissing my face, and running his hands over my breast..running his tongue over my neck and biting little nibbling bites on my neck…He had me to the point of giving into our lust for one another….I couldn't stand the feeling he was giving me, and we began undressing one another, in a fury of passion. Throwing our clothes off in a wild display of wanton lust… I had lost all control of the situation,, and I wanted him to take me in everyway and anyway he wanted… His mouth engulfed my breast and he was sucking my nipples one tit after the other. kissing them back and forth running his tongue in wet circles over my tits…I opened my legs, and felt him find my cunt with his hand . He began massageing my clit pushing two of his fingers into my cunt. I let out a sigh of pleasure, has he started kissing my body, running his tongue over my stomach. His fingers probing into my wet hole…I reach for his cock and took it into my hand it was so hard, and I could feel it pulsating in my hand it felt so large and I began stroking it.
" OH GOD MOM I LOVE YOU" He was breathing hard also…We moved into the 69 position and I liked to have screamed, has I felt him thrust his tongue into my slit ….. I took my hands and guided his huge cock into my mouth. His cock felt so hot, and it was running with pre-cum….I could feel the hotness of it pouring into my mouth and on to my tongue, I was enjoying the taste of his jism it was sweeter much sweeter than his fathers……. I was shoving my hips hard and fast up to meet his eager mouth….I was getting close to a climax, and at this point, incest or not I was on cloud nine. My son was giving me feelings, I had not felt in such a long time. I was taking his cock deep into my throat. and then I felt his body stiffen and he let out a large moan …….."Oh awgh! God Mom" I'm cum'in, and I felt the first gusher of his hot load splash into the back of my throat. I swallowed it back as another large squirt shot from his cock flooding my mouth with his sperm. I too was cum'in and Bill never let up sucking my clit ..I thought his load would never stop… He kept shooting squirt after squirt of his hot paste into my mouth., and my orgasam kept cum'in and cum'in over and over again untill the last of it was so intense I had to beg him to stop. "oooooooooOOh God BABY!!!!!!PLEASE I CAN'T STAND ANYMORE……… OH HONEY…….. OH GOD……..OH BABY IT,S SO FUCKING GOOD…….OH GOD YOU MADE ME CUM SO HARD……….. OH BABY! ! ! ! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you I was saying it over and over…………
We layed there together breathing so hard . I was trembling from the excitement he had created in my body…Our mouth's came together in a long wet kiss and he was rubbing my body with his hands. I was in total orgasmic mode.. I sat up on the sofa, still trembling from the orgasam I had just experienced……… I took him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom…Oh baby fuck me … fuck Mama with that huge wonderful cock…..I threw my self on the bed and spread my legs. His young prick was hard again. He moved in between my legs. I reached for his cock and placed the head of it at the opening of my cunt …He gentle pushed it all the way in…. I felt his balls banging my asshole has he began pumping his prick in and out of me with passionate long loving strokes…."INCEST" I think it is just an awesome fuck between to people who love each other… Bill had brought out something in me I thought was gone. He gave me orgasam after orgasam . It truly was a night to remember…. " Mom's " don't knock it if you haven't tried it……..

This story is in praise of chubby fat older women …even if their your Mother….love and appreciate them to the fullest…..They have so much to offer a young man…..

Rusty Rusty

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