Toms frustration 3

Toms frustration 3

It was the overhead kick scored by Joe Cole that made the score England 12, Germany 0 in the World Cup Final when Tom got bored of the game he was playing. He knew he should play it on a more difficult setting or get a completely new one but he was addicted to the Play Station’s Pro Evolution Soccer. He threw the controller down next to him and bent over to flick the switch on the back of the console to turn it off. He hadn’t seen his girlfriend for over a week now after her father had grounded her for getting home so late one evening with no explanation. It was still the school holidays so Tom hadn’t even got to see Sophie at school either. He’d lost count of the amount of times he’d wanked since he last saw her. If it had been any other girl that he was seeing, anyone other than Sophie he would have fucked other girls until he got to see her again. Sophie was different. It had taken Tom a month to “crack” her and the last time he had seen her was the night he had at last taken her virginity. He wanted more and didn’t dare risk losing Sophie just for a quick shag with some tart who thought more of herself than she should. He’d had too many girls like that.

Tom picked up his laptop and navigated to one of his favourite porn sites with the intention of beating himself off again. Like any other 15 year old boy, he was obsessed with sex and sometimes wanked off up to 5 times a day if he couldn’t fuck a girl. He’d just started to download a movie clip of two dirty looking whores taking a huge facial from some over-weight dude when there was a knock on his bedroom door. “Yeah?” he responded as if to give permission to the visitor to enter as he minimized all the windows he had open in front of him. “Can I come in?” It was his sister, Nikki who had come to stay for a week as it was the school holiday. She lived with her father a small distance away and had done so since the divorce of her parents.

Nikki entered the room after being told to do so and stood in the doorway. She was wearing white denim three quarter length trousers that hugged her shapely legs and ass tightly. Her blue t-shirt was equally as tight with a plunging neck line revealing a very tidy cleavage and the straps of her black bra at the shoulders. “You going out this evening?” she enquired in the hope she could tag along with him. Tom didn’t like Nikki coming along when he went out with his friends because they all wanted to fuck her and made no secrets about it. Nikki did nothing to deter the attention from them, in fact she loved it. Attention from the older boys was so much better than from the boys of her age. Even though there was only about a one year age gap, the boys her age seemed a whole lot more immature. “Nah, not tonight” Tom lied. “Chris and all the others are going down to the arcade and I aint got no money” he continued trying to make it sound convincing. “Aww, I’m bored” Nikki moaned “and that fucking Cheryl is downstairs with mum.” Tom didn’t know exactly why Nikki didn’t like Cheryl but thought it might be to do with the fact that she did seem to monopolise their mothers free time. “Cant me and you do something?” she pleaded with pouted lips, the look she always used when she wanted to get her own way. “Told you”, Tom retorted “I’m broke.” Nikki pouted harder and walked over to the bed where Tom was sat and flopped down next to him letting out an over exaggerated sigh of boredom and flicked the television on.

After about 20 minutes of watching some travel program Tom noticed Nikki’s breathing had become somewhat heavy. He looked at her to see she was asleep, still propped up against the wall. He studied her face. Before now he could never see why boys seemed to fancy her so much. He had always considered her plain looking and she had more of their father’s features than their mother’s. But now as Tom looked at her he saw a different girl. She had started to develop into a young woman, something that Tom wouldn’t have noticed if they both lived with the same parent. As he didn’t get to see her every day the change was noticeable. Her soft lips bore the residue of pale pink lipstick that had long since been applied. Her long eye lashes were glued together with the black mascara she was wearing and her dark hair decorated her forehead and cheeks with long loose, curls. Tom never understood why sometimes she would make her hair curly and other times she spent an age using straighteners to flatten it out! His study went down to her bosom which heaved with her breathing. She would never be allowed to wear such a revealing top if their father were there so she always seemed to take advantage when he wasn’t. Tom looked down her cleavage and for the first time noticed how her tits had grown to a very good size, especially for the size of her small frame. He admired the little black bow on the front of her bra that was being revealed. A familiar feeling started to stir within him after he studied the flesh of her breasts closely. He gazed down at her crotch and the way in which she was sitting combined with the tightness of her trousers had shaped a nice camel toe. Her pussy lips looked big and puffy through the denim material. A tiny gold anklet decorated her left foot and Tom admired her sexy little feet, the second toe on her right foot sported a toe ring. Feet had become an object of desire for Tom in recent weeks and now his cock was on its way to full hardness.

Tom turned his attention to the laptop to try to get the thoughts of his sister from his mind, a bit difficult with her right next to him. He picked up the video clip from the task bar and started to play it, turning the volume down as he did. The two dirty looking whores were working a good sized cock on the guy with the pot belly, each trying to get the big helmet into their mouth before the other. Tom’s own cock was pulsing in his shorts and he wanted to release it as it strained against the stretchy material. Of course he couldn’t with Nikki so close to him that they were almost touching so he began to stroke his long shaft through his clothes. The two women started going harder and rougher on the guys cock, kissing and swapping saliva as they did so. The cum shot wasn’t too far away, Tom thought as he watched the expression on the man’s face. Why had Nikki chosen now to come into his room and fall asleep? All he wanted to do was get his cock out and stroke it to orgasm to coincide with the guy shooting his load all over the women. He liked to pretend it was him spraying his own goo all over them but today he could do nothing like that. Instead he watched and tried to shift his cock to a more comfortable position as the seam in his boxers was cutting right into him. The man in the video took his cock out of one of the hungry mouths slurping on him and started to jack off furiously. Both women were looking up at him, mouths open waiting for the first spurts of hot cum, each wanting to be the first to taste it. When the guy did start to cum, the first spurt went way over the head of one woman and then the second landed on her face. The second woman pushed her way towards the spitting cock and took a rope of cum that stretched from her eye right down to her chin. Still the guy was spurting, less violently and the last few drops landed on a ridiculously over inflated pair of tits, resulting in the second woman bending down to lick it off. The woman with the big tits then took the cock into her mouth and sucked all the remaining fluid from within and off the shaft. Pulling the now soft dick from her mouth she turned her attention to the cum stained face of the other woman and they started to kiss and lick the cum from each other, a lingering French kiss bringing the video clip to a finish.

Tom was right on the edge of messing his shorts when he realised he could no longer hear his sister’s breathing. He felt himself redden when he turned to Nikki and saw her looking at him with her beautiful green eyes. He removed his hand from his crotch and raised his eyebrows at her. “How long have you been awake?” he asked hoping that she had just that second regained consciousness. “Long enough” Nikki started, “long enough to see what you’ve just been watching. Do you watch porn a lot?” Tom didn’t know what to do or say for the best. He knew it was normal for boys of his age but didn’t know how his sister would deal with it. “Only when I’m not with Sophie” he said with the intention of building a story to try to reduce his embarrassment, to try to make her think that what she had seen was no big deal. It was then that he noticed her nipples had become hard and erect. She had inherited something from her mother. Nikki’s nipples were pushing hard against her bra and t-shirt and looked like marbles which changed Tom’s way of thinking. She must have been turned on by the porn video. “Do you ever watch porn then?” Tom ventured. If she did then he would know she was interested in sex and wicked images began to fill his thoughts.

“I watch it sometimes when Dad goes fishing.” She was quite comfortable talking about it Tom thought. “I know where he keeps his old videos and I watch them when I’m alone. I watched one with my friend, Lydia once and when it finished she went to the bathroom. I guessed she had gone to masturbate because that’s what those films make me do and I noticed you wanted to masturbate too just then, didn’t you?”

Shit, what is wrong with me? Tom wondered. First he had shagged his mum and now he was sat here talking sex with his sister and he knew he wanted to fuck her too. What did he have to lose? If he tried something with her and Nikki told mum there wasn’t much mum could do but what if dad found out? He didn’t get on too well with his dad, but even so, he didn’t want him to find out his son was a dirty little pervert. The feeling in his loins won over his thoughts and so he started to lay the foundations for him to fuck his horny little sister. “Yes, I wanted to masturbate, to jerk off. That’s what those films are designed to do, make you horny. Did that one we just saw make you horny?”

Fuck, yes.” Nikki turned her head away from Tom and continued, “I like to see a big cock like that guy had. A big cock always gets me going just looking at it”

“Have you ever had a big cock in you?” Tom dared, knowing that his own cock was much more impressive than that they had just been watching.

“No, nothing anywhere near as big as that” She stopped herself, realising the situation she were in. She was here with her older brother talking about cocks and she was about to tell him that she had taken a few different cocks but Tom had always been so protective over her. She was worried he would want to find out which boys had fucked her and dish out his own sort of punishment on them. She decided to carry on but name no names. “The boys my age aren’t fully developed yet. They get hard but don’t grow very big”

Tom wasn’t at all comfortable thinking of his little sister having sex yet that was exactly what he wanted to do with her. “So would you like to have a big dick in you?”

It was Nikki’s turn to feel uncomfortable. The biggest dick she had contact with was at best 6 inches long but she didn’t get to have that one inside her. The lad had cum all over her hand as she took hold of his cock to guide it to her pussy and that was that. “I think I might have a big dick one day” she blushed and still couldn’t allow herself to look Tom in the face. “I mean, as I get older the boys I fuck will be older and more developed, won’t they?”

“Some boys develop more quickly than others. Some are blessed with bigger cocks than others. It’s not unfeasible for a 14 year old boy to have a bigger cock than a completely developed man.” Tom was edging towards showing her his own dick. Even though he was 15 now he didn’t think it had grown since he was 13 so it must have been as huge as it was now.

“Well I haven’t met one” Nikki pouted again and this time she did look Tom in the eye. Tom placed his laptop down on the bed beside him and was about to start on about cock sizes again when he noticed Nikki’s gaze had fixed on the bulge in his shorts. Her eyes widened at what she saw and Tom could have sworn he saw her nipples grow even bigger behind her tight t-shirt. “Wow” She exclaimed, “I think I can see why you know some guys have bigger dicks than others now”

Tom thought he should get straight to the point. There was no set dinner time in their house but he knew it wouldn’t be too long before their mother called them down to eat. “I know I’m your brother but I can show you my cock if you like, you don’t have to touch it or anything.” But I fucking hope you do he thought to himself. “Would you like to see it, Nicks?”

She did want to but wasn’t sure of how to tell him without him thinking she was weird, wanting to see her own brothers manhood. But then, he had offered so he must be okay with the idea. And she wouldn’t have to touch it, just look. Nothing wrong with just looking, she had seen her dad’s cock when he was in the shower once. “Um okay, I guess I would like to see it but that’s all. Just to see how big boys can be” She didn’t want him to know that she was horny and wanted to see his cock for a sexual purpose, rather that she was just “curious”

Tom didn’t wait to give her a chance to change her mind so he stood up from the bed and whipped his shorts and boxers down to his knees. His cock sprang out into the fresh air and was met by a gasp from Nikki. The usual gasp he experienced whenever a woman saw his cock in the flesh for the first time, even his mother had done it. “What do you think?” He asked her as he turned and pointed the monster towards her without getting too close.

“I’ve never seen anything like it” Nikki cooed, “even in the videos I watch. Fucking hell Tom, how did it get so big?”

“That porno made me get hard” he replied and dared to venture a bit further. “That and your nipples poking out like that have given me this erection.” He waited anxiously for her response and prayed it would be positive.

Nikki stared down at her tits. She knew her nipples got hard when she was aroused but hadn’t even thought about Tom noticing. What should she say, she wondered. But Tom seemed so comfortable talking about sex with her and he was stood there now with his huge erect cock pulsing in front of her. She relaxed a little “My nipples get hard when I get turned on, just like your cock goes hard when you are turned on. That video clip had the same effect on me too you know.” She flashed a glance down to her crotch hoping there was no visible wet patch because she knew she got wet down there when she was turned on too. Tom noticed her look even though she looked for less than a second. She wasn’t displaying a wet patch but she could feel her pussy was very moist and Tom knew it would be if she was so turned on.

“And down there,” Tom nodded his head towards her camel toe, “you get wet down there when you’re turned on?”

“Yes, I can feel it now. Your cock is making me wetter” Again she got embarrassed but both of them knew what was going to happen here this afternoon. “Would you like to see it?”

Tom was extremely pleased that his sister was thinking the same way as he was. “I’d love to see it,” he whispered huskily and he sat down again next to her. She shifted her ass closer to the edge of the bed and let her feet hit the floor. Tom watched the material of her t-shirt straining against her erect nipples when she got to her feet. Nikki unclasped her belt and began to unbutton the fly on her trousers. Tom’s huge cock bobbed slightly with the anticipation of what he was about to see. Nikki was no longer displaying signs of shyness as she peeled the denim away from her perfectly formed smooth ass and legs to reveal a black thong made of not very much material at all. The small triangle of lace glistened with her juices and Tom could see that behind it there was no sign of pubic hair. His sister shaved! This was confirmed when she pulled the thong down and let it fall to the crotch of her trousers which were around her knees, like Tom’s shorts. Tom noticed another thing Nikki had inherited from mum, her huge clit. It stood out proud from her pink, wet puffy lips. It looked like the tip of one of Tom’s fingers and he just wanted to suck on it and stick his fingers inside his beautiful sister. “Can I touch it?”

“Only if I can touch your huge cock.” Neither waited for permission from the other. They both stepped out of their underwear and Tom pulled his t-shirt over his head. Clumsily they crashed into each other in their eagerness to touch the objects of their immediate desire. Tom’s hand was the first to make contact with his sister’s slippery slit. One of his fingers just slipped straight into her without him exerting any pressure while he pushed his thumb against her swollen clit and started to rub. Nikki took hold of Tom’s engorged cock, moaning with the pleasure he was giving her. She felt the wetness on the top of his helmet as the pre cum started to ooze from his slit. Still moaning with delight she bent down to lick the salty liquid from her brother’s rod, pushing her ass away from Tom’s touch. Gently she eased her mouth over the head of Tom’s throbbing member and closed her lips around it. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back while grabbing the back of Nikki’s head with both hands. Slowly she began to bob up and down on his long shaft, all the time more of it disappeared into her hungry mouth. The mixture of the sloppy sounds and the groans coming from his sister were driving Tom wild. He wanted to blow his load down her throat but decided with what little time they might have, he would rather ram his cock inside her beautiful, bald dripping cunt. Reluctantly he pulled his cock from her willing mouth and put his hands into her armpits to pull her to her feet.

“Oh, didn’t you like that?” Nikki pouted looking disappointed.

“It was great, Nicks. I don’t wan to cum yet. I want to taste you.” The last part of the sentence was said so quietly that Nikki almost didn’t hear it. Tom put his hands down to the bottom of her t-shirt and began to lift it over her head. She helped him remove it completely and let him unclasp her bra and remove it from her fantastic breasts. Her nipples stood out a good half inch from her firm titties, maybe a little more! Tom placed his mouth over one, flicking at it with his tongue. He rolled the other nipple with the fingers of his left hand and his right hand darted down to her wet inviting pussy. He inserted two fingers this time, then three. Quite accommodating, he thought, for someone who has only ever taken small cocks. He could smell her juices and hear them making a “click click” noise as his digits went in and out of her, faster and faster. Nikki’s breathing became more laboured and her moans were getting deeper and louder. She grabbed Tom’s cock and began stroking the shaft in time with Tom’s fingers working in and out of her pussy. Again Tom felt himself edging towards orgasm as Nikki’s grip tightened on his member, jerking him off as furiously as he were fingering her. He pulled away and dropped to his knees so his face was right in front of her hairless snatch, his fingers still slipping and sliding in and out of her. He probed at her clit with his tongue and it was like an electric shock had gone through Nikki’s body. She froze solid as the feeling went through her after having her brother lick her clit for the very first time. More juices were forced from within her and Tom thought that she got even wetter than his mother did as he watched it dribble down her inner thighs. He licked it away from one leg and then the other before going back to her huge clit and began to lick faster and faster. Nikki’s groans were continuous and Tom knew he had to insert his member into her now for her to get maximum pleasure. He stood up again, his fingers still working her and gently pushed her backwards towards the bed again. Tom led down and gestured to her to get atop of him. She swung her left leg over his legs and guided her pussy to his erect cock, him holding the base of it pointing it up towards her awaiting hole. Nikki’s firm tits came into contact with his chest when she started to gingerly lower herself on to his dick. Her tight vagina started to take him in, slowly. She was flushed with excitement and Tom noticed tiny beads of sweat appear on her forehead, beneath her curls. She pushed her ass downwards taking in more of her brother’s cock, stretching the walls of her cunt to do so. It wasn’t long before Tom was in up to his nuts and they began to pick up a gentle rhythm not wanting to buck too hard and cause the bed springs or floorboards to creak. Tom’s bedroom was above the garage and they knew their mother would not be in there but they were taking no chances. Nikki pulled her ass away from Tom’s cock and then pushed down again causing them both to moan with pleasure. A gentle sloshing of juices ensued and a quiet slap as his balls smacked up against her ass with each upward thrust. Tom pulled Nikki down towards him so she lay on his chest. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pressed hard as he slammed his cock in and out of her. She tried to keep up the rhythm with her own bucking so had to push herself up off of his chest to do so. Tom watched her tits swinging freely as they fucked each other and felt himself start to bubble within. He noticed his sister’s facial expression becoming more intense as she too felt the infancy of an orgasm. They had reached the point where they were both lost in what they were doing and started to buck and thrust harder and harder, oblivious to the noise they had began to make. Tom felt his sister’s vagina start to contract and release so he went in harder and faster. Nikki bucked violently against him and began to pummel at his chest with her fists while panting, “Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh fucking God!”

“Let it go, Nicks” he growled, feeling his own orgasm coming to the fore. Nikki had to put a fist in her mouth as her climax eventually came out of her, her legs tightened around Tom’s while she rocked herself faster and faster feeling the intense pleasure between her legs and all over her body. Her juices spurted from her all over Tom’s balls and he exploded inside her. She could feel his cock pulsing which intensified her own pleasure and then she could feel his hot warm liquid racing into her, wave after wave. They continued to buck against each other, both of them still cumming, for what seemed like forever to Nikki until she felt her brother’s body relax and she lay back down on his chest. They lay where they were for a couple of minutes, enjoying what had just happened. Nikki could feel her brothers love juice spilling out of her as his now flaccid cock failed to plug her hole. She climbed off of him and a long drizzle of sperm dangled from her bald cunt and eventually dropped on to the bed between Tom’s legs. More of his cum seeped out of her as she froze solid when she heard their mother’s voice calling from the bottom of the stairs,

“Dinner’s ready. I’ll start serving now you two have finished what you were doing!”

“Fuck!” Nikki cried and looked at Tom, his soft cock curled up between his legs still looking like a monster. “Mum heard us; she knows what we’ve just done. How on Earth are we going to face her?”

Tom rolled from the bed and said nothing as he pulled his clothes back on. He smiled to himself as he thought; facing mum is going to be a lot easier than you think, Nicks!

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