Washed Ashore 5

Washed Ashore 5

When I reached the clearing, to my surprise the herd was actually there. They made soft friendly noises as I crept closer. I must have looked quite shocking; naked, tanned by the sun, my hair and beard stringy from salt. But I guess to a sheep, a naked wild man looks no different from a clothed clean-cut one, and the herd didn't seem to mind.

And then there was the ewe. I could recognize her by her eyes as she stared out of the flock at me. Her black face and ears contrasted with her pure white wool, making her sparkle in the light of the afternoon sun. She seemed happy to see me too, trotting over and looking up at me with those big dark eyes that I couldn't get out of my mind.

I knelt, putting my head down until our faces were close, and then nuzzled her soft jaw with my nose. She ran her head down to the crook of my neck and rested it there. It was the most tender thing I'd ever felt, and it made me feel loved. I played with her warm fuzzy ear with my lips, reaching around with my hands to pet her soft coat. I was smitten; could it be that I was in love with this sheep.

"You need a name," I said softly into her ear as I nibbled lightly on it. "How about Mary." I laughed softly at my joke, and it was just my imagination, but I thought she laughed too. She didn't seem to mind me calling her Mary, so I introduced myself. "Hello Mary," I said quietly, "my name's Staz."

I was well and truly gone; here I was, naked, necking with a sheep and talking to it. My cock was hard and had been since I'd first seen her. As if she knew what I needed, Mary pulled away from me and turned, presenting her beautiful rump to me, even lifting her tail to expose her pubis. I bent closer, inhaling the soft clean scent, savoring the hint of musk from her droppings, reveling in the heat I could feel radiating from her, seeming ready to sear my skin.

With one hand I steadied her rump, then with the other I began slowly petting her, down from the base of her tail over her dark hairless asshole, pausing to massage the skin between that and her pubis, then down over that as well, feeling her lips flare at the touch, burning hot and moist. After a few passes she was shuddering, shifting her hindquarters back and forth, occasionally making small animal noises in her throat. I concentrated on her cuntal lips, stroking them until they flared open and then pressing a finger between them. She bleated softly, pressing her rear back against me.

I had no idea how big a ram's cock was, so I slipped one finger into her passage. It was tight, but it widened quickly, as if she was expecting me. Then it clamped down on my finger with a force not even Kate's virgin anus could match. I slowly stroked the walls of her passage, and by the noises she was making I could tell she was enjoying this. The head of my shaft was leaking precum, but I didn't notice; I was fixated on Mary and her magical vaginal spasms. I eased another finger in, which didn't seem to bother her at all. She was wet, and I wasn't sure whether ewes could have orgasms so I just wanted to make sure she was ready for me.

After a few more moments of internal petting and the insertion of a third finger, she was panting lightly and I had to have her. In the back of my mind I half expected Sam to come bounding up and ruin the whole thing, but as I slipped my fingers out of Mary's cunt and positioned myself behind her, not a sound could be heard. The flock were grazing quietly, paying little attention to something which must have been a common thing to happen… between two sheep at least. I first sniffed her juices on my fingers, then tasted them. They were sweet but had a bitter aftertaste; all the grass no doubt. Still, the smell was clean and inviting. I smeared the rest of the juice on my cock, held it in my hand and aimed. She was wide open, ready and waiting for me.

And then I was finally inside her. It was not unlike a human cunt at first, but then, once I was completely in, her muscles tightened, almost forcing me back out. When she relaxed again, I pressed in once more, and I could feel the tip of my shaft pressing into a barrier which must have been her womb. Then she tightened again and didn't let up, and without even knowing it, I came deep into my ewe's cunt, splashing my foreign seed into her deepest space. Her powerful muscles milked my cock, and I came like I'd been celibate for years. It seemed like I was pumping a gallon of sperm into her, and under the pressure my cock quickly deflated and slipped from her lips.

As I savored the release, Mary trotted away, back into the flock, with remnants of my creamy fluid dripping from her cunt, which was tightly closed now. I wished I could have given her more pleasure, but as I said, I didn't know whether ewes could have orgasms. Even if they could, at that point I felt drained, sated, and wanted nothing more than to return to the beach and sleep. The evening was wearing on as I made my way back, and it was close to nightfall when I heard Sam's familiar bark and saw the pale form of Kate waving.

"Do you feel better?" she asked me later as we lay curled together by the dying fire.

I pondered this question. "Yeah," I finally replied. "Yeah, I do." And I kissed her, which almost led to more exciting things except I fell asleep halfway through the kiss. A full explanation could wait until morning.

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