Watching my son

Watching my son

I watched closely as Bobby's thick prick vanished slowly
into his little sister. Looking at the thick member slowly
sinking into the nubile young girl's body, you would never think
the older boy would be able to get all of that meat into the
child, without him longcocking her and making her scream in pain.
Judy however, had been fucking her big brother since she was
three years old, and he was five; enjoying it all the while.
Today was no different for that. For something else it was,
I know it's wrong to let my son fuck his own sister like
this. Even more, I know just how dangerous it is to allow the
boy to ejaculate his seed in his little sister's fertile young
belly … but I can't help it; being mesmerized by the sight of
my handsome boy's prick first bulging, and then throbbing as he
squirted gob after thick white gob of his potent seed into the
child's womb. Ever since the first time the boy actually
ejaculated in his little sister about four years ago, I knew this
moment would come … and I could no more stop it now, than I
could back then. Watching the two kids progress from simple
feeling-up to oral sex to actual vaginal intercourse to anal sex
and other things even further out had been a constant thrill over
the years. In the last few years, watching them go even further,
as first Bobby then Judy reached puberty was more than just
exciting, it was thrilling, exciting, electrifying, provocative,
exhilarating, and just plain erotic as Hell. That my two kids
were now grownups, (in the only way that really matters) doing
real grownup things, was as stimulating as anything you could
Bobby's panting grew harsher, as his orgasm approached;
while Judy locked her slim ankles around her lover's legs. There
was no way that steaming load of thick white pregnancy-juice was
going any place except into the little girl's sucking young womb
where it belonged.
"Do it," I murmured. "Do it."
Bobby grinned up and me and smiled; holding his prick buried
to the hilt in his little sister's belly, while he held off his
approaching climax. They both knew full well how much I liked to
watch them fuck.
"Do what, Mom?" He prompted.
"Yeah, Mom, what?" added Judy. Her grin matched that of the
older boy, as her hips slowly rocked back and forth in an
instinctive copulating motion; her slippery little slit slowly
massaging the thick penis that was buried to the hilt in her wet,
engorged, and wantonly swollen sex.
"Cum in her," I said. "Shoot your spunk in your little
sister's womb. You want to cum as far up in your sister's tummy
as you can." I shivered at the obscenity of what I was saying.
I know it's wrong to let my son ejaculate his sperm in his little
sister … especially considering that the younger girl has been
having periods for over four months now; and had finally finished
her first regular flow a little over a week earlier.

Somehow the danger of having my barely teenaged boy actually
impregnate his eleven year old little sister with his incestuous
sperm just increased the thrill of watching the two kids mating
like this. The knowledge that neither child knew the full
consequences of what they were doing, was almost mind-blowing. I
had fantasies of Judy being six months gone; her now-flat cute
little belly sticking out and heavily swollen with her own
brother's baby inside her; neither child having the faintest idea
of what had happened, or what was going on in her body … the
two kids still fucking merrily away, without either one knowing
the end results of what they were doing or had done. I almost
had a climax at the very thought.
Bobby and Judy however, weren't really listening to me. The
two kids were too involved in THEIR respective climaxes to pay
attention to their mother having a vicarious one next to them.
"Do it," Judy echoed my words. "Do it, Bobby. I want to
FEEL it squirt inside me." Her sweet young face twisted up into
a grimace that almost looked like pain, as her hips began working
almost frantically to extract her brother's sperm. Judy's mind
might not know the full consequences of her actions with her
brother; but her body was certainly doing everything a little
girl can do to get it to reproduce.
So was Bobby. With a groan he suddenly sank down on his
little sister; frantically rutting into the child while his prick
bulged and spat wad after thick white wad of sperm into Judy's
milking vagina. Bulge after thick bulge rippled through my son's
prick, as the boy bred his little sister like a bull breeding a
cow. Thinking about how the child's tight little tunnel was
squeezing the boy's penis at the same time as it stretched her
inside and then throbbed and spat gob after thick sticky gob of
gooey white cum inside the little girl's sucking young vagina;
splattering incestuous seed against the child's uterus until
Judy's cervix dipped into the obscene pool of her brother's cum
and sucked it into her developing womb, was enough to make me
shudder with repressed need for something similar inside myself.
But this thick white injection of baby-juice, was reserved for my
daughter's womb, so SHE could feel HER brother's baby squirming
inside her cute little tummy, like I had once, not my needing
womb … as much as I wanted it for myself. I had had MY fun
years earlier, when I had first Robert, and then two years later,
Judith Ann. I sighed for the lost days of my mis-spent youth.
Well, maybe NOT so mis-spent, thinking about the two wonderful
results mating so joyfully here in front of me.
"Do it," I encouraged the boy thickly; my tongue swollen and
swamped with saliva as I almost drooled on the two of them.
"Squirt your spunk as far up in Judy's tummy as you can. I don't
want you wasting any of it on the bed." I could barely choke out
the words; as a climax of my own at sight of the erotic dance
taking place in front of me took me over the edge. I could
barely stand up to see the two kids work out their own climaxes;
Bobby's seed filling his little sister's belly with thick heavy
gouts of pearly white incestuous cum pumping in lusty jets from
his straining, squirting penis against the smooth pink walls of
my daughter's tightly stretched and squeezing little slit.

For not the first time, I wondered if it could possibly feel
as good to Bobby to have Judy's tight little sleeve wrapped
around his swollen prick, as I knew it felt to the little girl to
have him sliding, swelling, then spurting inside her, from my own
similar experiences when I was their age.
"Unh, Uhn, Unh," he panted. Then, "Yes Mom," as his squirts
subsided into just little drops of goo in Judy's belly. My
imagining the sticky mess he had made inside the little girl, as
his prick first spasmed, then squirted, and finally dripped the
last few sticky white globs of incestuous sperm inside his own
sister's tight little tunnel, almost made me cum again.
"Good," I said. "For the next week or so, I want you to
make sure and spunk your little sister's belly as often as you
can. A horny young boy like you should be able to fuck your
little sister at least three times a day, and probably four or
five. OK?"
Neither child even wondered why.
"OK," said Bobby happily; slowly pulling his white-streaked
member out of his little sister's clutching young slit. Even
soft, my daughter's tight little hole clung to the older boy's
prick; following it out, almost looking like a second skin
turning inside-out around the boy's penis, and stripping nearly
every thick drop of her brother's potent seed inside her tummy
where it belonged. I almost collapsed again in orgasm; thinking
about millions of my son's vigorous sperm wriggling up inside the
child's uterus and on into her womb; as each lusty little tadpole
raced the others, vying desperately their in frantic search for
the little girl's waiting and ripening eggs.
"And don't let me catch you wasting any of it outside your
sister," I added; remembering the other day. Over the years,
ever since they first started fucking, I had made sure both kids
knew and experienced ALL aspects of sex … even those I didn't
care for personally. The kids had taken to sex like ducks to
water; in the last few years, making their way three times
through the Kama Sutra (which I bought the moment Bobby first
ejaculated sperm inside his sister). "Your sister is going to
need LOTS of spunk up in her tummy in the next few weeks, if
she's going to be a BIG girl like her mother," I added. Exactly
how big and how like a mother, I didn't tell them. I figured
Judy would find out soon enough, when her cute little panties
started getting tight. (Or maybe not even then, with a little
bit of luck!)
Bobby just nodded happily; grinning from ear to ear. If his
mother wanted him to spend all of his spunk inside his cute
little sister's tight little sleeve, then he was quite willing to
put it there. I thought seriously for a moment of getting out
the Kama Sutra again … and then decided that one of the books
my sister had lent me years ago when I was trying desperately to
get pregnant might be better.
"You too," I prompted Judy. "For the next two weeks, I want
you to let me know if your big brother doesn't fuck you and
squirt his spunk in your tummy at least once in the morning
before school, and once at night before you go to bed, besides
whatever fucks you kids do during the day, OK?"

"Yes, Mom." Judy seemed unconcerned and not even surprised
at my insistence on having Bobby ejaculate his seed in her
vagina, instead of squirting his cum in her mouth and ass like he
often did. "Can we do it again now? Please, Mom?"
I was about to say it was getting late, close to school
time, and that her brother probably wouldn't be able to do it
again so soon, when Bobby put the lie to that last, by sliding
his cum-dripping re-erect penis back inside the little girl and
starting to fuck the 11-year-old all over again! I actually SAW
a thick white drop of cum oozing from the end of the swollen
prick, before it vanished again into the child's peach-like
split, that was soon sucking once again at her brother's thick
penis, in hopes of getting the older boy to squirt her tiny
little womb full of life-giving seed yet one more time. Ah, the
resilience of youth!
I settled back down to watch. The two kids might be a
little late getting to school this morning, but there ARE higher
priorities, you know. If necessary, I would write them a note,
or take them to school myself. I knew it would take a little
longer for the boy to ejaculate his cum inside his sister the
second time; so I made myself comfortable while I looked. I
spent the time waiting; daydreaming about Judy having two or even
three kids by her big brother, and her tummy being swollen by a
fourth one, with neither child ever having the faintest idea of
how it happened, or the normal end-result of having a teenaged
boy keeping his nubile young sister's cute little tummy full of
his incestuous sperm. I wanted MY kids to have as much fun as I
did, (or hopefully even more than I had) back when I was their
My orgasm at that sexy thought ripped through me as I joined
my two children in their second and third (Bobby's second, Judy's
third) orgasm of the morning. My stomach rippled, and my vagina
clutched in an unsteady rhythm at my probing fingers; almost in
sync with my daughter's tight little sleeve clamping and
squeezing desperately in frantic attempts to milk each precious
drop of her brother's sperm from the swelling, throbbing, and
wildly spurting member that was filling her tummy so nicely …
and like *my* tummy hadn't been filled in way too long, it seems.
Millions of tiny sperm rippled through the thick tube on the
bottom of Bobby's prick, before being spat vigorously into the
welcoming young womb of his little sister, where hopefully at
least one would reach the child's waiting egg before the day was
God I love my kids. Judy was going to really enjoy this,
when she finally figured out what had happened, and what I had
done for the two of them.
I sure had, when my parents did it for me and Dan.

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